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After Su excelencia , Cantinflas began to appear in a series of very low-budget comedies directed by Miguel M. Delgado , which were produced by his own company "Cantinflas Films". These films lasted until El Barrendero , in Like Charlie Chaplin , Cantinflas was a social satirist. He played el pelado , an impoverished Everyman, with hopes to succeed. With mutual admiration, Cantinflas was influenced by Chaplin's earlier films and ideology.

Cantinflas' films, to this day, still generate revenue for Columbia Pictures. Among the things that endeared him to his public was his comic use of language in his films; his characters all of which were really variations of the main "Cantinflas" persona but cast in different social roles and circumstances would strike up a normal conversation and then complicate it to the point where no one understood what they were talking about.

The Cantinflas character was particularly adept at obfuscating the conversation when he owed somebody money, was courting an attractive young woman, or was trying to talk his way out of trouble with authorities, whom he managed to humiliate without their even being able to tell. Cantinflas' style and the content of his films have led scholars to conclude that he influenced the many teatros that spread the message of the Chicano Movement during the ss in the United States, the most important of which was El Teatro Campesino. The teatro movement was an important part of the cultural renaissance that was the social counterpart of the political movement for the civil rights of Mexican Americans.

Cantinflas' use of social themes and style is seen as a precursor to Chicano theater. A cartoon series, the Cantinflas Show , was made in starring an animated Cantinflas. The show was targeted for children and was intended to be educational. Although Cantinflas never achieved the same success in the United States as in Mexico, he was honored with a motion pictures star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at Hollywood Boulevard. The Mario Moreno "Cantinflas" Award is handed out annually for entertainers who "represent the Latino community with the same humor and distinction as the legendary Mario Moreno "Cantinflas" and who, like Cantinflas, utilizes his power to help those most in need".

On August 12, , the Google Doodle paid homage to Cantinflas on his th birth anniversary. Moreno's life is the subject of the biographical film Cantinflas , directed by Sebastian del Amo. Cantinflas is sometimes seen as a Mexican Groucho Marx character, one who uses his skill with words to puncture the pretensions of the wealthy and powerful, the police and the government, with the difference that he strongly supported democracy.

Historian and author of Cantinflas and the Chaos of Mexican Modernity , writes, "Cantinflas symbolized the underdog who triumphed through trickery over more powerful opponents" and presents Cantinflas as a self-image of a transitional Mexico. Gregorio Luke , executive director of the Museum of Latin American Art said, "To understand Cantinflas is to understand what happened in Mexico during the last century".

Particularly in the film El analfabeto , The Illiterate , "Cantinflas is the illiterate who takes control of the language by whatever means he can". In his biography of the comic, scholar of Mexican culture Jeffrey M. Pilcher views Cantinflas as a metaphor for "the chaos of Mexican modernity", a modernity that was just out of reach for the majority of Mexicans: "His nonsense language eloquently expressed the contradictions of modernity as 'the palpitating moment of everything that wants to be that which it cannot be'.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mexican comic film actor, producer, and screenwriter. For other people named Mario Moreno, see Mario Moreno disambiguation. This article is about the actor. For the film, see Cantinflas film. This article uses Spanish naming customs : the first or paternal family name is Moreno and the second or maternal family name is Reyes.

Mexico City , Mexico.

Museo de Arte Popular

Valentina Ivanova m. Aldama; Peter J. Garcia Retrieved 18 October Retrieved 9 February The riddle of Cantinflas: Essays on Hispanic popular culture , 1st ed. Retrieved 17 August Archived from the original on 17 January Retrieved 11 December La Jornada in Spanish.

Archived from the original on 12 March Univision in Spanish. Archived from the original on 13 November Archived from the original PDF on 18 December Retrieved 28 January Retrieved 14 February Somo magazine. Archived from the original on 8 February Dallas Observer. Archived from the original on 15 April Retrieved 27 January Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Archived from the original on 1 September Retrieved 11 February Archived from the original on 23 February Retrieved 29 January Retrieved 12 August Archived from the original on 24 October Retrieved 29 August Archived from the original on 17 October Historia documental del cine mexicano: — Universidad de Guadalajara.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Golden Globe Hollywood Walk of Fame. Cinema of the United States. Around the World in 80 Days. Cinema of Mexico. Heads or Tails. A heavy rain pounds the humble dwelling of the family of nine-year-old Luis.

Water enters the house, which is located in a tropical area of Veracruz, while Luis plays the violin without flinching. However, the tragedy is inevitable: the river overflows. This is an emotional story about the healing power of music. Jordi Mariscal Mexico, He has worked in the field of 2D animation and illustration, and founded with his friends the animation studio Llamarada de Petate.

Cristeros and Federals In , during the Cristero War, Ranulfo, captain of the Cristero army, holds a federal soldier prisoner and tortures him. He threatens him while carving a wood chip into the form of a cross. Meanwhile, Eugenio, captain of the federal army, mocks the faith of a group of Cristero peasants who are weak but not defenseless. Sus documentales se han presentado en salas de cine, festivales mexicanos e internacionales y en la TV Latinoamericana.

Isabel Cristina Fregoso Yucatan, Mexico, Her documentaries have been shown in movie theaters, Mexican and international film festivals and Latin American television. Although the engraving press starts to work, this is not a normal day: his engravings come to life as nightfall descends and the door opens loudly. His prints want to take him away. Cecilio Vargas Torres Aguascalientes, Mexico, He began as a self-taught animator in He studied acting, and currently works in stage and visual arts.

He created and runs El Bigote de Chaplin, an animation and theater studio. He has exchanged all his money and only has a few coins left, not enough even to buy a sandwich. Among his coins, he finds a telephone token which he may never use; but… he thinks of a way to use it…. Rosa, a domestic worker in Mexico City, is at a crossroads in her relationship, her job and her life.

Sus cortometrajes y su opera prima, 3 Americas, han participado en varios festivales internacionales de cine. Her shorts and directorial debut, 3 Americas, have participated in several international film festivals. Ambas se encuentran en medio del camino y reconocen, a lo largo de una noche, aquello que las une. Un canario, un cerdo y una tortuga dan un testimonial de lo que desean y buscan ser. A pesar de ser algo que ya esta escrito, pueden ser lo que ellos quieran y cambiar su papel.

In Still Waters Ana is running away from her hometown while Mar, an old acquaintance of hers, is coming back after a long absence. During the night, they address their fears and discover that still waters run deep. Astrid Rondero Mexico City, Once Upon a Time Characters from various fables are not what you would expect them to be. A canary, a pig and a turtle state their own hopes and dreams. Despite being in stories that are already written, they choose to be whatever they want to be and change the parts they are supposed to play.

Actualmente es director creativo en Muv Experimento S. Eskimal and Morsa work together to preserve the Great Glacier, which faces an imminent catastrophe brought on by the industrialized world. He has participated in the production of short animated films and has collaborated with the CCC film school. A man meets the woman of his dreams. With a little bit of tango, he will try the impossible to seduce her. Dawn, oil tankers, majestic views, hallways and foreboding music. A simple walk comes to a sinister end.

The farewell gets to be very complicated when the other one tries to convince him to accept himself as he is and to stay together. Egresado del TEC de Monterrey. Trabaja como guionista en The Visualistas. Carlos Algara Mexico City, He learned filmmaking while helping his brother Amat in several short films. He started taking it seriously when he was a casting director and then camera assistant in Sangre He later worked as a co-screenwriter in Los Bastardos Sergio Tovar Velarde Nayarit, Mexico, His films have been selected by more than 70 festivals, and have won several awards.

Fourteen-year-old Alex decides to undertake a few tasks during the summer: start a new rock band, win over the girl he likes, and organize his first concert. At the same time, he realizes his grandmother is becoming more dependent on others and that now he will have to be in charge of the household.

Egresado de la carrera de Artes Audiovisuales de la Universidad de Guadalajara. En fue becario del Fondo Estatal para la Cultura y las Artes. He graduated in audiovisual arts at the University of Guadalajara. In he received a scholarship from the Fondo Estatal para la Cultural y las Artes. El mensajero Se hace de noche y a Feliciano lo esperan dos soldados para arrestarlo.

Los soldados deciden asegurarse de que es marihuana y por una noche todo es jolgorio. The Messenger At nightfall, a couple of soldiers wait for Feliciano to take him prisoner. When he arrives home, the soldiers search him and find a pouch of pot. Es activista en las luchas socio ambientales de su natal estado de Morelos. Francesco Taboada Tabone Morelos, Mexico, He is a filmmaker who is mainly dedicated to preserving the oral memory through filmmaking. He has received over 30 international awards, and is an activist in the socio-environmental struggles in his native state of Morelos. The Mime and the Black Butterfly Marcelo finds himself at the doors of the underworld, where he will attempt to teach death how to laugh in exchange for a second chance at life.

Es un cineasta mexicano graduado de la Universidad Concordia, en Montreal, Quebec. He graduated from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. A strange humanoid wakes up abandoned on a great rock in the middle of the ocean. Without shelter or food, he must come to terms with the very purpose of his life and the great mystery that sustains his species. Aura, sobrina de Consuelo, lo hechiza con su encantadora belleza.

Little does he know of the strained relationship between the two women and the author of the documents currently in his grasp. He studied art from to , during which time he focused mainly on illustration and animation. He has worked as a photographer, editor, cameraman, special effects artist, illustrator and cartoonist. She studied art from to , during which time she focused mainly on illustration and animation. She has worked as a graphic designer and is currently an independent illustrator. Corta su cabello y frente a un espejo elige un nuevo nombre: Emma.

Entonces comienza a manufacturar una nueva vida. El aburrimiento y la rutina diaria han llevado a Carlos a perder el sentido de la vida. Una desconocida llega inesperadamente a su mundo, para darle un poco de color a sus noches. Rendition Circumstances in the day in the life of a woman will lead her to the breaking point, where she will find herself forced to make a decision that will put her own integrity to the test.

She worked as an assistant director in various projects, during and after her university studies. A woman. A loss. A ritual. In and , he made short films and video-clips. The Other Emma Overwhelmed by fury and delight, a woman burns her clothes, her photographs and her souvenirs. She cuts her hair short, and in front of a mirror, chooses a new name: Emma. From now on, she fabricates a new life for herself.

Jhasua A. Camarena Guadalajara, Mexico, He studied audiovisual arts at the Universidad de Guadalajara. He is a video photographer and director. Lost for Antonia Life has not meaning for Carlos who is bored with the routine of his daytime job. An unknown woman enters his world unexpectedly, bringing a little fun to his nights. He studied communication at the Universidad Iberoamericana from to and also took courses in film during his university studies.

He is currently working on audiovisual content for television and alternative media. The Fisherman On the Day of the Dead, Leni, an old fisherman, uses photographs to fish his best memories out at sea. Realiza su primer cortometraje como directora en Samantha Pineda Sierra Mexico, She completed her first short as a director in After making a documentary in Cuba and finishing her film studies in England, she traveled to Sydney, Australia, where she worked with director Davy Giorgi to create The Dream Factory.

But such encounters are not always fortuitous — especially when the ghost of an ideal and unreachable love appears. Dominique Jonard Francia, Ha sido miembro del Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte. Dominique Jonard France, He has lived in Mexico since He has been a member of the Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte. The Princess and the Snail A little girl lives in her own fantasy world to escape the harsh reality which an older woman who takes care of her subjects her to.

Bernardo Rugama Mexico City, Black Doll Prisoners, two sisters share their lives in a foreign land. The everyday and curiosity will lead Prita to turn to the limits of the safe zone. She studied audiovisual arts at the Universidad de Guadalajara. She has worked in the areas of animation and art direction. With Fuera de Control, her second project, she participated in festivals such as Sitges, Sundance and Annecy, among others, and was nominated for an Ariel in Mientras espera a su novia en la calle, un hombre observa su reflejo en un espejo.

Gregorio, un joven enfermo, se mantiene aislado en los espacios atemporales de una vieja casa. He stares at his reflection in a mirror and sees himself as a woman. He must decide whether to deny his true self or accept his sexuality and his new role in society.

He studied graphic design at the Universidad Anahuac del Sur and animation at the Escuela de Trazos in Madrid in Since , he has worked at Anima Estudios as a Storyboard, creative and animation artist. Anonymous Portrait Gregorio, a sick young man, isolates himself in an old house. The unexpected presence of death will force him to choose between living his life in solitude or conquering his fears and setting himself free. Actualmente produce el documental Historia de una Banda. Paola Chaurand Jalisco, Mexico, She earned a degree in audiovisual and academic arts at the Universidad de Guadalajara.

She is currently producing the documentary Historia de una Banda. Nuria Menchaca Francia, Nuria Menchaca France, She has participated in festivals, including Animasivo 3, where she won first prize, Animasivo 2, and CutouFest Daniel Ulacia Mexico City, The Neighbor This is a story of Daniela, a girl who moves to a big city where she meets Nayeli, a strange woman who has terrorized her neighbors with her strange cries at midnight.

It will not take long before Daniela understands the reason for this behavior. Rogelio Ortega Mexico City, He is a producer and director. He received his initial training in the areas of editing and post-production. He has produced, directed and created over 20 documentaries and fiction shorts, as well as video clips, both independently and for Mexican cultural television. He works in graphics, painting, ceramic sculptures and has recently turned to experimental animation. He has had over 50 exhibits in Mexico and abroad. This short film will be presented out of competition. Gale A few days before, after a harsh revelation, Mariana and Antonio reached an agreement to avoid an imminent separation.

It seems he has not kept his part of the agreement. That night, she goes to his apartment to demand an explanation. He has worked in photography and production design for full-length feature films, short films and stage plays. Hugo, un joven del pueblo, ve en las noticias lo que ocurre en Venecia con el Acqua Alta, donde la gente construye puentes de madera provisionales para poder transitar, y decide hacer lo mismo en San Marcos.

Hugo, a young guy in town, watches the news about what is happening with the Acqua Alta in Venice, where people built temporary wooden bridges to travel from one place to another. Hugo decides to do the same in San Marcos. This short film celebrates Mexican bicentennial festivities with a cultural offering based on animated stories that focus on the rich creativity of Mexican literature, pictorial art and music.

As an adult, he decides not only to denounce his aggressor, but also to find him and confront him. This is a story about the courage and dignity of a man whose childhood was shattered by this reprehensible act. He is currently studying screenwriting with Beatriz Novaro. Emilio Belin Sandoval Mexico, He studied visual arts at the Universidad Veracruzana between and He moved to Mexico City and worked in electronic music production for several years before entering the CUEC-UNAM film school in where he is currently completing his last year of studies.

Cienegadocs S. El gran temor de la guerra en El Salvador. He directed and photographed several documentary series for the Discovery Channel, and created the documentary segments for Backyard: el traspatio. He won the Silver Ariel for Best Cinematography in The Boundary Experimental documentary about the mimetic nature of film and the digital transformation of the media. The Day of the Dead ritual in the Zapotec valley of Oaxaca serves as a framework for activating the mysterious potential of the moving image.

Su trabajo se ha mostrado en una gran cantidad de festivales, foros y museos alrededor del mundo. Bruno Varela Mexico, is an audiovisual artist and musician. His work has been shown in a number of festivals, forums, and museums around the world. El comandante Almeida ha muerto. El tiempo pasa.

A waiter, a preacher, a boxer, a madman? It has been half a century since the Cuban Revolution. Commander Almeida is dead. Time goes by. Meanwhile, Argelia and Lazaro make coffee and simply keep each other company, day after day, waiting for death. Talia G.

Aach Mexico, In addition to her academic work, she has developed several film projects. Diego Graue Mexico, He studied media and film at the University of Deakin in Melbourne, Australia Upon his return to Mexico, he worked for a year at the Celuloide Films production company, and is co-founder of Filmaciones de la Ciudad. Co-fundador de Filmaciones de la Ciudad en Raymundo Marmolejo Mexico, He worked at the Celuloide Films production company, and is co-founder of Filmaciones de la Ciudad Es la historia de tres mujeres que viven en el campo.

Es una historia de anhelos y de una vida sencilla. This is a story of three women who live a very simple life in the countryside. It is a family portrait that brings us close to that connection between human beings and nature. Estela es su opera prima. Martha Uc Mexico, Since , she has worked as an assistant director in several documentaries, including Those Who Remain, Presumed Guilty, Vuelve a la vida and. Estela is her film debut. This is a portrait of the relationship between the migrant worker of northern Mexico and the agriculture fields of the southern California desert.

Putting the live narration and interviews aside, this documentary helps viewers form their own impressions on migrant laborers and the industry that employs them. Daniel Rosas Mexico, He was born and raised along the northern border of Mexico. He studied cinematography in Madrid, and film and television production in San Diego, California.

This documentary presents the current panorama and everyday life of northeast Mexico and southern Texas. It is a search to find the identity of a region where a river divides the first and third world of an entire continent. Three years in the life of Ana Maria Torres, alias The Warrior — her struggle to make her dream of becoming world champion come true. An intimate and richly nuanced portrait of this character who fights in and out of the ring, defending the honor of her nickname. Paulina del Paso Reino Unido, Sus trabajos han sido exhibidos en diferentes festivales y exposiciones, tanto nacionales como internacionales.

He studied cinematography at the CCC film school He is currently making a documentary about people affected by the violence in Mexico. Paulina del Paso United Kingdom, She is a visual artist who works in documentary, video and still photography. She graduated from the CCC film school, and her films have been shown in different national and international festivals and exhibits.

It is also a story of reality versus fantasy, love and madness, fiction and non-fiction. It is the story of a man who lived in a shoe for many years, and a woman who accompanied him, once upon a time. Stephane Goldsand Mexico, Lessons for a War This is a film about the resistance of a people who are preparing to defend themselves against an impending war. A celebration of hope represented by a community that will not give up. It is a story about an annihilated town that re-emerges through the strength and deep love of its inhabitants for the land and the people.

Tatiana Huezo El Salvador, Egresada del CCC. Ha sido becaria del Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, y obtuvo una beca para estudiar en el extranjero. Director and photographer. The Tiniest Place is her first feature film. The Mexican Suitcase traces the journey of the negatives and the complexity of understanding the past in Spain today.

Trisha Ziff Reino Unido, Es becaria de la Guggenheim. Trisha Ziff United Kingdom, Born in England, naturalized Mexican in ; she is a curator, a writer on photography, and recently has begun to work in film. She is a Guggenheim scholar. Requiem for Eternity In August , after having some medical tests, I was diagnosed with bone cancer. This film is based on my memories of those days. He also studied visual communication design at the ENAP , where he majored in experimental photography.

Tiene 12 reconocimientos por producciones. Roberto Olivares Ruiz Mexico, He studied social communication at the Universidad Iberoamericana, and has worked for 15 years in television and video production, especially in indigenous communities. Rivers of Men The legend, the details and the lie behind the war over water waged in Bolivia. An exploration of the lost relationship between man and water, and the lost relationship of man with himself. Jonathan D. Amith EUA, Amith USA, He received a Ph.

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Tin Dirdamal Mexico, Rivers of Men took seven years to make. Roberto trata de conseguir una entrevista con su abuela acerca del secreto familiar. En la familia hay dos miembros de los que nadie puede hablar y todas sus fotos han sido tachadas. The Erased Roberto tries to interview his grandmother about the family secret. There are two members in the family who no one is allowed to talk about and all their photos have been crossed out.

In a town nestled in the mountains of the State of Puebla, the community elects their local queen to represent them for a year. They choose a young woman from a good family, with a good reputation and liked by the locals. Who did they choose this year and why? What does her reign actually mean?


Roberto Duarte Mexico, He was born in Mexico, but has been living in Sweden for the past 10 years. Maya Goded Mexico, She is a Mexican photographer who explores themes such as woman, inequality, transgression, the body, sex, taboos, maternity, childhood, and aging. Un retrato inquietante y profundo de la violencia. The Night Watchman El Velador follows Martin, a cemetery night watchman as he keeps vigil over several extraordinary mausoleums at a cemetery in Sinaloa state.

A film about violence without violence. Natalia Almada Mexico, Her films have screened at various international festivals and at the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim Museum and the Whitney Biennial. A man and a woman have a strange encounter. She disappears from his sight. He will do anything in his power to find her again and see if they are destined to be together.

But destiny has its own way of working. A Missed Connection es su primer cortometraje filmado en 16mm como director. Jorge Ojeda Mexico, He has worked as a documentary video director and a cinematographer in 16mm. A Missed Connection is his first 16mm short film as a director. Morelia, cuna de revolucionarios, padres de artesanos y campesinos que hoy luchan contra la pobreza.

Its pre-Columbian legacy clashes with the changes brought about by globalization. Morelia is the birthplace of revolutionaries, the forefathers of craftsmen and peasants who continue the struggle against poverty today. Holds a doctorate degree in cultural studies France. De Matrix— and has another one forthcoming.

She has published several articles in international publications about cinema, literature and art in France, Spain, Costa Rica and Panama. Fue seleccionado en Cine Qua Non Lab. Actualmente realiza proyectos independientes. Studied at the Escuela de Cine de Eliseo Subiela.

He has participated in more than 20 projects and was selected for the Cine Qua Non Lab. He currently works on independent projects. Van emocionados y llevan regalos, en el trayecto platican sobre un libro vaquero que entre los dos planean escribir y dibujar. Esta historia se va entretejiendo con el trayecto de ellos. They are excited and they bring presents with them. Along the way, they discuss a comic book they plan to write and illustrate. The fictional account they create becomes interwoven with their own reality.

Cuanajillo es una comunidad que se encuentra a treinta minutos de la cuidad de Morelia. Cuanajillo tiene la esperanza de cavar un pozo y encontrar agua. It has suffered from a shortage of water for many years; even in recent times the residents continue to carry water from dams they built themselves. Today they hope to dig a well and find water. Diego Flores Contreras Mexico, Began his career in different cultural activities in Morelia, including painting and photography. He later worked in various productions in Mexico City. He is currently completing his studies in film directing in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He decides to return it to the owner in hopes the attractive girl will fall in love with him. Four Mexicans and one German, and five wind instruments. This documentary captures the chemistry that develops between the musicians. It reveals that special something they offer the audience, which is not only music. All this is filmed during two days of festivities and music in the city of Morelia. Francisco Fuentes Mexico, Studied film production at the Vancouver Film School. He has worked in different areas of production, including directing, editing and cinematography. Estudiante de la Licenciatura en Arte Digital.

Pat Mier Mexico, Studying Ditigal Art. She is interested in telling stories through audiovisual media. Roger Silias Mexico, Studies digital art at the Tec de Monterrey. One of his great interests is photography. Monarch A little boy meets a mysterious old man while fishing in the river. When he follows him, the boy discovers that the man is also a magical being who guides the Monarch butterflies in their unflagging life cycle.

La Ciudad de México en el Tiempo: Locaciones de Cine Mexicano

Arturo Tornero Aceves Guadalajara, Mexico, He works in animation, production design and posproduction. He has collaborated in several independent and commercial film projects. As a director, he has made various animation short films which have been awarded in different national competitions. He has worked in 3D animation and 2D animation, and participated in a number of Mexican animation short films. The life of compulsive Ramona is turned upside down when she finds out, after a long search, that Osvaldo, her only son, has died.

Fecha de caducidad es su opera prima. She is a graduate of the screenwriting program at the CCC film school. She directed four editions of the Guadalajara International Film Festival Expiration Date is her feature film debut. El lenguaje de los machetes Ray y Ramona son una pareja joven. Odian la injusticia del contexto social del que forman parte. Machete Language Ray and Ramona are a young couple. They hate the injustices of the social context in which they live.

From their respective niches, they try to fight for a more just world. Ray fails in his rebellion and drags Ramona into a downward spiral that culminates in an act of poetic terrorism. El lenguaje de los machetes es su opera prima. He has worked as an executive producer in various films, including Cochochi and Voya-explotar. Machete Language is his feature film debut. El viejo camina las calles de la ciudad, la vida transcurre cotidianamente. Recuerdos aquejan al hombre, la culpabilidad lo conduce, el dolor toma forma.

An old man walks the streets of the city as life goes on as usual.

Alexandre Arrechea

He is consumed by his memories, and the feelings of guilt and pain they provoke. He keeps walking until he reaches the end of his journey, while life continues its own strange course. Sus cortometrajes se han proyectado y ganado premios en varios festivales internacionales. Malaventura es su opera prima. Michel Lipkes Leduc Mexico, He studied at the CCC film school His award-winning short films have screened at various international film festivals. Malaventura is his feature film debut. This address takes her on a monumental quest through every street bearing that name; she has the chance to explore the tiny universe behind each number 37 and create an experience of inhabiting Mexico City.

Hatuey Viveros Mexico City, Began studying law before going into photography. He currently works as a director and director of photography. See you, Dad is her feature film debut. Little by little her family becomes aware that something is not right with her and tries to take her away from her home and her memories. But Pilar will find a way to return.

Artificial Paradises Artificial Paradises is about the encounter between Luisa and Salomon, who discover that by consuming drugs they can break free from their own reality. Yulene Olaizola Mexico City, Artificial Paradises is her feature film debut. Su madre le ha pedido que no repita en la escuela lo que escucha en casa. Le explica que de su silencio depende la vida de la familia. The life of her family depends on her silence. But what exactly must she keep silent about? Ceci asks herself: what should she say? What should she really believe and do in order to deserve the love of her mother and others?

Paula Markovitch Buenos Aires, Argentina, El premio es su opera prima. She studied film and television at the National University in Cordoba, Argentina, and taught dramaturgy for minimalist cinema in a workshop and screenwriting at the CCC film school. The Prize is her feature film debut. The Dream of Lu After an attempted suicide, Lucia reassesses her life in order to move on. Facing the grief over the loss of her son, she discovers new bonds of friendship and small miracles.

An encounter and an unexpected journey will help her find her place in life and understand that eternity is contained in an instant. Hari Sama Mexico City, He graduated from the CCC film school. His first feature film, Sin ton ni Sonia screened in numerous national and international film festivals, and his short films, Tiene la tarde ojos and La cola entre las patas, have won numerous international prizes.

The Last Christeros At the end of the s, a small group of men refuse to accept amnesty and decide to continue their fight against religious persecution. This is the courageous story of these soldiers of Christ, who carry out their struggle with little food and ammunition, against an arid and rugged landscape. Egresado del CCC en , es uno de los fundadores de la casa productora de cine independiente Axolote Cine. He graduated from the CCC film school in , and is one of the founders of Axolote Cine, an independent film production company. Arturo Ripstein es considerado uno de los grandes maestros en la historia del cine mexicano.

Curiosamente su muerte acerca al marido cornudo y al amante esquivo. One day, the same awful day that her distant lover leaves her, her credit card is cancelled for non-payment in the past few months. Curiously, her death brings her deceived husband and elusive lover together. His feature film debut represented a challenge to the conservative structure of the Mexican industry at the time.

Today he is recognized as one of the most important filmmakers still working in Mexico. Cerrada de Holbein 7, Col. Asimismo ha sido objeto de reconocimientos y homenajes por su trayectoria en Trieste, Toulouse y Chicago. He is one of the most important contemporary Mexican actors, appearing in more than 60 films and various theater and television productions.

The Morelia International Film Festival is honored to pay tribute to such a versatile and distinguished actor. He is well loved and esteemed by filmmakers and the public who is familiar with his work. He has also been a great friend of FICM since its first edition…. La manera en que estudia y construye a los personajes que encarna, es alucinante. Very few actors have his capacity for subtle detail. He is an extraordinary accomplice in the creative process. He is also a great friend.

En entra al CCC, donde dirige varios cortos. En produce, adapta y edita Nadie te oye: perfume de violetas, de Sistach. Aunque no tenga llamado se pasea por el set. He walks around the set, aware of the lights and the camera. He attended the CCC film school in , where he directed several short films. He collaborated in Conozco a las tres , an independent featurette directed by his wife Marisa Sistach, with whom he adapted and edited Los pasos de Ana La actitud vital de Marcos rompe con el aburrimiento y la falsedad en que vive la familia.

Sick and childless, the uncle is happy to see him. As a result of the passions this situation provokes, two crimes will be committed. He not only brought dignity and humility to the role, but more importantly a taciturn heroism. Roberto Sneider Mexico City, He worked in different areas of film production and as an assistant director. He always improves it. He is a loyal, generous, and supportive friend who is always committed to the best causes and willing to help…In short, the first title of our film describes him best: A Wonderful World: An Exemplary Man.

The terrified minister decides to declare poverty a crime to put an end to this problem once and for all. Su trabajo ha recibido numerosos reconocimientos nacionales e internacionales. Luis Estrada Mexico City, Producer, writer and director. His work has received national and international recognition. Director, guionista y productor. Bala mordida es su opera prima. Director, screenwriter and producer. He has worked as a director of documentaries, commercials and short films. Bitten Bullet is his feature film debut.

Vicente Ferraz Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Photographer, screenwriter and director, he has made short films and documentaries. Contrary to most of his former FSLN colleagues, he preferred to deny his glorious past and live anonymously as a dance teacher in neighboring Costa Rica. She began her career in Nicaragua at 20, working as a photographer for news agencies and directing documentaries about the Sandinista Revolution. For the past 15 years she has lived in Brazil where she owns a production company that specializes in international co-productions.

Ha sido nominada dos veces al premio Ariel de la Academia Mexicana de Cine y galardonada en varios festivales nacionales e internacionales. Con el barrio de San Juan de Dios como fondo, cualquier ruptura de la rutina puede ser fatal. Pina, a widow in her sixties who sells pozole, and her only son, a lazy man named Cruz, have created a monotonous life in a poor neighborhood in Guadalajara called San Juan de Dios. Any change in the routine could be deadly.

She has worked as a news producer for both radio and the written press, director and producer of shorts and feature-length films. She has been nominated twice for an Ariel by the Mexican Academy of Film Arts and Sciences and won awards at various national and international film festivals. She teaches audiovisual arts at the Universidad de Guadalajara. She was the director for four editions of the Guadalajara International Film Festival Later, as we worked together on the film, we discovered his human side and his incredibly honest vision of the world.

This is what makes the experience of working with him so extraordinary. This results in a harmony that is not limited to the written word, but rather transcends and eases the whole creative process: the first readthrough and rehearsals, the shoot and on occasion, even the postproduction stage. Date in Paradise A clandestine encounter to keep love alive. He graduated cum laude from the CCC film school. He has worked as an assistant director and editor, and has directed several successful television series.

He is presently working on several episodes for the new season of the series Capadocia. The past can return for a moment in the experience of watching a film in a movie theater. Edmundo Gabilondo.

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As part of the Centennial of the Mexican Revolution, and supported by the National Institute of Anthropology and History, the decision was made to insert these images into a dramatic structure, to digitally restore them, convert them to 35mm and then to make them into a movie.

In this film, the images themselves make up the narrative, accompanied and bolstered by musical compositions by Eduardo Gamboa, the Cinemascope 2. What makes La historia en la mirada different from other films about the Revolution is that you see the photographers of the time as they capture these historic images. Although years have gone by, Mexicans can reconnect with their past and build their future by looking into the eyes of history. Premios: Ariel a Mejor Largometraje. The film is made with moving images registered during these historical events, primarily by pioneer filmmakers, the Alva brothers, and reveals the contradictory and fearful gaze of the contemporary population.

To commemorate 80 years of sound cinema in Mexico we will present The Woman of the Port see page and Santa. After being seduced by a military officer, Santa is rejected by her family and forced to leave her quiet town for Mexico City, where she becomes a prostitute. In this decadent atmosphere, she seeks redemption in the love of a famous bullfighter and a humble blind pianist employed by the brothel.

Actor y director. Actor, director. With the arrival of sound, his marked accent led him to work in Spanish-language films made in Hollywood.

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After attempting to develop sound film production in Mexico, he returned to acting in Hollywood through the 50s. Agradecemos el invaluable apoyo de ArcelorMittal para llevar a cabo este programa.

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We would like to express our appreciation to ArcelorMittal for its generous support to this program. This year Yolanda Cruz, a filmmaker born in Cieneguilla, Oaxaca, offers a unique perspective on these peoples in a program that is based on the universality of visual language. Yolanda, who currently lives in Los Angeles, California, finds and relates the stories of indigenous communities in the United States. By telling the stories that she finds in kitchens, in the fields and on the street, Yolanda seeks to facilitate an understanding between indigenous peoples and the world.

Over the past decade, Yolanda Cruz has emerged as one of the most important chroniclers of the U. The subsequent titles in this program are all documentaries. In doing so, Santiago creates new options for those who have stayed at home. Cruz is currently working on the screenplay for her first feature-length fiction film, tentatively entitled La raya, which is a migration story about a refrigerator and a young child from Oaxaca. She has produced seven documentaries on native people in the United States and Mexico. Her work has screened to wide acclaim at film festivals and museums around the world, including the Sundance Film Festival, the Guggenheim Museum in New York, Parc de la Villette in Paris, and the National Geographic All Roads Film Project, among other museums and international film festivals.

Su marcha deja huellas profundas de abandono en su tierra y cultura. Whole villages are left empty except for the elderly and the very young, as these migrants leave their families and their culture to journey to the First World in search of jobs and a brighter future —or just any economic future at all. Mermados por el hambre y la enfermedad, llegan a la costa de Louisiana y son capturados por los nativos. Exhausted from hunger and illness, the men arrive at the coast of Lousiana and are captured by the natives. Cabeza de Vaca is forced to become the slave of a shaman.

He learns magic and healing arts and eventually earns his freedom. He begins a journey, fraught by bad weather and loneliness, but manages to find his mates. His healing powers attract the admiration of the indigenous people but repel his fellow countrymen. After eight years, Alvar and his men find a group of Spaniards building a church. En obtuvo la beca Guggenheim y desde entonces ha recibido numerosos reconocimientos internacionales por su trayectoria. He is a musician, painter, producer, director, screenwriter, photographer and documentary filmmaker. He then specialized in documentary, focusing on the indigenous world—a theme that encompasses the greater part of his filmography.

He obtained the Guggenheim fellowship in and has since received a number of international awards for his work. Presentation commemorating the 20th anniversary of its premiere. Esperemos que lo disfruten. At HSBC sustainability is fundamental to our company. For this reason we would like to share our vision with all our stakeholders and the general public. In addition to supporting environmental and social programs, we also promote culture as a way of helping the community.

We are proud to participate in the Morelia International Film Festival for the third consecutive year, sponsoring the section: Cinema Without Borders. We believe that Cinema Without Borders is a forum that will sensitize the audience to the marginalization and human rights issues that affect our society, providing a space in which directors and producers can exhibit documentaries and short films addressing these topics. In previous years, this forum has allowed us to present excellent films on the subject of immigration, an issue to which HSBC is very committed.

We are pleased to collaborate once again with the festival, a cultural event that prompts reflection on issues that are relevant to everyone. We hope you enjoy it. For years the depictions of MexicanAmericans in commercial cinema were confined to the crudest of stereotypes: steamy spitfires, explosive daggerwielding bandits, and crooning, swooning Lotharios. In this context, Zoot Suit is a key text announcing the beginnings of Chicano feature filmmaking.

Rather than striving for realism, the screen adaptation uses Brechtian devices to foster a critical position in the viewer. This modest, streetsmart drama narrates the romance between two New York City teenagers, capturing the pervasive atmosphere of tension and grief that gripped the city in the months after the terrorist attacks of September 11th. Su padre antes trabajaba de conserje en el World Trade Center. Ahora trabaja en Ground Zero limpiando el polvo y los desechos. Su madre hace lo que puede para completar los ingresos de la familia. Mientras su madre intenta mantener a la familia unida, su padre lucha para contener su rabia.

Su amistad se transforma en un romance clandestino. Lalo and Stefanie are two high-school kids living in Brooklyn. Lalo comes from a Mexican immigrant family that struggles financially. His father, formerly a janitor at the World Trade Center, now works at Ground Zero cleaning up debris while his mother tries to make ends meet. While her mother tries to hold the family together, her father is overwhelmed by the loss and cannot control his anger.

In the midst of their family turmoil and exactly one month after the WTC attacks, Lalo and Stefanie meet at a birthday party, and although they start off on the wrong foot, the ice melts, and their budding friendship becomes a clandestine romance. En el , Cruz fue uno de dos directores estadounidenses invitado a participar en el Atelier du Festival del Festival de Cannes.

In , Cruz was one of two U. John Sonido: John K. Luis Valdez EUA, Entre ellas destacan Zoot Suit y La Bamba Luis Valdez USA, Acknowledged as the founder of modern Chicano theater and film, he was born to migrant farm workers and spent his early life traveling with the family, working in the fields himself. He studied at San Jose State College and later joined the United Farm Workers Organizing Committee, staging improvisational theater with the help of union actors to benefit farmworkers. He has directed a number of films that remain touchstones of Latino and Chicano cinema and culture, most notably, Zoot Suit and La Bamba The film uses a theatrical aesthetic: the narrator is the mythical character of El Pachuco who uses Chicano language and boogie music to reveal the sensibility of the Latino community in wartime USA.

Presentation commemorating the 30th anniversary of its premiere. Los dos pasan una noche apasionada pero su amor se ve amenazado por un desconcertante secreto. French Literature in Mexican Cinema We enthusiastically support the initiative by Carlos Fuentes, whose vast knowledge of Mexican cinema led him to propose a program featuring Mexican film adaptations of French literary works.

The UNAM Film Archive is fortunate to preserve the originals of many of these films and is pleased to participate in this project. This year marks the 80th anniversary of the advent of synchronized sound film in Mexico. And of course, we could not forget the Mexican adaptation of the famous adventure novel by Alexandre Dumas: The Count of Monte Cristo, directed in by Chano Urueta. It is interesting to note that this film was considered the first Mexican mega-production because of the resources invested in its making. After losing her father and discovering that her boyfriend has betrayed her with another woman, Rosario is forced to work as a prostitute in the port of Veracruz.

Several years go by and Rosario gets used to cabaret life. One day, a handsome sailor rescues her from the dirty hands of a drunken man.