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The users who voted to close gave this specific reason: "You are asking questions about a story set in a world instead of about building a world. You can then patrol any area firing frequent short bursts of coloured water. You can fill up at any tap, and you have a side benefit that you will also be able to see footprints on the wet ground.

This method also lends itself to use by anyone, including children, and can be backed up by paintballs once it looks like you have a target cornered. I imagine that people would want something that they can easily place down and pick up, so I think a combination of two common materials should do the trick:. Bubble Wrap: You can buy whole rolls of it dirt-cheap, and easily replace it as necessary.

Just roll it out on the floor of your home, and you'll be able to easily detect someone attempting to walk around sneakily. Even after the bubbles are popped, the plastic is still irregular enough to crinkle audibly when someone walks on it. Aluminum Foil: To keep someone from very carefully pulling up the edges of the bubble-wrap, cover the edges of each strip bubble wrap rolls can easily be multiple feet wide with a long, unbroken sheet of aluminum foil. If someone tries to pick this up, you'll immediately be alerted to their presence. Fight invisible with invisible. String up fishing wire across all the doorways in your home, the kind where it's pretty much completely invisible unless it's directly in the light.

Then, assuming that they don't really have any other powers besides being invisible, they would probably have the physique of a average human person, so depending on how bad you want that 1mil, just tackle them or something and sit on top of them until the authorities arrive.

This also has the added benefit of not requiring people to spread flour all over their houses and to keep it from settling constantly. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

feel completely invisible to the world

How do you know an invisible person is near to you and catch him with day-to-day items? Everybody wants to catch them, so how can they detect and catch them with day-to-day items? Secespitus Pablo Pablo 3 3 silver badges 8 8 bronze badges. Evan started off smoking with his friends when they were playing sports or video games, lighting up to chill out after his nine-to-five as a paralegal at a law office.

But that soon became couch-lock, and he lost interest in working out, going out, doing anything with his roommates. Then came a lack of motivation and the slow erosion of ambition, and law school moving further out of reach. He started smoking before work and after work.

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Eventually, he realized it was impossible to get through the day without it. His first attempts to reduce his use went miserably, as the consequences on his health and his life piled up. He gained nearly 40 pounds, he said, when he stopped working out and cooking his own food at home. He recognized that he was just barely getting by at work, and was continually worried about getting fired.

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Worse, his friends were unsympathetic to the idea that he was struggling and needed help. Other people who found their use problematic or had managed to quit, none of whom wanted to use their names, described similar struggles and consequences. And things just came to a halt. I was in terrible shape.

Vanishing point: five ways to become invisible

I was depressed. Lax regulatory standards and aggressive commercialization in some states have compounded some existing public-health risks, raised new ones, and failed to tamp down on others, experts argue. In terms of compounding risks, many cite the availability of hyper-potent marijuana products. As for new risks: In many stores, budtenders are providing medical advice with no licensing or training whatsoever.

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In terms of long-standing risks, the lack of federal involvement in legalization has meant that marijuana products are not being safety-tested like pharmaceuticals; measured and dosed like food products; subjected to agricultural-safety and pesticide standards like crops; and held to labeling standards like alcohol. Different states have different rules and testing regimes, complicating things further.

Health experts also cited an uncomfortable truth about allowing a vice product to be widely available, loosely regulated, and fully commercialized: Heavy users will make up a huge share of sales, with businesses wanting them to buy more and spend more and use more, despite any health consequences.

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This is not to say that prohibition is a more attractive policy, or that legalization has proven to be a public-health disaster. Still, strictly regulated might mean more strictly regulated than today, at least in some places, drug-policy experts argue. A number of policy reforms might tamp down on problem use and protect consumers, without quashing the legal market or pivoting back to prohibition and all its harms.

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One extreme option would be to require markets to be noncommercial: The District of Columbia, for instance, does not allow recreational sales, but does allow home cultivation and the gifting of marijuana products among adults. I fear its time has passed. The government could run marijuana stores , as in Canada. States could require budtenders to have some training or to refrain from making medical claims. They could ask users to set a monthly THC purchase cap and remain under it.

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They could cap the amount of THC in products , and bar producers from making edibles that are attractive to kids, like candies. A ban or limits on marijuana advertising are also options, as is requiring cannabis dispensaries to post public-health information. Then, there are THC taxes, designed to hit heavy users the hardest. Some drug-policy experts argue that such levies would just push people from marijuana to alcohol, with dangerous health consequences. Perhaps most important might be reintroducing some reasonable skepticism about cannabis, especially until scientists have a better sense of the health effects of high-potency products, used frequently.

Until then, listening to and believing the hundreds of thousands of users who argue marijuana is not always benign might be a good start.

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