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Advance includes a gift hamper as well. In case extra food is not consumed during the experience it will be handed over to the client 8. The tasks will be pre-approved by the client. The tasks include 1 certificate for the couple and a photoframe additional Requires working days This experience is subject to availability In Advance, Love Hamper Worth will be given. Qty: Add to Cart.

INR 3, Disclaimer 1. Surprises are an experiential gift and will vary based on external emotions. For corporate bookings and team building activities Email: operations thedottedi. Available in Bangalore only. Sounds little different right? Yes, it is different. So what you all need to do, I Know from the title you are already guessing it. The girls who are smart enough to guess can switch to next idea below, but who still are confused can go with the flow.

And by the way, if it stills create confusion in your mind then this surprise is worth it. So what you have to do is, write a love note for him, you can write anything you want to say.

You can express your love on it, you can share all past moments that were wonderful, etc.. So anything you can share on that note. Till now it is really very simple to you, right? But it is certainly not. The real game is to collect all these kinds of note from the people who are close to him. For this, you have to encourage all those people to write a note to him.

Collect notes from as many people as you can. Now after you collect all these notes from his loved one, you have to hide it in anything he uses or any place where he spends his time. I know you got goose bumps imagining that moment. I know you are very excited to know what I am talking about or thinking what the title suggests, you should be because this is really exciting to do something different you might not have done before. So what all you have done in your past when I ask about the romance, have you ever been to the naughty side of it. If not then have you tried anything different to spice up the romance.

There are many things you can do, whether it is a naughty dress for the day or handcuff stuff. It all depends on you, where you want to take this up to. It is simply to surprise him with the things you have not tried before and as a guy, I can surely say it is the best naughty birthday surprise you can give your boyfriend.

21 Romantic Surprises That Will Make Your Partner Fall For You All Over Again

So if you have never given him a hot message, then what are you waiting for. Make this birthday memorable for him. So for this, you need to buy some oils that are used for a hot message in advance so that you can prepare yourself for it. You can find many tutorials online to learn how to give a message. Why not surprise him on his door. Enough of a complicated thrilling surprise what about a simple cute surprise. Make sense? Probably it does. For this, all you need to do is to surprise your boyfriend in the morning at his door when he can never expect you to be.

You need to just go with some gifts and flowers and ring the bell so that he can find you at the door which he could have never expected. You can convince his family members to let him open the door. He will surely get surprised to see your cute little act. I got this idea from my personal experience when I was in high school.

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It was his birthday and her girlfriend Samara gifted him a bag of few gifts. Some gifts were very usual and good, but one of the gifts caught my eye and his too, lolz. Actually, he was opening all gifts and showing me in his room, one after the other and suddenly he found a? It was so surprising to him that made him smile and me too, LOL. But I really liked the idea so I shared with you. You can also put some naughty, funny messages on it. I know it is a most conventional surprise idea, but it is just a reminder that you can also consider.

If it is really very usual to you to call his friends and relatives to give him a surprise, then you can do any different thing.

Love is the best. So are surprises.

I have mentioned one idea just below it. Have you ever played treasure hunt, if yes then you know what I am talking about? It is a thrill to find the treasure. But what I am going to tell you is what you have never tried and never does he, that makes it a perfect birthday surprise for him. So I am assuming that you already know how this game works. If not let me tell you, how it works.

It is a simple game where you hide different clues in different places, one has to find the clues one after the other and make a chain to reach the treasure. So the game is clear but instead of hiding any random thing you can hide the gifts you want to get him for his birthday. You can hide all the gifts you are going to present him to the final destination and let him feel the thrill to get all those gifts.

If this was it, then it is not so much surprise, but what if instead of hiding the gift at the final destination you hide his loved once to give him a surprise. To me, I think its an awesome idea. You can take it to the next level by calling his friend or maybe parents if they are not in touch for so long.

He will get surprised to see them what he can least expect. I know you might already have planned all the gifts for your boyfriend. Any surprise gift you have in your mind?

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If Not, then why not to plan a very special gift that can be really a surprise for your boyfriend. So what is that cute special gift you can present your boyfriend for his birthday? Ok, let me make it little clear, what I meant by that with my personal experience. My girlfriend gifted me Yamaha acoustic guitar on my last birthday. But that birthday, I was so surprised to see that guitar model as a gift for me from my girlfriend. So this is what you have to do, You need to find out what is the thing he is planning to buy or may be his favorite thing.

You can buy that thing as a gift and he will go amazed to see that thing as a gift. What am I talking about, is that you are thinking right? But this is something I did to my girlfriend on her birthday. As soon as the clock needle was going I knew she got very upset with it. But I had some other plan, actually, I was waiting outside her apartment and planned many things. So as the clock needle touched the birthday I called her and wished her birthday and also opened up that I was joking as that was a prank.

75 Romantic and Sweet Things To Do for Your Girlfriend!

Then her excitement was on cloud 9. So likewise you can also do something like this to take her excitement to a roller coaster ride. He might have read many books in life but have never read anyone which you are going to gift him. It is a love book that you can make on your own. All you need to do is find an attractive notebook, some of your old moment pictures which you might have clicked on your cell phone, etc.. You need to write things down the way you feel about him, you can share old experiences with some pictures in the notebook and let him know why they were the best moment in your life.

Or anything you can write what you feel. This will be really a cute surprise for him.

1. Surprise Them With Tickets To Something They Love

This is something unique I want to share it with you. If you are living together then you must try this one. What you have to do is, decorate a place in your house with all the stuff to give a birthday surprise to your boyfriend with some music, ribbons, some balloons, etc. Now when all thing is ready then you have to go to sleep as the surprise is for the morning.

Do you know when he gets up after sleep? You have to wake up before him silently, then you have to tie a thread on his hand and another end of the thread should reach that place where you have planned all the things and rest I think is clear what will be next. There are many things you can do to surprise your boyfriend. What about giving him a surprise of being a cook and cooking all those things that are his favorite.

What you say, is it worth? I think it is. If he his a foodie then I would recommend you do this for him. He will be surprised to see you cooking his favorite dishes. For this, first, you need to find out what are his favorite dishes and explore net to find out how to make those dishes, as simple as that. If you are planning a birthday party for your boyfriend in-house or booking some place where you are calling his friends or relatives, then make a theme of his favorite movie.

21 Romantic Surprises That Will Make Your Partner Fall For You All Over Again

You can set up the place with a theme of the movie as if it is a movie set. People can pick the characters of that movie and wear the same costumes of those characters. This will be really a surprise for him to see all of you as his favorite movie characters. For example — If his favorite movie is twilight, then you all can pick up characters like — Bella, Jacob, jasper, etc.. If you want to surprise him romantically, then here is one idea for you that you must try. Are you a singer?

If yes then good, if no then you have to build the courage to sing a dedicated song to him over some place where you are having dinner Mostly in a bar or Restaurant. If you have never sung and suddenly you sing a song in front of many people, then this is going to be the biggest surprise for him. You can practice and dedicate his favorite song.