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Jenson and Gail Poyner. This short book has become so popular that it is a best-seller on Amazon.

7 Internet Dangers

The book is targeted to the parents of 7-year-olds and older. My wife and I have used concepts from this book to discuss the harms of pornography with our children. But pornography gets inside your brain and hurts it. Do you want to protect your brain on the inside, too?

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Catholic children in northeast Kansas urgently need to be protected. During a recent presentation at a large suburban parish to roughly 30 teenage boys, the parish youth minister and I asked the boys when they were first exposed to pornography.

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Here are the results from the informal survey: third grade — 21 percent, fourth grade — 4 percent, fifth grade — 21 percent, sixth grade — 14 percent, seventh grade — 25 percent, and eighth grade — 14 percent. Do you notice a child taking a device into a bathroom and spending a lot of time there even with the shower running?

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The boy featured in the Over 18 documentary is an example of a child who became extremely angry with his family members. Finally, withdrawing from normal social activities can be another sign a child is being negatively affected by viewing pornography. The world will make kids curious about porn sooner or later. If you introduce it, you can also introduce your attitudes about it and set yourself up as the best source of information. You can assure your child that you will answer all of their questions.

New best-selling book protects young children from pornography |

You can make it safe to ask those questions. You can assure them that their curiosity is normal, but warn them that following their curiosity about pornography is dangerous and can lead to addiction. Kids are curious!

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  5. I join many experts who believe that the days when parents could avoid the subject of pornography in the hope of not fostering curiosity are long gone. Parents asked for it! In fact, as soon as the original book was published, I began to receive requests for a version for kids ages 3 to 6.

    Pornography and Censorship

    Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr. And my illustrator, Debbie Fox, added a fun feature into it—19 hidden cameras for kids to find!

    The Jr. But some pictures are not good. Three days later he came home from school and told her that another student had shown him pornography at school. I was scared but I knew what to do.