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While all three relate to one another, a world religion is a religion that is distinct from all the others. A cult is a variant that has shifted away from the orthodoxy of a particular world religion. Philosophical systems can be classified as religions. For example, some listeners might think of Platonic Dualism, the Stoics or the Epicureans.

False Religions EXPOSED!

Such systems are sometimes incorporated into particular world religions. This latter category includes Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and other religions. As Jim correctly noted, this takes us back to Genesis and the question the serpent asked Eve in the garden. He forced him to walk and kept smashing him across the head and kicking him for the entire 30 or so metres to the main building. Jubilant was sobbing and trying to protect himself as he stumbled up the road. Even though the church taught that it was godly for disobedient children to be beaten, this was so wrong. I was only 11 years old but as I stood there, helpless and watching, my hands to my throat, I knew with every fibre of my being that this was wrong.

We were numb from the shock of what had happened. All of us left the soccer field and returned to the classroom. That evening I poured it all out to Mum. Both of us waited to see what punishment the men would give Nathaniel. Nothing happened and he continued teaching us. I was disgusted. The leaders called it godly, but I thought it was abuse. Some leaders not only encouraged violent beatings but scolded parents who were lenient.

This was a church that preached non-violence and was anti-war, yet it saw fit to punish their young for minor errors. Some men took this literally, using weapons like polystyrene pipe to beat their sons. Certain other members rebelled against the impositions and refused to treat their children badly, and I witnessed loving relationships between many parents and their children. A wife would, in strict confidence, show me her young children, who had horrific marks on their legs, bottoms and backs where her husband had beaten them.

Rage boiled in my chest when I saw those poor children suffering. I vowed to unleash the fury of hell if any husband of mine ever laid a finger on a child of ours in malice. One quiet morning I was in the high school with my head down studying, as were my 30 other classmates. I was having trouble with a difficult maths problem and bit my lip in deep concentration. Suddenly a loud noise jolted me out of focus.

We looked up from our books, all of us startled. It was Shepherd Fervent bursting into the room. Fervent was dragging his son Willing by the collar of his shirt and he yanked him to stand before the class. I cringed. Fervent puffed out his chest and threw back his shoulders. His balding head caught the light from the window and he smoothed down the sides of his oily hair.

His other hand held a limp leather strap. Fervent was going to make an example of Willing? Willing stared at the ground and mumbled an apology for being disobedient to his father. I felt a sliver of hope. Maybe the apology was enough to clear him? In that moment I wanted nothing more than to kill Fervent. To my eyes he was scum of the earth.

Willing looked shocked, but obeyed his father. Fervent took a wide stance and drew the strap back over his head. He moaned and whimpered with pain. With all his strength he whipped the poor boy again, and again, and again. Bile rose in my throat and I turned away from the appalling scene. Fervent was a pig and no man of God.

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My knuckles turned white and I gripped the desk in fury. How dare that man — a leader — treat a child this way? I shut my eyes to block out the horror and covered my ears. The illuminati [The term "illuminati" in modern times is used accumulatively to refer to all the secret cults and satanic organizations organizations such as the Freemasons and Skull and Bones. There are thousands of such secret cults and lodges. John Kerry and Bush Jr. Reagan was a Freemason and Bohemian Club member. Love the Arab People!

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Islam is Not to Blame for the Illuminati is! Where Did Allah Come From? Here's the answer! Another Spirit? Another Gospel? The Islamic Invasion Robert Morey says, both history and archeology show clearly that Allah was worshipped as a pagan moon god long before Mohammed came on the scene What is Islam? What do Muslims believe? Contradictions in the Qur'an Allah: Divine or Demonic? Max D.

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When a Jehovah's Witness comes to your door! Read the eye-opening, The Watchtower and the Masons free online. John Hagee's Israel Heresy! Hagee was paid off by Zionist Jews. He's sold out so low that Hagee now says Jesus is not the Messiah of the Jews , and that Jews don't need to be born-again because they are special. It is wicked heresy! Beware of the Hebrew Roots Movement Jesus' precious name is above all names; Yeshua is a satanic deception! Pastor J.

Major Cults and False World Religions

Vernon McGee Refutes Zionism! William P. Grady Judaism is Satanic! Judaism Exposed! I Don't Think So! Chick - The Holocaust was really a 20th century Inquisition in which the Nazis cooperated with the Catholic Church to exterminate the Jews. Going Kabbalistic! Kabbalah is the basis upon which many occult groups are founded: Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Mormons , Illuminati, Knights Templar, etc.

Kabbalah is a branch of Jewish mysticism, which is thought to have originated in the 13th century. Its teachings come from a demonic ancient volume book called the Zohar, which offers interpretations of the inner meaning of the Torah. Kabbalah is of the Devil. Kabbalah's Dark Secrets. Younce, Th. Requires free Adobe Acrobat. The Lutheran religion is based upon the writings of Martin Luther. Baptismal Regeneration by Charles H. He says that no one can become a Christian apart from the two Sacraments of Baptism and the Holy Communion.

Of course, this is a lie! Martin Luther died an unsaved heretic! Lutheran Misconceptions of Baptism Refuted baptism is NOT supposed to be a Sacrament, it's just an ordinance—not a means of forgiveness! Martin Loser Luther was a Mary worshipper! In Christian theology, Modernism is a hostile term used by its enemies to attack the tendency of Liberal Christianity toward revision of certain Christian doctrines such as the Virgin Birth and the Resurrection of Christ, or subjecting the Bible to the Higher Criticism. Modernism was the target of the Fundamentalists after , and was an especially bitter issue in the s.

John R.

Index of Cults and Religions

Unificationism is a movement and worldview based on the teachings of the Unification Church , founded in by Sun Sun Myung Moon , a religious sinister minister who was raised in northern Korea. Its followers are typically referred to as Unificationists. See the truth for yourself! Ravi Zacharias! Ecumenical False Prophet Dr. Part Two the prisonhouse of Mormonism Is Dr. Mormon's Lost Boys! Mormons deny Christ's deity! Shocking revelations about false prophet Joseph Smith.

The Tanners are former Mormons now Christians.


A Mormon woman in Utah or Idaho wrote, didn't see anyway out. He will deliver you from the cult. This is being accomplished today, in part, by the new corrupt Bible versions. Occultists are liars! Lucifer Magazine founded in by Helen Blavatsky. She died in , but her occult peers continued the work until Is God Male or Female? Sai Baba Exposed! Yin-Yang is devoutly followed by the homosexual community, holistic health practitioners, new agers and Wiccan witches. The Pagan Wheel seen in every religion from Catholicism to Wiccan witchcraft!

Lest you think this blasphemy against the Creator a trifle matter, consider this What a hoax! The Christadelpians: What do they Believe?

Quiboloy - A False Prophet! Satan is deceiving the world! Is God a She? Santa Claus: The Great Imposter! It's the Most Hypocritical Time of the Year! Psychologists are of the Devil. This false religion requires baptism for salvation, rejects the Godhead i. The heresy that a believer can lose salvation is rooted in self-righteousness. Younce, who Biblically exposes the heresy of election to salvation, i. This book leaves no stone unturned, putting to shame the damnable teachings of such organizations as the Association of Charismatic Reformed Churches.

This is self-righteousness and an insult to Jesus Christ, who shed His blood for our sins.