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Author Starbuck, Alexander, Author Starbuck, Alexander, Published History of the American whale fishery from its earliest inception to the year Author Starbuck, Alexander, Author Rebold, Emmanuel. The genius of free-masonry and the twentieth-century crusade, Author Buck, J. Jirah Dewey , History of free masonry in Oklahoma. Author Freemasons. Royal Arch Masons. That all Brethren do be- have themselves with decency to each other, and respect to the Master in the chair and presiding officers ; and in case of default in either of these particulars, the Brother so offending shall forfeit the sum of two shillings to the fund of the Lodge.

If they failed to inform the Committee the ballot was declared unani- mous. Brother Fanning's letter said, in part: The calamitous Circumstances of Bro.

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II informed the Right Worshipful Grand Secretary, who agreed with the principle, but added " if a Brother is known to be needy and worthy it lays with the Lodge appealed to to take action. John the Evangelist, in accordance with the requirements of the Charter. September 5, , the Lodge voted that Fellow Crafts could be made members, unless they signified to the contiary. This seems to have been in accordance with the general lack of system common to the majority of Lodges about this time, and continuing for many years, resulting in a relaxation of the strict rules of Freemasonry.

By the strict law of those days and by the invariable practice as well as law of today a Mem- ber of a Lodge must be a Master Mason ; careful attention must be observed that the Lodge acting has jurisdiction over a candidate ; business can be transacted in the Lodge only when it is open on the Master Mason's Degree ; but one Degree could be conferred on a candidate without an inter- vening period of a calendar month, save by Dispensation ; and but five candidates were allowed to receive a Degree in one day ; but the practice of that day, and even up to a compara- tively recent period, had become too lax, and the contrary action was frequent.

Indeed, it was only so late as that the law regarding limiting the number of candidates to five for a Degree on one clay was rigidly enforced. Bass and one other at the meeting of the Grand Lodge Dec. John, from whence we proceeded in Procession to the Rev'd Mr. Psalm d, Verse ist, " Behold how good and how pleasant it is for Brethren to dwell together in Unity. We have opened a Subscription for the Grand Fund of Charity, but by reason of the precariousness of the Times have thought proper to desist from collecting any money on that head for the present.

The Grand Lodge 'may be assured of the e. I am also directed to in- form you the number of our Members is Sixty-five ; which increase very fast.

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Butler is described in the record as " Presbyterian. The Feast of St. John, the Evangelist, was observed on De- cember 27th of that year with a dinner at Bro. Josiah Coffin's at an expense of three shillings and sixpence each. The guests on that occasion, as recorded, were " Rev. Cases of discipline were frequent. When Brethren had any serious differences the matters were frequently referred to the Lodge for settlement, and often were harmoniously and satis- factorily adjusted.

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By the latter part of , we may conclude, from the rec- ord, the strain of privation because of the War began to show itself, as December 27th of that year a Committee was ap- pointed to inquire " if their is any Bro's wife or family that wants any Releafe. The distinction in value between specie and paper money is apparent in the vote passed December 5, , " that we dine on St.

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Jonathan Cartwriglit, in 17S0, for going to sea in an armed vessel. Simeon Foiger, in 17S0, for going to sea in an armed vessel. Robert Foiger, in i7S2,for going to sea with guns. Paul Hussey, in S, for going to sea in an armed vessel. Reuben Starbuck, in 17S1, for being with armed men. The raeagreness of records makes the task of determining who of Nantucket were on America's side during the Revolution exceedingly difficult.

Enough is known, however, to show that large numbers of them were taken prisoner. The following facts have been ascertained regarding the Brethren of Union Lodge: William Ramsdell was mate of the armed brigantine Lucy: George Bunker was captured by an English privateer and contined on the Jersey prison ship ; Benjamm Bunker was a prisoner on the same ship: John Pinkham, Jethro Hussey and Capt. Bunker were threatened with capture by the English and fled to a house out of town, armed to defend themselves: William Mooers was taken prisoner: Paul Hussey was commis- sioned Commissary of Prisoners by the Council of Massachusetts Bay, August 16, , and went to New York in the schooner Speedwell and ellected the exchange of 25 American prisoners, among whom were the following members of Union Lodge: Henry Tracy and Elias Coffin ; Capt.

Timothy Foiger and three others were bearers of important dis- patches in Where the first meetings were held is largely a matter of conjecture. Field, into a mill, and latterly was known as the "Thomas B. It evidently had become somewhat of a tax on the patience of the Brethren, for on August 7, , they " Voted that the matter of Difference of Di.

Information regarding the War of is more meagre yet.

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  • The sloop Yankee, Capt. Paddack, was taken by the English and recaptured by Capt.

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    Charles Hilburn, the pilot on the Prince of Neufchatel, was the first one of her crew killed in her fight with the British frigate Endymion in John, December 27, , Mrs. Mar- garet Coffin furnished the dinner at 2 shillings each ; 18 Brothers and 4 visitors dined. April 2, , tlie Lodge elected to receive the Degrees " Edw'd D. Burke a schoolmaster from Ireland, Residing in this Town at present.

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    This store, Brother Pacldack says, was located on Washington street, near the site now used as a stable. This stove was delivered and installed in time for the November communication. We may perhaps infer that stoves were not in such demand at that time as to warrant any merchant in keeping any considerable stock.

    The Brethren continued to keep diligent watch that those things which were intended for the purposes of refreshment were not converted into vehicles of intemperance and excess, and November 2, , a Committee was appointed to confer with Bro. V'cril ', " there is nothing new under the sun. November 7 of the same year it was " Voted the Thanks of the Lodge to liro'r Wilson Rawson for a hansom Cup presented this Night by him with the mason's Armes on it. John the Evangelist that year the dinner was served in the Lodge room by Mrs.

    Lydia Long, formerly the Widow Cole- man, at 6 shillings each. The oration was delivered in the Presbyterian meeting-house by Brother Leonard, and it was voted to have the address printed. We cannot think that this Lodge hath anything to do with disputes on Bank matters. The record of September 4, , says: Bro- Leonard received and the Lodge Voted a committee to Look into the above Letter and to frame an answer for the purpass to be sent forward to the Grand Lodge, after the approbation of ye Lodge next month.

    HricHy stated, this was the situation: An unfortunate, and for a time a serious, schism arose among the Masons of the Mother country soon after , the seced- ers claiming a more strict adherence to the old landmarks and calling Ihcmsclves Ancient Masons, and terming the adherents of the jxirent Lodge Moderns.