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To give someone a free hand is to allow that person autonomy. To gain the upper hand is to become dominant or victorious. To go hand in glove means to be in close agreement or in a close relationship.

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To hand something to someone on a plate or a platter means to make something easy for someone. To have a finger in every pie or many pies is to be involved in many activities or projects A reference to an iron fist or iron hand in a velvet glove is to authoritarian behavior concealed behind a facade of benevolence. To lend a hand means to help.

2. If you’re lacking nutrients…

To live from hand to mouth is to live on a subsistence level, with no cushion of comfort. When something gets out of hand, it is out of control.

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  7. The long arm of the law is the influence of law enforcement, which can be more far reaching in time or space than one expects. A show of hands is a literal or figurative assessment or vote to determine support for or opposition to an intended course of action or agreement or disagreement with an opinion. To stick out like a sore thumb is to be conspicuous. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Thus, having something in-hand means a good deal more than a mere grab.

    Curtis: Nice additions. Some of my own, and I might yet think of more: — Open-handed meaning generous, giving. Fun list! That is just my feeling.

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    So, I read the Wikipedia entry you referred to. Anything at hand is, well, handy. On normally refers to location on some 2-D plane in a 3-D space; movement away from the plane is off. Gravity may be assumed, so such movement is normally up. So something that is on hand is located on some surface the word shelf springs to mind close enough to one's hand for it to be relevant -- if the shelf is in Singapore and I'm in Vancouver, I don't have it on hand.

    15 Things Your Hands Can Say About Your Health

    FumbleFingers: Thanks, I will go with to hand. I don't have my card to hand right now, but I can look it up for you. At hand frequently refers to proximity in time, the other two usually relate to spatial proximity: With the apocalypse at hand, I was pleased to find I have a cache of food and water on hand, and a rifle in hand. Wayfaring Stranger Wayfaring Stranger 7, 2 2 gold badges 16 16 silver badges 29 29 bronze badges.

    I'd never seen at least, never noticed "at hand" used for that "imminent" sense before, but checking Google Books for war at hand shows you're quite right. Primarily American usage, I guess. I read the last one as rifle in reserve, spare , rather than actually being held, but I suppose it's just ambiguous. American English uses 'at hand' in that sense a lot. Think of measures of distance: in hand - literally within one's grasp - not even inches away - "A bird in the hand" at hand - nearby - a few feet away at most - "He kept his cigarettes at hand" on hand - somewhere accessible but fairly distant - more than a few feet away and less than a few hundred yards - "We have more vacuum cleaners on hand".

    I tried to break down the usage of these three four if you count "to hand" , hopefully I'm right about it, at least in part : So here are my thoughts: In hand mainly focuses on abstract things or uncountable things, it can be a situation in hand , an hour in hand , some money in hand , a topic in hand etc At hand can refer to time or distance in close proximity.

    You can say that retaliation is at hand , help was at hand , keep your tools close at hand here it's the same as to hand : Sadly, I don't have my wallet to hand etc If your hands are cold and you have swollen fingers, you could have an underactive thyroid, or hypothyroidism, Medical Daily says.

    Hands Quotes

    If your hands have red or dry skin, it could be a sign of an overactive thyroid, also known as hyperthyroidism. A firm handshake tells you more about someone than just their character, Health.

    1. Give your hands a place

    A strong grip can be a sign someone has a healthy heart, while a weak grip can be a sign of deteriorating heart health or a sign of disease. All sorts of things can happen to your hands if you have psoriasis — an autoimmune disease that can affect the skin all over your body. If you have psoriasis, your hands may be covered in red scales, or you may develop white pus-filled bumps on your palms.

    Mayo Clinic lists different treatment options if you have psoriasis. They say taking a supplement can help with this condition, as well as adding fish, avocados, and nuts into your diet.

    Urban Dictionary: get hands on

    You should contact your doctor if you have these symptoms. While they could be more annoying than anything, Health. Anne Albers, a cardiologist, tells Health.