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Roccatagliata, J. Journal of Transport Geography 19 6 : Journal of Latin American Geography 10 2 : Journal of Latin American Geography 10 1 : Journal of Latin American Geography 9 2 : Journal of Latin American Geography 9 1 : Ubique XXIX 2 : 4, Coinstructor Summer Coinstructor Fall , Instructor Fall Intensive, weekly laboratory sessions teach the practical skills of specimen collection, preparation, observation, and crossdating.

Co-convened graduate and undergraduate course. Laboratory Instructor Fall Focus on fluxes and feedbacks among these systems, and interactions with humans. TA Fall , Instructor Winter Instructor Fall Enrollment: 5. Coinstructor Summer , Summer Enrollment: 8. Coinstructor Fall Course was used to support field site visits for an environmental history course and to provide a weekend-long field trip associated with a general-education science class. Instructor Summer , Fall , Summer Hands-on activities, discussions, writing exercises, and problem sets.

TA Spring TA Fall Skip to main content. Why SGD? Why University of Arizona? Why Tucson? School Garden Program. MDP Field Practicum. Professional Development Schedule Resources. Majors B. Geography B. Influence of Janice Monk and Victoria Lawson. Research on race and incarceration. Suggestions on balancing family obligations and academic obligations. Influence of Antoinette Winkler-Prins as a mentor. Research in Kenya on urban agriculture. Suggestions on raising a family while a young assistant professor. Influence of James Parsons and David Robinson.

Research in immigration. Collaboration with geographers in the authorship of the world regional geography textbook, Diversity Amid Globalization. Louis, Missouri Interest in Geography sparked after returning to school following several years in the work force. Research in Geography devoted to mapping human trafficking in Missouri.

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Addressing human trafficking issues. Interest in Africa sparked by a Geography professor at the University of Minnesota.

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Research in Africa. Reflections on the role of Idi Amin in Uganda. Interest in Geography developed in the UK. Travel abroad. Graduate study and research at the University of Washington. Fieldwork in Africa.