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She acknowledged her salvation and rejoiced that God had chosen to create her for the blessed purpose of giving birth to Jesus and witnessing salvation through His life and death. Her entire prayer was one of submission, for she recognized as no other that it was the perfect, holy, and righteous plan of God that salvation would enter the world through her womb.

Every word of this beautiful psalm gave glory to the power of God that was being proclaimed through her very soul. In her perfect humility, she radiated the perfect love of the Father for the world. Throughout her life, Mary was the perfect example of motherhood.

Maria: Full of Grace

She took in every experience with the same grace-filled strength that had empowered her to accept her call and give birth to the Messiah. The mother of Jesus was an example of silent submission for the People of God. As Jesus hung upon the cross, Mary accepted His call to be the new mother of all the living see John ; Revelation Our mother remains ever watchful over her children, loving us with the same heart she had for Jesus, and forever pointing us to her Son who offers salvation to all who will accept the grace of God.

There were flashes of lightning, rumblings, and peals of thunder, an earthquake, and a violent hailstorm. A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. Revelation Catechism of the Catholic Church Your email address will not be published.

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Share on linkedin LinkedIn. Share on pinterest Pinterest. Mark C. McCann Mark C. He has written for St. Compared to other lives that I have lived, it is, frankly, an awesome one. I am very, very happy being a screenwriter in Los Angeles, particularly in the current age of Peak TV. But being on a perpetual second date can get exhausting.

Constantly feeling that you should be meeting people, impressing people, shocking people just the right amount is a strange way to live your life. And one of the reasons that I go to church is that church is the opposite of that. I do not impress anyone at church. I do not say anything surprising or charming, because the things I say are rote responses that someone else decided on centuries ago. I am not special at church, and this is the point. Because according to the ridiculous, generous, imperfectly applied rules of my religion we are all equally beloved children of God.

Half-Full of Grace - Los Angeles Review of Books

We are all exactly the same amount of special. Even more special is that I have come with no particular agenda. I have not come to teach or volunteer or try a new to me cuisine or inhabit a new to me neighborhood.

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Halfway through church, I turn to the congregants next to me and share the peace. I wish that they experience peace in their lives. They wish the same for me. Our words are identical. Our need for peace is infinite.

Church is a group of broken individuals united only by our brokenness traveling together to ask to be fixed. I get it. This part is harder for me to explain. Most of the time, I do, I think. I wish I could have that certainty. It just seems so comforting never to doubt things. Well, sometimes I wish I had the certainty of an atheist. I wish I could be positive that there was no God and that Sundays were for brunch. That dead people stayed dead and prayer was useless and Jesus was nothing more than a really great teacher.

But I believe too much, at least sometimes, to be certain about that. I do not find religion to be comforting in the way that I think nonreligious people mean it. I do not believe that everything in my life will necessarily be all right and I certainly do not believe that everything happens for a reason. It is not comforting to know quite as much as I do about how weaselly and weak-willed I am when it comes to being as generous as Jesus demands.

Thanks to church, I have a much stronger sense of the sort of person I would like to be, and I am forced to confront all the ways in which I fail, daily. Nothing promotes self-awareness like turning down an opportunity to bring children to visit their incarcerated parents. Or avoiding shifts at the food bank. Or calculating just how much I will put in the collection basket.

Thanks to church, I have looked deeply into my own heart and found it to be of merely small-to-medium size. None of this is particularly comforting. It is comforting, for instance, to sing songs in a group.