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Jessie decides to use Forbes perfect girlfriend as the perfect weapon to drive him crazy. Jessie devises a plan to try to steal Claire away as an act of revenge. Jessie however finds himsel This book starts as the perfect high school drama. Jessie however finds himself surprised when his attempts become real because he discovers Claire is actually the girl he really wants. She's perfect and he's completely in love.

But Claire comes from a rich perfect family and Jessie is the opposite, he feel she doesn't have a chance in the world. Even more surprised is Claire, when he finds herself just as attracted to Jessie as he is to her. But the expectations for her are really high, can she abandon this perfect world she's created for herself on a whim?

They play cat and mouse for a while until they can't hide the truth and their feelings any longer. For a while everything seems to be going smoothly, and then some major unexpected events occur that completely compromise their relationship. Jessie wants to protect Claire, and that means not being with her. Claire is not ready to let go without a fight.

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Jessie is supposed to be this big bad boy, but I really don't think he is. He has this big bad facade to keep people out. Based on what he has had to endure growing up, I can't say I blame him for shutting people out. He feels the need to lie constantly so no one knows the truth about his life, I feel in doing so he sets himself up to have his own dreams crushed.

This is more than a story about love, it's a story about knowing when to let someone in, that it's OK to ask for help and yes there are actually people out there who will accept you for who you really are The love connection between Claire and Jessie is intense! Once their emotional tirade begins it was impossible to put it down. I had to see how it all played out, I wanted so badly for them to be able to be together. I didn't like Claire at first, but as events played out I came to respect her. I liked Jessie from the beginning however. It started as pity, but then turned to adoration.

He is just wonderful, completely selfless, surprisingly gentle and caring, and incredibly smart. He has had to grow up way to fast, and sometimes that can ruin a person, but I think it brought out the best in Jessie. I respect and admire him. And while I was skeptical of Claire at first, she definitely grew on me as well. She has a determination I envy and she feels so deeply it can be overwhelming. I had a lot of fun reading this story, and it completely took me over from start to finish. It was a pretty quick and very easy read.

Full of intense excitement, surprise twists, incredible love and attraction, it was an edge of your seat read for sure! I would recommend this read for sure for all fans of romance or YA! Mar 12, Ellen rated it it was amazing Shelves: blog-tours , favorites , quarterly-challenge. Jessie Boone is your typical oh so hot bad boy, who you can't help but fall in love with, especially as you begin to learn more about his story and his past. He's at a new high school, a star football player, he comes from the wrong side of town, and he has past that he would like to keep hidden.

Claire Deveraux is the classic "high school sweetheart," a cheerleader, smart, sweet, and just happens to date the guy who got replaced by Jessie on the football team. What starts out as a game of reven Jessie Boone is your typical oh so hot bad boy, who you can't help but fall in love with, especially as you begin to learn more about his story and his past.

What starts out as a game of revenge turns into something so much more. Jessie is the only one who sees past Claire's facade of being perfect, and she is the only one who sees past Jessie's hard outer shell to the great guy he is on the inside. The only problem is that they are from two different worlds, and as the reader, we get to experience what happens when those worlds collide. This story will pull at your heartstrings, causing you to experience a wide variety of emotions.

Georgia Cates has done an excellent job of putting you right in the middle of everything that is going on - all the heartache, the joy, the romance, the passion, the drama - you experience it all. I really loved the characters in this story.

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Claire's snarky friend Payton, was one of my favorites. I also liked Claire and admired the fact that she was able to see past "societies labels" and see Jessie for who he really is. I absolutely fell in love with Jessie Boone. OMG, he is one of my most favorite hot bad boys ever. He puts on this tough, hard exterior because the hand he has been dealt in life has been a hard one, and one that hasn't been fair.

The chemistry between Jessie and Claire is off the charts. They face many obstacles in their relationship, some of which cause them to stumble and fall, and they don't always make the best choices, but love refuses to be denied and always manages to find a way. I was hooked from page one and there was not a dull moment in the whole book. I was drawn into the story immediately, and although I felt as if my heart would breat sometimes, Georgia has inserted some humor in just the right places to perfectly balance things out. Georgia certainly delivered in the romance area to.

It was really hot, and let me just say the ending absolutely blew me away - that is all I can say about that without giving too much away. If you are a lover of contemporary romance, this is one story you won't want to miss. Jan 05, Quinn Loftis rated it it was amazing. So, all I can say is who hasn't walked down the halls of their high school when they were in high school, admittedly it's been a while for me and passed that one guy who is untouchable because he's from the other side of the tracks, but oh so hot?

Jessie, Jessie, Jessie, my-my what have we here : The great thing about this bad boy, under all that tough guy exterior is someone who really cares.

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And all that caring doesn't detract from his Alpha maleness. Claire, for me at first was frustrating So, all I can say is who hasn't walked down the halls of their high school when they were in high school, admittedly it's been a while for me and passed that one guy who is untouchable because he's from the other side of the tracks, but oh so hot? Claire, for me at first was frustrating, but I think she was a product of her place in society.

As the story goes on we begin to see the real Claire, the one that is buried beneath the stereotypical popular chick. Going Under is a great book to just step out of real, messy life for a bit and enter someone else's mess- but who gets a happy ending : Very enjoyable, at times very touching. Definitely a read to check out. Apr 18, adinda widya rated it it was amazing Shelves: young-adult , romance , have-wrote-the-review , covers-i-love , favorites , cant-stop-to-read , favourite-authors.

May 01, Mallory rated it liked it Shelves: angsty-drama-romance , new-adult-mature-teen-romance , tattooed-pierced-guys. View 2 comments. Oct 02, Carrie Ardoin rated it really liked it Shelves: tour , contemporary. Jessie Boone is just starting in a new school full of rich kids after dire circumstances forced him to move in with his drug dealing grandma. Claire is the quintessential beautiful cheerleader dating the quarterback.

But when Jessie and Claire come together, sparks fly. But if they want to be together, they have more than their fair share of hurdles to get over.

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Claire needs to ditch her controlling, two timing boyfriend, and Jessie has to figure out a way to keep Claire from learning the sad tru Jessie Boone is just starting in a new school full of rich kids after dire circumstances forced him to move in with his drug dealing grandma. Claire needs to ditch her controlling, two timing boyfriend, and Jessie has to figure out a way to keep Claire from learning the sad truth about his life. Unfortunately for both of them, the truth always has a way of coming out.

As I was reading this, I definitely noticed it had a lot in common with Pushing the Limits , but this book was published first interesting. However, I felt this story was better told. The story is told from both Jessie and Claire's alternating points of view, which I loved. With a book that is so centered in a relationship, I believe it's important to get to see each person's true feelings.

Jessie put on a tough front, which of course was necessary for him to just make it through his everyday life. But I loved that he was sensitive even from the beginning. I know that sounds like a YA stereotype, but he was different. It's something I can't explain, you just need to read the book to understand. Claire was OK on her own, but overall I enjoyed Jessie's chapters more. Claire's best friend Payton was actually more entertaining for me.

The chemistry between Claire and Jessie was sizzling and palpable, but the book actually keeps their physical contact pretty clean. I love that they didn't jump into bed together quickly. I believe this is important in YA books, and lets teen readers know that a relationship doesn't necessarily need sex for it to be hot. As the book got to its' ending chapters I felt my emotions being wrenched. The story definitely got to me, and I loved the way it ended, even though it was a little bit too perfect.

I believe this is a book that everyone will love, and the author has a gift for making readers feel what the characters are feeling. Mar 26, Jo rated it it was amazing. I really liked this book. There were times I was laughing out loud! You really don't have to wonder what the other person is thinking. But I was like "NO!!?? I liked how every thi I really liked this book. I liked how every thing turned out. I just think there was a lot that had happen that would have been nice to read about rather then a quick run down.

Over all I really enjoyed it and will be recommending it to my friends to read. It was a quick, fun read. I can't believe a author would take the time to read what her readers want, and fix the problem! I am a big fan if for nothing else but that!!! Who does that? Jun 09, Deea Andreea rated it really liked it. As far as sweet, fun, touching summer reads go, this one was really awesome! And I love Jessie! I dare you to try. Enough said already. I'm dying to read Payton's s As far as sweet, fun, touching summer reads go, this one was really awesome!

I'm dying to read Payton's story!!! She's the kind of heroine I always enjoy reading about! Her POV is going to be so much fun, I just know it. And her guy must be reaaally special to put up with her. Am I pushing it if I say I want Dane's story as well? May 14, LiarLiar rated it it was amazing Shelves: super-favorites , amazing-covers.

Shelves: contemporary , disappointed , ahhh-my-eyes , bound-to-inflict-a-migrane , umm-no , glad-its-over , just-kill-me-now , copy-that-cat , how-rude. It took me a long time but I did it. I read this book!

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View all 34 comments. Shelves: Going Under. Ok, before I get ahead of myself, let me say, what an intense, emotional and down-right good read. Now, down to business; This book is about your typical boy from the wrong side of town and the perfect girl as it seems on the surface from the right side. I thought that this would be just another way of writing the same scenario and I was scared that I would keep comparing these two. The novel started off really well and got straight into it.

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It was I felt , a little rushed at times, but I really loved how everything turned out. I think that little bit to her story really but not entirely broke her away from the past characters that we all come across. And Jessie. Need I say more? He is such a strong character and as I kept reading, I just fell more and more in love with him.

He is, I suppose, your average type of bad boy. However as you read, it turns out that he might not be after all. I found the characters very relatable and I was able to really sympathise with certain parts and problems that these characters went through. Both wanting to get together for very different reasons. Read it. For some reason, I think it totally fits. Check the song out if you don't know it! It's awesome!! When I read the second last chapter.

I wanted to cry, I very nearly did cry!! I was in total and utter shock!! It was only when I realised that Jessie was ok that I could breathe again. And by breathing, I mean gasping for breath and sighing several times in relief! What a novel!! Shelves: ya-na. When Jessie gets to East Franklin High he is immediately hated. A- he is from Collinsville B- he has just been named the new Quarterback due to his awesomeness.

This makes Forbe 3. This makes Forbes Henderson one pissed off ex Quarterback. Jessie never backs down so takes everything that Forbes throws at him. Then just as payback he decides he's going to take Forbes girl, Claire too. Well just cos he can. Claire is dreading going to school as Forbes has been a real downer lately since losing the starting position as Quarterback due to the new guy.

The really hot new guy. The one that calls her Princess. She knows what Jessie is up too.. Using her to get a rise out of Forbes. Two can play that game. Claire and her best friend Payton decide that revenge is best served cold and decide to make Jessie think that Claire is into him and then crush him Well we can all see from a mile away that it won't work and they will fall madly in love, get married, have a gazillion kids and then a bajillion grandkids.

But still its why we read them!! This was a good read, a bit on the cutesy side at times, but at other times a bit hardcore. Great secondary characters, Payton was hilarious with some of the things she said. Great flanter, a twist I did see coming but it was still good. Now some people have complained about the epilogue jumping 3 years.

I actually liked it, I mean they were seniors in High School in this book so I liked to see what happened in the future. It made me smile and it was the ending I was imagining! I also read the sneak peek of book 2 Payton's book and decided to go and read that straight away as I liked Payton that much! Fav bits "And by the way, you've got something on your ass. May 01, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: kindle , review-on-blog. Going Under is such a touching story. It really is. It was so nice to see someone fight for someone and have such pure intentions.

I loved the progression of the story, and I loved getting to know Jessie and Claire. Fans of contemporary romance need to check out this series! Claire is a typical "perfect" teenager. She was smart and pretty and nice, but my favorite thing about her was her spunk. She is super feisty and it was so much fun to read about her and her best friend, Payton.

Jessie rolls Going Under is such a touching story. Jessie rolls into town and right away he makes an enemy- of the quarter back he is about to replace, and Claire's boyfriend. So I knew this book was going to be drama right from the start. But it is so much fun to read, and like most reality shows or whatever your guilty pleasure is it totally sucked me in. I liked that jessie was kind of a bad boy at the start. It made him seem realistic. It just flowed.

I could feel their feelings start to develop. That is what I loved the most. Plus, I love the way Claire always fought for him. It was so nice because no one has ever cared enough about him to stick up for him. It was almost like the two of them against the world and I was totally on their side. This is such a sweet, sweet love story. Rich girl, poor troubled boy. It is not an original idea but there is a reason that it is a popular plotline.

When it is done well, it can be compelling and super cute. I really hope there is a book 3. I want to see what is going on with Jessie and Claire when they go away to college and before the "3 years later" part at the end. Jul 06, Jane rated it did not like it. I'm really questioning my decision to finish reading this book right now.

Also, I'm kind of ashamed to add this to my read list here on goodreads. This is the first book I ever gave 1 star because I usually avoid reading books that sound too stupid to me.

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But this one surprised me with how poorly written it was and it was so full of cliches I wanted to slap myself more than once. I'm genuinely sorry I wasted my precious vacation time on this. Apr 12, Amanda Hootie Clark rated it it was amazing. What a beautiful story!!!! I was pleasantly surprised by this book! I'm a sucker for a good love story and Jessie and Claire's romance can't be anymore beautiful if it tried!

Definitely a must read Georgia is brilliant! Mar 25, BlebeTanja rated it it was ok. Jessie Boone is a bad boy. He's from the wrong side of town, covered in tattoos, is poor, and has a bad home life. The one thing he is good at is football. He needs a scholarship to get out of the mess of a life he's been living. Jessie has transferred to another school on the good side of town, where he is challenging the current quarterback for the starting position. Forbes Henderson isn't going to back down.

He tries taking Jessie out of the running, but Jessie won't back down. He retaliates Jessie Boone is a bad boy. He retaliates by planning to steal Forbes' girlfriend Claire. Claire Deveraux is the perfect daughter, student, cheerleader, friend, and girlfriend. When Jessie starts pursuing Claire, she decides to turn the tables.

What Claire doesn't expect is to actually fall for the guy. He's crude and totally inappropriate, but when Claire gets paired up with him in class, she begins to see the real Jessie. Jessie starts to abandon his plan for revenge against Forbes when he really does fall for Claire. Once Jessie and Claire make the decision to pursue the relationship, Jessie's past comes back to haunt him. He has to make the decision to let Claire go and put her in harm's way or follow his heart. I just don't even know where to start with this book.

I don't mean to be all fangirl about it, but seriously When I first read the synopsis of the book for the blog tour, I thought it was definitely up my alley. I never expected it to have so much depth to the story. This is not just some opposites attract kind of story. We meet Jessie first and right away I knew I would fall in love with him. I have somewhat of a weak spot for the bad boy I suppose. The thing is though that Jessie is smart, has tremendous athletic ability, responsible, wants to be better, and has faith for a better future. Despite the negative and violent life he's been exposed to, Jessie is able to overcome the adversity.

Then we meet Claire. I'll admit that in the beginning of the story, I was somewhat indifferent to her. Yes, she's cute, smart, perfect in every way, but as the story develops you see that she's much more sincere. Claire's rich and has parents that fully support her, but she has a background story that surprised me a bit.

I love that she was able to see the real Jessie and that she decides to follow her heart regardless of what her friends and family may think. I have to mention Payton, who is Claire's best friend. She nearly stole the show for me. Payton is an absolute RIOT! Her personality reminds me so much of myself. She values her friendship with Claire and I love that she supported Claire even when she had her doubts about Jessie.

She trusted that Claire would make the right decision. As I said before, I just can't say enough good things about the story. There were so many surprises as the story developed, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. It was much more complex than what I originally expected. I laughed and cried on the same page! The only oddity amongst international releases is the Spanish CD Single where the tracklisting has substituted the standard Live Acoustic performance of the title track with a performance recorded in Spain.

The two are almost unnoticeably different from each other. White CD in slimline CD case with card insert. The disc is especially unique because the text is in a unique typeface. A one track promo featuring Israeli stickers on the front, which was not intended for public sale. It is highly sought after because of the WUJC catalog number, and it is the only WUJC promo not to feature a full size jewel case and no special artwork. From The Evanescence Reference. Jump to: navigation , search. This article is about the physical items released with the single.

For the song itself, see Going Under. Ver o artigo "Going Under" was commercially released as a single on September 8, Germany: Amazon. Retrieved February 5, Australian Recording Industry Association. Retrieved October 25,

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