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B1 Something that is missing cannot be found because it is not where it should be: The burglars have been arrested but the jewellery is still missing.

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When did you realize that the money was missing from your account? More examples The police have called off the search for the missing child until dawn tomorrow.

The missing letter eventually turned up inside a book. A search party was sent out to look for the missing climbers. All of the ship's crew are missing, believed dead. This jigsaw puzzle has two pieces missing. Thesaurus: synonyms and related words Absent absence absent absentee absenteeism AWOL be conspicuous by your absence idiom conspicuous go AWOL idiom in absentia lacuna miss missing person no-show nowhere nowhere to be found idiom out out of station idiom station unaccounted for.

When did you realize the money was missing? Need a translator? What is the pronunciation of missing? My Dictionary.

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Word of the Day preservation the act of keeping something the same or of preventing it from being damaged. About this.

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We can build a hash table of all positive elements in the given array. Once the hash table is built. We can look in the hash table for all positive integers, starting from 1. As soon as we find a number which is not there in hash table, we return it. This approach may take O n time on average, but it requires O n extra space.

A O n time and O 1 extra space solution: The idea is similar to this post.

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We use array elements as index. To mark presence of an element x, we change the value at the index x to negative. So we segregate positive from negative numbers as first step and then apply the approach.

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Following is the two step algorithm. In the following code, segregate function does this part. We traverse the array containing all positive numbers and to mark presence of an element x, we change the sign of value at index x to negative.

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We traverse the array again and print the first index which has positive value. In the following code, findMissingPositive function does this part. Note that in findMissingPositive, we have subtracted 1 from the values as indexes start from 0 in C. Note that this method modifies the original array. We can change the sign of elements in the segregated array to get the same set of elements back. But we still loose the order of elements.

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If we want to keep the original array as it was, then we can create a copy of the array and run this approach on the temp array. Now, whenever we encounter any positive value in our original array, we change the index value of our list to 1.