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Bellezze d'Australia by Robin Smith. Belly Flop by Morris Gleitzman. Belonging : Australian playwriting in the 20th century by John McCallum. Ben Chifley : a biography by L. A bend too many: the story of the Gillies Highway by Henry Tranter. Beneath the Southern Cross by Judy Nunn. The best Australian stories by Peter Craven. The best Australian stories : a ten-year collection by Black Inc. He was part of the team of Times reporters who won a Pulitzer for their work covering Chess, Deji Olukotun and Daniel Suarez created alternative worlds and new societies as a means to convey deeper truths about our own.

Join them for a conversation about their most recent sci-fi novels. Moderators Wil Kaufman. His unique brand of high-tech fiction explores the causes and impacts of rapid technological change. The author of six novels, his latest, "Delta-v," is a realistic space-tech adventure K was awarded the Deji Olukotun Deji Bryce Olukotun is the author of two novels and his fiction has appeared in five different book collections. His novel "After the Flare" won the Philip K. Dick special citation award, and was chosen as one of the best books of by The Guardian, The Washington Post, Syfy.

Saturday April 13, pm - pm Seeley G. Science Fiction. He has previously worked as a feature writer for a number of publications including Newsweek, the Verge, and Lucky Peach. Johana Bhuiyan Johana Bhuiyan is a business reporter at the Los Angeles Times covering the technology industry with a focus on accountability. Bhuiyan, who previously covered the future of transportation for more than four years, is particularly interested in interrogating how tech impacts real Meg James Meg James is a corporate media reporter for the Los Angeles Times, covering the business of television and advertising.

She has been a member of the Company Town team for more than a decade. A native of Wyoming, she Her first career was as a professional flutist. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in venues such as the American Journal of Speakers David Shannon David Shannon is the internationally acclaimed creator of more than thirty picture books, including "No, David! Times writer. He uses the name of the webcomic character as one of his online pseudonyms. Most of Jame's webcomics revolve around his childhood There will be no standby line. Balcony ticketholders will be able to purchase an unsigned copies of Valerie Jarrett's book after the event.

In May , Ms. Calmes was awarded the Gerald R. Ford Journalism Prize for Reporting on the Presidency. Calmes began her journalism career in at the Abilene Texas Reporter-News. In Before joining the White House, she served as the chief executive officer He is the co-host of the podcast The West Wing Weekly. Alana Newhouse Alana is the founder and editor-in-chief of Tablet magazine. She is an author of 8 books of poems and four novels. She is also an essayist and anthology editor. She is professor They perform at universities and auditoriums across the country, bringing with them a class, sophistication, and Trojan spirit uniquely their own.

They perform at universities and auditoriums across the country, bringing with He was fortunate enough to grow up in a household that stressed the importance of having home cooked meals at the table surrounded by family and friends. He believes that food is the universal language and cultural Reynolds' picture book "I Am Yoga. In Education from the University The program is presented at USC neighborhood schools, primarily for grades 1 — 3.

Each lesson begins with a yoga theme shared through reading and discussion Jasmine Guillory, Alyssa Cole and Camille Perri discuss their most recent novels, which satisfy our romantic urges while expanding the scope of the genre to include characters of color and across the sexuality spectrum. Her writing has been featured on Jezebel, Thrillist, and The Toast.

Learn more at jasmineg She has also been a ghostwriter of young adult novels and a reference librarian. She holds a bachelor of arts degree from New York University Moderators Claudette S. She is the recipient of numerous awards and honors including the Dorothy McKenzie Award for Distinguished Contribution to the Field of Children's Literature sponsored by the His latest book, "The Undefeated," was Her other books are "Salvinia Molesta" and "Circle. Moderators Kurtis Lee Kurtis Lee is a national correspondent for the Los Angeles Times, who frequently reports on the nation's debate over guns, the evolution of marijuana legalization and how Trump administration policies are affecting states.

He's filed reports from the unrest in Ferguson, Mo. Her research examines American gun culture, policing and public law enforcement, and conservative politics. She is the author of the book "Citizen-Protectors: The Everyday Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz is a historian, author, memoirist, and speaker who researches Western Hemisphere history and international human rights. Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz grew up in rural Oklahoma, the daughter of a tenant farmer and part-Indian mother.

She has been active in the international Igor Volsky Igor Volsky is the co-founder and executive director of Guns Down America, an organization dedicated to building a future with fewer guns. Opinion Live. He is a former reporter and editor at Newsday in New York, where he worked as Middle East bureau chief from to Goldberg also covered the presidential campaign of He writes most often about healthcare policy, intellectual property, technology Robert Greene Robert Greene is an editorial writer covering water, drought, criminal justice reform and Los Angeles County government.

Greene previously was a staff writer for the L. Weekly and a reporter and associate editor for the Metropolitan News-Enterprise. Prior to becoming a journalist Carla Hall Carla Hall is an editorial board member who writes about homelessness, reproductive rights, popular culture, animal welfare, and human rights in Asia and Africa, among other topics. Suzanne Kaufman, Illustrator of "All Are Welcome" Beloved author and illustrator Suzanne Kaufman shares her newest book as part of our ongoing children's reading series.

Speakers Suzanne Kaufman Suzanne Kaufman is an author, illustrator, and animator. Over the years she's done everything from animating special effects for Universal Television and the Discovery Channel to animating award-winning video games for children. She's the illustrator of a number of books for children Ariana spent the first 8 years of her professional career in real estate management.

She is also the founder of worldwide pet transportation company, Pet-Taxi A discussion about how social media manipulates our perception of news and society with Dr. He co-founded successful funds in venture, crossover and private equity. He holds a B. Sandra Cisneros Sandra Cisneros is a poet, short story writer, novelist, essayist, whose work explores the lives of the working-class. Join Rigoberto Gonzalez, Nicole Chung, Vanessa McGrady and Sophia Shalmiyev for a conversation on how they wrestled their uncertain familial relationships into polished personal nonfiction.

Vanessa McGrady After earning a B. Then, she started a career She has a second master's degree in Young Adult Fiction: Friends and "Friends" Figuring out other people is hard enough, but knowing yourself can be significantly more difficult. The characters in novels from Cecil Castellucci, Julie Buxbaum and Aminah Mae Safi all struggle to find themselves while also reckoning with complicated relationships and confusing situations. She's the winner of the We Need Diverse Books short story contest. She lives in Los Angeles, California, with her partner and two cats.

These scenarios bloom into wonderful and terrifying novels in the hands of authors of Tehlor Kay Mejia, Justin A. Reynolds and Lilliam Rivera. Join them for a conversation about their most recent works of young adult fiction. Moderators Michelle Ruiz Keil Michelle Ruiz Keil is an author and playwright with an eye for the enchanted and a way with animals.

Justin A. Reynolds Justin A. Reynolds has been a pest control operator, night security guard, steel mill janitor, NASA intern, salesman of high-end faucet fixtures, and carpet-flooring installer. He was most recently a registered nurse, before trading his stethoscope for a pencil, but he likes to think This alternative, non commercial exhibition venue is one of many uniquely sited galleries in Los Angeles, where organizers put on shows in pools, elevators, shoe boxes, and more.

How do these spaces model a more democratic, accessible, and open means of art engagement, cultural production and storytelling? She is the founder and director of Gas, a mobile, autonomous, experimental and networked platform for contemporary art located in a truck gallery and online. No singing experience, talent or ability required. This is a unique opportunity to try something new together. Multiple studies have correlated group singing with reduced stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Greg believes and has proven that everyone can sing, and has coined the phrase, "singing is not a talent, it's a skill. Old Man Saxon: Rapper on Rap—a Live Performance and Talk Acclaimed rapper and hip hop professor Old Man Saxon will weave together live performance, a TED-talk-style presentation and audience conversation about hip hop today, specifically exploring the question of authenticity in rap.

Lista de Músicas Karaoke Internacionais

Moderators Frances Dinkelspiel Frances Dinkelspiel is an award-winning author and journalist. James Donovan and Duncan Williams explore the storied corners of American History in their most recent books. Daley, His Battle Anna-Lisa Cox is an award winning historian on the history of racism and race relations in nineteenth-century America. She is a non-resident Fellow at Harvard University's Hutchins Several leading editors, publishers, and journalists will discuss the present and future of print journalism, revealing that print is very much alive.

Bellantoni has spent over 20 years in journalism, serving as editor-in-chief of the Capitol Hill newspaper Will Hearst William R. Hearst III is the editor and publisher of Alta magazine and the chairman of the board of Hearst Corporation, one of the nation's largest diversified media and information companies. He has been a director of Hearst Corporation for more than 30 years. In addition, Will is Daniel Hernandez Daniel Hernandez is a journalist and author. His career includes stints as a reporter at the L.

Times and L. She joined CIR in as communications manager and has been a leader in its growth from a small nonprofit news organization, producing a handful of stories a year, to a multiplatform newsroom that reaches millions Chase Twichell, Reading from "Things as It Is" Award-winning poet Chase Twichell reads from her new collection where present and past parallel and intermingle. Kathy Fagan, Reading from "Sycamore" Celebrated poet Kathy Fagan reads from her new collection on lost love, nature, and the process of recovery.

Rage," "The Charm," and "Lip. He lives with his husband, Scott Icenogle, in Los Angeles. In addition to his credits in television and film, he has also found success on A Virginia native and a fanboy of all things fantasy and science fiction, Scott is also a lifelong collector of feature film scores. He now lives with Chanel graduated from USC in , began recording her album in October , and is currently preparing to go on her first tour in Chanel graduated from USC in , began recording her album in October , and is currently preparing to go on her first tour in She is now a judge on Best Baker in America.

She was born in Syracuse, N. Her varied media career has taken her from McPherson, Kan. George Hobica George Hobica is the founder of Airfarewatchdog. John DiScala John E. DiScala aka Johnny Jet has traveled over , miles a year since starting his newsletter in and has visited close to countries. On his website, he writes about how to maximize your credit card points, how to find travel deals, cheap flights, and how to benefit She covers pop culture, politics and technology. It was also longlisted for the Center for Fiction Novel Prize. Join these authors for a discussion on how to build successful novels out of characters with creative struggles.

She has worked as an editor for a number of literary journals and magazines, including the Los Angeles Review of Books. Born and raised in California Farley C. Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown" and wrote She received her B. The authors weave webs of lies and deception that their clever protagonists take hundreds of pages to unravel. He lives in Oklahoma He once climbed the Himalayas with a group of Buddhist monks escaping Chinese soldiers in Tibet.

He returned Joe's favorite books were the Conan Doyle "Sherlock Holmes" stories. He held a variety of different jobs--including Hollywood screenwriter--before writing "IQ," which went onto win the Anthony, Macavity, and Shamus awards for Best Debut Moderators Johana Bhuiyan Johana Bhuiyan is a business reporter at the Los Angeles Times covering the technology industry with a focus on accountability.

He is the author of "Cybersecurity Law," the first comprehensive textbook on U. Jennifer Rothman Professor Jennifer Rothman is nationally recognized for her scholarship in the intellectual property field, and has become the leading expert on the right of publicity. She researches and writes primarily in the areas of intellectual property and constitutional law. In addition to He is the author of the internationally bestselling "Moondust," about the nine remaining men who walked on the moon between and His latest book, "Totally The scope of these authors' most recent books can be as narrow as a single film or as broad as the entire industry, but they all address what film means to a writer.

Moderators Claudia Puig Claudia Puig is a nationally recognized film journalist. He also worked as a freelance screenwriter before writing his two novels, "Boulevard" and "Beat He has been a staff writer for the Washington Post as well as the Times' book review editor. A graduate of Swarthmore College Elizabeth Weitzman Elizabeth Weitzman is a journalist, film critic, and the author of more than two dozen books for children and young adults. She currently covers movies for the Wrap, and was a critic for the New York Daily News from She has also written about entertainment for the New York Speakers Claudia Keelan Claudia Keelan was born in Southern California when it was still covered with orange groves and Nato started the embargo, still in place, against lovely Cuba.

Her writing and teaching career has spanned all corners of the US, as she's taught in many writing programs, including the They turn kids' original stories into wild sketch comedy musicals featuring professional actors to show those kids just how amazing their ideas are Moderators Isaac Fitzgerald Isaac Fitzgerald has been a firefighter, worked on a boat, and was once given a sword by a king, thereby accomplishing three out of five of his childhood goals. These authors discuss how to find the core of a character that's swept up by chaos. Janet Fitch Janet Fitch is an American author and teacher of fiction writing.

She is the author of the 1 national bestseller "White Oleander," a novel translated into 24 languages, an Oprah Book Club book and the basis of a feature film, "Paint It Black," also widely translated and made into Her essays and op-ed pieces have been Davis, Kelly Loy Gilbert and Jennifer Gilmore for a conversation about their most recent young adult novels. The writers discuss their characters' complicated relationship with absent or enigmatic parents, and how exploring those familial relationships leads to a greater understanding of themselves.

Dana L. Davis Dana L. Davis is a writer of novels for teens, most recently the critically acclaimed "Tiffany Sly Lives Here Now. Kelly Loy Gilbert Kelly Loy Gilbert believes deeply in the power of stories to illuminate a shared humanity and give voice to complex, broken people. She is the author of "Conviction," a William C.

Her newest book is "Picture Us in the Light. Ben Morrison's Superfunny! Multimedia Comedy Show Prepare yourself for a live comedy experience unlike anything you've ever seen before. Occurring monthly at the world famous Hollywood Improv, Superfunny! Created and hosted by Ben Morrison, and featuring a diverse lineup of hilarious storytellers, Superfunny is honored to bring the next generation of live comedy to Newstory at the Festival of Books. He created and served as musical director of Le Cabaret Melange, a long running, successful Justine Marino Upon moving to Los Angeles, Justine realized her love for comedy at the Groundlings School, and shortly after started doing standup.

Nic Novicki Nic Novicki is an comedian, actor, and producer that has performed on 6 continents including several tours through Armed Forces Entertainment, performing for troops. Macy and David Mamet, and added stand-up comedian to his resume shortly thereafter Jeff is an active member of the immersive community and has been involved in several productions over the years.

Having pr Her work has received support from the Napa Valley His first book, "Letters to Guns Her work has appeared Moderators Bill Boyarsky of Southern California. In his 30 years with the Los Angeles Times, Boyarsky was a political writer, featured columnist, and city editor. He was a member of reporting teams that won three Pulitzer Prizes. He is the author of two biographies of Ronald Reagan. He is author of "Los Angeles She holds a D. Phil in History from the University of Delhi, India.

In a career that began in his teens, he worked for newspapers in Western New York and Detroit before landing in Los Angeles at the start of A career that long Sunita Puri Sunita Puri is an assistant professor of clinical medicine at the University of Southern California, and medical director of palliative medicine at the Keck Hospital and Norris Cancer Center. Michael Reichert Michael C. Reichert, Ph. Previously, he helped to create and served for 10 years as director of He creates a regular series on independent, documentary and foreign language films under the banner of Indie Focus, also curating and hosting the Indie Focus Screening Series Karina Longworth Karina Longworth is a writer, film historian and podcaster.

Her latest She now is writing, producing, and performing her own music around Los Angeles. He spent ten years working As an editor, he has been a part of two Pulitzer Prize-winning teams at The Times for his graphics He grew up south of Nashville, Tenn. Maciel ha dirigido numerosas publicaciones Described by Amnesty International as "perhaps Mexico's most famous investigative journalist and women's rights advocate", Cacho's reporting focuses on violence against and sexual abuse She lives in New Jersey with her family. Moderators Greg Mack Greg Mack is a radio personality heard on Gerrick Kennedy Gerrick D.

Kennedy is an award-winning journalist currently reporting on pop music for the Los Angeles Times. These writers explore these issues in beautifully crafted books, exploring the people whose lives are affected as politics are debated. He is a Pulitzer Prize finalist in feature photography for images of Central Americans risking life and limb as they jump aboard the trains from southern Mexico bound for the United States. Aaron Bobrow-Strain Aaron Bobrow-Strain is a professor of politics at Whitman College, where he teaches courses dealing with food, immigration, and the U.

He is the author of "White His writing and translations have been featured She has taught fiction, non-fiction Join them for a conversation about their most recent books and how their experiences mirror one another. Moderators Terria Smith Terria Smith is an enrolled tribal member of the Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians who received a graduate degree in journalism from the University of California-Berkeley in the spring of She earned her bachelors degree from Humboldt State University in Terria has She is also an award-winning freelance essayist and journalist, having He earned a bachelor's His most Moderators Regan McMahon Regan has been reviewing children's books for more than a decade.

A journalist and former book editor for the San Francisco Chronicle, she cites as one of her toughest assignments having to read and review the page "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" on deadline in 48 hours Kekla Magoon Kekla Magoon grew up in Indiana but wanted to see the rest of the world. Now she travels all over the country meeting young readers and sharing her books, which include "The Rock and the River," "Camo Girl," "Shadows of Sherwood" The Robyn Hoodlum Adventures series , and most recently Janet Tashjian Janet Tashjian is a middle-grade and young adult novelist who's been writing books for children for over two decades.

Blas Falconer, Reading from "Forgive the Body This Failure" Award-winning poet and editor Blas Falconer presents selections from his newest collection on loss and impermanence. I See Hawks in L. Speakers I See Hawks in L. Pleasure as Antidote to Adversity—Relating in Today's World: A Somatic, Storytelling Experience This somatic storytelling experience will offer attendees ways to access pleasure as a means to stay sane in today's adverse and high stress world. This is an interactive dialogue between two women on how we can reclaim our bodies, breath and pleasure. We will personally explore the viewpoint of a Black woman, and the viewpoint of a white mother of Black daughters, and the adversities surrounding both of these experiences.

We will go into the personal places where the intersectionality of race, sexuality and gender are most intense, and discover ways to work with this intensity. Speakers Brittany Ballard Brittany Ballard is a writer, filmmaker, podcaster, lyricist and mother. She invites you to read, listen and watch her latest work at www. Kamali Minter Kamali is a unique blend of relationship coach, sensual embodiment teacher, and mutli-disciplinary artist. She's passionate about helping people restore connection where it has gone missing.

Both in their relationships and their bodies. She offers this transformation through simple As a public television and radio broadcaster, she has won six Emmys and a dozen Golden Mike awards. Her most His latest book of nonfiction, "Lessons Join these authors for a discussion of how to grapple with family drama on the page. Moderators Diana Wagman Diana Wagman is the author of five adult novels and one young adult and numerous short stories, essays and reviews. She lives in Laramie, Wyoming. She translated poetry and prose for "Night Wraps the Sky: Writings by and about Boyle for inclusion in "Best American Short Stories Klinger, Josh Malerman and Paul Tremblay for a conversation about their most recent chilling suspense novels.

Moderators Leslie S. Klinger Leslie S. Klinger is considered to be one of the world's foremost authorities on Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, H. Lovecraft, Frankenstein, and the history of mystery and horror fiction. Join them for a discussion of their most recent books. She's the founder of IceyDesigns, where she creates websites for authors and beauteous goodies for everyone else. When she's not writing, she can be found dreaming up her next design, deciding between Assassin's Creed and Skyrim Marissa Kennerson Marissa Kennerson received her B.

Before earning her master's degree in psychology and art therapy, she worked for Wired and Glamour. She's the author of the YA cult-suspense novel, "The Family," which she did She grew up in the Washington, DC, suburbs on the Maryland side and spent most She was born in a small city somewhere in Connecticut and currently resides in Irvine, California Jennifer Nielsen Jennifer A.

Roth and her husband live in Chicago. Using the company's core tech, a proprietary system called MASS, up to audience members are able to see and hear amazing content — as well as one another — from a unique point-of-view within a shared virtual environment. Inspired by a future that blurs the lines between theater, film, and interactive entertainment, Parallux's ultimate goal is to help people experience new worlds together in a powerfully immersive and social way.

His experience across the worlds of business, entertainment, and interactive media comes from a background supporting early-stage startups, working in They also connect us and create new hybrid cultures in ways that were never imagined even a decade ago. But how much is too much? And what is the cost? This extensive and esteemed panel will discuss our relationships with our beloved digital devices, including ethical implications and issues with addiction. He serves on the advisory board for the Center for Muslim-Jewish Engagement and is the Ali Abbas Ali E.


Julie Albright Dr. Julie Albright is a sociologist specializing in digital culture and communications and is currently a lecturer in the departments of Applied Psychology and Engineering at USC. She is also a sought after keynote speaker for her insights, and has given talks for major data center Craig is also a veteran media producer and executive nominated for many Emmy Awards and responsible for over thirty critically-acclaimed Join these esteemed scientists and journalists in a conversation about the building blocks of life and the future of our planet.

Previously she was editor-in-chief of Zocalo Public Square, a ideas journalism and events nonprofit, where she also served for a time Vince has reported from over countries, states, provinces, kingdoms, occupied territories, liberated areas, no man's lands and disaster zones. He has exposed conditions in California's harshest prisons, trained She lives in Appleton, Wisconsin. Rose George Rose George is an author and journalist. Her last two books have inspired two TED talks, delivered in Long Beach and Singapore, which have had nearly three million views between them She has also written about slave labor, sexual exploitation, and abuse of power Moderators Steve Clow.

Previously, she worked as the health reporter at the Oklahoman. For her fellowship project, she explored the barriers that low-income Soumya Karlamangla Soumya Karlamangla covers health care in California. She was part of the team of reporters awarded the Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the San Bernardino terrorist attack. She is a military brat who calls Germany home and is a graduate of the University of Arizona.

Jos Charles, Reading from "feeld" Celebrated poet Jos Charles reads selections from her newest collection on the circuitry of gender and speech. Unsent - Personal Storytelling and Podcast A live show and podcast where brave souls get on the mic to share emails and texts they wrote but never sent. Have something you need to get off your chest? Audience members will have a chance to get on the mic too! Special guest readers to be announced. Speakers Nancy Witt. Tamika Butler Tamika L. Butler, Esq. Salvador Benavides Salvador is an award-winning actor and can be seen in commercials, independent films and on TV.

Erica Dawson Erica loves to bring joy and light wherever she can. Jadah values evidence-based, quality care, that is collaborative, compassionate and shared with love. Jadah supports families during the prenatal period by providing Lisa Daron Grossman Lisa Daron Grossman is a coach, positive psychology practitioner, and founder of The Connection Cure, a cross-country human connection project that is exploring the power and impact of face to face engagement in every state across the U. Booth Tarkington, The Two Vanrevels. Henry van Dyke, The Blue Flower. Jane Addams, Democracy and Social Ethics.

William James, Varieties of Religious Experience. Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness. Cooley, Human Nature and Social Order. Vladimir Lenin, What is to be Done? Henry James, The Wings of the Dove. Thomas Nelson Page, Gordon Keith. Frank Norris, The Pit. Alice Hegan Rice, Lovey Mary. Alice Hegan Rice, Mrs. Thomas Dixon Jr. John Dewey, Studies in Logical Theory. Jack London, Call of the Wild. Bertrand Russell, Principles of Mathematics.

Moore, Principia Ethica. Winston Churchill, The Crossing. Ellen Glasgow, The Deliverance. Miriam Michelson, In the Bishop's Carriage. Mary Johnston, Sir Mortimer. John Fox Jr. Henry Harland, My Friend Prospero. Henry James, The Golden Bowl. Henry Adams, Mt. Michel and Chartres. Thorstein Veblen, Theory of Business Enterprise. Alice Hegan Rice, Sandy. Robert Hichens, The Garden of Allah. George Barr McCutcheon, Nedra. Katherine Cecil Thurston, The Gambler. Katherine Cecil Thurston, The Masquerader. Edith Wharton, The House of Mirth. Williamson, The Princess Passes. Lincoln Steffens, Shame of the Cities.

Thomas Dixon, Jr. Winston Churchill, Coniston. Owen Wister, Lady Baltimore. Robert W. Chambers, The Fighting Chance. Upton Sinclair, The Jungle. Rex Beach, The Spoilers. Edith Wharton, The House of Mirth,. Ellen Glasgow, The Wheel of Life. William Graham Sumner, Folkways. George Santayana, The Life of Reason. Frances Little, The Lady of the Decoration. Gilbert Parker, The Weavers. Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Shuttle. Louis J. Vance, The Brass Bowl. Hallie Erminie Rives, Satan Sanderson. Chambers, The Younger Set.

Ralph Connor, The Doctor. Critically Acclaimed and Historically Significant. William James, Pragmatism. Walter Rauschenbusch, Christianity and the Social Crisis. Henry James, The American Scene. Simon Patten, New Basis for Civilization. The Education of Henry Adams privately published. Winston Churchill, Mr. Crewe's Career. Rex Beach, The Barrier. Hopkinson Smith, Peter. Mary Johnston, Lewis Rand. Vance, The Black Bag. Arthur Bentley, Process of Government. Vladimir Lenin, Materialism and Empirico-Criticism. Graham Wallas, Human Nature and Politics.

Forster, A Room with a View. Basil King, The Inner Shrine. Elinor Macartney Lane, Katrine. Rex Beach, The Silver Horde. Emerson Hough, or Fight. William James, A Pluralistic Universe. Florence Barclay, The Rosary. Winston Churchill, A Modern Chronicle. Basil King, The Wild Olive. Katherine Cecil Thurston, Max.

William J. Locke, Simon the Jester. Williamson , Lord Loveland Discovers America. Eleanor Abbott, Molly Make-Believe. Sigmund Freud, Origins and Development of Psychoanalysis. Forster, Howards End. Jeffrey Farnol, The Broad Highway,. Vaughan Kester, The Prodigal Judge. Henry Sydnor Harrison, Queed. Gene Stratton Porter, The Harvester. Margaret Deland, The Iron Woman. Mary Johnston, The Long Roll. Chambers, The Common Law. Taylor, Principles of Scientific Management. Max Beerbohm, Zuleika Dobson. Harold Bell Wright, Their Yesterdays. Meredith Nicholson, A Hoosier Chronicle.

Vaughan Kester, The Just and the Unjust. Rex Beach, The Net. Anne Douglas Sedgwick, Tante. Breckenridge Ellis, Fran. Maria Montessori, The Montessori Method. Mary Antin, The Promised Land. Ezra Pound, Ripostes. Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan of the Apes. James Bryce, South America.

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  • Eugene Brieux, Three Plays. Arnold Bennett, Your United States. Henri Bergson, Creative Evolution. Olive Schreiner, Woman and Labor. Albert Bigelow Paine, Mark Twain. Winston Churchill, The Inside of the Cup. Henry Sydnor Harrison, V. Gene Stratton Porter, Laddie. Jeffrey Farnol, The Amateur Gentleman. Eleanor H.

    Porter, Pollyanna. Frances Hodgson Burnett, T. Lawrence, Sons and Lovers. Marcel Proust, Swann's Way Engl. Walter Lippmann, A Preface to Politics. Josiah Royce, The Problem of Christianity. Nonfiction Bestsellers. Gerald Stanley Lee, Crowds. Price Collier, Germany and the Germans. Harry A. Franck, Zone Policeman Woodrow Wilson, The New Freedom. Milton C. Work, Auction Bridge To-Day. Hugo Munsterberg, Psychology and Industrial Efficiency. Owen Johnson The Salamander.

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