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She went from her village school via high school to London University, where she read history. In the s she opted out of conventional work and joined her partner in running a Norfolk village store and post office, where she began writing fiction in her spare time. Her first books, written as Hester Rowan, were three romantic novels; she then took to crime, and wrote 10 crime novels as Sheila Radley. Death and the Maiden Chief Inspector Quantrill was a very sensible policeman.

But Shakespeare was not on his beat and he was not sure who Ophelia was. His ignorance embarrassed him when Mary Gedge, the most brilliant young girl in Ashthorpe, was found dead in the river, apparently drowned in shallow water while gathering flowers on May Day morning. Ophelia was a beautiful innocent who fell in love with the wrong man and positively invited him to humiliate and destroy her.

But was this true of Mary? And if so, which of her several admirers had caused the tragedy? Quantrill knows the people of Ashthorpe and of Breckham Market—the East Anglian district where he works—almost too well. We, too, get to know the locality as his investigation proceeds and Sheila Radley, taking inspiration from Hamlet, brings her characters vividly to life. He left the University before graduating in order to join the staff of a popular weekly.

After two years of journalistic choring, which included a period of crime reporting, he became editor of the Novel magazine, but eventually resigned this post so that he could develop his ideas as a freelancer. His experience in the criminal courts gave him a view of the anatomy of crime which was the mainspring of his novels and short stories.

Not primarily interested in the professional crook, he wrote of the normal citizen taken unawares by the latent forces of his own temperament.

Bloody Roses (Willow King, book 3) by Natasha Cooper

His attitude to the criminal is sympathetic but unsentimental. From time to time, quite illogically, Inspector Rason finds a connection between happenings in the outside world and the objects in his Scotland Yard museum, a rubber trumpet, maybe, or a bunch of red carnations. Then events move inexorably to their appointed end. He became a full-time fiction writer in Williams wrote twenty-three novels, seventeen of which were part of the Mark Treasure series of whodunnits which began with Unholy Writ His experience in both the Anglican Church and the advertising world informed and inspired his work throughout his career.

The university vacation has just begun. The eight governors of the Moneybuckle Endowment an architectural library are assembling at All Saints College for the annual dinner before their meeting under chairman Mark Treasure, merchant banker. The talk at the table is of some pricey sketches said to be by Constable, and an offer from a dealer in the town. Other crime fiction from Bello authors: It seemed to Ben Winwood that all his life he had been second best to his twin brother.

Jason Winwood had succeeded where Ben had failed, but when Jason is killed in a mysterious car crash, Ben begins to find that his brother's life was not so enviable after all. Ben becomes involved with Jason's widow, and his associates, and through them is ensnared in a web of crime. Is the powerful influence of Jason reaching his brother from beyond the grave, leading Ben along the same road he himself trod - the road to Hell.

She is best known for her series of comic novels based on her time living on a croft in the Scottish Hebrides. Beckwith was born in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, in , where her father ran a grocery shop. She moved to the Isle of Skye with her husband in , and began writing fiction after moving to the Isle of Man with her family twenty years later. I got the impression that they could imagine only two reasons why a woman should choose to settle down in Bruach: She also works as a mentor and manuscript reader for leading literary consultancies. The Needle in the Blood January Charismatic bishop Odo of Bayeux decides to commission a wall hanging, on a scale never seen before, to celebrate his role in the conquest of Britain by his brother, William, Duke of Normandy.

What he cannot anticipate is how utterly this will change his life — even more than the invasion itself. Friends and family become enemies, enemies become lovers; nothing in life or in the hanging is what it seems. She is the author of nine novels. To explore suburban living, she created the community of Westwick and explored mid-life manners in Mr Fabulous And Friends, and the environmental implications of urbanisation in Getting Home.

Her non-fiction titles include two standard works on the art of writing: Her most recent is Deep France Pan, a journal of a year she spent writing in south -west France. Pearls They were beautiful. So begins a journey back into the past that will change their lives. Her father died in , and eventually, in , Frances emigrated to the United States with her mother and siblings, settling with family in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Frances began to be published at the age of 19, submitting short stories to magazines and using the proceeds to help support the family. In , she married Swan Burnett, a doctor, with whom she had two sons while living in Paris. Following a separation from her husband, Burnett lived on both sides of the Atlantic, eventually marrying for a second time, however she never truly recovered from the death of her first son, Lionel.

Best known during her lifetime for Little Lord Fauntleroy , her books for children, including The Secret Garden and The Little Princess, have endured as classics, but Burnett also wrote many other novels for adults, which were hugely popular and favourably compared to authors such as George Eliot. Ripe for rediscovery, Bello is proud to bring a select group of these classic novels back into print. A tale of Lancashire, her chosen heroine is pit-girl.

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Burnett uses the novel to explore questions of social inequality and injustice, with much of the material drawn from real life. Serialised in Scribner's Monthly before publication as a book, and first published in April , That Lass o' Lowrie's won unanimous praise from the critics. Cronin studied at the University of Glasgow.

In he served as a surgeon sub-lieutenant in the Royal Navy Volunteers Reserve, and at the war's end he completed his medical studies and practiced in South Wales. He was later appointed to the Ministry of Mines, studying the medical problems of the mining industry. He later moved to London and built up a successful practice in the West End. In he published his first book, Hatter's Castle, which was compared with the work of Dickens, Hardy and Balzac, winning him critical acclaim. Other books by A.

Cronin's fourth novel, published in , and this tale of a North-country mining family was a great favourite with his readers. Robert Fenwick is a miner, and so are his three sons. His wife is proud that all her four men go down the mines. But David, the youngest, is determined that somehow he will educate himself and work to ameliorate the lives of his comrades who ruin their health to dig the nation's coal. It is, perhaps, a typical tale of the era in which it was written — there were many novels about coal mining, but Cronin, a doctor turned author, had a gift for storytelling, and in his time wrote several very popular and successful novels.

Born in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, Margaret moved to the coast at the age of seven and so began her love for the sea and the Lincolnshire landscape. Her ambition to be a writer began early and she had her first novel published at the age of twenty-five. This was followed by twenty-seven further titles, many of which are set in the heart of her home country. Nothing and no one must stand in her way, not even Lynwood, the fourteen-yearold boy who loves her devotedly. But, like Sarah, will she bow to the pressures of family and friends, or will she take what she wants, regardless of the consequences?

Pride of the Courtneys Portrait of Jonathan Lifeboat! After Oxford, he travelled extensively through Greece and Turkey, visiting almost all the sites later mentioned in his books. Duggan came to writing fiction quite late in his life: Duggan has been favourably compared to Bernard Cornwell as well as being praised in his own right as 'an extremely gifted writer who can move into an unknown period and give it life and immediacy.

It has a fascinating subject — the little Emperors, or little Caesars, of the title are those who were proclaimed in Britain when the barbarians overflowed into Gaul and this island was isolated from the Empire. The story is told from the point of view of the head of the civil government in Britain. This is a work of historical reconstruction. The Grove of Eagles In the Spanish Armada had been defeated in the English Channel and the whole of Elizabethan England was alert for the revenge that surely had to follow.

Men like John Killigrew, commanding a key position on the Cornish coast, were vital to the survival of the country, and it is through the eyes of his eldest son, Maugan, that the story unfolds. Rich in action, it is also crowded with unforgettable characters, many of them based on actual historical figures. Maugan Killigrew himself emerges, through his loneliness and his love, his physical suffering in a Spanish gaol, as a touchingly honest and believable character who is, above all things, a man of his time.

An Imperfect Lady She would always be her own woman — true to her wild, searching heart. Adeline Gundry, born in the golden summer of Edwardian England, was raised to be a perfect lady in a perfect world of rank and privilege. But Adeline, like the century itself, had other ideas. For what Adeline wanted was not a conventional life filled with teas and dances, nor a conventional marriage held together by strictures and rules.

Adeline wanted independence and passion — the sort of love that makes you feel alive. From her idyllic childhood in Devon to her glorious success as an artist in bohemian London, from domesticity in trouble-torn Ireland to carefree interludes in the golden playgrounds of the Caribbean and French Riviera, Adeline lives her life, gloriously, to the full.

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And always she is herself — determined, headstrong, passionate — a woman of her times. Set in the Amazon, it was written in honour of her deceased husband Alan, a former naturalist. Imaginative and humorous, Eva's books often convey her love of nature, in particular the Austrian countryside, which is evident in works such as The Star Of Kazan and A Song For Summer. Eva passed away at her home in Newcastle on October 20th Susanna sympathizes with her neighbours, watches over Signi, the wretched, orphaned child prodigy, and with her infallible eye for dress, turns an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

Of all the colourful characters in Madensky Square, only her dear friend Alice has the slightest inkling that Susanna hides more than one secret. This hidden life, full of passion and anguish, gradually unfolds in a city of romance, music and gossip. Jagger was born in Yorkshire, which was the setting for many of her books including Barforth. The recurring central themes of her work are marriage, womanhood, class, identity, and money in the Victorian Era. Her work has been praised for its compelling plots and moving storylines as well as its exacting emotional descriptions.

The Clouded Hills At sixteen Verity becomes sole heiress to a fortune founded on the wool mills of Yorkshire and realises for the first time that she is no more than a pawn in the games of ambitious men.

Obedient to the conventions of the Victorian age, she accepts a marriage of convenience and cloaks her proud spirit in the silks and satins of a society hostess. But for Verity Barforth convention is not enough. When at last she falls in love it is not with her husband, and she becomes the centre of a powerful drama of infidelity, jealousy and revenge, played out against the magnificent landscapes of the Yorkshire moors and the brutal poverty of the mills.

She wrote 27 novels. Her themes centred on the moral responsibility of the individual in their personal and social relations. Her last novel, A Bonfire, was published in the year of her death, She was a critic as well as a novelist and wrote books on Thomas Wolfe and Ivy Compton-Burnett; Six Proust Reconstructions confirmed her reputation as a leading Proustian scholar. She also wrote a play, Corinth House ; a work of social criticism arising out of the Moors Trial, On Iniquity ; and a book of essays, Important to Me She received honorary degrees from six universities and was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.

She was awarded the C. Pamela Hansford Johnson, who had two children by her first marriage with journalist Gordon Neil Stewart, later married C. A tale of reminiscent youth and the blindness of young love, An Impossible Marriage tells the story of a young woman forced to grow up too quickly. But when Chris is suddenly whisked off her feet by the mysterious — and much older — Ned Skelton, life changes for Christine almost overnight.

A Summer to Decide. While still an undergraduate at Oxford he published his first three novels. He then joined the British Council, working in Italy, Greece, Egypt, Finland and Japan, before he resigned to devote himself entirely to writing. For some years he was drama critic for the Sunday Telegraph and he reviewed fiction regularly for the Spectator.

The Summer School Mystery by Bell Josephine Paperback

Francis King died in He lodges with Dick Thompson, a successful middle-aged novelist, and his good looks and impulsive yet immensely likeable character soon have Dick captivated. Valli is someone who needs to be admired and loved and has an insatiable craving for attention from everyone he meets; he needs an audience to perform to and he finds this at the university, but especially in Dick's company.

It is not long before Dick Thompson has fallen completely in love with his charming — but very heterosexual — lodger. What follows is an ill-fated relationship that can only end in disaster, but in A Domestic Animal King has created a novel of bitter longing and painful complexities. He was a writer of short stories, novels and plays. Seek the Fair Land It is As the English soldiers trample the Irish homesteads, leaving behind them a trail of barbarity and destruction, a few brave men set out to seek a 'fair land' over the brow of the hill.

  1. Strangeville Part 3.
  3. Star Prince (Aurora Book 1).
  4. He Had a Plan;
  5. If it Falls.

Among them is Dominick MacMahon, whose wife has been killed in the bloody massacre of Drogheda, and whose son and daughter, and a wounded priest, Father Sebastian, accompany him. But as he journeys in search of peace and freedom he is relentlessly pursued by Coote, the Cromwellian ruler of Connaught.

She lives with her son in NYC. For more information, visit her website at www. Lunch Lunch by Karen Moline is a classic erotic romance, featuring Nick and Olivia, who draw each other into an intoxicating and passionate relationship where the balance of power shifts from fantasy to dangerous appetite.

Nick Muncie, superstar, is bored. As he lunches in a trendy restaurant in London, his eyes alight on the woman at the next table, artist Olivia Morgan. To Nick, accustomed to the pleasures the power of his fame and potent sexual charisma assure him, it is an extraordinary rejection. And so, Nick commissions a portrait, and during the emotionally charged sittings in Olivia's studio the seductive games begin. Talented and self-possessed, Olivia has wrongly thought herself impervious to the flattering attentions of a man like Nick. Intrigued by Nick's power to give pleasure and easily deny it, Olivia is drawn to him against her will, but the intoxicating fantasies of their lunchtime trysts too quickly evolve into a destructive cycle of passionate sex and submission.

In the heat of their relationship, the balance of power shifts. Olivia finds herself physically enthralled as she is emotionally appalled at her surrender, while Nick is slowly consumed by his own desire. For both Nick and Olivia, lunch releases dangerous appetites. Trademarks of her work are compelling plotting and a sense of adventure and fun. Her latest series is Muddy Paws Hodder.

Ten-year-old cousins and best friends Lexi and Lily are poles apart when it comes to personality. They don't always see eye to eye.

Jenny also writes fiction under several pseudonyms including the Dark Angel and Beautiful Dead trilogies as Eden Maguire. Jenny was born and brought up in Harrogate, Yorkshire. Even as a child she wrote stories and made tiny books complete with illustrations. She still lives in Yorkshire and enjoys walking, playing tennis, riding and travelling. At its heart, the Duke of Wellington, Wilf Parsons presides behind the bar as a pillar of cohesion and strength.

In spite of the ever-increasing reality of war, to 'Duke', his large, motherless brood of six, and other local families, everyday dramas in the Court still take greater precedence. She summons back to life the only friend she ever knew, Clarissa, the dream companion of her childhood. At first Clarissa comes by night, and then by day, gathering substance in the warmth of Agatha's obsessive love until it seems that others too can see her. See, but not touch, for Agatha has made her love child for herself alone.

No man may approach her elfin creation of perfect beauty. If he does, the love which summoned her can spirit her away. Born in Bradford, she is married to a Londoner, has five children and two dogs and lives in Whitstable, Kent. Apart from writing, her passions are tango, travel, English history and the English countryside. Yorkshire Rose Rose Sugden is a Yorkshire girl through and through.

To Rose, and her brother Noel and sister Nina, their grandfather Caleb is a myth they long to meet; even more so, they long to meet their Rimmington cousins, cousins they can only read about in the gossip columns of their local paper. When Caleb dies, this dream becomes reality. Intense, passionate relationships follow. There are broken marriages and broken lives, and throughout it all Rose is the warp and weft that keeps the family intact.

Having begun by writing poetry, she went on to publish 16 novels and 7 short-story collections, acclaimed for their power to disturb, divert and shock. She has also written extensively for newspapers and magazines, and was a regular contributor to radio programmes such as Stop the Week and Fourth Column. Perriam feels that her many conflicting life experiences — strict conventschool discipline and swinging-sixties wildness, marriage and divorce, infertility and motherhood, 9-to-5 conformity and periodic Bedlam — have helped shape her as a writer.

Second Skin 'One of the most interesting unsung novelists of her generation' Sunday Telegraph. Over the years she has become her own gaoler, someone merely waiting to live. She joins a bohemian flat share in Camden Town with people little older than her own children. She takes a job in Camden market — a startling contrast to suburbia. She meets a poet, Will, and embarks on her first ever affair. At this turning point in her life, will she succeed in her bid for freedom and become the person she was born to be? In this, her thirteenth novel, Perriam espouses a new optimism, while losing none of the wit, sexual daring and psychological insight which have made her name.

With warmth, humour, precision and great vividness, she gave her best characters an independent life we recognise as totally familiar. Through her eyes Barbara Pym examines in her own ironic and individual style the quiet revolution in English village life, combining the rural settings of her earliest novels with the themes and characters of her later works. The result is a compelling portrait of a town that seems to be forgotten by time, but which is unmistakably affected by it. Romance shares the pages with death in this engaging novel that is the culmination of Barbara Pym's acclaimed writing career.

She is an experienced public speaker with an impressive list of credits to her name and has also broadcast on radio and television programmes across the world. Her mother is dead in an air-raid, her father reported missing in action: On the train she meets Ashley Paget, a handsome young parachute officer.

The scene is set for an intense, passionate romance as the couple struggle to see each other in war-torn Britain: Their love grows — but tragedy and heartbreak pursue her. Then Willow herself becomes a target for the same murderous hatred that surrounded Gloria. Read more Read less.

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