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This park is named after the very famous Jim Corbett naturalist, photographer, author and hunter of many man-eating tigers and leopards in India. In early, I managed to catch a young female tigress chasing chital deer in the Dhikala grasslands not far from the camp. Throughout that day, we saw her several times.

This is my best shot of a tiger in India so far; predation is tough to get and I was lucky. A mature male tiger crossing the road not far from Dhikala camp…a habitat shot……! I have just returned from a trip to Corbett in Dhikala and Birjani areas.

UPDATE about Big Cat Rescue’s “Witness Protection” Cats

There are suppose to be about tigers in the park. However, I did not get a tiger but only a set of pug-marks one morning. In early, I traveled to Satpura but did not see a tiger. They are very difficult to see here. I have always wanted to use camera traps in India but the Forest Department does not allow outsiders to do this in any of the tiger reserves, and for the most part is set aside for their own research teams.

After some consultations with the owner of an eco-lodge near Corbett, it was decided to set a DSLR camera trap near the Ramgangar River up a mountain ridge line. I managed to get a great shot of a young female tiger on the second night. Young tigress camera trapped in the Corbett landscape up a ridge line near the Ramgangar River…. I look forward to future visits to add more tiger shots to my files.

Note: This number is the actual tigers photographed with some duplication. After several years of working my Nikon D trail cam, this shot stands out as my best overall leopard shot. I have just wrapped up another trip to Northern India where I set one of my Ds on a trail in a place called Vanghat resort and private wildlife reserve not far from Corbett Tiger Reserve in the State of Uttarakhand. After only two nights, a female tiger walked past the cam and tripped the sensor several times…this is the best shot from the series…Lady luck doing her magic once again…!!

The next stop on my day tiger safari through November to India was Kanha National Park and Tiger Reserve situated several hundred kilometers southwest of Bandhavgarh. This was to be my home for the next four-nights and it was very pleasant with the bungalows built mainly from natural materials.

Kanha is quite famous for its tigers and other creatures like leopard and sloth bear. Prey species such as gaur and spotted deer chital also thrive in great numbers and play an important role as a food source for the big cats. However, it is a bit over-visited at the moment with hundreds of tourists visiting almost daily which has had an effect on the balance of nature.

I mentioned the fact that being happy was the secret to my success as a wildlife photographer and that I wanted to visit the nearest banyan tree on the way into the park. He said he knew where one was just inside the gate and that we could stop the next morning. That night after a few whiskey sun downers, I slept like a log after the hectic trip along narrow roads and near misses that day. It was early to bed and early to rise at 4am. After a quick coffee, we headed to the front gate and when we got there, were greeted by hundreds of people and scores of jeeps and cantors buses wanting to get in.

It was a madhouse but I tried to just ignore it and hoped that once we got in, things would thin out which they did. We picked up a forest guide that is required by the forest department and he jumped in the back seat. About meters from the gate, Mr. Happy stopped at the banyan tree but park regulations do not allow one to get out of the jeep. I just made a silent prayer for good luck and then we motored in.

A short time later about 15 minutes , it was still a bit dark as we traveled deeper and then the guide called out that a leopard had just jumped across the road. Happy reversed slightly and there stood a young female looking at us from about 10 meters away.

I quickly snapped off a few shots and was able to get one good image of the young cat. Her pupils were dilated, as morning light was just filtering in. Now this was some seriously good luck for Kanha where leopards are extremely difficult to see and photograph. My spirits jumped a thousand percent. Later that morning, we saw a sloth bear but it was out of range and it slipped into the thick forest. Then it went quiet for the next couple of days with hardly any tiger sightings around the whole park. We were the only jeep around and we just reversed following her, and I did not stop shooting my camera.

After several hundred meters, she came up close to our jeep and crossed the road in front of us. She then stopped on my left side looking straight at me, and then slipped into the bush as other jeeps began to show up. Again, the spirits from the banyan tree had granted my wish with some seriously good luck as many people had not seen a tiger and it was becoming sad to see so many long faces as hardly anyone had seen the striped predator.

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I of course was beaming that I had photographed her. I also saw barasingha deer hard ground swamp deer and got some good shots.

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The species almost went extinct here but the forest department started a breeding program saving the species just in time. There are over now living in the park. The magnificent bovine species guar, also thrive here and I got some good shots of two large bulls just a mere twenty meters away. The camera is pointed a bit high and will need to be re-adjusted. I am going there in a couple of days before my trip to India and will take care of that then. I always give the sanctuary chief pertinent information and photos with date and time, and he passes it on to the researchers for their records…!

The home range of the Indochinese tiger is about square kilometers that has been well documented by them. There are something like eight tigers collared here both males and females. I have captured several tigers that keep coming around on this trail in their never-ending search for a meal.

I have also caught a black leopard at this same location…! Another tiger captured last year on my Sony A trail cam at the same location-opposite side…! Your email:. Last month, I had a hamburger at a joint close to my house up-north in Thailand. It has taken almost a month to get back to normal, hence not much camera trap work from my end. Daytime shots of leopard are rare for the most part but it does happen here where I work from time to time…Enjoy…!

Wildlife Photography in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Sign Up or Log In. Regions in Thailand. Photos by L. Bruce Kekule. Recent posts. There are Two Sides to every Story…!! Tags: asian wild cat , Bandhavgarh National Park , Bandhavgarh tiger reserve , Bengal tigers , big cat , Madhya Pradesh state , striped cat , tiger tourism , tigers.

T crossing the road…! T in the late afternoon just before closing time..! A female tiger returns again…! Tags: Asian big cat , big cat , carnivore , Indochinese tiger , predator , Thailand , tiger , western forest complex , wild cat , Willd Thailand. Comments Off on Nikon D catches an Indochinese tiger.

Forty Tigers…! Tuesday, April 4, posted by Bruce PM.

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  7. Tiger cub near the road in Tadoba…! A breeding pair over in Tadoba National Park…! I caught him in Zone 1 on my third day…! A sub-adult male on my first day in late afternoon on March in Zone 3….! A young tigress in the Dhikala grasslands chasing chital deer……! Comments Off on Forty Tigers…! My favorite Asian leopard shot…! Wednesday, June 15, posted by Bruce PM. Tags: asian leopard , Asian predator , big cat , carnivore , leopard , Thailand , western forest complex , wild Asian cat Comments Off on My favorite Asian leopard shot…!

    She also points out that if lions become extinct they will be in the same boat as woolly mammoths. Right you are, Spenser! Lions have a physicality that is both graceful, masterful, and at times scary all at once. It amazes me that a cat that large can creep up on animals so easily and smoothly. I agree: Lions are magnificent, majestic creatures.

    Big cats in evolutionary arms race with prey: study

    Funds raised from the service learning activities will purchase much-needed school supplies for sister schools in Africa, while raising awareness globally. Learn how to get your school involved by clicking here. All schools are welcome! A lot of specialists argue that loan help people to live the way they want, just because they are able to feel free to buy necessary things. Moreover, various banks offer commercial loan for different persons. Like Like. Only the most self-centered people could never see the true beauty in big cats and other animals.


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    Big cats in evolutionary arms race with prey: study

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    Watch our video to see lions interact with other top predators on the African savanna.