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Languages Deutsch Italiano Edit links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Carlo Donida , Mogol. Australia Go-Set [5]. Ireland Irish Singles Chart. When do you feel like you are doing your best work, or being your best self? Set goals that will help you achieve greater engagement during your daily activities.

If you felt happiest helping out a colleague at work and making dinner with your partner, your new goal might be to find another activity in which you are helping others.

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Show yourself the world. Focus on gaining experiences rather than possessions. Spend your extra money on traveling and learning new things. Cultivating memories will leave you with a stronger sense of being alive than acquiring objects. Learning new things will keep your mind strong into your old age, and can introduce new joys into your routine.

Developing a hobby can be an excellent reminder to take time off without switching yourself off. Save your extra money for social spending and gifts for others. Take your friend out to dinner, or buy a nice bottle of wine for the host of a dinner party. Set learning goals for yourself. Take language lessons, and take a trip to a country that speaks that language at the year's end. Take cooking lessons, and throw a party with food you've made. Practice gratitude.

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Wanting what you have will make you happier than casting around for other options. Change can be stimulating, but investing your attention in the people and places you love contributes more to your overall happiness. Examine what you have, and appreciate it. Make a list of things you are grateful for, and share it with those you love. Treasure the people in your life. Helping yourself doesn't mean isolating yourself.

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Take the time to tell your friends and family that you love them, and tell them what you appreciate about them. If you feel you express yourself best in writing, make up a list of people you are grateful for, and write a letter a day. Method 2. Sleep well. Skipping sleep can aggravate any issue you might be facing. Adults need hours of sleep a night, with as few interruptions as possible.

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Sleeping too much can cause lethargy and depression, while sleeping too little can damage your immune resistance, your weight, and your mental health. Give yourself an hour before bed to brush your teeth, change into soft pajamas, and do one restful activity, such as reading, meditating, watching a show, or listening to music. Cut down on alcohol and caffeine, and try not to nap. When a work-related or stressful thought comes to you at night, say gently to yourself "It's not time to think about that.

It's my bedtime. Get exercise. Regular exercise can make you more energetic, confident, healthy, and relaxed. Break your exercise up into shorter increments across the week. If you don't like the gym, try going on brisk walks, taking bike rides, or attending dance or yoga classes. Feed yourself well. Cooking at home is cheaper and healthier than eating out, so teach yourself to cook the things you love, and keep a well-stocked fridge.

Rather than bothering with vitamins and supplements, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and vary your diet.

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Eating a wide range of foods will help you get the nutrients your body needs. Eat at least three meals a day with healthy snacks in between. Avoid negative self-talk.

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Treat yourself the way any human deserves to be treated: with compassion, respect, and love. Instead of being down on yourself, speak to yourself with calm attention. When negative thoughts and feelings come to you, name them. Identify the situations that bring those feelings on. Accept the feelings as they come, but analyze the beliefs behind them. Say "oh, there's body-shame again.

Probably because I'm in this waiting room surrounded by magazines depicting one body type. Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness means paying attention to your thoughts, senses, and feelings in the moment, without interpretation or judgment. It can relieve your anxiety, and help you relax out of a negative spiral. List everything you can see, smell, hear, and feel in the moment.

Say "I am walking up the street. I am holding my jacket closed. I am breathing. Notice which parts of your body rise and fall. When your mind wanders, remind yourself to pay attention to your breath. Make a budget. Know what you are earning and spending. Make sure you have enough to pay for your monthly expenses and put aside for the future.

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  7. If you are spending more than you earn, see if you can reduce your expenses. Having a budget will reduce your anxiety and help you make better decisions. Calculate what you make each month, what you are spending, and what you are spending it on. Then calculate what you can afford to spend each month.