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Peters, G. Lois S. Ringquist, Frances V. Sedney, Lois Winkel. Greggs, Rebecca T. Bingham, Shirley A. Fitzgibbons, Margaret A. Grazier, Marilyn W. Greenberg, Elizabeth C. Hoke, Brenda V.

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Cole, Barbara H. Jackson, Sara L. Miller, Alice P. Root, Jr. Diane M. Thompson, Thalia-Manon Tissot, L. Frances Ware. Blos Scribner Honor Book:. Kruse, Rosa L. Ambrose, Alice P. Bartz, Nancy M. Berkowitz, Carolyn C. Butler, Gayle Cole, Nancy R. Cummings, Adrienne Fluckiger, Laurel F. Jones, Trevelyn Jones, Ethel B. Manheimer, Barbara S. Miller, Mary F.

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Robinson, Barbara T. Rollock, Gail Sage, Margaret R. Sheviak, Jacqueilne M. Wakefield, consultant Betsy Hearne. Bette J. Birtha, Josette A. Carr, Margaret N. Coughlan, Diane Farrell, Charlotte A. Gallant, Dr. Murphy, Madeline E.

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Paetro, Barbara V. Quarles, Donald B. Reynolds Jr. Wilson, Diana D. Young, consultant Betsy Hearne. Rollock, New York; Margaret K. Bull, Margaret N. Coughlan, Vergie F. Cox, Carol N. Euller, Elizabeth T. Fast, Nettie N. Frishman, Anne R. McCombs, Priscilla L. Moulton, Marguerite M.

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Murray, Donald B. Reynolds, Jr. Turner, Susan L. WIck, Hanna B. Zeiger, consultant Betsy Hearne. Moulton, Mary P. Brine, Margaret Bush, Edythe O. Gremillion, Shirley Gunderson, Ethel L. Heins, Anne R. Izard, Ann L. Shockey, Henrietta Mays Smith. O'Brien Atheneum Honor Books:. Brown, Glenn E. Estes, Caroline Feller, Sara I. Fenwick, Ethel L. Huck, Luree Jaquith, Margaret E. Johnston, Vivian T. Peaslee, Barbara Rollock, Frances A. Sullivan, Binne L. Farmer, Mrs. Stanon, Cliare R. Strelzoff, Sandra J. Armstrong Harper Honor Books:. Edmonds, Susan H. Engen, Lillian Gerhardt, Ruth M.

Hadlow, Anna W. Harkins, Ethel L. Heins, Gertrude B. Lockhart, Jean A. Merrill, Margaret H. Basil E. Frankweiler by E. Konigsburg Atheneum Honor Books:. Crossley, May H. Edmonds, Ruth G. Gagliardo, Jeanne B. Hardendorff, Dorothy W. Heald, Suzanne B. Miller, Margaret H. Seeley, Margaret R. Clair, Mary Alice Willett. Adams, Helen T. Armstrong, Augusta Baker, Martha C. Hardendorff, Sally Helfman, Elizabeth D. Hodges,Anne R. Moore, Louane L. Newsome, Helen R. Sattley, Spencer G. Shaw, Helen E. Watt, Mary C. West, Sarah H. Braden, Helen S. Canfield, Mary K. Eakin, Margaret C.

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  • Wessel, Sara Wheeler, Marian C. Elta Van Norman, Eleanor P. Carstens, Laura E. Kinsey, Jennie D. Welcome to Samoa…. Australia's no. Check the surf anywhere, anytime with over live streaming Australian Surf Cams. Download from iTunes. Surfstitch Surf Check - the official Coastalwatch Android app for Australian surfing and coastal conditions. The official Coastalwatch Skill for Alexa enabled devices allows you to use your voice to get the latest conditions and forecasts.

    Use the flexibility of Coastalwatch SMS service to check the daily surf report or live wind conditiosn around Australia anytime of the day.

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    • All rights reserved. Wind, tides, UV ratings, air temps and outlook provided by Coastalwatch are based on data and radar images provided by the Bureau of Meteorology. If you are already a Coastalwatch Plus Member, Log in here. Are you still there? Yep, Keep Watching. This video depends on sponsorship.

      Please disable your ad blocker for our site. Okay, I will. Please disable your ad blocker for the video to work. I have now removed it. Outgoing tide H PM 1. Today's Regional Outlook. Sponsor recommended for today Best board. Best wetsuit. UV Index : 5 Moderate. More live wind stations nearby. See local wind forecast for Ballina Shelly Beach Wind.

      Upload here. Latest Most viewed Top Rated. See more. With Rabbit Bartholomew on the commentary! Goodbye Olympics? Sand, glorious sand! Patagonia Byron Bay When you live your life in the elements you need equipment you can rely upon. Kirk Bierke Shapes.

      Gato Heroi Surfboards Gato Heroi stands outside the mainstream surf scene with boards that are unique in design and function. Annesley Surfboards Annesley Surfboards is the modern, standout premium brand offering you more. Morning of the Earth Surfboards For some the modern short board will never make sense.

      Save your favourites. Manly - Fairy Bower Sydney. Favourite Views Save your favourite wave tracker views Login or Signup. Weekend Surf Forecast 5 - 7 July The winter solstice has come and gone and the daylight is very gradually starting to grow with each day — but winter it remains. Weekend Surf Forecast 28 - 30 June Get your ducks in a row this weekend. Weekend Surf Forecast 21 - 23 June Winter keeps on keeping on this weekend. Weekend Surf Forecast 14 - 16 June, Bring on winter. Victoria is about to light up under a heavy SW groundswell and icy offshore winds. Forecasting Tutorial: Reading Wave Models Gain a deeper understanding into how wave models work and how to read them.

      Surf Forecast Glossary Keep up to date with the Forecasting lingo. Forecasting Tutorial: Air Masses Welcome to our first installment on meteorology basics: Swell is generated by wind and wind is the result of air pressure. Forecasting Tutorial: Wave Period Explained Coastalwatch's chief swell forecaster, Ben Macartney, scratches beneath the sea surface looking at wave period. Meet Marlon Harrison Grom on the rise.

      Italo's Pipe Wipe Out Pipe Out Ital.. Teahupoo Free Fall It's a quick and violent exit from the lip when you get it wrong. We've all been there! Weak Wrap: Worst of Weak Wrap Weak Wrap: Man Wrestles Shark! Plus much more in a very special tropical edition. To Me Plus other sad things. The Spectacular Tweed Swell A left-hander that'll make you weak at the knees. Andrew Mooney defies the odds. Soli Bailey Knows. Hot Lips Episode 3. High Crest Manly - Nth Steyne. Reelers Entry - Chasing Sunrise. Night Riders. Davey Cathels.