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Here, Millis describes how she got the shot. This was one of my very first stake outs on my new job here as a Reuters staff photographer in Washington. After I finished up an assignment at the Supreme Court on Feb. There were a few places that Hicks could possibly exit, and we were gambling on this area. A while later I made it back to the same spot. It was nearing 4 p. Finally, after about seven hours of waiting, she suddenly appeared at the end of the hallway, coming towards me with her entourage. There had been no other still photographers with me all day while I had waited in that area, and only one television videographer was with me when she appeared.

I grabbed my backpack and immediately broke into a sprint towards the northern exit with the videographer next to me. After that, we joined her for the long walk up the stairs from the Capitol to First Street. By this time, several other video journalists had arrived. I noticed the lit Capitol building behind her as we climbed the stairs and had the presence of mind to tell myself to get down and make sure that I got it in the background of the photograph.

At the top of the steps they hailed a cab, got in and they were off and gone.

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Seven hours of waiting had culminated in a few minutes-long feverish dash and climb up the stairs and she was gone. I try not to pre-visualize too much unless I am totally certain of where someone might be, what the lighting will be and when it will be happening. In this case, getting a photograph of Hicks was the most important thing. When the situation presented itself, the objective became to make sure I conveyed this odd scene where she was isolated in this strange, quiet walk only occasionally punctured by a quiet question.

The glowing Capitol behind her was looming over the scene in an unmistakable way. We all are kind of the main guys in our own bands but we all played shows together and we all knew one another and Gunner would always tell me if I ever wanted to do something that he would be interested in singing,.

I sort of hit on the idea of wanting to do something that was like Motorhead meets Black Flag.

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We have been together just over a year and we have put out a 2 song demo. It should be out this spring. We recorded in the fall and we have been hard charging ever since. As soon as I knew everyone was in I started writing songs and within 2 and a half months we had 9 songs written. IE: You mentioned wanting to go in a direction of Motorhead meets Black Flag with this band and I can definitely hear that in some of the songs.

Ken: There is some Fu Manchu in there as well. They are interesting because even though they are a stoner rock band they are kind of a punk band, just sort of slowed down a little bit. The riffs that I was writing and bringing to the band were written to fit Gunner. I wrote where I thought he would have a comfortable space and where he could take it and run with it. With certain bands you bring music in and that song ends up being exactly how you bring it in.

With this band there is a lot of editing with the 4 of us. Dave our drummer is a fucking animal. The last song we played tonight, that drum part? Yeah, I brought that song in but that whole drum part and what he does there?

He makes it his own. I think what we are going for and what we are really trying to do is to attack and use volume as a weapon. There is a common sensibility between those two bands that we are really going for.

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It will have 9 songs, all of which you heard tonight. It will have the 2 demo songs included in those 9. Gunner can talk about the song titles and what is in the songs lyrically. It comes from the heart and is stuff that affects me in my life.

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These guys are pro musicians. I write a lot of lyrics. I am a man of lyrics and words. It is about the political environment that is out there. They are humans and they are faulted. For another human being to judge another is completely hypocritical.

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I find it fascinating because you do not know what that other human being has done in their life. I do not judge anybody. I had a family member call me a conspiracy theorist because I dare to think outside the box.

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It hurt me. It broke my heart so I wrote this song. Davey: That is my situation. I cannot have conversations with my family. Everyone has a different opinion but at the end of the day if I can convey the point to everybody that we are on the same side. There is so much divide, now we are just choosing sides. Divide and conquer.

I Got Hope feat. Alana Alexander

Ken: In my other band I write all my own lyrics. Working with him is the first time that I am working with someone that is just a singer. He is amazing because he almost has this log of lyrics. If we are playing something for the first time he will have something for almost any kind of song. With that song we had it locked in within the first couple of tries. His phone is full of lyrics. Davey: In the old days I would carry a piece of paper with me and a pen. I could never ready anything though the next day because my handwriting is so horrible.

I have sat in a bar and an idea comes to me and I just write it down into my phone now.