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Lean on Me With little background in the biological sciences, I definitely had to work hard during my medical school experience, and faced some challenges. I would say I took some major gut shots during this journey. Certainly it helped to have that marbled notebook to refer to as I picked myself off the rocks more than a few times. Looking back, I see that a major factor was all the strong support I received from my friends, mentors, the administration and all those Chinstagrams, the regular emails from Christina Chin, director of the office of student affairs that kept us on track.

When mentoring students applying to medical school, I often advise them to take a histology course if possible to make it easier. While trying something new may present barriers and challenges, with determination and hard work, amazing things can happen. Knowing there is limited time helps us set priorities. My mom died just as I was entering medical school. Two close friends succumbed to cancer. Two days before the Disease Mechanisms exam, my brother passed away and I flew to Houston to go through his belongings, which was gut-wrenching.

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The day of the Step 1 Mock exam, I was called to the hospital for a family member who was critically ill and then spent six weeks in the hospital with him—postponing my first clerkship rotation. These experiences have helped me try to be more fully present and to realize that we get only so many heartbeats. I choose to make every single one count. Even when times were tough, I still found something to write about—no matter how tersely—in my journal. I figured it was a positive sign.

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To those pursuing their goals—be tenacious. And best wishes to all my classmates on the next step in their journeys. Gomez is a graduating medical student at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

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She has a passion for patient empowerment, especially in the context of the family, and will start her pediatric residency in June Mary enjoys creating, exploring and growing things in her free time. More Posts. Great blog post and very encouraging. I taught medical students for three decades and am always glad to see that, despite the grueling educational experience, the rewards can outweigh the difficulties. Best wishes on an educational and productive residency!

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Thank you for your comments! I find it is good to be grateful and reflective in any modality, so good for you!

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Thank you also for your service of teaching medical students! Congratulations Friend! You do it all! Yet, we keep pushing forward because that is our nature as business owners. In listening to one of my favorite podcasts, "The Tim Ferriss Show," the host talked about a way of improving that I thought was quite valuable.

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For each month, note in two separate columns the people, commitments or activities that brought you peak positive and negative emotions. After reviewing the list, ask what 20 percent of each column produced the most reliable positive or negative peaks. The most critical part of this exercise is then scheduling more of the positives in your calendar early in the year to make sure they happen. He even suggested pre-paying for calendared events to ensure that these actually occur. For the most reliable 20 percent negative occurrences, put these on a not-to-do list and put that list in a place you see every morning for the first few weeks of the new year and make sure not to do these things.

Using this method in your business planning for the new year is a great way to schedule improvement and put some new skills in action. Something about these opportunities, chances to grow, improve and try something new makes you forget the headaches that come on a daily basis. Terri Davis is a certified public accountant who helps closely-held companies with financial and business strategies. Contact her at innovativecpas. Please Sign In and use this article's on page print button to print this article. Email Share Share Tweet.