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I could go on and on about my favorite aspects of every story, but I decided that you may appreciate some words from the author herself instead. Following are some questions that I asked Rachel about Heirlooms:. Has it sunk in that you have a published novel?

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What has it been like to travel and do book signings? My grandparents did live in a farm in the Vaucluse region of France.

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Sometimes, I changed or rearranged things. I did, however, on occasion heat things up or have my fictional characters act worse or be treated worse than the people who inspired them.

Heirlooms by Rachel Hall - Necessary Fiction

I felt the stories needed these things to happen. Was it difficult to create so many characters all with different personalities? When I got stuck or bored with one character, I could move to another and tell their story. She was taller than me, and experienced particular pleasure in making sure everyone realised that. Her hair was always neatly tucked into a bun. I have never seen her with untied, open hair.

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She claimed that untied hair caused hair-fall, which she had successfully avoided for the past fifty years. She owned two issues of Cosmopolitan, which was dutifully kept on the coffee-table for occasional visitors. She never read it. It was a dirty, disgusting book with a lot of pornography, she had once complained to Appa.

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I am grateful to God she never checks my internet history. She might commit suicide, for all I know.

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She worked as a part-time sales executive at a nearby supermarket, and was intensely satisfied with her job. Serving customers brought her undeniable bliss, she had stated. Amma told me that the prices of yogurt had gone up. She cursed god for bringing such misery onto her, and her family. She blatantly stated that the new government was useless, for having increased the prices. Being a very wise man, I did not tell her about the yogurt I spilled yesterday, and how I tripped over it. He was a Muslim, she said, and no Hindu could ever marry a Muslim.

Heirloom Antics: Collection of Short Stories

Ghosts came over him every year, torturing him for the mistake his son had committed. He had to sacrifice his life, while trying to seek mercy from god. Vishnu hates inter-religion marriages. You remember that, Nikhil. After all the yelling, and penance for my sins was over, I genuinely felt guilty.

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Maybe it was something really important. As soon as Sally opened her eyes, she knew today was going to be a good day.

The sun was playing on the little window ornament her mom made for her last Christmas, and there was a slight breeze blowing through the open window, filling the room with the smell of rain from last night. Today, Grandma Mary was coming to visit. That evening, Nana told Sally to sit on her lap so she can read her a story. After reading the story, Nana said to Sally that she had something special for her. She told her that years ago when she was the same age as Sally, her own grandma gave the pearls to her. Since that day, the string of pearls accompanied her to all the major event of her life.

The day she graduated from nursing school, her wedding to Grandpa, the day Grandpa left for war, the day the war was finally over, and Grandpa came back, and at the birth of all their children and grandchildren. Unbeknownst to Sally, it was the last time that she was going to see her grandma.