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Darlin' Cory written by [Traditional] instrumental. Detailed search.

Traditional Songs with Jody Stecher: Darling Cory

Written by [Traditional] Language English Comments This song likely dates to just after the American Civil War, but its first documented date is by Cecil Sharp, who had investigated and collected folk songs of the southern Appalachians. Although considered a traditional American song, lyrical variations suggest that it may have been known in some form on the British Isles.

Cedric Watson on gourd banjo "Darlin Cori"

There is lyrical similarity between "Darlin' Cory" and the traditional song Little Maggie , but the tunes are different and ethno-musicologists consider them to be separate songs. The song is collected in the Roud Folk Index as Moonshining was commonplace in the southern Appalachians, and this song does not appear to have its origins in a particular historic event.

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    Privacy Site Map. Darling Cory [core] Wake up, wake up, Darling Cory What makes you 5 sleep so 1 sound The revenuers are a-coming Gonna tear your 5 still house 1 down Dig a hole, dig a hole in the meadow Dig a hole in the cold cold ground Dig a hole, dig a hole in the meadow We're gonna lay Darling Cory down Well, the first time I seen Darling Cory She's lookin' out on the sea She had a forty-four buckled around her And a banjo on her knee Wake up, wake up, Darling Cory And bring to me my gun I ain't no man for trouble but I'll die before I run Go away, go away, Darling Cory Go do the best you can I'll get me a no-drinkin' woman You get you another man Don't you hear them bluebirds singin' Don't you hear that mournful sound They're preachin' Cory's funeral In the lonesome graveyard ground Hide chords.

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