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The Brady Bunch is one of those, as are C.

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But the one that drives me absolutely mad is The Love Boat. I offer you this warning: Do not watch this video if you do not want to be singing this song to yourself for the next hour or so. There are so many more good ones that come to mind, from M. And there a few that still make me cringe.

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Which ones do you revel in? Which ones drive you mad?

The decline of the TV theme song By Siege. Opening to 'The X-Files'.

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The L word season 3. Read more about the characters. Sharon Gless, Tyne Daly and Barney Rosenzweig still regularly receive correspondence telling them how the series changed the viewer's life, and more recently from the original viewers' children, who still consider the program to have contemporary relevance to their lives.

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The Museum of Broadcast Communications. Subpages 2 : Episode Guide Events. However, low ratings led CBS to cancel the programs in spring of Rosenzweig received thousands of letters from unhappy viewers, many of whom were middle aged women in the exact demographic which the advertisers wanted to target.

Cagney and Lacey should not be remade with a black Mary Beth, says Sharon Gless

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