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And there was one thing she remembered. She said he supported a number of people, including a number of young men who came by his home needing a place to stay. Edmiston, the former flight attendant, pointed out that experts believe no one could have survived that kind of jump from an airliner. She goes along with that. They passed 51 bills to bring in more money. Democrats pushed major tax hikes past a resistant GOP.

Folks are invited to share their thoughts. The wholesaler has asked to build along Highway 9. A half century after high school, Linda Ellis survived statistics and earned the respect of classmates. The collision involving a truck and a motorcycle occurred around a. Anthony Garver, who is diagnosed with schizophrenia, was recently found competent stand trial. The boy reportedly had open wounds on his hands from lugging around a to pound cinder block.

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Grateful for citizenship, he offers his Mercedes-Benz convertible for the Edmonds July 4th ride. The Whidbey Island company has opportunities.

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  • Colbert insists the press-shy Mucklow suffers from memory loss related to post-traumatic stress. But now Colbert has come upon perhaps the most interesting -- and most revealing -- piece of evidence yet: the Dec. Agents seized every copy. It was a different time. Agents carefully combed through the Dec. The Dec. Then there are the seemingly random strings of numbers and letters at the bottom of the page. In a Dec. It has remained unknown for 46 years -- until, quite possibly, a month ago. Sherwood served in the Army Security Agency , the military's elite signals-intelligence outfit, during the Vietnam War.

    He describes the training as "the equivalent of two years of college in 16 weeks. It was tough. Searchers dig in Vancouver, Wash. After the FBI released the Dec. It took him about two weeks to figure out the code, with the initial lightbulb moment coming when he simply added all the numbers up. Surfacing out of what appears to be a mishmash of unrelated numbers and letters were Rackstraw's Vietnam military units: the st Radio Research Unit and the 11 th General Support Company, as well as the Army Security Agency.

    I was trying to connect the numbers and letters to him. Could Sherwood have accidentally created this solution to the code because he was trying to find a connection to Rackstraw? That is, as Don points out, unless Cooper just liked risky things. Or, of course, is a cylon. For some reason the talk of adrenaline junkies is used as a segue for Charlie to relate the asshatishness of Bloom in regards to Alan. Now, personally, I don't think one needs a segue to relate when someone is that big of an asshole towards one's father, but the awkwardness of this lead in was nothing in comparison to the shock I felt about what happened next.

    Don sided with Bloom. All right, so since Alan wasn't talking about Bloom being a baby-killer, nor was he degrading any soldier's sacrifice during the war, and only talked about the government, Bloom still gets to go off on an unprovoked tangent? Don, you're clearly being used to try and show both sides of the argument, and it would be valid, if that had been the original topic of the discussion.

    Nope, instead, Bloom made it what Bloom always makes things about, whatever the hell it is he wants and screw the logic, thus voiding any wrong doing on Alan's part.

    Did D.B. Cooper live in Bonney Lake?

    While I could rant about Bloom and his dumb-assery for the better part of a season 7, let me just sum up by saying that men like this should not be allowed to carry guns, ever. Also, the corpse that was found in the tree, shortly after the initial hijacking, was a member of Till senior's unit -- a unit accused of war crimes against a small, defenseless village. Most important, it looks like Nikki's going to win the bet. She could totally turn it around on the boys by making them eat it, which would be far more dangerous than other eating games I've seen on other shows I love -- like "Mystery Crisper," for instance.

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    • Public Library: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern commit the epic fail of stealthy surveillance. David's surprised that anyone in the era of the wireless series of tubes, would ever use microfilm. Of course, he also thinks the mountains where Till has been living have internet service. Now, that is what Colby said. That is not what some parts of the fandom heard. I believe it was more, "I'm going to take you camping, if only for the plot bunnies. Believe me, not awarding it Bloom, hurts.

      So, what does Colby do to cause me a great deal of mental pain? When asking the librarian who thinks very highly of Till for all the microfilms of old papers the suspect was looking at, the librarian innocently asks, "Do you have a library card? Colby's you've been there for how long and you don't have a library card?

      You do realize that there is a serious correlation between hotness and reading for most women right? Colby Granger, you've just become a great disappointment. I'll stop now before I start asking questions about what kind of role model he is now. Flower Shop: On the way in, Bloom advises Nikki to be all deferential and polite, as it's rude to insult a shop owner in their own shop, in Vietnamese culture.

      Funny, I thought that was a universal standard.

      See a Problem?

      That lasts for naught point two seconds, as Bloom digs into the owner, Tina, about receiving money from persons unknown. She snarks back that she had checked everything out, and even had a letter from the bank to avoid IRS issues. She gives the letter to Nikki, because Bloom is an ass. It took me a moment, to realize where I recognized the actress from, and she's one of those actresses that's been in so much, it's hard to pinpoint. Well, hard for most people, for me, I'm going to refer to her as the character that not only introduced the actress to me, but also has a very interesting connection to my BFFedcake.

      That character: Brin , from Dark Angel. Outisde, Nikki is impressed at Brin's ability to stonewall, and unimpressed at Bloom's ability to behave like a well-mannered human being. He tries to make up for it by suggesting they go get some delicious Vietnamese food. I wish Edgerton would suddenly show up. Unfortunately, that's not the start of a joke unless killing someone in said bar tickles your sense of humour.

      No one seems too torn up about that, but the Fedcakes are curious as to how Till solved the case before they did. Again, cylon. Till's claiming the killer shot first, but again, no one really cares, particularly Bloom, as all he wants to talk about is the war. Till was the one who reported his unit for the massacre, and the results of which ruined his career. Funny, for all the vitriol Bloom spit at Alan earlier, Bloom doesn't do much for making the majority of the people in Vietnam sound heroic.

      He's far more derisive than Alan could ever have been. That's just Bloom though, change opinions mid-stream, to be able to sound more self-righteous. Finally, someone who doesn't give a crap about Bloom's bullshit, Till will have none of it. They can either hold him or let him go, and the Fedcakes really don't have that much, since the bartender backs up the story that killer shot first.

      The problem is, that everyone wants to solve a classic case like this, so Bloom has an idea. Let Till go. Whatever, I like Till better anyway. With the Fedcakes dispersing, Don tries to have a talk with Bloom about the earlier argument with Alan. Everybody else is doing whatever the hell they want like stealing 10 million. It might seem like ancient history to some people, to me, yesterday unless I'm in interview with a suspect. Instead, we get the story of when Don was 15 and made fun of someone in the neighbourhood, Alan got all appropriately parental, and taught Don not to disrespect others.

      Now, if only Alan could do that for Bloom. The next morning, Amita is showing David her fashion choices, all of which happen to be in the boot of her car. Since Beatles' classic isn't exactly David's style, he's wondering more about a pinstripe, or tweed. Amita's wondering why he came to her for advice in the first place, and Colby's wondering WTF is going on. Crime scene: The real mastermind of the heist has returned to the bar where his partner was shot, to drink to his memory. That, or be really, really convenient for the Fedcakes to find. Although, if anything does happen to Till, like getting dead, or a piano falling on his head , the Fedcakes will be there to arrest BB.

      Happy Christmas music plays as the partners stroll out of the bar. Oh appropriately used irony, I love you. Really, Alan, the king of Dipshitland doesn't deserve this level of thought. He's angry that Bloom wouldn't even listen to Alan's rational, and at the time, innocently random, thought. And then it happens. It's like a disease with these characters. First Colby, and now, Amita, defends Bloom.

      Because I'm not the rational and kind person Alan is, I don't care what Amita has to say from this point on in the scene. Amita at least acknoledges she's lost some daughter-in-law points. She's lost some snarky-recapper points too.


      Charlie, who was wise to stay out of it, and know that Don is the odd person out in the family Eppes, starts fumbling through his pockets for a method of payment. Hmm, I wonder what geniuses carry in their pockets. After that moment of humour, Amita goes back to being practical and semi-cool full coolness will return when we're an eppesode out of her defending Bloom and suggests Charlie pay with his Cal Sci ID -- as many nearby restaurants accept it.

      The concept of alternative cards causes Charlie to run out without paying, leaving Amita to do so. Considering the number of times throughout this series he's run out on her after having a brilliant idea, she's got to be used to it at this point. That's like making a world class chef cook with a microwave. He's hoping that Charlie will come up with an algorithm. At this point, that phrase has become such a euphemism, I giggle like an immature teen-aged girl. David tries to make him feel better by regaling him with the tale of the time David had to crawl through the sewers while his boss went to the beach.

      No wonder David wanted that promotion. He remembers to appreciate Matt's suffering, only to then take off and leave the poor tech wallowing in microfilm. Out in the bullpen, Nikki reminds us of the anonymous money transfers to Brin, while Charlie's practically jumping up and down like a 5 year old needing a bathroom because he has the solution. No, not to Matt's problem, but rather why DB Cooper would risk taking all that money when every bank in America was looking for it.

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      So, the solution is to look for places that like American money. Now, I may not be an economist, but that is pretty much everywhere, since almost every currency judges itself against the US dollar. As this isn't about everywhere else, and the time in question is -- this must be about Vietnam and the risk-reward ratio Charlie was on about earlier, is to save someone DB Cooper loved -- like a daughter. So now that we have almost all the answers, I'd like to throw another one into the mix.

      Library: Bloom is picking up where Rosencrantz and Guildenstern left off in the epic fail at surveillance detail. Till quickly loses the former Fed and heads outside. At least one person in this eppesode hasn't caught the disease of feeling sorry for or needing to defend Bloom. Although, if Till caught it, he'd be waiting for him outside.

      Nope, instead, Till is driving away. Flower Shop: Nikki's back to see Brin, this time, leaving Bloom and his winning personality a phrase which here means shithead elsewhere. It's a wise move, as Brin willingly answers that yes, she was born in Vietnam, but no, she doesn't know who her father is. IHOF: The hours of slogging with technology older than him, has left Matt with a few clues, and probably one hell of case of eyestrain.

      The first important article is the report on the death of the guy in the tree -- and how he is survived by a son. The second important article is the death notice of the dead guy's wife -- and how the son is BB. David makes a further connection. Wesley was killed to flush out Till, and this whole thing isn't about an age-old mystery or money.

      It's about revenge. Together, David and Matt have figured things out, so it's time to celebrate. A soldier gave her mother a tonne of cash and that can only mean that Brin has to be Till's kid.