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Custom Blog Design by Blogger Boutique. The First Day of the Rest of My Life In this deeply moving and wonderfully insightful novel, acclaimed author Cathy Lamb explores what can happen when one woman decides to reclaim her past-and her future-no matter where they lead.

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Available at all the usual book stores. Recent Posts Happy Fourth of July! My Books. Additional Info The community college's advanced photography class is trapped in a mining ghost town by an avalanche.

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Add a film cast and crew on location, and conflict is the name of the game! Everyone's claims of innocence are confounded, however, when a corpse appears, disappears, then turns up again and again.

Keywords Death , Friendship , Love. Casting 13m, 18f, 2m or f. Cast Attributes Flexible casting.

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The Wolves The Cherokee Indians have a delightful perspective on life, they say that everybody has two wolves living inside them. Along with the rest of the world, we all have a self-sabotage mechanism. The White Wolf.

Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Your Self-Sabotage Mechanism If you had no self-sabotage mechanism, only the white wolf, then how would you be able to experience anything in its totality? To know something in complete fullness requires you to know it from all sides, from every angle including the positive and the negative. Only when you know it fully can you stop judging it, let it go, and change your life. How much do you self sabotage? What percent of your time do you listen to the black wolf?

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And the white wolf? Now start discovering how to overcome the black wolf: Pick up a pen and write down the very first answers to these questions that come to you without thinking about them. Just do it! They probably mean you would benefit enormously by taking immediate action , yet your self-sabotage mechanism will rationalize delay and tell you to procrastinate instead.

Why your Self Sabotage Continues If you find that a situation in life keeps coming round again, you obviously don't know the enormous joy of letting it go. If you do know this, but only intellectually rather than in practice, its reappearance means you do not yet fully accept it.