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Are they both correct? If so, what is the difference? Does "in" implies a more personal connection -- "the baby was in her lap," as opposed to "the suitcase was resting on her lap. Wobby Senior Member English [England]. I don't think there's really much difference Possibly there is a subtle difference in that 'in her lap' suggests that it is between the upper parts of the two legs, whereas 'on her lap' suggests resting on top over both legs?

I suspect the difference comes from the difference between the way men and women deal with laps, at leasts when women invariably wore skirts and items could be held or caught between the legs.

"in her lap" vs "on her lap"

Supposedly, women wearing skirts spread their legs when something was thrown to them and men clamped their legs together. See this site about the Mark Twain novel Huckleberry Finn where such an occasion is noted. Although my dog sometimes lies on my lap, the expression in the lap of luxury is common. It seems so natural, that kiss.

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It was cold and I wasn't wearing a coat, but I kept walking anyway, thinking I couldn't go back there because you'd be gone. A fiction professor once told me -- and this is some of the best advice I've ever been on the receiving end of -- that physical objects are best utilized when they pull double, or even triple, duty. What he meant was that a coat can just be a coat, sure, but when it actually means something more than that, magic is born.

The magic in this particular coat is that, of course, it is back at the apartment, beyond reach; what's more, it tells us something about this narrator -- that she's willing to go without it, despite the chill, because the physical consequences are nothing compared to the emotional; to return to her apartment, to find her object of affection gone, will leave her more bare than she already is, and the idea and fear of such exposure is something she's unwilling, just yet, to face.

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  6. I thought about the thin layer of gold between his lock and the flesh on my collarbone. And are we worthy? When else have we been handed such trust?

    Lay Your Head on my Lap, my Love by Catherine Ann Howatt-Dickson - Hello Poetry

    I can't say I've ever felt such a connection to a writer's dare I say? When she traces it, he stands up and goes to lie down on the stone floor in the bathroom. She watches him through the opened door. The threshold is uncrossable. Her touch has gone, worse than unnoticed, unwanted. I can feel my throat tightening now.

    Lay Your Head In My Lap [Boyfriend Roleplay] [Clock Ticking Sounds]

    Who wouldn't? It is required reading for any human being; perhaps, more specifically, any woman whose life hasn't quite turned out the way she hoped it would at some youthful age when she was freshly scrubbed and innocent.

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    Because it is , I've been in this chair for an hour, and no other manager has come and sat in my lap. But if I was ever depressed she'd lay her head in my lap , look up at me with those big old eyes. Do you like to be in my lap? I sat next to you, and And when he's exhausted himself So she's laying with her head in my lap and I'm like:. You want to shoot me, come sit in my lap , be my guest! Possibly inappropriate content Unlock.

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