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Martha and Mitch

USD 8. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Martha is humble and unspoilt, despite living a life of utter luxury at Lottery Lodge with her mostly absent father and stepmother Penelope. Mitch lives at the boys' orphanage, a dilapidated mansion run by Ariadne Scattypants.

Neither child has any idea about the life the other is leading. Between Lottery Lodge and the orphanage is a dense wood and it is here that a band of wild boys live. Mitch finds himself at their mercy, but somehow manages to scrabble his way out of the woods, emerging at Martha's wonderful home.

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However, here, too, things are taking a sinister turn. Suitable for readers of Product Details About the Author. About the Author Helen Laycock writes children's fiction for MG readers which abounds with adventure, entices with intrigue and mystifies with magic. Several short stories have been successful in writing competitions, publication including An Earthless Melting Pot Quinn , and her first attempt at play-writing secured her a shortlisting in Pint-Sized Plays.

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Since winning the David St. John Writing Award for Novice Poetry in , her work has been acknowledged in many competitions. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Acaso no es la pregunta que se han realizado con mayor frecuencia, tanto estudiantes como About a year later, I met Mitch. So I took to telling stories very quickly, mainly because I really wanted to impress Martha.

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I learned a bunch of stories and then we went to the National Storytelling Festival, and that totally opened my eyes. I was just amazed at how entertaining and exciting it was to be there celebrating the oral tradition with other storytellers. Then we went to Syracuse University for a storytelling festival the first year that we were telling stories together.

Our timing was right since this was when people were just discovering the power of sharing stories and storytelling started having a kind of renaissance. N: What is the creative process like with two people? Martha had been a librarian, and her professional experience was very helpful, because she knew exactly where to find the resources we needed.

I tend to write a lot, very quickly, but Martha is an incredible editor so she tends to get rid of most of what I write. Same with rewriting stories, it really became sort of our life work. We started teaching storytelling in the schools, and we realized we needed really good, short, concise folktales for the kids to retell. Plus, through the years, kids have actually been the editors for us, unknowingly, and they have been a big help before we even submit a story for consideration.

We try to keep our stories bare-boned so that kids can get immersed in the action or relate to the characters and then tell the stories themselves.

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This iterative process of working with these stories shows how flexible and adaptable folktales really are. How do you adapt stories from different regions in terms of plot and setting so that children can easily understand and enjoy the humor? We work hard to foster an appreciation and respect for the traditions of other cultures. But we love these stories and want to honor them by adapting the stories to share with children.

I think there are so many more similarities, hopes, fears, and dreams that people share around the world. These values and desires come out in the stories. That story was very common in Europe hundreds of years ago. Hans Christian Anderson took that story and rather than doing it as a woman trying to make her husband look foolish, he adapted it to poke fun at the royalty.

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We have gotten more particular as we have grown older about the stories we choose to adapt. When we explain that we're trying to make the stories fun and tellable for children, most folks understand and appreciate the value of what we are doing.

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N: Why do you think folktales and the oral tradition are so important for children? I think they naturally love stories from other cultures. The stories are definitely what touches them. The impetus for the original State Learning Standards developed in the 's came from business. Fortunately for us, storytelling, speaking and listening skills became the bedrock foundation for many of the learning standards. He started the class after he was on a committee to select students for Fulbright Scholarships. So he gives his students the option of interviewing elders and collecting stories or working with a local school where they teach kids storytelling techniques.

Publishing so many books gave us more authority and credibility that led to people wanting to hire us. Plus, it put us in touch with the whole stable of storytellers at August House. All of that was really, really helpful to us.