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Inside, there are tea urns of rubicund copper, chromium pipes Pissing steam, a hot rattle of cups, British Institutional Thickness. The wind spitefully lays the door shut On a slow customer—ten pairs of eyes track To his fairisle jersey; for a few seconds voices drop Lower than the skirmishing of steam. Outside by the river bank, the local doctor Gets out of his '47 Vauxhall, sucking today's Twentieth cigarette. He stops and throws it Down in the mud of the howling orchard. The orchard's crouching, half-back trees take the wind On a pass from the poplars of the other bank, Under the scooping wind, a conveyor-belt of wrinkles, The buckled river cuts the cramping fields.

Just out of rattle reach and sound of cup clang, The old rationalist is dying in the Pergola. Two Labour Party friends and the doctor Rearrange his woven rugs.

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The blood is roaring In his head, the carcinoma commune, the fronde Of pain rule in his brain—the barricades have broken In his bowels—it is the rule of spasm, the terror sits. He knows he is dying, he has a business of wills, Must make a scaffolding for his wife with words, Fit the flames in his head into the agenda.

It took nine years though, not months of time and tide: the resignation of "Hymn to Her", the avaricious "Miss Gobble", the cool moistness of "Umbrellas", the embracing cynicism of "soul wrenching struggle" and, at his best, after bringing home from university four cases of literature, "the same story repeated all over again".

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So his one great book will be written, and while waiting for that to happen, "life will be my greatest work of art", each day spent in pleasurable anticipation. Paranjape was born in Ahmedabad and studied in Bangalore before heading for St Stephen's, Delhi, a college whose alumni writers forever bear the insignia of the Stephanian school of literature.

After a PhD from the University of Illinois, he returned to India and to a customs officer who insisted that "philosophers don't need computers". So I'll keep this, thank you very much. January 28 , January 22, January 17, December 31, Editor: Shekinah Vera-Cruz.

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October 4, October 3, Editor: Shashi Bhat. Poetry Editor: Joanne Arnott. October 1, September 25, September 13, September 10, September 5, September 2, Pre-order here. Editor-in-Chief: Perry Asibey-Bonsu. Micro chapbook length collection accepted for publication. August 31, August 21, Editor: rob mclennan. August 17, This volume is available for purchase here. Editor and Translator: Soodabeh Saeidnia. August 14, August 5, Woven Tale Press. August 4, August 1, Editors: Robbin Farr, Judith Lagana. Editors: Shaun Turner, Joy Bowman. July 31, Editor: Olivia Pridemore.

July 29, July 24, July 12, July 4, VI 6, p. EIC: Sandra Tyler. Poetry Editor: Sara London. July 3, Editor: Claire Farley.

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June 27, Editor: Kanika Lawton. Poetry Editor: Christian Sammartino. June 21, Alicia Cole. June 18, River Heron Review has accepted a poem for their inaugural issue. June 15, Guest Editor: James Pate. Shaman-in-Chief: Miggy Angel. Editor: Alexandria Petrassi. Poetry Editor: Elspeth Jensen. June 11, Editor: Dean Julius.

June 3, June 2, CV2 has accepted a poem for future publication. May 31, Selected for upcoming solo exhibit for September through October. May 28, May 19, I, Issue 7, Spring Editor: A. May 13, I, Issue II, May May 1, Editor: Rebecca Anne Banks. April 27, April 16, April 14, April 12, April 9,