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Or has it something to do with the top secret Arrowhead Project at a nearby government research station? Just as scary as the initial suspense and the grotesque monsters is the response of the isolated community in the store. They divide first over class and race, then on religious grounds, with the insane Mrs Carmody's faith faction seeking to make blood sacrifices to placate an angry God and the rational Drayton's secular survivors risking their lives to seek help from outside.

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  6. It's an allegory of a sort that harks back to the Cold War anxieties that produced the wave of s horror flicks in this it resembles M Night Shamalayan's recent, much inferior The Happening , but it's unusually harrowing and relentless in its apocalyptic pessimism. The look and style of the picture is that of a B-movie, but drum-tight in execution, with a bold use of its single location, and not needing to insist on its satirical dimension.

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    The ending is awe-inspiringly horrible with an uncompromising grimness from which most directors would flinch. Topics Culture. Drama films Horror films Science fiction and fantasy films reviews. User reviews Read user reviews. Related articles 'The human race is insane'.

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