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Our commitment is first and foremost a commitment to the Lord and his kingdom.


Balance is a tool that we can use to help us in this commitment. It is not primarily about managing time. What does managing ourself look like? It is very much to do with how we think: with what goes on in our mind. View your life in terms of the Biblical Priorities discussed in the Setting Biblical Foundations studies. View your life in terms of the Biblical Principles discussed in the Setting Biblical Foundations studies. View yourself as God views you — always, ever and only in Christ.

They will help to protect you against the negative self-perceptions and godless expectations that come from the world and fill our minds with wrong thinking. View God as he really is: the God who is in sovereign control of all things, and the God who loves you so much that he gave his only Son to save you. View your salvation as the Bible presents it: secure and certain because it depends on Jesus Christ alone, and not on your own abilities, success or worthiness. That you approach each task, no matter how small, as a task done for God and his glory.

That you will use each moment as a gift from God. That you will treat each person as a person created by God and precious to God. That you will give your failures and sins no power to erode or diminish your confidence in God and your peace with God. Quadrant I: things that are urgent and important — These include things like crises, meeting deadlines, pressing problems.

Quadrant III: things that are urgent but not important — These include interruptions, some mail, phone calls and visitors, writing some reports, some meetings. Quadrant IV: things that are not urgent and not important — Things like junk mail and emails, some mail and phone calls, some entertainment, time wasters. The important things contribute to our mission and goals. These should receive most of our attention and time. Things that are urgent, but not important, should be dealt with promptly and graciously. Things that are neither urgent nor important need to be weeded out of our lives as much as possible.

Complete Section 3 What is Important? Getting the things in Quadrant IV out of your life, or refusing to spend time on them, will give you more time for the important things.

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To do this, and to minimize the time you spend on Quadrant III, you will need to set firm boundaries. These boundaries might include:. Putting specific filters on you email accounts. Deleting, without opening, obvious time-wasting emails.

Maximizing Your Potential

Listing your phone number with the Do Not Call registry. Switching your phone to the answering service during time committed to family etc. Putting specific filters on your computer to lock you out of sites where you waste time. Go to the shops only when you need to purchase specific items. Dealing with emails, letters, etc promptly.

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Your Life Balance Study and Time Management Study have probably revealed that a sizeable chunk of your time is used up with things that do not really contribute to your goals, mission statement or priorities and principles. Our own indecision. Our own lack of direction, motivation or commitment.

Our own laziness. Knowing who we are, having goals, and being committed to a purpose and a Person bigger than ourselves helps us to become more decisive, more directed, more motivated and more committed — more intentional in our use of time. Even so, temptations entice us to use up our time on unessentials.

Here the main contemporary culprits are often technology related:. The internet, including gaming, Facebook and other social forums. Phones, including texting. Some people find that either detailed timetables or general weekly schedules are an effective tool in time management.

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What kind of timetable or schedule is best for you depends largely on the kind of person you are and the kind of activities that occupy most of your time. Detailed timetables: A detailed timetable will allocate every hour of every day to specific activities. It will include the time you get up in the morning, the time you go to bed, and all things in between, for each day of the week. It will include:. Peter preached to the Gentiles under the direction of God even though many other apostles misunderstood him. We should not allow the fear of man to prevent us from obeying God and fulfiling His destiny in our lives.

Acts Psalm We can maximize our potential when allow only positive influences in our life. The apostles had unusual boldness through their asociation with Jesus. We should avoid coming under the influence of negative people such as murmurmers,critics,doubters,fearful,rebellious etc. Negative people have never achieved anything in their life.

They only find fault and are envious of those who have achieved something. If we want to maximize our potential when must be careful to be under positive influence.

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  • Mark We can maximize our potential when we are innovative. The friends of the paralytic man found an innovative way to reach Jesus by opening the roof. We should not give up when the natural ways and doors are closed. We should become innovative and find new ways of doing things and increasing our usefulness. Ecclesiastes ,6. We can maximize our potential when we take the initiative and not wait for someone to push us.

    Jesus took the initiative to go through the cities and villages preaching the gospel. He did not wait for somebody to encourage Him or push Him forward. We can maximize our potential if we are willing to take the initiative to make ourselves useful to the kingdom of God. Proverbs We can maximize our potential when we receive instruction in areas where we are ignorant.

    There may be many areas where we are ignorant and we should not hesitate to receive counsel from competent people who have experience and expertise in those areas where we are ignorant. Otherwise we will waste time and resources struggling in areas where we are ignorant. We can maximize our potential by receiving timely instruction.

    James We can maximize our potential when our efforts are undergirded by prayer.

    Defining the Call

    A farmer ploughs the field but he still needs the rain to get his harvest. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. We can maximize our potential by undergirding our efforts with prayers and intercessions.