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The doctoral college was supervised by Prof. Viola B.

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In ihrem Promotionsvorhaben geht sie der Frage nach, ob Schulprojekte das Potential haben, Bildungsungleichheit abzubauen. In ihrem Dissertationsprojekt setzt sie sich mit migrationsbedingter Mehrsprachigkeit an der Hochschule auseinander. Sabine Hoffmann nimmt dabei die Bedeutung von Differenz- Konstruktionen und damit einhergehenden Dichotomien in den Blick.

Der Beitrag privilegierter Eltern bei der Reproduktion von Bildungsungleichheit.

Diversity Management einfach erklärt

Dilek İkiz hat Sozialwissenschaften M. She then founded a youth welfare agency and led it for ten years. The main focus of the agency lies on stationary assistance for underage unaccompanied refugees and outpatient assistance for families, predominantly with a migration background. She is a doctorate candidate.

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The emphasis needs to be on investigating risks of exclusion in order to develop a basis for inclusion strategies. The objective of inclusive vocational education and training is to open up routes and options to recognised vocational education and training and to the world of work for all young people. In order to achieve this, the legal foundations need to be exploited, adapted and further developed in all fields of activity and inclusive vocational education and training needs to be established at various system levels.

Individual and flexible educational, support and funding provision which creates connectivity and permeability is of particular relevance to inclusive vocational education and training. Designing educational processes in a way that is aligned towards the individual means conceptualising pedagogical intervention in a way that is based on the young person and realising this via networking or cooperation between the institutions and education professionals.

Individualisation requires extensive flexibilisation of educational and training provision in order to be able to address aspects such as different life situations and different learning prerequisites.

Inklusion Und Diversity Management in Der P dagogik (German, Paperback)

Permeability within and between the individual segments is crucial in terms of facilitating entry to and exit from vocational education and training processes at any time. This means linking provision in terms of content, providing credit for periods of training and imparting usable partial qualifications. VET policy has an important design role to play in this regard. Inclusive vocational education and training requires the further development of tried and tested support and funding provision.

VET at extra-company institutions can be structured in different ways and combined with company-based vocational education and training e. Assisted training offers a supplementary form of provision. Its particular characteristic is that both young people and companies providing training can be offered individual support in line with their requirements in equal measure.

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The concept of career entry support has also proved its worth. Individual educational and training support should be offered to all young people in need of specific help or assistance. The fact that each support measure is based on individual case examination and measures-related financing is demonstrated to be an insoluble paradox of inclusive education within the VET system.


Routes to inclusive vocational education and training require structuring at various levels of the VET system cf. The efficient bundling of resources requires control mechanisms local government coordination , networking structures regional transition management and the bringing together of various judicial areas. The Hamburg model of Youth Employment Agencies cf.

Integrative vocational education and training at extra-company institutions enables trainees to obtain a qualification in a recognised training occupation by acquiring employability skills in the form of training modules and within the scope of an extended period of training of up to five years.

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REICH differentiates on the basis of a constructivist didactic system and adopts a holistic view, which provides for comprehensive support and support diagnostics, new forms of assessment and advice and a changed learning environment cf. The professionalism of staff in companies, at vocational schools and at training services providers has a key role in the structuring of inclusive vocational education and training at all levels cf.

The basis here is an inclusive stance that recognises individual differences and views as a benefit. Empirical studies show that an addition of knowledge and the handling of instruments are not sufficient for professional action. The personal, social and emotional competences and the approach and attitude of the pedagogical specialists are crucial cf.

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Alongside this, there needs to be a focus on working to bring about a changed understanding on the part of the professionals which is based on networking, exchange and the integration of external competences cf. For trainers in particular, new forms of continuing training should be developed which are more closely linked in with the company context and which include possible cooperation partners. Inclusive vocational education and training requires the further development of educational and training structures and appropriate structuring of training practice, i.

Educational policy guidelines for inclusion form a necessary framework. The development of inclusion strategies in conjunction with specific stages of implementation and the provision of resources form part of this. This will enable the emergence of a vocational education system in which diversity is used as an opportunity. Recognition and appreciation of individual differences requires a shift in perspective in society, in the institutions and on behalf of education and training professionals to view inequality and heterogeneity as a benefit and as a basis for further development.

An indicators-based report including an analysis of cultural education within the scope of lifelong learning]. Bielefeld An indicators-based report including an analysis of the education of people with disabilities]. Information and analyses on the development of vocational education and training].

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Bonn Developing learning and participation at a diverse school]. Madchen und Jungen unterschiedlicher Herkunft, mit ver-schiedenartigen Bedurfnissen, Interessen und Begabungen besuchen z. Der Gedanke der Inklusion hat im Bereich der fruhkindlichen Erziehung und Bildung dahingehend ein be-deutende Position, als dass es eine Padagogik umzusetzen gilt, die alle Kinder als Mitglied einer heterogenen Gruppe ansieht und deren Orientierung die Bedurfnisse und Potenziale aller sind. Der Begriff Diversity tritt mehrfach in den Vordergrund erziehungswissenschaftlicher Debatten. Ursprunglich hat das Konzept des Diversity Managements seinen Verwendungszu-sammenhang in der nordamerikanischen Betriebswirtschaft.

Auch hierbei ist die Vielfalt ein positiv bewerteter Aspekt.


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