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I consecrate myself to God to do His will where I am, be it in school, office, or kitchen, or wherever He may, in His wisdom, send me. My new book, Realities of a True Christian, has just hit Amazon. The eBook is yet to be updated and the inside view will soon be available. Future prices will be, eBook 0. If you wish to see more about what has been set up for the proceeds or more about the book, view the links below.

More updates and changes coming to our site soon! Only Jesus can break these sexual bonds after we remove their cause by confessing the sin of sexual relations outside of marriage. This will free us to live a pure life unencumbered by past sins. Artificial birth control, especially by taking "the pill," also complicates matters and leads us to doubt whether our relationship with Jesus the Truth sets us free.

Besides eroding our faith, the use of "the pill" results in confusion. Prevention of implantation is abortion, but those taking "the pill" don't know they've aborted a child.

There are missing pieces in their lives, making it impossible for them to "get their lives together. Then, the parents can name the children, ask for God's and the children's forgiveness, and put the children in God's hand. Finally, many people in our society have been sterilized through tubal ligations or vasectomies. This is an ecological catastrophe for each person. The intricate interrelationships of their minds, emotions, spirits, bodies and relationships to others are severely disrupted.

Contrary to popular opinion, many times sterilization can be reversed. Reversal is the best way to restore or protect their physical, psychological, and spiritual health. Contact the Couple to Couple League for more scientific information about sterilization and its reversal. See the address below. While waiting for the reversal or, if a reversal is not possible, practicing natural family planning in your marital relations can help restore some order to your life, body, and marriage. For more information on reversing sterilization or "the pill" as an abortifacient, write: Couple to Couple League , PO Box , Cincinnati, Ohio Example: Sandra had been in counseling for years.

Although she wasn't as depressed as before, she still felt that something was blocking her personal growth. Five different counselors worked with her but to no avail. Finally, a Christian friend asked if she had ever taken birth control pills. In prayer, Sandra felt she had aborted a child in her seven years of taking the pill.

She named this child Theresa and asked the Lord's and Theresa's forgiveness. Sandra now has blossomed into a self-assured, happy, and holy person. Do you remember Nehemiah's description of the soldiers fighting with one hand and defending with the other? We have taught about defending against Satan, sin, spiritual garbage, anorexia, starvation, and the sabotage of God's work. Now we can get back to building.

We build up the body of Christ in love see note below. We grow in love primarily by building our family relationships according to God's order. These are listed in order. One leads to the other. Without a good child-parent relationship, we don't know what it is to receive love 1 Jn Without brother-sister relationships in the blood family and the church family, we don't know how to give love.

Everyone is called to have these two relationships, and most people are called to have the two other relationships of being a spouse and a parent. These relationships are realities of fundamental importance. Example: Cindy and Brad felt they were well-prepared for marriage. After the wedding, however, their relationship deteriorated and they were divorced in fifteen months.

Through prayerful counseling, Cindy realized that she had married Brad not to have a husband, but a father. Her father had divorced her mother when Cindy was four years old. When Cindy forgave her father and received healing, she was reconciled with Brad. Note: We also build up the body of Christ by using our spiritual gifts for ministry 1 Cor and by equipping others to use their gifts for ministry Eph This is not treated here, but in our book, Seek the Gifts of the Spirit.

After our relationship with the Lord, the most fundamental relationship is that of honoring our fathers and mothers. Our child-parent relationship needs to be as strong as possible. No matter what our age, we must honor and love our parents. We must ask mom and dad to forgive us, and we should forgive them for even the greatest hurts. We should try to pray with them regularly in some way, even if for only a moment.

No matter how old we are, we should seek the guidance of our parents, give them prime-time, and openly tell them we love them. Even if our parents are not completely open to us, we must by God's power love them unconditionally. If one or both parents are dead, we should talk to Jesus and ask Him to reconcile any difficulties between us and our deceased parents.

If we have been deprived of full parenting, we need to ask the Lord to lead people into our lives to father or mother us see Rm We must be parented if we are to be part of building God's kingdom. Example: When her mother was confined to a nursing home, Sandy visited her several times a week for two years. During this time, the Lord gave Sandy a new life in the Spirit. A good or reconciled relationship with our parents will build us up enough to reach out and love others.

Then we can truly be brothers and sisters, and begin being community, Church, and the people of God. In brotherhood and sisterhood, we receive and give respect, affection, encouragement, and strength.

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We begin to grow deeply, use our spiritual gifts, and become ministers of the gospel. We learn to love unconditionally, to love enemies, and to give without counting the cost. When we learn to be brothers and sisters, we become more mature human persons and true servants of Jesus. We move from being self-centered to other-centered. We must have brotherhood and sisterhood in our natural family and church family.

Without this, we don't know how to live or to love, and we probably won't have the human development to discern or live out a calling to the single life in the Lord, marriage, or parenting.

Five Realities I Love About Being a Christian

We must let our elder Brother Jesus teach us to be brothers and sisters in the Lord. For more information on brotherhood, sisterhood, the single life for the Lord, marriage, and family see our book, Who Am I In Christ? Example: In three years, Jonathan thought of marrying three different girls. Each time, the relationship broke up.

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Jonathan decided to give up dating for a year to devote himself to entering a Christian community. After this year, he married. Several brothers and sisters in the Lord celebrated with him at the wedding Mass. After developing as a person and as a Christian by honoring our parents and laying down our lives for our brothers and sisters in Christ, we are in a position to hear and answer calls from God, including the call to marriage. The marriage relationship is the sign of Christ's love for the Church Eph , a sign of unconditional love.

In marriage, two people are miraculously and irreversibly joined as one flesh by God Himself. This marriage bond is a major element in building up the body of Christ in love Eph As marriage goes, so goes the family. As family goes, so goes the Church, the family of families. Without God-loving parents, children either don't develop as persons and Christians, or do so with exceptional difficulty.

Good marriages hold the key to evangelization and building God's kingdom. As a couple draws closer to God, they draw closer to each other.

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This begins with the total commitment to Jesus and is fostered by prayer together. Jesus promises: "Again I tell you, if two of you join your voices on earth to pray for anything whatever, it shall be granted you by My Father in heaven" Mt A couple should pray together daily, with the husband taking the lead 1 Tm Even praying the "Our Father" daily together is better than no prayer at all. This daily prayer as a couple is so powerful in building God's kingdom that the devil makes it extremely and unusually difficult. However, God's grace is always sufficient 2 Cor Furthermore, only one couple out of 1, were divorced if they prayed as a couple regularly at home.

Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church. He gave Himself up for her. The Lord builds marriages through the wife's submission and the husband's love. Wives are to cheerfully and supportively obey their husbands, especially in what may be or seem to be stupid matters. Of course, wives are not to do anything immoral in obedience to their husbands. Rather they must obey God.

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Of course, anyone can be submissive concerning things they agree with. So submission to a husband is tested in things which are or look stupid to the wife. Submission is an act of faith in God and His order. Submission builds up both husband and wife. Only strong women can be truly submissive. For example, Jesus' submission on the cross was a monumental act of strength. Through their wives' submission, husbands are challenged to grow.

The responsibility is squarely placed on the husbands' shoulders. Bearing this weight of responsibility builds up husbands and turns boys into strong men of God. The husband's sacrificial love also is upbuilding. When a husband sacrifices his time, money, and pleasure for his wife's physical health, inner peace, and spiritual growth, the wife feels cherished, secure, and held in loving respect.

This immensely builds up her self-esteem. The husband also accelerates his spiritual growth through the sacrificial discipline of laying down his life for his wife. This teaching on submission and love may leave you depressed, because your marriage is out of order, and you think it's too late. But the Lord can do the impossible. All you need do is obey Him. You should do what you're called to do, no matter what your spouse is doing.

If your marriage is out of order, don't compensate by playing two roles; instead, be even more careful to do only what the Lord has assigned you see 1 Cor Wives, if your husbands are not leading you in prayer and parenting the children, be submissive. Don't enable them to be irresponsible by taking over for them. Don't lead, no matter how much you have to suffer.

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  8. If your husbands are lacking in faith in some way, love them unconditionally see 1 Pt , "for love covers a multitude of sins" 1 Pt Husbands, if your wives are lacking in faith and submission, love them sacrificially. As servants, exercise your God-given authority. Be firm; show your wives respect 1 Pt The Lord will confirm your authority and speak to their hearts. Example: Mary had a promising career in education. She did not understand or accept the Biblical teaching on submission.

    Her husband, Larry, agreed with her. However, their marriage was marred by repeated frustrations, and the parenting of their children showed signs of major problems. Mary heard the Biblical teaching on submission. She and Larry turned over their lives to the Lord. They accepted God's order for their marriage. The Lord renewed their marriage, and their children returned to Him and His Church. The Lord works through our family relationships in a unique way to build His kingdom.

    Children are built up in Christ by relating properly to their parents. Parents are built up by discipling their children. Children are created to drive their parents either crazy or holy. Kids have a way of pushing parents to the limit. Parents' first responsibility in discipling their children is to love them into obedience. God gives special promises to children who obey Eph ; Dt Parents can raise their children to honor them by praying with the children, caring for their needs, and disciplining them without crushing their spirits Col Parents should disciple their children as if they were Joseph and Mary raising Jesus Eph They should rescue their children from danger as Joseph snatched Jesus from Herod's clutches Mt They should protect their children from the evils of our culture as perpetrated through mass media and peer pressure.

    The Spirit is inspiring many Christian parents to home-school their children. The Lord calls for this not only when schools are bad but even in relatively good conditions. God gives parents a special anointing with their children. This anointing is so great that even professional teachers cannot compare with it. Parents are the primary educators of their children, and schools at best are helpers to parents.

    Example: Ann and Harry's two oldest children dropped out of church after graduating from Catholic high school. Because of this, Ann and Harry decided to home-school the two youngest children. It's been ten years since that decision and these younger children are living for the Lord and leading in their parish. From now on, a household of five will be divided three against two and two against three. The Biblical revelation on parenting often evokes depression because so many families are out of order. But it's not too late. If Satan has robbed you of your children and robbed them of their faith, then Jesus, Who is stronger than Satan the strong man, can despoil the devil and return your children Is ; Lk No matter how lost your children are, the Lord has promised: "My Spirit Which is upon you and My words that I have put into your mouth shall never leave your mouth, nor the mouths of your children nor the mouths of your children's children from now on and forever" Is Persevere in prayer.

    Be a St. Continue to exercise your parental authority with love, even if your children are rebellious. Things will probably get worse before they get better. Don't be discouraged; Jesus came for division, to dismantle your family so He can put it back together in right order Lk ff. If you are struggling with parenting because you are a single parent, don't look at a second marriage as your only alternative, but open up to Christian community.

    You can't be both father and mother, but the Lord is encouraging others to help you. He promises them: "To the fatherless be as a father, and help their mother as a husband would; thus will you be like a son to the Most High, and He will be more tender to you than a mother" Sir Help is on the way. Trust in the Lord.

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    Example: After the death of her husband, Cynthia moved to a nearby city where there was a strong Christian community. A few men of the community befriended her three teenage children. God knows the very number of hairs on our heads and the days of our lives. Prayer is simply a way of both acknowledging these realities AND enjoying unencumbered fellowship with our Savior and Heavenly Father. It all works together in a wonderfully symbiotic relationship. Prayer makes sense and has real influence and power, because the Bible is true, Christ is real, and the Holy Spirit is present.

    We are ALL members of the same body, the body of Christ. I am truly NOT an island unto myself. I am part of a wonderful family, which stretches, not only throughout all tongues, tribes, and nations, but also spans all of human history. In a world full of superficial relationships based on things as silly as sports teams, common hobbies, and even social media, I love that I have ACTUAL brothers and sisters all over the world through the person and work of Christ Jesus.

    In societies which are constantly pushing us away from the significant and towards the trivial, it is wonderful to simply take time to think about and meditate upon the transcending beauty of being a follower of Christ Jesus, of being a Christian. Today is such a day for me… my heart is full of gratitude towards my Savior and Friend, Christ Jesus. If interested in learning more about Christ, please contact us at info pacificcrossroads.

    Sermons Media App. Here are five realities I love about being a follower of Christ — i. Jesus Christ God did not have to, but He chose to visit us in bodily form. The Holy Spirit God, in reality, lives within me. Prayer Embedded in these realities of the Bible, Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, prayer is actually meaningful, efficacious, and a natural outworking of our relationship to God Himself.