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Questo mondo napoletano — e da napoletano ne sono orgoglioso — ha arricchito le biblioteche di tutta Europa. Questo il primo approccio. Vengo da una terra di campagna, sono cresciuto tra gli ulivi delle terre di Puglia, con queste radici. Io nelle radici ci credo. Diamo acqua a queste radici, rendiamole presenti.

Massimo Bernardini, ilsussidiario. This is a general, not complete and not official list of Countries. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Once your friend has placed their first order on RiccardoMutiMusic. To invite your friends, share this link with them via e-mail or on your social media.

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Reviews There are no reviews yet. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. I ragazzi di Villa Emma by Giuseppe Pederiali. Di che cosa parla Un centinaio di ragazzi ebrei vengono fatti espatriare con ogni mezzo dalla Germania nazista. Soggiornano in un castello della Slovenia, poi fuggono ancora verso l'Italia, dove trovano asilo a Villa Emma, a Nonantola, vicino a Modena. Nella campagna emiliana si sviluppa una storia densa di affetti ed emozioni.

Un punto di vista intrecciato con i ricordi d' Di che cosa parla Un centinaio di ragazzi ebrei vengono fatti espatriare con ogni mezzo dalla Germania nazista. Un punto di vista intrecciato con i ricordi d'infanzia dell'autore per raccontare una storia vera nella tragica Europa della guerra e dell'odio razzista.

Apparato didattico Schede storiche, guida alla lettura articolata in: trama e personaggi, ambiente e tempo, struttura narrativa e linguaggio, temi del romanzo. Conclude il volume un'intervista all'autore. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Friend Reviews.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about I ragazzi di Villa Emma , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about I ragazzi di Villa Emma. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. All Languages. More filters. Sources which show that parents generally resisted or ignored the street trading regulations and continued permitting their daughters to sell despite entreaties, warnings, or fines from colonial officials, suggest that African parents and British colonial officials may have had conflicting views on the inherent danger of the city, on what constituted child endangerment, and on the gendered nature of childhood.

This article argues that the girl saving campaigns of development era Lagos were as much about the legitimization of a colonial state facing a crisis of legitimacy as they were about debates between African parents and colonial welfare officials in Lagos concerning ideas of children and childhood and the dangers of street trading by African girls. Construction was completed in as the first phase of a multi-purpose project that contemplated four possible diversions from other basins to mitigate the rapid storage capacity loss of Lago Guayabal, located immediately downstream of the Toa Vaca dam.

The latter phases of the intra-basin diversions were cancelled, and currently, the reservoir receives runoff from only Lago Toa Vaca reservoir when constructed was to be used for irrigation of croplands in the southern coastal plain. Sedimentation has reduced the storage capacity by only 7 percent between and to This represents a long-term sedimentation rate of about , cubic meters per year. Based on the sedimentation survey, Lago Toa Vaca has a sediment trapping efficiency of about 98 percent and a drainage area-normalized sedimentation rate of about 3, cubic meters per square kilometer per year between and At the current long-term sedimentation rate the reservoir would lose its storage capacity by the year Decision scenario analysis for addressing sediment accumulation in Lago Lucchetti, Puerto Rico.

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A Bayesian belief network BBN was used to characterize the effects of sediment accumulation on water storage capacity of a reservoir Lago Lucchetti in southwest Puerto Rico and the potential of different management options to increase reservoir life expectancy. Water and sedi Lago Dos Bocas reservoir was completed in to provide water for hydroelectric power generation along the northern coast of Puerto Rico. The Superaqueduct is supplied by controlled releases for hydroelectric power generation that replenish the public-supply raw-water intake pool located about 10 km downstream from the Lago Dos Bocas Dam fig.

As of , the Superaqueduct supplies about 4. Because of the importance of the reservoir to the North Coast Superaqueduct, the U. The results of this survey were used to estimate the useful life and the firm yield of the reservoir, and evaluate the need to dredge the reservoir. Overall, the private facilities were responsible for Overall, Uptake of cotrimoxazole preventive therapy was respectively There is a need to scale up collaboration with the private sector, and particularly PNFP health providers.

This study examined the day caring methods among the civil servants of reproductive age with children between three months to four years in Lagos State Nigeria. The research design employed for this study was a descriptive research design. A total number of teachers and ministry workers making a total of reproductive age mothers were….

Examined incidence of parasitic infections in school children in four contrasting areas of Lagos , Nigeria. The 20 children from the higher socioeconomic status area, with the highest environmental sanitation, were without parasites. Twelve percent of…. This article examines the perceptions of inclusive education in Lagos , Nigeria, based upon in-depth interviews conducted with students with visual impairments during the month of July The results and discussions are situated within critical disability theory.

Despite decades of inclusive education policies, the findings of the study show…. Diverticular disease at colonoscopy in Lagos State, Nigeria. The upsurge in the reported cases of diverticular disease DD has led to a re-appraisal of the earlier held views that it was a rare entity in Nigeria. The advent of colonoscopy has contributed in no small way to this change. We sought to determine the clinical characteristics, indications for colonoscopy, and intra-procedural findings among these patients. A retrospective cross-sectional study was carried out on the colonoscopy records from four private endoscopy units based in Lagos State, Nigeria.

The records were drawn from a 5-year period August to July The endoscopy logs and reports were reviewed, and the bio data, indications, and colonoscopy findings were gleaned. A total of colonoscopies were carried out in the stated period. Of these, 28 Of the patients with DD, 5 Regional disease involved the right side alone in only one case 3. Five cases DD should no longer be regarded as a rare problem in the Nigerian patient. The study findings support the notion of higher prevalence among the elderly, in males, and of sigmoid colon involvement.

Lago Cerrillos dam, located in the municipality of Ponce in southern Puerto Rico, was constructed in as part of the multipurpose Rio Portugues and Bucana Project. This project provides flood protection, water supply, and recreation facilities for the municipio of Ponce.

Sedimentation in Lago Cerrillos reservoir has reduced the storage capacity from During July 29 to August 23, , 8, cubic meters of sediment were removed from the Rio Cerrillos mouth of the reservoir. Taking into account this removed material, the total water-storage loss as of is , cubic meters, and the long-term annual water-storage capacity loss rate is about 45, cubic meters per year or about 0.

The Lago Cerrillos net sediment-contributing drainage area has an average sediment yield of about 1, cubic meters per square kilometer per year. Sediment accumulation in Lago Cerrillos is not uniformly distributed and averages about 3 meters in thickness. This represents a sediment deposition rate of about 18 centimeters per year.

On the basis of the reservoir storage capacity of During September—November , the U. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority, conducted a sedimentation survey of Lago Caonillas to estimate current reservoir storage capacity and the recent — reservoir sedimentation rate by comparing the bathymetric survey data with the February data.

The Lago Caonillas storage capacity, which was The intersurvey — storage capacity loss was about 6 percent, corresponding to a decrease of about 0. On a long-term basis, however, the sedimentation rate has remained nearly constant, decreasing from about , to , cubic meters per year during — and —, respectively.

In the vicinity of the Caonillas Dam, minor sediment deposition and scour have occurred. The Lago Caonillas drainage area sediment yield has decreased by about 2 percent since the previous survey, from 1, cubic meters per square kilometer per year in to 1, cubic meters per square kilometer per year in If the long-term sedimentation rate of , cubic meters per year remains constant, the useful life of Lago Caonillas may end in about Rare earth elements in our environment are becoming important because of their utilization in permanent magnets, lamp phosphors, superconductors, rechargeable batteries, catalyst, ceramics and other applications.

This study was conducted to evaluate the level of rare earth elements REE and the variability of their anomalous behavior in groundwater samples collected from Lagos and Ogun States, Southwest, Nigeria. REE concentrations were determined in groundwater samples using inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry, while the physicochemical parameters were determined using standard methods. Boreholes are more enriched with REEs than wells. Chondrite-normalized plot shows that Lagos groundwater exhibits positive Ce anomaly, while Ogun State groundwater does not.

The source of REE in Lagos State may be from the ocean and leaching from wastes dumpsites, while the source in Ogun State groundwater may be from the rocks. Assessing the deep drilling potential of Lago de Tota, Colombia, with a seismic survey. Reconciling orbital-scale patterns of inter-hemispheric South American climate during the Quaternary requires continuous, high-resolution paleoclimate records that span multiple glacial cycles from both hemispheres.

When viewed together with the Southern Hemisphere results, these records suggest an anti-phased hemispheric climatic response during glacial cycles. In order to better assess orbital-scale climate responses, however, independent temperature and hydroclimate proxies from the Northern Hemisphere are needed in addition to vegetation histories.

As part of this objective, an effort is underway to develop a paleoclimate record from Lago de Tota m asl , the largest lake in Colombia and the third largest lake in the Andes. One of 17 highland tectonic basins in Eastern Cordillera, Lago de Tota formed during Tertiary uplift that deformed pre-foreland megasequences, synrift and back-arc megasequences. The precise age and thickness of sediments in the Lago de Tota basin has not previously been established. Here, we present results from a recent single-channel seismic reflection survey collected with a small 5 cubic inch air gun and high-resolution CHIRP sub-bottom data.

With these data, we examine the depositional history and sequence stratigraphy of Lago de Tota and assess its potential as a deep drilling target. A multi-proxy lake core record from Lago Lungo, Rieti Basin, Lazio, Italy and its relation to human activities in the catchment during the last century.

Seismic activity could have potentially impacted the plain to alter drainage patterns in basin. Alternatively, following the hypothesis of alternative stable states in lakes, the shift may simply represent an ecological change from a clear water state dominated by macroalgae and periphyton, to a turbid water state dominated by phytoplankton. In this alternative interpretation, the shift may represent the initial step in a 3-phased succession of lake eutrophication throughout the s, where the initial step predated the reclamation efforts.

Geological Survey, in cooperation with the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, completed hydrologic and hydraulic analyses to assess the potential hazard to human life and property associated with the hypothetical failure of the Lago El Guineo Dam. The hydraulic study simulated a dam failure of Lago El Guineo Dam using flood hydrographs generated from the hydrologic study.

Army Corps of Engineers, were used for the hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, respectively. The flow routing in the hydraulic analyses was completed using the unsteady flow module available in the HEC—RAS model. Above the Lago El Guineo Dam, the simulated inflow peak discharges from HEC—HMS resulted in about and cubic meters per second for the 6- and hour probable maximum precipitation events, respectively.

The hour, year recurrence storm simulation resulted in a peak discharge of about cubic meters per second.

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For the hydrologic analysis, no dam failure conditions are. Tingle, D. The isolated lake is unique because the geographic and geologic context provides information relating to the westerly wind patterns, interaction of multiple water sources hot springs, glacial meltwater, precipitation, groundwater , and tectonic dynamics along a major transform fault. In March, , four students and three teachers from Boerne High School, south-central Texas joined scientists from the United States, Argentina and Switzerland engaged in a geophysical survey of this lake.

Lago Fagnano potentially contains within its sediments an undisturbed record of the geotectonic and global climate variability of past 20, years. The science team imaged the lake floor with a boat specially equipped to collect both high resolution data high frequency , imaging the upper meters of the sediment, and long range data low frequency , penetrating or more meters into the sediment. The group conducted field research of existing tectonic features at the eastern end of Tierra del Fuego, an activity directly tied to the research objectives of the science team.

They also collected water and soil samples to assess chemical and isotopic trends in the Lago Fagnano region. The research performed can help to characterize the modern geochemical setting of the lake. Water and soil data are incorporated into a database to facilitate comparisons to North American samples collected and analyzed during the Boerne High School summer field courses.

An analysis was made of deaths from tuberculosis in the Lagos University Teaching Hospital from to Of the patients assessed, were determined to have died from tuberculosis. Tuberculous meningitis was the main cause of death. Forty-two percent of the deaths occurred in the age group of 0 to 10 years old, and Potentially avoidable factors contributing to death include late reporting by patients to medical personnel, lack of bacillus of Calmette and Guerin BCG vaccine, irregular taking of medications by patients, and late referral of patients to specialized hospitals.

There is a need for improved education of patients and medical personnel about the management of tuberculosis in Lagos.

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Reprint of Ecological health status of the Lagos wetland ecosystems: Implications for coastal risk reduction. Agboola, Julius I. Lagos , a major urban agglomeration in the world is characterized by wetlands and basin for upstream rivers such as Ogun, Oshun and Yewa Rivers. Ongoing environmental pressures exerted by large-scale land reclamation for residential quarters, refuse and sewage dumping, and other uses, however, are suspected to have had a substantial impact on ecological health of the Lagos wetland ecosystems over the last few decades.

We conclude that the Lagos wetland ecosystems, especially OO and FI still have some semblance of natural habitat. However, further destruction and unwise use of the resources could cause damage to physical, chemical, geological and biological processes in nature, which could result to grave socio-economic and cultural consequences to the local. Ecological health status of the Lagos wetland ecosystems: Implications for coastal risk reduction. Anti-malarial drug quality in Lagos and Accra - a comparison of various quality assessments. Background Two major cities in West Africa, Accra, the capital of Ghana, and Lagos , the largest city of Nigeria, have significant problems with substandard pharmaceuticals.

Both have actively combated the problem in recent years, particularly by screening products on the market using the Global Pharma Health Fund e. Random sampling of medicines from the two cities at least twice over the past 30 months allows a tentative assessment of whether improvements in drug quality have occurred. Since intelligence provided by investigators indicates that some counterfeit producers may be adapting products to pass Minilab tests, the results are compared with those from a Raman spectrometer and discrepancies are discussed.

Methods Between mid and early, samples of anti-malarial drugs were bought covertly from pharmacies in Lagos on three different occasions October , December , February , and from pharmacies in Accra on two different occasions October , February Conclusions The evidence presented shows that drug quality is probably improving in both cities, especially Lagos , since major reductions of failure rates over time occur with all means of assessment.

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The discrepancy is most likely caused by the two techniques measuring different aspects of the medication and hence the discrepancy. Nutritional status of urban and rural primary school pupils in Lagos State, Nigeria. This study was carried out in Lagos State in Ikorodu LGA rural , a largely agrarian area producing raw materials for agro-allied industries and Ikeja LGA urban , a highly-developed metropolis and commercial centre.

Hitherto, studies showed that undernutrition had been the main form of malnutrition among Nigerian children. However with influences from urbanization, westernization and globalization in cosmopolitan Lagos , it is imperative to find out if the global epidemic of overweight and obesity has caught on.

This was a cross , sectional comparative study. A multistage sampling method was adopted. Data were collected from pupils with an interviewer administered questionnaire. Their weight and height were recorded in pre-designed proforma and converted to nutritional indices. The prevalence rates of underweight, stunting and wasting in the rural area were There was overnutrition in the urban area: The mean nutritional indices were significantly lower among the rural pupils than urban pupils p Lagos State, Nigeria, more so in the rural area.

There is an emergence of overweight and obesity in the urban area. A comprehensive programme to improve nutritional status is recommended as part of a well funded school health programme. Storage capacity and sedimentation trends of Lago Garzas, Puerto Rico, Lago Garzas is located in west-central Puerto Rico, about 3.

The dam is owned and operated by the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority PREPA , and was constructed in for hydroelectric power generation and municipal water use along the southern coast. The dam is a semi-hydraulic earthfill embankment lined with boulders, and has a height of A morning-glory-type spillway is located near the west abutment of the dam at an elevation of Figure 2 shows an aerial photograph of the Lago Garzas earthfill dam and the morning-glory spillway section. During July , , the U. Geological Survey USGS Caribbean Water Science Center, in cooperation with the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority, conducted a bathymetric survey of Lago Garzas to update the reservoir storage capacity and update the reservoir sedimentation rate by comparing the data with the previous bathymetric survey results.

The purpose of this report is to describe and document the USGS sedimentation survey conducted at Lago Garzas during July , including the methods used to update the reservoir storage capacity, sedimentation rates, and areas of substantial sediment accumulation since Lagos is Africa's second largest city and a city-state in southwest Nigeria. Population and economic activities in the city are concentrated in the greater Lagos metropolitan area - a group of barrier islands less than a thousand square kilometer.

Several physical factors and critical human-environmental conditions contribute to high flood vulnerability across the city. Flood impact is highly denominated and the poor tend to suffer more due to higher risk of exposure and poor adaptive capacity. In this study we present the pattern of social vulnerability to flooding across the Lagos metropolis and argued that the pattern substantially reflects the pattern and severity of flooding impact on people across the metropolis.

Twenty nine social indicators and experiences including poverty profile, housing conditions, education, population and demography, social network, and communication, among others, were considered. The data were collated through field survey and subjected to principal component analysis. The results were processed into raster surfaces using GIS for social vulnerability characterization at neighborhood levels.

The results suggest the social status indicators, neighborhood standing and social networks indictors, the indicators of emergency responses and security, and the neighborhood conditions, in that order, are the most important determinants of social vulnerability. Six of the 16 LGAs in metropolitan Lagos have high social vulnerability. Neighborhoods that combine poor social status indicators and poor neighborhood standing and social networks are found to have high social vulnerability whereas other poor neighborhoods with strong social networks performed better.

We conclude that improved human living condition and social network and communication in poor urban neighborhoods are important to reducing social vulnerability to flooding in the metropolis. Knowledge, attitude and practice towards child adoption amongst women attending infertility clinics in Lagos State, Nigeria. Abstract Background Child adoption is a recommended alternative form of infertility management.

Infertility is of public health importance in Nigeria and many other developing nations. This is a result of its high prevalence and especially because of its serious social implications as the African society places a passionate premium on procreation in any family setting. Objectives The aim of this study was to determine the knowledge, attitude and practice of child adoption amongst women attending infertility clinics in teaching hospitals in Lagos State and to determine the factors that influence their attitude and practice towards it. Method A cross-sectional descriptive design was used.

Data were collected by using a structured questionnaire which was interviewer-administered. All the patients under management for infertility at the gynaecology clinics during the period of the study were interviewed. Results Many respondents More than half of the respondents Only The major reason given for their unwillingness to adopt was their desire to have their own biological child. Factors that were favourable towards child adoption were Igbo tribe identity, an age above 40 years, duration of infertility above 15 years, and knowing the correct meaning of child adoption.

Conclusion There is a poor attitude to adoption even amongst infertile couples. Interventions need to be implemented to educate the public on child adoption, to improve their attitude towards adoption and to make it more acceptable. The results of the —14 survey indicated a total storage capacity for Lago Lucchetti of Sediment accumulation was about On the basis of a comparison between the —14 and surveys, the useful life for Lago Lucchetti is projected to end in Hourly global and diffuse radiation of Lagos , Nigeria-correlation with some atmospheric parameters.

The influence of four climatic parameters on the hourly diffuse fraction in Lagos , Nigeria, has been studied. Using data for two years, new correlations were established. The standard error of the Liu and Jordan-type equation was reduced by Ambient temperature and relative humidity proved to be very important variables for predicting the diffuse fraction of the solar radiation passing through the humid atmosphere of the coastal and tropic city of Lagos.

In the case of the dry season, the improvement was Comparison with existing correlations showed that the performance of the one parameter model namely K[sub t] , of Orgill and Hollands and Reindl, Beckman, and Duffie were very different from the Liu and Jordan-type model obtained for Lagos. Sofo Haro, M. It is dedicated to the study of various issues related to astrophysics, space weather and atmospheric physics at the regional scale.

In this paper we present the design and implementation of the front-end electronics and the data acquisition system for readout of the WCDs of LAGO. The system consists of preamplifiers and a digital board sending data to a computer via an USB interface. To avoid false trigger due to baseline fluctuations, we present in this work a baseline correction algorithm that makes it possible to use WCDs to study variations of the environmental radiation. A data logging software has been designed to format the received data.

It also enables an easy access to the data for an off-line analysis, together with the operational conditions and environmental information. The system is currently used at different sites of LAGO. The knowledge, perceptions and practice of pharmacovigilance amongst community pharmacists in Lagos state, south west Nigeria. Community Pharmacists both have an important responsibility in monitoring the ongoing safety of medicines and are widely accessible to do it.

This study aims to investigate the knowledge, perceptions and practice of Pharmacovigilance amongst community pharmacists in Lagos State, South West Nigeria A cross-sectional observational survey was used in this study. A multistage random sampling technique was employed in the selection of community pharmacies in Lagos. The most important reason for poor reporting was lack of knowledge about how to report ADRs Most community pharmacists were willing to practice pharmacovigilance if they were trained. Community pharmacists in Lagos had poor knowledge about pharmacovigilance.

Reporting rate was also poor. There is an urgent need for educational programs to train pharmacists about pharmacovigilance and ADR reporting. Profile of medical waste management in two healthcare facilities in Lagos , Nigeria: a case study. Proper management and safe disposal of medical waste MW is vital in the reduction of infection or illness through contact with discarded material and in the prevention of environmental contamination in hospital facilities. The management practices for MW in selected healthcare facilities in Lagos , Nigeria were assessed.

The cross-sectional study involved the use of questionnaires, in-depth interviews, focused group discussions and participant observation strategies. It also involved the collection, segregation, identification and weighing of waste types from wards and units in the representative facilities in Lagos , Nigeria, for qualitative and quantitative analysis of the MW streams. The findings indicated that the selected Nigerian healthcare facilities were lacking in the adoption of sound MW management MWM practices. The average MW ranged from 0. Multiple linear regression was applied to predict the volume of waste generated giving a correlation coefficient R 2 value of 0.

This study revealed that the current MWM practices and strategies in Lagos are weak, and suggests an urgent need for review to achieve vital reversals in the current trends. The accident and emergency department constitutes one of the vital entry points of patients into the healthcare facility of the hospital the world over. It responds to and manages variety of cases in all the clinical areas and thus pr vides an insight to the quality of care available in the health institution. The aim of this study is to determine the pattern of cases seen as well as the causes of deaths at the adult accident and emergency department of the Lagos UniversityTeaching Hospital, Idi-Araba, Lagos.

Retrospective review of records of all patients attended to at the adult accident and emergency department of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital in and was carried out. Data spread sheet was used to collect data on demographic indices, diagnosis, outcome, date admitted, date discharged and amount paid from casualty attendance register and Nurses' report books.

Data was collated and analysed using Epi-Info version 3. Out of the 5, available patients' records reviewed, 4, Of those discharged alive, male attendance was 2, Majority of these patients were aged years and the mean age of the patients was Majority of cases seen were medical in origin Male mortality was Most affected age group was 40 - 59 years The commonest case seen as well as commonest cause of death was cerebrovascular accident.

A high number of heart failure, head injuries, road traffic accidents, upper gastrointestinal bleeding and post partum. This extends its reported range more than km to the northeast. The Lago de Yojoa cores also hold two previously undated trachyandesitic tephra layers originating from the nearby Lake Yojoa Volcanic Field. One fell shortly before 11, 14C yr B. Di Orio, A. Dobos, S. Janzou, A. Dobos and S. Christensen, J. Maguire, J.

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Burch, N. Di Orio. Dam failure during the year-recurrence, hour rainfall event resulted in a peak discharge of 2, Dam failure under sunny day conditions produced a peak discharge of 1, Flood-inundation maps prepared as part of the study depict the flood extent and provide valuable information for preparing an Emergency Action Plan.

The results showed overtopping can be expected in the aforementioned levee during 6- and hour probable-maximum-precipitation dam failure scenarios. No overtopping of the levee was simulated, however, during dam failure scenarios under the year recurrence, hour rainfall event or sunny day conditions.

Holocene climate variability and anthropogenic impacts from Lago Paixban, a perennial wetland in Peten, Guatemala. BP henceforth BP when the basin began to hold water perennially. Lowland tropical forest taxa dominated the local vegetation at this time. Wetter conditions during the Holocene Thermal Maximum are indicated by evidence of a raised water level and an open water lake.

The timing of this interval coincides with strengthening of the Central American Monsoon. An abrupt change at BP involved the development of a sawgrass marsh and onset of peat deposition. The lowest recorded water levels date to — BP. Pollen, isotope, geochemical, and sedimentological data indicate that the coring site was near the edge of the marsh during this period. A rise in the water table after BP persisted until around BP. Clay marl deposition from to BP corresponds to the period of Maya settlement.

Cessation of human activity around BP resulted in local afforestation and the re-establishment of the current sawgrass marsh at Lago Paixban. Urban malaria treatment behaviour in the context of low levels of malaria transmission in Lagos , Nigeria. Urban malaria in West Africa is not well documented. While rapid urbanisation may create environmental conditions that favour mosquito breeding, urban pollution may inhibit the growth of Anopheles species.

Agency for International Development USAID started building urban community health coalitions in Lagos , Nigeria, to empower communities to provide prompt treatment and appropriate prevention for major causes of childhood morbidity and mortality, including malaria, diarrhoeal disease, acute respiratory infections and vaccine preventable diseases. Intervention against malaria was predicated on national policies that assumed Nigeria was holo-endemic for malaria and that prompt treatment of febrile illness with anti-malarial drugs was an appropriate action.

During April and May , blood film investigation of children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years yielded a parasite prevalence rate of 0. Night knockdown collections of mosquitoes in rooms yielded only C. The same results were obtained for night landing collections on human bait. Very low densities of A. In contrast, community members, during focus group discussion identified malaria, in it various culturally defined forms, as a major health problem. Among the children examined clinically, Data obtained from shops in the area documented that a minimum of US dollars 4.

Analyses of an 6 m sediment core from Lago Paixban in Peten, Guatemala, document the complex evolution of a perennial wetland over the last 10, years. The absence of pollen and gastropods in the basal sediments suggests intermittently dry conditions until cal yr. A distinct band of carbonate dating to BP suggests regionally dry conditions, possibly associated with the 8.

The lowest recorded water levels date to BP. Electricity supply efficiency and organizational growth and profitability in Lagos , Nigeria. A modern and efficient infrastructure is a basic necessity for economic development and integration into the global economy. The specific problem was the inadequate and unreliable supply of electricity to manufacturing corporations in Lagos , Nigeria. The purpose of the current quantitative correlational research study was to examine if there was a correlation between electricity supply efficiency and organizational growth and profitability in manufacturing corporations in Lagos , Nigeria.

The population of the current correlational research study involved 28 out of 34 manufacturing corporations from various industrial sectors in Lagos , Nigeria, that are listed and traded on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Spearman rho correlations were used to assess the relationships between independent variables of electricity supply efficiency levels and the dependent variables of organizational growth and profitability.

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Iron deficiency anaemia among apparently healthy pre-school children in Lagos , Nigeria. Iron deficiency, and specifically iron deficiency anaemia, remains one of the most severe and important nutritional deficiencies in the world today. To estimate the prevalence and associated factors for iron deficiency anaemia among pre-school children in Lagos. Serum iron, total iron binding capacity, transferrin saturation and serum ferritin were assayed in subjects. The primary outcome measured was iron deficiency anaemia established based on the following criteria: hemoglobin Recovery and recycling practices in municipal solid waste management in Lagos , Nigeria.

The population of Lagos , the largest city in Nigeria, increased seven times from to with a current population of over 10 million inhabitants. The majority of the city's residents are poor.