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I actually wrote this to a friend in an email a year ago, that I would write novels when I retire , and not long after that, my coaching business circled the drain. Although I didn't appreciate it at the time, my prayers were being answered.

Three Things I Did To Make My Dream Come True

The Universe always has our backs. Cue the sound of a needle scratching a record. Is there anything you tell yourself you will do more of "when you retire"? If so, then there's a big chance you should be making more time for it NOW -- not some far off time that might never come.

5 Signs Your Dreams Are About To Come True

There's no final resting place during this life when you're free to prance through a meadow. It's imperative we make sure to have fun now, along the way, or we waste the whole shooting match on boring obligations. This is honestly the trickiest step. We complicate the heck out of it. We think, "What's my life's purpose? Start with the easy stuff. What feels good to you? You don't need to decide everything right this instant, but just start collecting ideas for your life that make you feel excited and enthusiastic about the possibilities.

Write some things down. Just keep some kind of simple record of what your dream for your life is.

10 Easy Steps to Making Your Dreams Come True | HuffPost Life

Close your eyes and see what pictures emerge. Images that come to my mind are sunny nature scenes. I also like the idea of someone wrapped in a cozy sweater and sipping coffee while they smile at a laptop. That's me right now. I'm a writer, so I'm now committed to writing every day. One day I will own a beach house. That's about it! Many of us will pick a delicious dream for ourselves and then immediately start pecking furiously at the edges with a list of ways it can't, won't, or shouldn't work out for us.

Stop that! If there's a word for both deciding and believing in one fell swoop, the word would be commitment. You have to commit to your dream. Don't just put it in a box and close the lid, never to see the light of day. You have to take it out and fondle it Take it out, play with it, give it some air. Decide you want your dream to happen. For real. Believe it will and can happen.

This is the magic sauce that will help propel your dream into reality. If you don't decide and believe, and therefore commit, well then This next step isn't a one-time event. It's probably something you're going to have to do over and over, every time you notice you're stuck and you've stopped forward momentum. We disguise fear under logistics all the time: "Oh, I don't have time to go after that dream, I need to make money! So get up earlier. Last year, when I was getting up early, it was a bit of a battle. I was always feeling like it took heroics to drag my limp carcass out of bed that early.

It's all in the attitude. This go round, I decided it was going to be easy and exciting to get up early to write every day. I decided it's not going to be difficult. I decided to get the sleep I need, and not be so dramatic and sacrificial about getting up early. It's really easy to lose the plot in the frenzy of daily living. Just slow down, pump the breaks, relax. Take quiet time alone every day -- again, early morning if need be -- to reflect, read, write, and to hear yourself think.

Give yourself the time and space to feel your feelings and organize your thoughts so that you may stay in touch with your own needs and desires for your life. When you notice someone more fortunate, practice saying to yourself, "You know what? I want that, too! I'm going to figure out how and make it happen! If we want good things to happen to us, we have to stop judging others negatively for the good things they bring into their lives. Judging and criticizing others is such a silly energy drain. I will go out on a limb here and say that the majority of people who judge others negatively for their success don't realize they do it, or they don't realize there's anything wrong with doing it.

Be Your Own Life Coach

I saw a Facebook comment the other day that basically said all rich people are thieving, greedy liars and that all poor people are generous and would give you the shirt off their backs. That's a waste of breath right there. I would rather imagine all the good Bill's money is doing out there in the world than to take one second to consider accepting the smelly shirt off some guy's back. Instead of being Judge-y McJudge Pants, use others as inspiration: see what you want, and figure out how to make it happen.

When you paint everyone who is rich with one brush bad you are going to repel money like it's your job. Thank you for visiting my website and connecting with me here.

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For over twenty years, I have helped thousands of people, just like you, tap into their own inner wisdom, overcome challenges and achieve their life-long dreams.

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