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Santa welcomes everyone, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or age. Santa is oblivious to physical or mental abilities. Here are some points of performance we have found helps provide this positive experience. Keep the children at the focal point of all activities. Be tolerant of childish expressions and anxieties. They need to be considerate of others and behave appropriately so everyone can enjoy the Christmas experience. Provide activities to entertain the other children waiting to visit Santa. Ideally, the line of children waiting to visit Santa should be kept below 5 while the other children are entertained elsewhere.

Most children appear to change their demeanor as they get closer to Santa.

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Both are allowed to a point. Please allow Santa to deal with these situations if possible. Please only step in if needed. Santa will give an obvious signal if an adults intervention is requested. You supply a Santa's Helper. Assist in the handing out of presents.

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Take pictures with a variety of cell phones handed them. There is very little restriction on who can be Santa's helper; age, height, etc. The biggest requirement is they are filled with the Christmas spirit. Handing out of gifts. Presents may be given out to a group of children in mass or children can get their present when they visit personally with Santa. Giving a present to the wrong child not only proves embarrassing, but it can cause the children some emotional difficulties. Children do tend to get exuberant and can very easily get over active during these interactions.

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Presents may be presented by Santa, as each child visits Santa. Other Considerations. Santa is welcoming to everyone.

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Santa is sensitive to those, who may need special attention, and will conduct himself appropriately to ensure a positive experience. Keep trash from presents or snacks cleaned up. This helps each child and family member to enjoy the Christmas experience. If possible, have everyone finish any food or drinks before Santa arrive unless we are dinning with the children or group.

Conduct all business away from the children. This can be done prior to Santa arriving or at the site immediately upon arrival. Place cash or check in a Christmas Card to hand to Santa. If you have special concerns or traditions, family attentions, celebrants or location traditions or specialties, etc. We are open to almost anything, anywhere, anytime, anyway — Just ask.

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We believe in miracles and will do our best to make your Christmas special. Be sure to have all cameras, camcorders and batteries necessary to take the photos you want. Be sure your batteries are fresh. Consider where Santa will be seated for pictures and take some sample shots at the same time of day.

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Alter the lighting accordingly. Contributed by Anil: Sammy saw Santa on the snow slide. Hollie hangs holly here hopping happy holidays hurry. Tree trimmers try to trim trees while Tracy tastes treats.

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  7. Wraping warped wreaths risks ruining weather wilted wood. Youthful yeoman yodel yule yarns while yatching. Santa seems seriously sick since Sally served sour salmon soup.


    Contributed by Stuart Taylor; silly smelly snowman slips and slides. Contributed by Dee Thomas; Eleven elaborate elves hid Ellie elephant. Contributed by Cassie Hauser; Santa sat slowly on a soft chair with his sack on his back. Silly snowmen slide with slick scarfs down the slow slope. Rudolph roars with red anger and a red as rose nose.