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Who will end up with whom as these cousins face challenges in love and life? Will Wayne sacrifice his happiness to give her a better life? How will God work to give Loraine the desires of her heart? Four young women are forever changed by the event. Note from Wanda Northeastern Indiana is one of my favorite places to visit, because I have so many Amish friends who live there.

Englisch on Purpose by J.E.B. Spredemann

Despite the fact that each of the cousins was in some way affected by the accident, God showed them how they could become stronger if they were willing to follow Him on a different path. Store Locations Available in Christian Bookstores everywhere and online. Barnes and Noble. Family Christian Stores. Parable Stores Testimonials A Cousin's Promise "The strong spiritual element is perfectly evidenced in the characters' consistent, loving Christian attitudes, even when it is met with hostility.

Brunstetter kicks off the Indiana Cousins series and demonstrates how God can help flawed Christians deal with devastating situations. With heartfelt love for and understanding of these people, Brunstetter teaches life lessons by intertwining the Amish lifestyle with a light romance story, while delineating the plot with a wide range of emotions and behavior generated from grief and loss — and the adverse effects it can have on even the closest relationships. A special section contains questions on the grieving process, relationship, and life lessons learned.

Recommend A Cousin's Promise to teens and adults who enjoy a good love story with a message. Website design by Ron Dylnicki. Amish Secrets by J. Spredemann Have you ever kept a secret that NO one could know? Each of these characters carry a secret so dear that if it were disclosed to those around them, it could spell the end of life as they know it Amish by Accident by J. Readers insist, "You won't be able to put it down! Amish Fairly Tales by J. Spredemann Fairy Tales - we all love them!

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Who doesn't like a great story of an underprivileged character who has all their dreams come true oftentimes not how they had planned and lives happily ever after? And Nathaniel, if there ever was a swoon-worthy character, ladies, this is him! You'll meet Amos and Belle in Rosabelle's Story, our unique rendering of the classic Beauty and the Beast, one of our favorites.

Fifty Shades of Amish: A Strange Genre of the Romance Novel

I mean, who can't relate to a girl with a book? Amish Girls by J. Spredemann There are eight books in the Amish Girls Series for teens. The heartwarming stories are sure to touch hearts, young and old. Words: 49, Language: English. Published: March 1, David King has a heart for Der Herr and His people. David and Michaela forge a happy life together…until that life no longer exists.

Can David move beyond his failures and mistakes? Will his faith in Gott be enough to sustain him? An unforgettable story of temptation, tragedy, and God's grace! Spredemann Series: Amish Secrets. Words: 34, Published: November 1, Special Pre-order Price! One woman's search for answers One little girl's fight for her life Will they both find a miracle this Christmas season? Words: 48, Published: September 1, When circumstances become impossible for Joseph, he is forced to begin a new life away from his beloved Amish community.

Will he abandon his faith, or will he learn to trust God in matters of life and love? Words: 40, Published: June 1, Ruth Johnson is an Englisch woman considering college. But not everyone is keen on their budding relationship and their love is tested. Will their romance endure? Or does GOD have an entirely different plan for their future? Words: 54, Published: December 16, When Elam Zook visits his former Amish community after five years of living in the world, he hopes to rekindle a romance with his former aldi, Julianna.

But when he asks about her, the community is conspicuously silent. Eventually, Elam finds that his former love has passed away. Elam attempts to move on until he unlocks a secret the community has been keeping and the truth is revealed Words: , Language: American English.

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Published: February 24, Amazing value! Over pages! Words: 44, Published: January 23, When seventeen-year-old school teacher Rosanna Keim moves to Honey Ridge, the last thing she expects is to find the love of her life. Zachariah Zook thought he always knew what he wanted - to live a peaceable Amish life. But John Christner, his wayward-leaning best friend, has him worried. Is Rosanna the answer to securing John's Plain future?

Can Zach sacrifice his dream for a friend in need? Christmas in Paradise by J.

The 'Scion Of Ikshvaku' Trailer by Amish

Spredemann Series: Amish by Accident. Words: 22, Published: November 24, Believing her marriage to Richard is coming to an end, Mattie Greene returns to Paradise near Christmastime. Carson and Elisabeth are not ready to see their friends' marriage dissolve and they fight to keep them together. Will Mattie and Richard reunite in time for a perfect Christmas?

Or will they spend the holidays — and the rest of their lives — alone? Book 3 in the Amish by Accident trilogy. Words: 30, Published: September 19, Mattie Riehl never expected her life to turn out this way. But something inside beckons her to another world, another life. Can she leave her roots and her friends behind for a world she knows little about?

Will she abandon everything, including God? Christian fiction. Spredemann Series: Amish Fairly Tales. Words: 14, Published: May 26, Rosabelle and Amos have enjoyed working together for years. When Amos finds a potential wife, Rosabelle is concerned. Why would he consider marrying someone he doesn't love?

A Cousin’s Promise (Book 1) Re-Release

Can Rosabelle convince Amos that God might have a better plan for him than his own? Rosabelle's Story is a modern fairy tale loosely based on the classic story of Beauty and the Beast, Amish-style, of course! Christian fict. Words: 45, Saloma Troyer, the oldest of eight children, is shattered when calamity visits her family.

Will a secret destroy their chance of happily-ever-after? Published: May 9, Save with this box set. Annie, Abigail, Brooke, and Leah learn about life, love, faith, and friendship in this inspiring series that is sure to touch hearts young and old. Christian fiction, pages. Words: 96, Published: April 28, Join these true-to-life characters as they learn about life, love, faith, and friendship in this inspiring series that is sure to touch hearts young and old. Christian fiction p. Boxed Set. Learning to Love - Saul's Story by J. Spredemann Series: Amish Girls.

Published: April 24,