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Welcome to The Lily

Glacial Blossom Lvl 1 Deals water damage to the target and nearby enemies, and inflicts freeze. Frozen Gale Lvl 1 Deals water damage to surrounding enemies. Benefits your whole team. Eldwater x 0. Mana x 0. Mana x Mana Circle 2 Total Materials.

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Water Orb x Stream Orb x 1. Frozen Gale. Stream Orb x 3.

Lily - soundabsorbing lamp - Abstracta soundscapes

Waterwyrm's Scale x 3. Mana Circle 3 Total Materials. Stream Orb x 5. Deluge Orb x 1. Waterwyrm's Scale x Stream Orb x 2.

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  • Welcome to The Lily - The Lily.
  • Rainbow Orb x 1. Deluge Orb x 2. Glacial Blossom. Waterwyrm's Scale x 8. Waterwyrm's Glistscale x 3.


    Mana Circle 4 Total Materials. Stream Orb x This will happen over the next two months. As of today, May 1st, , we are closing registration for new users and after August, Lily will no longer be online. We would like to thank everyone that used Lily as well as those who looked at Lily and gave us feedback on what we needed to improve.

    Feedback and feature requests are what has kept us going this long, and the user input has been invaluable. As mentioned above, this decision was not something that was made overnight, but rather a decision that was come to after months of research. Lily had the luxury of not being the core product of a startup, but rather one of the product offerings from a successful company.

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    This gave us time to research where Lily could fit in the market and what problems Lily could solve for other companies. We started by observing their workflows and the problems they come across over the course of the day. We also interviewed people within those teams to see what their pain points were.

    While we heard some things that were similar to parts of what Lily does or offers, there was never a moment where someone had a problem that was exactly what Lily solved. That was the biggest red flag for us.

    The more our research went on, the more ideas we had for products that could help customer support teams, but none of those ideas looked like what Lily currently is. Here are some of their favourite festivals and events. Cygnet Music Festival "Lily and King are an act to watch.

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    Dance you dreadlocked children. So I was pretty chuffed to be sitting down to review their next offering Bless This Life. The album ricochets between evangelist honky tonk swamp; rhythms, swirling gypsy melodies, lilting siren songs played out on a fiddle and deeply sensual vintage jazz tones. Charles Mingus anyone? The childlike spontaneity in the tinkly sound of the toy keyboard that underplays many of the tracks is just as pleasurable as being a little bit drunk at the circus.

    This is a gently undulating collection of songs and it comes as no surprise to learn that Lily and Kings' eponymous EP sells well at their gigs. There's trombone, inventive percussion an instrument that sounds like a rattlesnake interupts Reverie and toy piano. Lily has a glorious voice free from affectation and King boasts 'his own unique and robust style of foot drumming' which is a definite drawcard. Not only are they professional in the communication and their performance they radiate a warmth and beauty on stage and off that affected all who were lucky enough to catch their set.