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Louis particularly enjoys mentoring others to live more successful, prosperous, and inspired lives. By improving and transforming the quality of life for others, Louis has earned the trust, respect, and a following from the individuals, groups, businesses and non-profits that have benefitted from his expert guidance. Previous professional activity includes owning or operating a number of businesses in the following fields: IT consulting, construction, real estate, advertising, publishing, wholesale home accessories, retail and wholesale diamonds, art gallery, restaurant, furniture distribution, journalism, artist representation, jewelry, and other ventures.

Louis Berlin — Synergix North Miami. Louis applies his skills and experience to achieve outstanding results for his clients. In the past, Sears has been our preferred retail location for items like stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers and the like -- and all of those have been good purchases for us. Their Kenmore brand is solid and they usually have decent prices especially if you wait for the right time to buy. But my most recent experience with buying an elliptical machine from them -- and the ensuing product and customer service failures associated with this piece of exercise equipment -- has soured me so much on the company that they'll be lucky if I ever step foot in one again.

And I'm expanding that philosophy to Kmart too which is owned by Sears. I simply do not want to give that company another dollar.

Sears won't see any more of my money. I've been attempting for two months now to receive a refund on a part I returned. My advice: don't shop at Sears. If anything goes wrong, they will drown you in bureaucracy betting that they'll outlast you.

I think this "drown you in bureaucracy betting that they'll outlast you" is right on. They aren't going to outlast me. We'll have to see where the battle ends, but even if I end up eating the cost of the elliptical, I'll make them pay much, much more in lost sales and customer ill-will. As for you, if you'd like to add your own Sears horror story, please do so in the comments below. Update: Click here to read the next chapter in my Sears saga. Posted in Company Experiences Permalink.

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You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post. Sears buyers beware! Basically, you buy it, they deliver it and set it up, it works for an hour, breaks and they disappear until you give up trying to get your money back. Service warrenty is the biggest joke EVER. My remedy is the path of least resistance.

Join a gym, meet new people, never buy anything from Sears again. Posted by: bsaryder August 30, at PM. Ok, I don't buy anything at Sears They turned me down for a credit card 25 years ago when I was in college. Yes, I have a long memory. Our water heater failed in our relatively newly acquired townhouse. Took a look at it, it was a Sears with about 1 month left on a 10 year warranty.

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They were out that day and replaced it for free. I'm telling the truth, have it documented, and it can be validated by Sear's our maintenance and customer service records. One of the things that everyone has to remember is that the company needs to know why you are not purchasing anything from them. If you just don't buy from them, then they chalk it up to a "seasonal" slump or something of the like.

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I encourage people to go into Sears as often as possible, look at their products, then when a sales person approaches them, tell them that you will not buy anything from them because of their lack of good customer service and warranty repair. That is what I plan to do. I will be in the market for a stove here soon, but I won't get it there. And I plan on telling them why. Maybe, if they get enough of these types of comments, then they will look at improving their processes. Just my two cents. Posted by: rdub August 31, at AM. Posted by: a August 31, at AM.

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OK, I don't know what you people are up to, but not doing the right thing here! Great to use this as a sounding board, but use it wisely! I had no results, I then called the toll free for spare parts and service. This is where things get informative. She advised me to contact the store manager and advise them that I was having problems, and that I've already contacted the spare parts and service company and they are aware of the problem. With that, I was invited up to the Sears to get my new elliptical with full warranty. I've had no issues since. Posted by: Steveo December 31, at PM.

Hello, I am sorry to hear about all the trouble you are having with your elliptical machine.

Sears Elliptical Update: Don't Buy Exercise Equipment from Sears (Free Money Finance)

I also purchased that same machine from Sears about a year ago. I noticed also that the batteries wear out very quickly, and while I am on the machine the blue screen would go blank quite often. I also have a knocking sound while I am on it. But I just found out something interesting about this machine, it can be plugged in. You need to purchase a 6 volt power supplier. We just ordered it and are waiting for its arrival.

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But it sounds like you are having more problems than just the console going out. I don't know why the user's manual does not say a thing about plugging in this machine instead of using the batteries. I was thinking about purchasing a more expensive elliptical machine that can be plugged in because it is so aggravating when you are on the machine and the console goes out. Posted by: Barbara January 04, at PM. Thanks for the tip, but the last time we had a repairman, he showed us how to hook up our power source one we already had to the machine so it ran via electricity.

If you are looking for a quality piece of exercise equipment you must seek out a local specialty fitness retailer. The price tags will be substantially higher than those at Sears however, the product quality and service will be much much better. Proform is a brand name owned my Icon fitness,which ownes a number of substandard equipment brands. These brands pride themselves in quantity rather than quality. Next time you decide to "get in shape" do some research. Posted by: Steve January 18, at PM.

Many years ago I made the mistake of paying cash for a storm door to be installed by Sears. I left work more than once and waited for the installer who never showed up. Finally after six weeks of waiting I went to the store with my baby in his stroller and started picketing the store.