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The Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest have always claimed to have deep roots in the region. Now, an ancient mariner may be able to back that claim up. Scientists sequencing the DNA of 10,year-old human remains from On Your Knees Cave in Alaska have found that he was closely related to three ancient skeletons found along the coast of British Columbia in Canada. The new finding reveals a direct line of descent to these tribes, and it shows—for the first time from ancient DNA—that at least two different groups of people were living in North America more than 10, years ago.

The project ended on a note of good will between scientists and Native Americans, with a ceremonial reburial of the skeleton in They also sequenced one-third to two-thirds of the genomes of the other three individuals.

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The team then compared those markers to see how closely related the ancient individuals were to each other and to indigenous groups living around the world today. They found that genomewide sequences from the three most recent remains from Lucy Island and Prince Rupert harbor off the coast of British Columbia were closely related to the Tsimshian and other tribes in the Pacific Northwest.

This cast of a jaw comes from a 10,year-old ancient human who may have been an ancestor of modern tribes in the Pacific Northwest. But the signal is not statistically strong, and it may simply be a sign that the tribes all share DNA from the same ancient ancestors in Asia or Beringia where humans lived before they entered the Americas. This suggests there were at least two groups of settlers who came to North America across the Bering Strait land bridge before 10, years ago, Malhi says. Although multiple migrations have long been documented, this is the first ancient DNA evidence of different groups arriving in North America at such an early date.

By Meredith Wadman Jul. By Dennis Normile Jul. It maintained cooperation with the International Broadcasting Union. The most popular sport in the NDH was football , which had its own league system , with the highest level known as the Zvonimir Group, with eight teams in —43 and — The NDH national football team played 14 "friendly" matches against other Axis nations and puppet states between June and April , winning five. The NDH had other national teams. The Croatian Handball Federation organized a national handball league, and a national team.

The Croatian Table-Tennis Association organized a national competition as well as a national team which participated in a few international matches. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Former country, fascist puppet state. For other uses, see NDH disambiguation. This article is about the puppet state during World War II. For the nation which gained independence in , see Croatia.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Coat of arms. This section needs additional citations for verification. See also: Creation of Yugoslavia.

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Part of a series on the. Early history. Middle Ages. Contemporary Croatia. Independence War of independence Croatia since Main article: Resistance in Yugoslavia. See also: Chetniks. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. December Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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Core tenets. Definitions Economics Fascism and ideology Fascism worldwide Symbolism. Axis powers Montreux Fascist conference. Fascists by country. Related topics. Main article: Invasion of Yugoslavia. In it was institutionalized in the NDH as the title of first the Prime Minister —43 , and then the head of state — The translation of the term varies. The root of the word is the Croatian word " glava ", meaning "head" " Po - glav a - nik ". Read Books.

Retrieved 2 September — via Google Books.

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War and Revolution in Yugoslavia — Mussolini's Italy New Work: Allen Lane. Balkan strongmen: dictators and authoritarian rulers of South Eastern Europe.

Purdue University Press, , p. Hebrang , Scientia Yugoslavica , pp. Jugoslavija — Vojnoistorijski institut. The Constitution of the Republic of Croatia consolidated text.

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Ancient skeletons show direct link to modern tribes in the Pacific Northwest

Thomas, N. Axis Forces in Yugoslavia —45 Osprey, London, Links to related articles. Arditi Fascio. Category Portal. Ivan Mihailov Hristo Tatarchev. Yugoslav factions in World War II. Kingdom of Yugoslavia - later became the Yugoslav government-in-exile after the invasion of Yugoslavia. Soviet Union Bulgaria National Liberation Movement limited involvement, — Chetniks nominally Allied, extensively collaborated with the Axis Montenegrin Volunteer Corps rogue faction of the Chetnik movement, Hungary — Bulgaria —44 Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization.

World War II. Allies leaders. Axis and Axis-aligned leaders. Africa Asia Europe. Bengal famine of Chinese famine of —43 Greek Famine of Dutch famine of —45 Ruzagayura famine Vietnamese Famine of Bibliography Category Article index Portal. Timeline of Yugoslav statehood. Part of Austria-Hungary. Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia — Kingdom of Dalmatia — Condominium of Bosnia and Herzegovina — State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs Republic of Prekmurje Italian province of Zadar — Consisted of the Socialist Republics of.

Serbia — included the autonomous provinces of Vojvodina and Kosovo. Montenegro — Macedonia — See also. Independent State of Croatia — Puppet state of Nazi Germany. Parts annexed by Fascist Italy. Consisted of the Republic of Serbia — and Republic of Montenegro — Includes the autonomous province of Vojvodina. Metohija controlled by Austria-Hungary — Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read View source View history.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Flag Coat of arms. Independent State of Croatia in Puppet state of Germany —45 Protectorate of Italy — Roman Catholicism and Islam [1]. Fascist one-party totalitarian dictatorship under a constitutional monarchy until Tomislav II [2] [note 1]. NDH Kuna. Preceded by. Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

Democratic Federal Yugoslavia. Bribir-Sidraga [32]. Bribir [33]. Gora [32]. Gora-Zagorje [33]. Pliva-Rama [32].