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Cordillera Cantabrica. Hidden an hour and a half from pumping winter surf in Asturias and Cantabria, the range has a handful of ski areas that range from beginner to downright sendy fun. Fuentes de Invierno features an armada of traverse-able side country that sits untapped for days on end, save for the few friendly locals that are more than willing to share a turn or two.

If earning solitary turns is more your style, the Picos de Europa wildlife reserve is considered the Yosemite of Spain by climbers, but is also one heck of a ski adventure. A tax haven known mostly for its duty-free shopping, Andorra is also home to more kilometers of ski slope than highway. In fact, Ordino-Arcalis, underneath the VallNord umbrella, has so much techy terrain that the Freeride World Tour has made it a staple on its competition circuit since Heading to Japan?

Check out our guide to the resorts around Niseko on the island of Hokkaido. Skiing in Madrid? You bet your jamon serrano there is! You can ask for another list, but don't waste energy being negative over something that isn't insulting. You'll be annoyed every time you go out to eat before you even get water service if you expect your server to automatically assume everyone needs a copy of the wine list. This part tells you to be insulted by a wine list that presents the wines in ascending order from lowest to highest price. They say this is done to make you feel guilty and buy more expensive wine further down the list.

Vino para Dummies: ¿Blanco, Rosado o Tinto?

It's simply not true. People have a price range and a varietal in mind when they walk in. It makes it so much easier for them to look at different wines in their range right next to each other than to be flipping back and forth between pages trying to remember the wines in the same price range.

Wine prices versus retail. When you're going out to a nice restaurant, if you sit there and price out how much potatoes cost at Safeway versus your baked potato, a bottle of Absolut versus your two martinis, etc. Yes, restaurants have higher price margins on their wine and liquor, but that is how the business model works, period. Keeping a restaurant profitable is very difficult and they're not doing it to gouge customers. Wine service. There is a section that actually is called "Wine List Power Struggles". It tells you that servers often don't give you enough time before they come back to the table.

You need to stand your ground and don't let the server bully you into making a hasty choice. Well, the server comes back to the table after a few minutes to see if you have any questions and then gives you more time. They don't do it to pressure you. Once again, this book is dangerously planting an idea in it's readers minds that could make a dining experience go south from the beginning. If servers always gave every guest 10 minutes to look at the wine list, they would have a lot more customers upset over slow service than they would happy guests who appreciate the extra time to look over the list.

If you always expect 10 minutes of uninterrupted time and feel pressured if the server returns after a few minutes, you'll always be disappointed. But it's just standard service.

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This part also encourages being insulted if women are poured first and if the server tries to refill your glasses instead of letting you pour yourself. If that really is something that bothers you, not just because you read it in the book, then politely tell your server you like to pour for yourself once the bottle is open. Other than this chapter, it's a great book for touching the surface on all the basic aspects of wine knowledge.

They just dropped the ball in the restaurant chapter. View 2 comments.

Skiing Spain for Dummies

Jan 08, Michael Huang marked it as to-read. Sterling in "How to Eat around the world"]. Wine for Dummies is a great book for both the experienced and novice wine drinker. The Introduction goes through how the book is organized and which parts of the book should be read, depending on what the reader is interested in.

Pretty much every aspect of wine is covered -grape varieties, how wine is made and regulated in various countries, how to read a wine label or restaurant wine list, and much more. The really technical information is labeled as such and can easily be skipped. I liked that Wine for Dummies is a great book for both the experienced and novice wine drinker. I liked that the tone of the book was very conversational and not at all pretentious.

The authors actually have a sense of humor about wine and seemed to make an effort to make wine less intimidating for the reader. This will be a book that I refer to often and has me more interested in wine than ever. Before this book, I had a few brands that I stuck to but now I'm looking forward to trying new and different wines. I didn't realize how many choices there are out there. That's one hazard of reading this book - I was craving wine the whole time I was reading! Sep 16, Wira Rohandi rated it really liked it.

Sometimes I drink it when I'm alone. When I have company I consider it obligatory.

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I trifle with it if I am not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise I never touch it - unless I'm thirsty. Jan 28, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: 1-own-softcover , wine , Packed with good information. Will make a better as need-to-know resource rather than sit down and read cover to cover. The "For Dummies" series has been an intriguing enterprise.

The use of the term "Dummies" could be considered offputting--yet the series has obviously done well, as more and more volumes are developed. I have found many of the books useful to me. And this is another in that group. I know enough about wine to get by. This volume, though, adds a context to my knowledge of wine that I appreciate. The purpose is presented at the outset Page 1 : "We want you and everyone else to enjoy wine. It covers issues such as how wine is made, the difference between reds and whites and "blushes" or pinks , and such.

Chapter 2 talks about the language and experience of wine. It concludes with a nice distinction between good wines and bad wines--with a claim that few wines are really bad anymore. Chapter 3 addresses the variety of grapes that help define a wine a subject that can confuse --pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, and pinot grigio. Chapter 4? Also, there is a section that helps understand the label on the bottle. Other features: a country by country, region by region analysis of wines.

There is, of course, an analysis of French, Italian, German, and American wines. Also, a nice discussion of South American winemaking. There is also a chapter on champagne.

Vino Para Dummies by McCarthy (Hardcover) for sale online | eBay

The book concludes by looking at answers to ten questions about wine e. All in all, a well written book that is a good read. And a helpful tutor for those who want to know more about wine. Sep 14, Kimberly rated it liked it. This is a brief introduction to wine for people who normally drink beer, from what glass to use to how to describe flavors this book will help you fake knowledge about wine.

Made for the American market for American wine drinkers with only a nod to the most famous European wines, the focus is on Californian wines and Oregon Really, Oregon? I had no idea they made wine in Oregon. This book will appeal to anyone looking to appear knowledgeable about wine. We listened to the book while driving fro This is a brief introduction to wine for people who normally drink beer, from what glass to use to how to describe flavors this book will help you fake knowledge about wine.

We listened to the book while driving from one degustation to the next in Burgundy, and there was little mention of wines from this area. There were some entertaining points, but I think the best way to learn about wine is to talk to people who love wine and drink a little while you are listening to them. Another disappointment was the narrow focus on Champagne while fully ignoring all other sparkling wines like Prosecco or Cava. I did end up giving it three stars because I truly enjoyed the section about the American obsession with grape varieties, which, by the way, is ruining the French wine industry.

Our favorite winemaker in Provence has been blending wines for generations to create a uniquely drinkable wine, has started producing a Merlot for export. Because American consumers believe that certain grapes are better than others. Like you would forsake Granny Smiths the rest of your life, eating only Gala apples? You would not do that! Admit it. Dec 01, Alexis rated it liked it Shelves: This is a great primer for anyone who wants to learn more about wines and wine terminology. I learned some interesting things and this book explains things clearly and succinctly. The one thing I realized while reading this is that I actually don't care that much.

There are other things in the world that are much more interesting to me. I read this fascinating book during my wine drinking phase. Are you up to date on today's wine scene? Wine For Dummies, 6th Edition reveals what's in, what's out, and what's new in wine. With new and revised content, this edition of the popular Wine For Dummies text takes you on a tour of emerging and old world wine regions, showcasing the varieties and styles you need to know to stay up to date on today's wine scene.

In addition to highlighting wines themselves, this approachable resource offers insight into wine shops, supermarket wine selections, wine Are you up to date on today's wine scene? In addition to highlighting wines themselves, this approachable resource offers insight into wine shops, supermarket wine selections, wine and food pairings, vintage charts, and price guidelines.

For the aspiring wine aficionado, the text offers expert advice on buying, collecting, and rating wines—and can direct you in updating your personal collection through its thorough guidance. Wine has, for generations, been an important part of culture and society around the world. Over time, trends in wine change—as do the ways in which it is created, celebrated, and enjoyed. Exploring today's wine trends is a great way to learn more about and appreciate different cultures—and let's be honest: educational value aside, wine tastes amazing.

Understand different grape varieties and varying wine stylesRead wine lists and labels, and understand how to use them to make the right purchasesPair your wine with food in a way that will bring out the best flavors in all aspects of your mealExplore how to best select, store, open, pour, and enjoy your wineWine For Dummies, 6th Edition provides you with the information you need to confidently navigate today's wine scene!

Wine enthusiasts: raise a glass! In Wine For Dummies , the authors—both recognized wine authorities and accredited Certified Wine Educators—share their expertise, revealin Wine enthusiasts: raise a glass! Oct 13, Reshma Patel rated it it was amazing. My dad got this book for me as a joke because he knows how much I love my wine. I have an even greater appreciation for wine It is really easy to read, and I especially liked learning about the different types of wine made all over the world.

There is something in here for every level, whether you're a novice or a connoisseur. Nov 29, Tiago Soares rated it it was amazing. As a wine producer it is important for me not only to know about the type of wines I produce, but also to have knowledge about other wine making regions. This book delivers great content; easy to read, sometimes funny, and like the title suggest, for dummies.

If you are slightly interested in knowing about regions and some other curiosities about winemaking, this is a good read. Jun 01, Simon Mirkovic rated it really liked it. Although I'm not that much into wine, being it the theory of it or simply drinking it; I enjoyed reading this book and I actually remembered quite a number of facts so my friends now turn to me and ask what wine to buy. I read this when I started to get serious about wines and it was great. Easy to read, interesting, and very enjoyable. My favorite thing was learning all the correct pronunciations Dec 12, Joseph Frazier rated it it was amazing.

Easy read, entertaining and great for a new wine drinker who wishes to learn about all type's of wine. Jun 30, Sean rated it really liked it. Dec 16, Adrian rated it really liked it Shelves: social. Everything I expected in a primer. Just in time to get my snob on at the holiday parties. May 15, Jen rated it really liked it.

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I really like this book. The title is kind of misleading but I found it very interesting. Jan 01, Shawn P rated it really liked it Shelves: read Finally finished this multi-month reading project! Probably my most ambitious self-learning initiative since my business Chinese courses. Now I can tell "body" from "finish" Jun 19, Christina Marcon rated it liked it.

I learned some new things and it was really easy reading! Feb 04, Adam Rabiner rated it really liked it. You generally know what you are getting with the "Dummies" series. No fancy illustrations or photographs though a whole slew of icons 7 icons with various meanings: Real Deal, Remember, Worth the Search, Snob Alert, etc. I have always found these books well written by experts and unpretentious.

While I may not like the look of the generic yellow covers, I appreciate the fact that the bland appearance and lack of high production values of these books keeps the price down. When I I've looked to b You generally know what you are getting with the "Dummies" series. When I I've looked to boost my knowledge on a computer program Microsoft Access, Quickbooks I was never averse to buying a Dummies book, whatever that implied about my subject matter knowledge, or lack thereof.

But wine? Was I prepared to declare myself an ignoramus, on this particular subject no less, one that prides itself on a certain snobbish appeal.