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I enjoy creating artwork as a standalone medium, but I also feel that creating adverts, websites and other promotional or marketing materials is a way to get my artwork seen and to stay creative. I approach every project I work on like an individual piece of artwork. Everything that I can work on that is visually stimulating to someone else is considered artwork to me. You run an artistic production company. How and why did you start that up?

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Matthew Freyer Productions has always been a dream of mine. I wanted to create artwork for people to use to promote themselves and their products or services. I originally started the company because of my love for Haunted Attractions. I have been a fan of, worked with and volunteered at Haunted Attractions throughout my life. I thought these. I have to admit, though, the first couple of clients I worked for had nothing to do with the Haunt Industry at all.

The company that first gave me the opportunity to develop a website and identity on a commercial level was an extremely corporate Luxury Concierge Service provider. They hired me based on my dark artwork. Favourite films? I honestly do not have a favourite author or book. I have always been a visual person and could never get into books. I have definitely been into films ever since I was very young. Of course Horror is my favourite genre but I also enjoy a good suspenseful drama.

Do you have any advice for other artists? Enjoy being an artist. I wish more did scare me. I remember as a child being scared of things and I would love to be able to get that feeling back. I tell people who are close to me all of the time to try and scare me, jump out from behind a door, hide in the dark and scream at me, but nothing works.

If you are out there and you think you can scare me, I welcome it. You have my full permission, I would love it! An exciting urban fantasy set in Breton Court, Indianapolis, a modern inner-city neighbourhood of. But these are not your average gangs and Breton Court is a ghetto beyond your imagination. This is Arthurian legend slammed into modern gang warfare, an exciting mix of myth and legend with reality.

Broaddus manages to create a fantastic world within the reality of what we know, his characters shine through and the multiple plot lines merge to create a thrilling climax. The second book in the series delivers once again, accelerating the pace and advancing the depth of this strange and exciting world. I look forward to the third book eagerly.

This is very much a book of two halves. The first half well, the first sixty pages anyway , the absolutely brilliant half, is a coming of age tale. But not the normal coming of age tale; this is the tale of Dale Sampson, not the average everyman, but the original nobody. Dale Sampson has no friends, little personality, and is overwhelmed by life in general at high school.

That is until he meets rebel without a cause Mack Tucker, the school stud. This strange friendship starts to bring Sampson out of his shell, and he even meets a girl he falls in love with. Until a single deadly after school party changes both of their lives and plans forever. So starts the second half the rest of the pages , as adulthood beckons.

There is more obsession, violence, brutality, wit, shame and guilt, as our hero once again abandoned deals with his new struggles with the same inept, insecure failure. Wracked with guilt,. Wow, this is some kind of book. The first part of the story is utterly brilliant. Like the best coming of age stories, it evokes memories and touches you in a way that only another human being can. After the catastrophic event that leads Dale and Mack into a worthless adulthood, the book becomes much darker, meaner, nastier and more brutal, but in some ways still so innocent.

Here his delicate touch and the inexhaustible horror of humanity are shown in filthy and revolting bathos, exploring the dark side of human nature in an uncompromising way and yet making it so massively entertaining. This is a book that everyone should read, that everyone can take something from, and everyone can enjoy.

Have I found the book of the year already? Human drama has never been so raw and powerful. Consider my review of Sea Of Dust the exception to the rule. To say this trippy recreation of Hammer Horror is an oddity would be an understatement. FX master Tom Savini gets top billing as the mythical Christian King Prester John, a made up figure that becomes real to the world through decades of war due to differing beliefs and manipulation by the Church. Some could argue that this is religion in a nutshell. No doubt this is also a big chunk of the social satire at the heart of the film.

The acting ranges from decent to superb. The costuming is authentic. And the FX is exceptional, not skimping on the modern day gore to tell an old fashioned tale. If Sea Of Dust has any flaws it is in its own determination to be too much: Too much of a classic Hammer film, which may be too slow for some spastic attention-deficit-disorder modern-day audiences, and too much of a social satire. Is this post commentary or a reflection on religion through the ages or both?

All in all, this is an original uncompromising vision from a unique new voice in horror; a film that has a lot to say and nary a zombie, serial killer, monster, alien, or monster alien in sight. And for that, horror fans - especially Hammer Horror fans - rejoice! By Trevor Wright. The stories contained in this volume are erotic and horrorific in equal measure. The ten stories in the collection give you a good idea of the talent behind them and a good indication of what you can expect from this marvellous talent in the future.

A full length novel is eagerly anticipated by this reviewer. Stories of sexual horror can be disturbing and exciting and this volume is no exception. A strange, deviantly satisfying collection of stories that draws you into its velvety grasp, touches you in ways that feel so very nice, and then rips out your heart. Brutally erotic, uncompromising, and abolutely addictive. Andy Remic writes such books, exhilarating thriller rides, the perfect combination of excitement and danger.

But in a good way! Serial Killers Incorporated follows Callaghan, a hard drinking, hard smoking, hard fucking, hard living photo-journalist for a tabloid. And there is a note to Callaghan on the course. Or rather her Romanian gun-runner husband is about to become a problem if he finds out Callaghan is fucking his wife. Then another tip-off sends them into a dark, desolate warehouse with another body awaiting them. The warehouse scene is suitable frightening and will send chills down even the hardiest of spines.

Even Callaghan becomes somewhat likeable, despite being a selfish bastard. The climax is a bit Here, unlike his Clockwork Vampire series, he seems even less inhibited and more in your face than normal, which is no bad thing, but does take some getting used to. Remic has produced another fine example of how to thrill a reader.

Remic is a no-holds-barred writer and Serial Killer Incorporated is a no-holds-barred novel; massively entertaining, scary, exciting, and brutally nasty. It makes me happy inside. The Expendables, for example. Oh, and Pretty Woman, obviously named before the casting process was finished. As it is, the name. The premise is simple: to do what Scary Movie did for Scream, but with the horrible fangchise thanks, I made it up myself that is the Twilight movies. Do I have to say how pathetic the Twi-shite movies are? I laughed properly twice. Once involves a baby and a bowling ball, which would have been funny in any film not involving vampires.

His facial expression is always bang on with almost a hint of Carrey in places. And his delivery can be serious enough that he makes the lines funnier. Allowing someone to put rollers in your hair for an entire scene takes balls. References throughout the film stick mostly to the original material, but there are a enough pseudo-cameos from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lady Gaga and Twilight Fan-girls to make the proceedings seem just a little surreal.

You could be queuing up for Drive Angry 3D, for example. Vampires Suck is brainless but fun. Easier than sitting through the original. However, it has other virtues, more virtues than the original material anyway. For one, they manage to put the first two Twilight movies into one film without losing any of the over-romanticised bullshit or I use the term loosely storyline. Second, the actors are actually pretty good. She pulls off all the awkward, sour-faced mannerisms that make you want to punch the original actress until you connect with tarmac,.

Commissioner of Internal Revenue to ban writing off remainders affected the publishing industry, giving rise to a new generation of publishers who choose e-book and print-ondemand publishing over conventional print. Digital book sales have grown enormously in the last few years. At the same time, sales for the Adult Mass Market category decreased by Our focus now shifts to the after-effects this progression in the publishing industry creates for the author and how it affected advances, royalties, visibility, and time.

We spoke of the dilemma of. Many authors are forfeiting their frustration for higher royalties, co-op book promotions, zero advances, faster submission to print times, and worldwide visibility on the internet. However, as authors approach new model publishers with renewed enthusiasm, some find that variations in the model concerning willingness or lack thereof to change from conventional pricing structures are hurting book sales.

Authors are faced with a choice; some new model publishers care little about their authors and are more interested in the volume of titles. But do we really need a new generation of author mills to replace the old vanity press? What should an author look for in an epublisher? His first published novel, The Lost Village, gained recommendation for a Bram Stoker award and was nominated for the small press Tombstone award. His stories range from good old horror fiction with substance to supernatural and psychological thrillers. Since that time he has published several novels and short tales.

Mark has never had success with conventional big house publishing but has become a name through the new publishing model. Mark, what has been your experience with conventional, big-house book publishing? When I completed my first novel, I queried every. So I published it myself.

It was subsequently recommended for a Bram Stoker award and nominated for the small press Tombstone award. Nevertheless, it was great being recognized for my work. I felt at the time that there was something broken in the traditional publishing model. As the New Publishing model sprung up due to the internet, when did you turn to e-book and POD publishers? From day one, back before there were portable reading devices, I felt that digital books were the future. But fewer and fewer books are finding their way into stores and so they have to go up on the internet while the author hopes somebody runs across them amongst the sea of new books coming out.

Are e-book and POD publishers faster in their response time and the time between sending you a contract and when the book is actually in print? In the new model, you no longer have. For the most part, the editing is better, but not much else. Most new model publishers seem to be interested in volume. They sign tons of authors, put excessive prices on the books, throw them to the wind and hope they sell.

So more than ever with e-books, over-pricing is an economic mistake. Absolutely, yes, on the part of new and established publishers alike. Digital books have to be cheap. Those publishers who refuse to lower their prices are going to fail. The Alist publishers with big-name authors are making the same mistakes. Some e-book and POD publishers have been successful; their authors are actually living off the royalties.

Besides pricing and promotions, what leads to the success of one new model publisher over another? The publishers that are doing well care enough about their authors to make sure they put out a superior product. They pay special attention to cover design, interior design, and the layout.

When you hold a book in your hand by a publisher who cares about its product and its author, you know it. Do you think that e-book and POD publishing will ever equally compete with the conventional treatment of authors in the way of advances, royalties, and promotions? Probably not. The paradigm is shifting. By we. Any concluding thoughts? The conventional model is unsustainable. Look what happened in the recording industry.

All the big record companies are gone. Technology allowed artists to take their products directly to the public; the public separates the wheat from the chaff. Daily, there are stories of independents unable to land traditional book deals that are selling tons of Kindle books. Check out J. I believe readers are smarter than publishers give them credit for.

They are capable, through reviews and word-of-mouth, of separating the gems from the paste. What should an author look for in an e-publisher? Authors need the representation of the old convention. Publishers that do this in order to make money for themselves are missing the ultimate economic understanding, that a high quality product, at low sale worthy prices, generates even more sales.

It is simple economics. Stubborn ideas and failure to adapt will most certainly be the downfall for not only the old conventional publishers, but e-book and POD publishers that are unwilling to fully embrace the change as well. In the next article I will investigate new model publishers that have overcome the pricing and promotional quandary well enough that their authors are living happily off the royalties from their properly priced and promoted print-on-demand and e-book products.

The first citizen of Rome is under attack by his own brother in a. A poor poet, Martial, is dragged into the plotting when he becomes a spy for the first citizen. But the true hero and villian of the story is the city of Rome itself. This filthy, sleazy city is remarkably well portrayed. That being said, a plot outline barely scratches the surface of this novel. A rivetting historical thriller and a bawdy filth-infested romp, this novel depicts Rome as you have never seen it before.

Great fun. Gravelle www. It is not another would-be unmasking, nor a simple re-telling of facts already told a thousand times. Rather, it is a deeply unsettling study of the human condition. The story begins when a young sailor dies after a botched surgery, sending the surgeon responsible on a terrible downward spiral into the depths of despair and then insanity. This book picks you up and drops you in the middle of an impoverished East End on the eve of one of the most notorious crime waves in history. On the whole the author does an admirable job of accurately portraying life in Victorian England.

I mean, I guess he does. In a literary context, possibly the most damning stamp of in-authenticity is the notable absence of vowels, a sure sign of an American or Canadian at work. I was also disappointed to stumble across several prominent typos the vile rose in his throat? Nevertheless, what we have here is a peculiar fusion of fiction and historical fact. Not an. More specifically, The Fort Providence Watch is a depiction of what could have transpired to send a perfectly respectable some would say downright posh!

As disturbed and just plain nasty a fiend as the fictionalized lead character of Doctor Barnet is, he is at least handed a few shreds of humanity by the author as he attempts to explore the motivation behind the crimes. All in all, a fascinatingly absorbing little slice of claustrophobic terror that comes highly recommended.

Simply put, Doctor Who is a classic. In the last two generations most people have some childhood memory of the Doctor. And the Tardis. Now a whole new generation of fans have followed the new Doctor Whos with the same avid attention that previous generations did. There are now spin-offs in all directions, and this book aims to give you a quick run down of them all. The concise descriptions are perfectly adequate to the task. The observations and verdicts provided for each instalment are insightful and intelligent, mostly without being too critical. For fans and anyone interested in SF history, this is the perfect and complete guide to Doctor Who.

By Stanley Riiks. With the help of a brave ex-legionary, legionary, Martial tries to reveal the plot to Titus. The story is a very good one full of conspiracies, backstabbing and witchcraft. Grin By Mark Mellon. Amber Quill Press www. It sucks! Want to know something else? OH, NO!! Finally, after years of doing nothing and not being recognized I was going to get my work seen by hundreds, thousands, possibly even millions. Alex Pucci see Life Serial 7 had said that he wanted me to start out by writing some short films for the company. I set to work on a short film called The Green Monster.

The Green Monster was a twelve page dead serious social commentary about a 14 year old pregnant runaway who gives birth to her baby in a nasty convenience store restroom. She then strangles the baby with the umbilical cord and throws the body away in the dumpster The Green Monster Eventually, the girl runs afoul of the crazed store owner, who, realizing what the girl did, seeks to dish out his own brand of vicious justice to avenge the dead baby.

I thought it was just clever enough and just sick enough to pique the interest of a company with the name ScreamKings. I was wrong. So he put me to work on a project that they did want to make. It was a very short, very straightforward tale about some teens that break into a house on Christmas Eve only to be strangled and slashed repeatedly by Santa Claus.

The End. The entire outline was pretty much done for me. All I had to do was rearrange it into script form and plug in some dialogue. Easy, quick, unrewarding. But damn it, I wanted to write, and if this was my first assignment, then by all means I was going to make the best of it. I finished the script in record time probably an hour or two and had it. He loved it! They were ready to film in just a few short weeks.

After years and years of trying, something that I had a hand in writing even if it was just dialogue and some minor tweaks was finally getting made. I hyped the filming to my family and friends. The filming commenced and within a week the movie was shot, edited and ready to ship on DVD. A week?! I still hyped this thing up like it was the second coming of Christ.

I had everyone in my family and a few of my assembly line co-workers buy a copy as soon as it was available for sale online. Soon, a box came to my apartment containing about a half dozen copies of the film. I ran to the TV, popped the disc into the player and sat down to watch the greatest - err, or not - 15 minutes of my life.

When the people I suckered into buying this thing saw it I was never going to hear the end of it. That was, until I got my next assignment. They wanted to make a feature. They wanted to make The Green Monster! They loved the seriousness of the short I had written. They loved the brutality. They just wanted it extended. I was shocked. I was going to write a feature film?

They were spending actual money on it? I was getting paid? The culmination of everything I had worked for came down to this moment right here. I immediately said yes. And I knew just what to do! I was going to take my dumpster baby story — and turn it into a comedy!

Ah, you say, but of course For more information on Zombie, Ohio visit www. So, as editor Steve Upham explains, the title of this free regular ezine can be roughly translated the Book of the Strange. And that would be a very fitting description indeed.


Riding Bitch

Released by fantasy and horror publisher Screaming Dreams Press primarily though not exclusively to promote their books and writers, it has been in existence for over three years, picking up numerous accolades as well as a sizeable and dedicated readership along the way. Estronomicon regularly serves up a wellbalanced mix of short stories, poetry, reviews, profiles and interviews. This being the Halloween edition, the emphasis is placed firmly on horror fiction. Just purchase any issue of Morpheus Tales Magazine including all the special issues , or subscribe before the 31st May on our website and your name will be entered into the prize draw on 1st of June.

What are you waiting for? For someone of my geek level, it seems like an age. And so I was at the front of the queue for Green Hornet. The other reason is that Seth Rogen has been pretty consistent with his offerings since he came on the scene with Superbad. Yes, he simply plays himself in just about everything he does, but if Ben Stiller can get away with basing his entire career on being the least funny prick of the bunch, with films that are essentially him shouting for an hour and a half, then I say Long Live Rogen!

And he delivers again with Green Hornet. Cameron Diaz looks only a little older than she did in The Mask. And who knew that Rogen actually has quite the hero chin when you ignore the rest of his Kato Jay Chou really makes this movie for me. And the whole movie is better for it. Now, the true test of any comic book movie is the villain. The defining factor in any good movie of this genre is the presence of a villain you can really love to hate.

Thank god someone cast Christoph Waltz as the bonkers Bloodnofsky. This guy harkens back to the old style of villains, the kind Adam West would battle, the kind with stupid names, tenuous catchphrases and bad costumes. You could take off your special glasses for the rest of the movie and not even notice they were gone. I was really hoping to have nothing but praise for this film, but my overpowering honesty stops me from doing that.

It hits the marks that only Iron Man has managed to in recent years, delivering a cool comic-book action-movie with a tongue in its cheek and feet firmly on the ground. Nuff said. Jeter www. Where to start? The stunning cover for Infernal Devices by John Coulthart drew me in, and the news that this was one of the seminal steampunk novels had me almost drooling with excitement. Fortunately once the story starts things improve, but only slightly.

But this is no ordinary coin. Its fish-faced occupant on one side of the coin is St. Monkfish, and the coin is from that strange part of London. Dower Jr. For the first hundred or so pages very little happens; Dower investigates the coin and the background is filled in for us. The rest of the book is straightforward chase with Dower getting into more trouble with more factions.

They have no effect on the plot, have only a vague impact on the climax, and seem to be there merely to add something different to what is really a rather poor excuse for a bad pulp novel. I was actually expecting a pretty decent steampunk novel, not a poor and slightly ridiculous pulp with a couple of decent ideas thrown in at the end.

Poorly written, poorly plotted, poorly characterised. The best thing about this book is the cover, which is worth picking the book up for. But then put it back. Wells-Taylor www. Wells Taylor. He has been around a while now and has a string of novels behind him, but sadly has thus far been largely ignored by mainstream publishers.

This offering, Bent Steeple, has been kicking up a little bit of an underground storm in recent months. This is what happens when terror comes to a secluded small town. In the case of Bent Steeple, a town struck by a mysterious deadly disease thirty years earlier, the catalyst for a new wave of horror is the discovery of twenty-three horribly mutilated murder victims at a farm. The incident becomes known as the Morelli Massacre and brings together a varied mix of primary characters including a femme fatale with a drinking problem and a secret past, a jaded loose cannon cop on a vendetta, a horribly deformed guy with otherworldly powers, and an amorous washedup TV anchor man.

As the story builds towards its bloody climax, Wells-Taylor grabs all the loose story threads and does a manful job of weaving them into a rope and trying to strangle you with it. Despite its length it is a fast-paced read, and no taboo - corruption, inherent racism, paedophilia, incest - is left untouched. His version of bloodsuckers harks back to the original Prince of Darkness in all his disgusting, loathsome glory. I made some comments about agents. This caused a freelance writer, who shall remain nameless, to comment about how I really needed one if I wanted my writing career to go anywhere.

I found this to be interesting for a couple of reasons: 1 the person that made the comments is a freelance writer i. Sure, they might know all the non-fiction markets out there from gardening to how to sew a button on your underwear, but what do they know about fiction markets? For example, this particular freelance writer asked me if someone could get paid advances from small press publishers who I mainly work with right now and enjoy it immensely. My answer: of course you can. Hell, there are plenty of quality high-end small presses out there that pay advances, fair royalties, etc.

Most likely not. You have to earn your keep, pay your bones in words, etc. But, do I see myself making a decent amount of money to be able to write full-time one day? Sure, why not.

Full text of "Interzone # ( 07)"

If your determination and skill is great enough anything can happen. You have to keep plugging away, write your ass off, make connections, and get your name out there the best you can. So the question of the hour: can an agent help your writing career? The short answer: of course. But is having an agent right for everyone? Of course not. Do you want an agent or not? Is the whole process of doing this by yourself overwhelming or do you enjoy the business end of the business? Etc, etc.

  • Festschrift für Achim Krämer zum 70. Geburtstag am 19. September 2009 (German Edition).
  • Word Made Flesh by Jack O'Connell | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®.
  • Blood of the Maple: A page turning erotic romance (Maggies Grove Book 1).
  • The lengthy list of contributors includes both established and upand-coming writers, whose stories are off-set with some breathtaking artwork by Pamela Jaworska, Shannon van Muijden and others. Most of the stories in Dark Valentine are individually illustrated, which adds another dimension to the reading experience.

    The artwork, much of which is Manga-influenced, is just as relevant as the fiction it is designed to complement. At the very least it can be interesting to see if the mental images you conjure up compare in any way to those of the artist! Most of the writing contained herein is quite literary in nature, offering more than just plain blood and gore, but there is plenty of variety on display with everything from regal tales of kings and queens to gritty human tragedies.

    Two of the main characters are called Richard Matheson and Robert Bloch so no prizes for guessing to whom the story is paying homage and another is a giant pink rabbit with a bulldozer and an attitude problem. Surreal, but quite brilliant. I do enjoy a novel that starts with a mid-air explosion and continues with the action, developing twists and turns that keep you entertained and offbalance all the way to the end.

    King ramps up the tension steadily, dripfeeding the twists and turns of the plot, and despite the incredible and almost impossible leaps of faith the reader is expected to take, it actually works. A quietly incredible novel on a grand scale. Malik, a former soldier in the legendary Camden Guard, finds himself in a fight in a bar, and must escape into the mountains. With him are two children with the power to heal. Word of them spreads and they soon become the focus of a revolution, but that attention draws more enemies.

    A simply fantasy tale that grows very quickly into an epic. Tightly written, the story brings so much across in two hundred and twenty two pages. Good fun fantasy with excitement aplenty. Occasionally, we all want to step away from the books and let a film wash over us. Unfortunately, mainstream films, especially in the horror genre, are catering to the lowest common denominator; plots, characters and themes are recycled mercilessly into turgid multiplex fare.

    For every Martyrs1 there are five Saw sequels or rip-offs. The mainstream movie industry is not geared towards taking a chance with films it is amazing Inception even got made , so we must find the next exploitable ideas from the underground. Remember, Sam Raimi started his career with Evil Dead. With miniscule budgets, the plot must be tailored to suit the vision. The joy of the internet is how easy it is to discover the small films with the big ideas, or at least the ones that know how to sell themselves.

    These are films that someone had to make; the creators would not rest until their story, their vision, was on a screen. No matter what my or your opinion is towards the final product, all these filmmakers deserve respect for actually completing a project and having the courage to release it into the world. Rather than indicate list prices, all the websites have been provided so up-todate production information can be found.

    Experiments in Terror 3 www. The only terror was slogging through the six examples here — and they are 1. Word on the street is that Martyrs is in the bin for a Hollywood remake with a happy, or at least less oppressive ending. Nothing like removing the kick from a film — I suppose Old Yeller will survive next. Two of the shorts Satan Claus and Terror are spliced together from other movies; there is no additional footage, just editing.

    Two of the remaining examples are silent: Born of the Wind and Manuelle Labor; the former due to obvious budget limitations, the latter in a failed attempt to emulate the silent era. The one redeeming quality on this disc is the excerpt from Loma Lynda: The Red Door3; the full 40 minute cut has made the festival circuit, but has not been made available individually. Excellent camerawork and editing assist the disturbing imagery of violence and revenge. These films all have the feel of student projects or of someone firing up the editing software for the first time.

    Even the Mike Kuchar film Born of the Wind seems dull for such a legendary avant-garde director. Perhaps your miscreant reviewer is not educated enough in the world of film to fully appreciate these works, but let us leave proper analysis to Cineaction Magazine4. The experiment here was to separate people from their cash and the terror is the time one can never retrieve. Jeremy C. First, I had to decide who to love and who to lock out. Our narrator declares his madness in the opening lines and it only gets stranger from there.

    A well-produced package from actors to 2. Is the egg the end of innocence? Egg is non-linear mediation on crossing the line into adulthood with fears on both sides. As with Mr. This may have become entirely too obtuse at feature length as there are no sudden revelations - it must be interpreted as a whole. Maxwell Stein www. Forced into acquiring a movie camera, Maxwell discovers his vintage machine carries more than film. Only visible in the viewfinder and on the developed film is a vengeful ghost of a woman; she is murdering the actors, but the footage is killer… Maxwell Stein is a period piece set in s Hollywood and filmed in black and white.

    The production is a love letter and a tribute to classic horror films. The special effects are well done and fit seamlessly with the film. This is a very effective feature-length terror film that is well worth the time to track down, especially for fans of the classic horror cycle of the s. AM www. Sam Larson played by Eric Lange is running from his problems. Upon discovering a disturbing radio broadcast in the middle of the night, he is reeled in to a remote transmitting station and madness. Most of the heavy lifting is done by Lange; his desperation and confusion is conveyed by body language and the cinematography.

    In the forty minute run time, he ably conveys a person being pushed along by forces beyond his control, if not comprehension. There are minimal special effects until the climax, and these are used sparingly, commensurate with the budget and the flow of the film. Being primarily psychological, the unknown and unseen are more effective than some rubber creature or cheap CGI.

    Highly recommended as an example of what can be accomplished on a small budget with a talented director and a stellar cast. Outpost Doom www. Trapped in a barn, hiding from a tentacled creature in the woods, there is no trust amongst them in the now-eternal dark of the world. One by one, these survivors are being killed, but by whom? Is there someone or something in the barn with them, or is one of them picking off the others?


    With nowhere else to run, they must find the truth before it is too late. In small budget films, if something is written, directed, edited and starring the same person, this can be deadly unless you are Ed Wood, Jr. The story idea is good, the directing and editing is excellent; multiple camera angles and effective use of medium shots keep the film visually entertaining throughout.

    If the script has a failing, it is in the dialogue; much of it does not sound natural and it spends a significant amount of time in exposition mode. The exposition is a necessary evil of the small budget; much as Mr. Kister would have loved to show the dark event or the prison escape in flashback, he was limited to the one location the inside of a barn.

    The cast delivers their lines earnestly, if sometimes inconsistent with their characters. It feels like the director gathered his friends for a fun shoot, rather than audition and pay actors. Outpost Doom, despite the reservations noted above, is a fun and effective thriller.

    The special effects are a little silly, but are used effectively. Honestly, The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets have better sfx in their videos! The oppressive mood within the barn and the tension between the characters are admirably portrayed in conjunction with impressive camera work. If you see the twist ending coming, colour me impressed. Die Farbe is reportedly a very Lovecraftian film from Germany — the trailer is very atmospheric. I received customprinted items from the H. What small-budget films should get reviewed in future columns? Ye Olde Reviewer is always looking for unusual and unique projects to review and help publicize — contact can be made through the main Morpheus Tales website www.

    The more we share information, the more of the cool we can find. Finally, I am a card-carrying cultist! Certainly if you have a choice between the two and must pick one, on pain of death or suchlike, then Morlock Night, for all its weaknesses, is certainly the better book. Hocker, having heard the incredible tale of the time-machine, is approached by a strange, pale man called Dr Ambrose, who takes him into a future where England has been invaded by Morlocks from H.

    Claw of the Conciliator is leaps and bounds more interesting than Shadow of the Torturer. Jonas and the Antechamber!! I already cried a bit on twitter about Jonas. Oh how I love Jonas! I was fascinated by how he avoids certain conversations, and gives Severian answers that sound vague to naive Severian, but make a ton of sense if you know where Jonas came from.

    I think Severian did eventually figure out, maybe? He was at least open to whatever Jonas wanted to tell him. I kept thinking about how language requires a frame of reference, and Jonas and Severian have different frames of reference. I hope we run into Jonas again. He was good for Severian.

    Jonas and Dorcas seem to serve a similar purpose — to show Severian that the world is bigger than just himself. Those two have histories, lives, and dreams that are completely outside their relationship with Severian. The Antechamber! When I figured out what the room was, and why these people were there, holy shit! And that dinner with Vodalus, and what they ate!

    But it seems to work? I wonder what happens to the people who attend many dinners of this type, or specific dinners. Like, the whole thing is gross, but a super fascinating idea. Imagine if the alien critter that allows this to happen showed up on an episode of Doctor Who. Oh, I guess i better mention the letter? Very interesting! Is the Autarch dead? Is the Ogre a metaphor for a ship that is leaking oil, or something in the sky that is stopping us from seeing the stars behind it? The play at the end with Dr. I need to read that entire portion again.

    The further I get into this series, the more framing devices show up, with people telling stories that someone else had told them, people sharing fairy tales and myths, and plays that are either references or performed. Yeah, something tells me that line is going to prove important! And Jonas being who he is, is he in love with her for purely carnal reasons? Jolenta is a classically beautiful woman, so Wolfe could have any male character fall head over heels for her.

    So why Jonas? Me thinks there is something else going on here. Not a spoiler: Severian met the Autarch in Claw. He says as much, though the paragraph in which he does so confused the heck out of me the first time I read it. Gene Wolfe is Catholic, so the ingesting of memories is like a twisted version of the Eucharist.

    And did you notice afterward how Thecla would take over the role of narrator from time to time? Like Like. Flynn November 17, at am. Definitely some new words in these books. I stopped after Claw because Severian became a bit intolerable for me. But it was still fascinating. I like your questions — mostly because they remind me just how much there was the Book that I paid attention to at the time but have since completely forgotten about. Am I right in thinking you actually see some cacogens around then, too? I like the cacogens…].

    Redhead November 23, at pm. E-mail me your secret recipe? Great blog — interesting stuff. I read Shadow and Claw a few months ago and remember having some mixed feelings about it. Must get round to reading the rest of the series. Thanks for reminding me. Redhead November 25, at pm. He leaves the city, has adventures, etc.

    I do love stories that take place so far in the future that people have forgotten things that you and I take for granted. Like Liked by 1 person.

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