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My family and I lived in Thailand for many years and always enjoyed the wide range of Thai cooking. It is a sophisticated yet simple design, skilfully using geometric shapes and colours. My favourite projects are those where I design everything from A-Z for private homes. Those projects would typically involve the house and interior design, the landscaping around the house and the furniture inside. More info on facebook: Ark. When Kraum first opened in Reykjavik, a group of just 30 designers presented their ideas.

Their number has swelled to more than all over the country and the range of products has multiplied likewise. Odinn, they look really stylish. A range of pants complements them, making an ideal ensemble whether for business or partying. The Vikings were renowned for their engineering and craftsmanship skills that their descendants have amplified over the years, producing a range of unique ideas and designs, skillfully using both common and unusual materials in totally new ways.

Being designer products, they are designed to be easily shipped. Kraum can handle it for you if you have too much to take on your flight and, if you forgot something, it is easy to order from their website, too. When she lost her job in tourism ten years ago, she decided it was time for a change and turned to doing what she does better than most of us; making the world a prettier place, one Christmas ball at a time.

Anne Helen, a genuine aesthete, says she has always had somewhat of a Christmas frenzy and an intense passion for things of beauty. She never goes for anything average but hunts for things of quality that truly stand out. Though she imports merchandise from all over Europe, her a mbition is to specia lise in Icela ndic handiwork and ornaments. She already ha s a n e x tensive c ol lec t ion for sa le, most made exclusively for her by artists, each having a distinctive approach and working in materials as different as wool, glass and clay.

In addition to customary Christmas ornaments, she includes local folklore figures, like the thirteen Santas and the Christmas Cat. Anne Helen loves is to tell customers about Icelandic Christmas traditions. They rarely leave empty handed. After all, placing an Icelandic Santa on your Christmas tree every year is a great way to remember your visit to Iceland. She also sells quality fish leather products and fine art pieces by significant Icelandic artists.

She uses www. Her expertise is national costume jewellery, or filigree, a delicate kind of jewellery metalwork, usually of gold and silver. Outstanding skills can be seen in her superb work, honouring Icelandic tradition. She has always actively participated i n e x h ibit ion s, bot h nat iona l ly a nd internationally, and served as a chairman o f t h e F IG Ic e l a n d i c G o l d s m it h s Foundation from , being the first Nordic woman to take that position.

A true. Living conditions were very basic and especially tough in the cold and dark winter months. Sheep helped keep the settlers alive. These Icelandic sheep have two types of fleece—an outer, weather and water repellant layer and a soft, warm f leece close to the skin.

Combined, they have provided warm clothing for farmers and seamen, adults, children and babies for centuries. Making sweaters became a tradition in farmhouses, cottages and houses around the country. The Handknitting Association of Iceland was founded in to help overcome problems that knitters were having in getting their handiwork marketed.

A group of women formed the association, established standards and guidelines for the production that was - and still is, an. As the name indicates, these woollen creations are hand made in Iceland, using Icelandic wool. Walking into the shop, one cannot help but be amazed at the skill and productivity of these ladies—and some men, too, from all walks of life, living in all parts of the country. Every item has that sense of individual uniqueness that only handmade items carry. The world of k nitting has changed dramatically since the association began. There is a wide range of sweaters, gloves, hats, scarves, socks, bags and many other items in sizes to suit everyone from a Viking warrior or farmer to a pretty fashion model to a newborn baby.

The store has become a centre not only for selling the finished products but also for supplying the wool and all the accessories required to make woollen items. The association has established high standards for the wool they supply the knitting community so as to get an equally high quality product back to sell. This is all the best genuine Icelandic wool with its unique characteristics. Visitors can have their purchases shipped to them and they can also email orders from the website in the comfort of their own homes. That includes the patterns, wool, needles and accessories, not just the clothing.

If knitting is your hobby, there is a world of warm designs just waiting for you. Guests can have a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate indoors or borrow a sweater to wear outdoors on colder days. The whales by the shores of Iceland, are without a doubt, some of the most spectacular sights Iceland has to offer. In addition to the whalewatching,. One day, for example, a minke whale stayed with the ship for awhile during a thick fog, a description one normally only encounters in mystic fairy tales!

Another entry tells of some harbour purpoises competing with minke whales to show off only ten metres from the ship in front of the eager human audience. Yet another entry tells of a playground of minkes, a group of five staying a secure 60 metres distance from the ship, while a group of three others dared to come much closer, surfacing at the same time in the same direction. This same tour also witnessed some dolphins, mothers and calfs alike jumping out they visit the puffin islands in the bay, of the water and turning in the air.

Whales are where one can easily see the peculiar just like us humans, some of them are more puffin among other seabirds, hundreds suspicious, keeping their distance from the ship while others are more daring, playing along and perhaps even communicating with us! Staring at the unbelievable sight of a whale surfacing from the sea is something one should not miss while staying in Iceland.

Life of Whales. The compa ny specia lises in nature cinematography and offers a wide selection of films which focus more on the experience of the topic rather than simply showing it. The filmmaker has been filming Icelandic. As a result, Cinema No. But the volcanoes are not the only things which shape our country. The movie explores how climate changes, glaciers, rivers and the ocean slowly, slowly form the splendid landscapes we see here today. Cinema No. In fact, Cinema No. German speakers are advised to check out the daily screenings at in German.

They offer bicycle tours and rentals in Reykjavik all year. In summer, they also do day trips out of town in a minibus with a bicycle combination to places not to be missed. This tour is the perfect introduction to the capital city of Iceland and is offered all year.

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You get to know what the city is all about — in terms of its history, best museums, best restaurants, current special events and much, No. Perhaps the most important aspect Reykjavik Bike Tours has enjoyed top of this tour, apart from the exercise, of course, is position on the Trip Advisor social traveller the direct access to the local guide giving the tour.

Travellers appreciate the friendly Reykjavik Bike Tours offers one scheduled welcome, knowledgeable guides, the outdoor tour in winter, and five scheduled tours in activity and excellent quality bicycles. The t wo cit y tours a re the Cla ssic Reykjavik — 2.

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The Classic tour has plenty of stops and is quite easy for anyone in good health. The Coast tour is also fairly easy but covers more than twice the distance of the Classic tour. Ursula and Stefan love what they do and receive every visitor with a friendly smile. Reykjavik Bike Tours.

The hotels are not exclusive to those using the self-drive package and provide a cosy and friendly option for the weary traveller. Most of their hotels have quality restaurants which emphasise the local cuisine and many of the staff are, in fact, locals who are more than happy to give you advice and information for your travels. In the beginning, the shop sold souvenirs in the summer and mainly wooden toys in the winter. Children would love to play with a puffin stuffed toy. All the Symbols of Iceland products are provided by local producers. Ice, Vikings and volcanoes.

Big symbols of Iceland. As French sailors arrived. Five years ago, the family decided to The family business is making a full circle expand their stores. Now, there are three in going back to Akureyri. A most beautiful locations in town, the Botanical new shop opened at Laugavegur 4 in June, Garden. With a terrace and surrounded by In their home town, of Akureyri, you flowers, this is a must if you are in Akureyri. Adults who keep in touch with the child inside and play all their lives will always be a step ahead of others.

Gufunes is a former settlement. In the early days of Iceland there was a harbour there where goods were traded. The pirate ship watching over the park could just as well have docked there centuries ago. Because the staff are experts in event management, the park is ideal for orienteering. They can create games that will promote team building, sharpen your attention and help develop resourcefulness. The park also offers mini golf, laser tag and paintball.

The park is a small world full of fun and exciting challenges with over games offered: bumper cars, a sledgehammer that spins you 14 metres in the air, a drop tower and arcade games which provide a challenge for people of all ages. Open from early afternoon till late evening, you can spend time in the various attractions, watch live sports, play pool or darts or try to set a new record in the games in the arcade hall. If you are hungry, the Forest Snack offers treats such as candy floss, ice cream, popcorn and soda.

The best thing about amusement parks is the atmosphere of excitement and romance that lets us nurture the child within. The food is authentic and delicious, with herbs and spices imported from Ethiopia—a joy for the palette and fingers as guests use traditional Ethiopian bread similar to crepes instead of forks, to scoop up the food with their fingers. The restaurant derives its name from Prince Minilik, son of the Queen of Sheba.

According to the Bible, the Ethiopian queen visited King Solomon of Jerusalem to study his wisdom and presented him with gold and other precious gifts. Lemlem, a professional marathon runner and Yirga, a former journalist, have been living in Iceland for a number of years, raising their four children. Though they are both from Ethiopia, they met in Germany.

We wanted to share our tradition which is little known today as most of the news the world gets from Ethiopia is of hunger and famine. But Ethiopia has another huge side to it. We have 85 tribes, thus 85 dialects, 85 cultures with their own traditional songs and dances and culinary traditions. So, it is a rich and diverse culture and we are offering dishes which were served in Ethiopian palaces 3, years ago. Ethiopian restaurants are very popular all over Europe and the US and we were convinced the same would apply to Iceland.

The jewel in the Minilik crown is the coffee ceremony. Be sure not to miss it. The service at Minilik is warm and lovely. One cannot help feeling welcome and at home in this part of Africa moved to the northern Atlantic. Hotel Viking is modern in West-Nordic design on the first floor and a Viking theme on the ground floor. All the rooms have a bathroom, shower, coffee-maker, hairdryer, television and free internet access. The fourteen cottages have a ll the modern comforts.

It consists of two musicians sing Icelandic songs. The waiters Viking cottages have been added. They care for their riders, for their enjoyment and safety. They care for their horses and training and share them with people who like to ride, adult or child, novice or experienced. They share the beauty of the Icelandic countryside, both the local nature and, for those taking the longer tours, the spectacular upcountry experience.

Schoolchildren and families take the Family Adventure Tour and then visit the rabbits and other animals. Guests can take a ride combined with whale-watching, a trip to Gulfoss and Geysir or the Blue Lagoon. The Viking Tour is a hour tour for more experienced riders and seasoned riders can take the multi-day upcountry tours.

10 incredible ways to see Iceland, land of fire and ice

Details are on their website. Why not book a delicious lunch to eat on your return to the Riding Centre after your morning tour, or before going out in the afternoon. Groupsare welcomeoutside published opening times. The natural harbour conditions attracted foreign merchants from England in the 15th century; later German traders who drove out the English, and finally the Danes, who imposed a trade monopoly in Iceland in Much evidence supports the belief in the hidden people, such as stories.

It is a fine example of a house belonging to common people. Entrance to both museums is free. A frequent, convenient, reliable and inexpensive bus service is available. Look for bus route number S Join a fun and informative guide on a walk to learn about their ways and habits. Further, it takes only 20 minutes to drive to the Blue Lagoon and 30 minutes to Keflavik International Airport. It has access to easy hiking trails of unspoilt nature. The hotel itself has altogether 83 rooms from single and deluxe rooms to family rooms and can accommodate guests.

All the rooms are beautifully furnished, spacious and bright. The deluxe rooms are located in a tower with a wonderful view. Most of them have a kitchenette. Included in all the room prices is a continental breakfast and free wireless internet access. It has a hour front desk, multi-lingual sta f f and laundr y-ser vice, wheelchair access and free parking for all its guests. A ll sightseeing a nd bus tours ca n be booked from the hotel desk.

Bustadur rental agency connects holidaymakers in Iceland and owners of private second homes in all parts of the country — all year. Second homes offer more convenience, more f lexibility and more independence to holidaymakers than any other kind of accommodation—especially for small groups and families with children.

Northern lights are best viewed away from city lights from mid-September to mid-April. This is why second homes are the perfect place to be to view this beautiful but elusive natural phenomenon. The surroundings range from. The second homes are available for rent all year to locals and visitors from abroad alike. Most of the 14, second homes in Iceland are privately owned and come in different sizes and level of luxury. Both restaurants are right in the town centres and their popularity is due to both good services and excellent food. Both courses are a great favourite amongst the Icelandic people and the lamb meat soup is loved by all children.

It is simply delicious. With their wild herbs and spices they have developed lovely dishes from the animals at hand and still like them very much. Differing from the lobsters of other seas, the Icelandic Meats from Hardship lobster is small, firm and extremely tasty.

Icelanders love their fish but they also The Icelandic lobster is possibly the most love their meat. The steaks are their speciality and their aim is to offer lower prices than their competitors with similiar service standards. All the ingredients come straight from either an Icelandic farmer or Icelandic fishermen and thus are always at their freshest. The Reykjavik restaurant opened in , when a quite number of restaurants in Iceland went bust. Their house wine is invariably very good and at the Reykjavik restaurant, they additionally offer a special winelist with more expensive wines.

With the traditional reflective adhesives insulting the least bit of vanity, men and women have refrained from sticking them on their overcoats. Which, by the way, is quite unfortunate as black is a favourite colour in Iceland. And she found a solution. It started with a f lower, a completely handmade flower, made from the Icelandic wool, Lopi. Women were happy to add the radiant flowers to their overcoats, but the men were still very much in the dark. So, the next product was a band one can circle around an.

Radiant Jewellery and reflectors arm, leg, scarf, bag or rucksack—and they became instantly popular. There are short bands and long bands and even Icelandic men are happy to wear them. Not by a long shot. The next item was a beautiful necklace, long enough to wear over any jacket, coat or parka, with reflective buttons on each end hanging down front and back and thus making the one wearing it quite visible.

All the accessories can also be worn as beautiful jewellery. Everything is made from Lopi and reflective thread, not just on the surface, but throughout. All the flowers are crocheted, all handmade and the knitted bands are machine knitted by the Icelandic knitting company, Glofi. The bands inside the knitted cover are reflective, so is the leather on the end. Only the reflective thread and the buttons are imported. She has worked on this The result is beautiful quality accessories. Alice created the centrepiece a 3 metre high mosaic Celtic cross, in the form of a tree and each of the leaves have been added to its crown.

Her installations can be found in several pl a c e s i n Ic e l a nd. From Alice, they learn to make their own mosaic creations: mirrors, tables, candleholders and hotpads. The beautiful pieces will make your loved ones visible in the dark. Every year, thousands of tourists visit his former home, now a museum. The area has a lot more to offer, however. Located at Hotel Laxnes, in the heart of town, the Information Office helps both hotel guests and people passing through to organise their stay and get the most from their visit.

This makes a world of a difference for visitors and can save both time and money, of course. Hotel manager,. The mounta inous a rea a round t he town is ideal for walks and hikes and opportunities for outdoor activities, such as horseback riding, fishing and swimming, are numerous. The house is a country lodge with spacious and tastefully decorated rooms.

The upper floor has a beautiful view of Mount Esja. The hotel has bicycles for rent and an outdoor hot tub. Image by Gabriel Rutenberg. The no. I mean, just look around you. Across the fjord, Mount Esja rises in all its splendour and bids you welcome; white in its snowy bridesveil. The town has two swimming pools, one brand new, with great waterslides for the kids to play in as well as several hot. It also prides itself on a gorgeous golf course stretching along the shore with a breathtaking view of the ocean. This little village is the home and workplace of artists and craftsmen who seek inspiration in its serenity.

It is now open to the public as a museum. Hardly anything has been changed in or around the museum since Laxness lived there and thus, it is a perfect example of how the cultural families of Iceland lived during a century of stunning changes, an era when Iceland took a leap from being a remote and tad primitive fishing and farming community to becoming a player on the world stage. He totally captured the Icelandic soul. Indeed, it is worth your while as the writer was both interesting and fun, with a tremendous sense of humour. T he re a s on L a x ne s s bu i lt h i s home here was his love for the Mosfellsdalur Laxness, who was born in and died va lley.

Reykjavik Food Tour - Living in Iceland - Sonia Nicolson

He was born and raised there. The area where La xness spent his childhood became his source of inspiration throughout his life. During June, July and August there are schamber concerts in the living room, which sports a grand piano, as Laxness was an excellent pianist himself. Karen, having a keen artistic eye, also ma kes jeweller y and ornaments from seashells and decorative pearls, which make great presents. After all, what could be more perfect to bring home with you than a small piece of Iceland in your pocket?

At their gorgeous home, by the shores of Kjalanes, they have opened a gallery, selling their distinctive craftwork made mostly from stones found on the slopes of the nearby mountain and on the beach by their doorstep. T he stone s, elaborately pa inted in beautiful colours, take on a whole new life, and become their own element.

The iPad can also be attached to the back of the seat in front. The business pack is ideal for conference attendees and business travellers who want to travel light. Trawire provides all needed applications to keep updated on bu siness de velopment s, ne ws a nd contacts at home and help organise events and schedules while visiting Iceland. Order a Trawire iPad online and it can be waiting for you upon arrival or collected at chosen locations.

10 best Iceland tours

There are Wi-Fi hotspots in practically every inhabited spot. Now you can stay in touch with friends and family and up-to-date with news or business. Trawire has launched an innovative iPad rental plan to help you get the most from your visit. As you travel within Iceland, you. Trawire was inspired by gifted, autistic children who function better in the modern world using iPads. Generations of Icelanders have yarn, knitting accessories, patterns and There are looms, pieces of machinery, vintagestayed warm, dry and comfortable wearing everything associated with making the style cash registers, original early phones and woollen clothing from the sheep that roam clothing, are available in the shop.

Icelandic original company the powerhouse that drove wool is noted for its special qualities. It has Icelandic society for so many years in the 20th a virtually waterproof outer layer and a soft, century. The clothes are warm and the waterfall that started it all. This makes them especially It is the kind of store where you can relax comfortable and suitable for all weathers— and browse, enjoy the ambience and find those unlike many wool clothes that end up a special gifts and personal items that are so rarely heavy, sodden mess when it rains.

Many young designers have waterfall, from which the mill took its name. For those. When he makes a special knife, there can be quite a competition to own it. Palli started carving knife handles over 25 years ago as a personal hobby. He enjoyed finding unusual materials to create the handles and took delight in carving each one carefully to match the individual blades. Visit his workshop and you will most likely find yourself seated right under a collection of blades magnetically held to a bar on the ceiling above you. None has fallen yet!

A true craftsman, he always chooses the best blades, sourcing them from as far away as Pakistan. Others come from a blacksmith in Denmark. Factory made blades come from Norway, Sweden and Germany. They are either made from fine Damascus steel, stainless steel or single high carbon steel: which keeps its sharp edge the best. In this case, he wrapped it in plastic and for the next 6 years, he daily pricked a tiny hole in the covering to let just a bit more air in to dry it. Had he done it faster, it would have splintered and crumbled to dust. Such is the thought and care applied to each individual material that each handle stands out as carrying the touch of a master craftsman, a quality much sought—after.

Some woods need to dry slowly What is special about these handles? Palli or they will split. Others, such as the loves to wander the countryside, looking fossilized tree he pulled from the water that for new materials for his handles. Often, was turning into brown coal, need more. Because each knife is hand made, it is a unique creation. He does have a catalogue but the images are just samples, as no knives are completely identical. He loves the challenge of experimenting with new materials. A 65 year-old dentist drill is pressed into use for intricate carvings. Palli the Knife Maker.

They wanted it to provide a real service to the then tiny community, so they added some tables and chairs in the cosy atmosphere of the warm bakery, so people could sit and chat over a coffee and cookies. That thoughtfulness, along with their growing range of delicious breads, cakes and pastries made them very popular.

Travellers from Reykjavik would stop off on their way to the north. An opportunity presented itself to open a branch in the capital and this, too, was soon thriving. These are real chocolates in contrast to the massproduced bars in supermarkets and you can just taste the quality! Icelanders relish real, freshly-baked bread and pasties. Family events and parties always have a range of delicious cakes.

Their range of handmade breads, cakes, pastries, cookies, sandwiches and buns are so wholesome and delicious. In the latter two bakeries, there is also a delicatessen, showing their continued commitment to service and innovation. Whether you are on a day trip or travelling around the country, stopping of at one of the bakeries will certainly give you a good start—and a good opportunity to stock up on delicious lunches, snacks and coffee to fortify you. The glittering silver Italian machines offer a good reminder of just how good coffee can taste when made right.

And those chocolates? They are just too good! The store, which also serves as a workshop for its owners, offers a broad selection of craftwork, utility design and decorative ornaments which clearly ref lect the diversity of the seven craftswomen who have been running it for the past eleven years. In addition,. Simply call one of the numbers on the front door. An ecological vegetable farm in Mosfellsdalur is also a beautiful and calm camp site, sheltered from wind.

Fully equipped service centre with cooking facilities, electricity.

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Market is open Saturdays from noon to 4pm. Easily found 4 km. Not far from the capital. Bus service available. Regular bus to city centre. Stand on the bridge spanning the continents. Take a thrilling ATV ride up to a moonscape of mountains, volcanos and lava fields. Bathe in the world-renowned Blue Lagoon, with its warm, healing waters.

Ride the Icelandic horse. Go hiking and caving. Catch your breath—you are just beginning! Here, some of the first pioneers set up home. You can see their ancient ruins. Their rich fishing fields just offshore still provide large catches but winter storms are so fierce they can throw ships many metres inland. Their salt fish is famous in the Mediterranean countries.

This is the Land of the Vikings! Photos; courtesy of the Reykjanes Marketing Office. Nearly , visitors have come to the art museum since the opening in The wealth of activities available to visitors and locals is extensive and locals are particularly proud of their heritage and the intimacy they share with the great North Atlantic Ocean crashing upon its rocky shores. In the years to come, the Cultural Centre grew from a single construction to a cluster of houses representing years of architectural history in the region, the oldest being from and the most recent one from The choice of materials changed significantly from timber in to concrete in The oldest are replicas of 19th century vessels to modern 20 th century trawlers.

Workers from all corners of the country would walk long distances to the shores of Reykjanes where work was plentiful during the winter season from 2nd February to 11th May. Toward the end of the 19 th century, merchants set up shop along the coast of Iceland. Two of the buildings in the Duus cluster are former commercial centres. Listasalurinn art gallery opened in April and numerous local and international artists have exhibited their work in the gallery. Last but not least, it. It is the place to explore Norse Mythology, records of famous sagas and authentic turf houses where early settlers lived once upon a time.

Sailing across the Atlantic might not seem that impressive with the technology and materials we have today, but one cannot but be impressed when looking at the 18 tons of wood and 5, nails used to make a wooden behemoth which could survive the unforgiving high seas of the Atlantic Ocean — Viking style! The modern day Icelander can, however, hardly be considered an accurate representation of the Viking lifestyle. Arriving steaming hot, served on a wooden platter, it was impressive and delicious. Also on the menu: authentic Indian vegetable stews, pasta dishes and a range of fresh fish, lobster and all manner of seafood dishes.

A pair of kittiwakes glide overhead, completing the picture-perfect setting. From its simple beginnings as small. Its windows offer a restful, panoramic view of the ocean to the horizon, making it a popular venue for locals and visitors alike. After all, home is always there, but meals like this are an dining experience you would be hard-pressed to match. T he hotel overlook s the picturesque small boat harbour in Keflavik. A 7-minute drive to the International airport makes it a favourite choice with travellers who arrive in the country at night or depart early.

This small, new and homely hotel in Kef lavik with its twelve spacious double rooms, is warm, pleasant and quiet. Each room has an en-suite bathroom with a washbasin, shower and toilet, a T V a nd DV D player, with movies on request, wireless Internet, high-quality b e dd i n g , a f r id g e , a h a i r- d r yer a nd other conveniences. Buffet breakfast is served as early as needed. Many a visitor has commented that they wished they could have stayed longer, as they had enjoyed it so much—especially after they found they could see all the sights and enjoy the tours while basing from this quiet and comfortable hotel.

A minibus takes passengers to the Kef lavik International airport, which is just 5 minutes away. The quaint coastal promenade with sculptures dedicated to local fishermen is nearby.

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The family truly put their hearts into making people feel welcome, comfortable and satisfied during their stay. Keilir Hotel has 40 rooms, half facing the Atlantic Ocean. The rooms have a beautiful view. Whales can sometimes be spotted in the water from its windows. Rooms of this size are unusual in hotels in Iceland but are particularly popular with families.

Rooms are equipped with free wireless Internet, television, telephone and mini-bar. Bicycle rental is available. Keilir Hotel is named after Mt. Keilir, the landmark ft. All major credit cards accepted by the driver. Visitors to Iceland during autumn, winter and spring are then rewarded with an extra bonus. These months are generally much milder than in other northern European countries or North America and the beauty of the nature is enhanced by spectacular displays in the skies.

After the sun has gone down and the days get shorter, the stage is set for the appearance of the enigmatic Northern L ig ht s t hat s weep acros s t he sk y i n spectacular displays that can last for hours. Many a visitor comes to Iceland to enjoy this phenomenon in the heavens. In addition, the town hall and service centre for the municipality are located in Hella.

Hella's history began in , when a shop was opened at the location. The village grew considerably in the sixties when many of the people working on the development of power plants in the area built homes and settled there. Growth slowed down after that, but since the turn of the century, Hella has grown steadily, with new apartments being constructed every year. The facilities include competition pitches for riding sports as well as an indoor riding arena. Five national meets have been held there, in , , , and , and the sixth is planned in The waterfall is a well-known fishing location on the river and has a salmon ladder.

Any changes to its flowrate can for the most part be attributed to spring thaws. This construction did not materialise, and the bridge was ultimately built where the village of Hella stands today. One of those who believed this theory was poet Einar Benediktsson, who recruited painter Kjarval to sketch the etchings on the wall.

Several are currently accessible, but most are either closed or dangerous to access. All the caves are privately owned, so they cannot be accessed without the permission of the occupants. The ceiling is higher at the end of the cave, and its shape is reminiscent of an altar or chapel. There is an embossed cross on the middle of the cave wall, an indication that Christians dwelt there. The caves have not yet been dated with any accuracy, and scholars disagree as to whether the caves can reasonably be assumed to pre-date the settlement period.

For years, the caves were used as shelter for livestock or to store hay. The cave was linked to the cowshed by rail, and the hay was pulled in a cart along the tracks. The river is 55 km in length and one of the richest salmon fishing rivers in Iceland. The river is fed by run-off and springs.

There has been considerable fish farming in the river for many years, which means that the river is more often than not at the top of the list of Icelandic salmon fishing rivers and is extremely popular as such. Keldur also had a Catholic monastery. There is a medieval-type turf farm at the site, the only large turf farm that has been preserved in South Iceland.

There is an underground tunnel leading from the hall, thought to date from the 12 th or 13th century, which was probably built as an escape during a time of conflict. Although most of the houses date from the 19 th century, the oldest part of the farm building is the oldest preserved part of a turf farm in Iceland. A number of outhouses have also been preserved at the farm. The church is built of timber and clad with iron. The church underwent repairs in Keldur derives its name from the springs that can be found in the farmland. The old farm at Keldur is managed by the National Museum of Iceland and can be visited daily during the summer.

The name of the waterfall translates as "thieves' waterfall", as thieves used to be executed by drowning in its pool. This is due to the power plants on the river, as a large proportion of the water is diverted past the falls. The Hekla Center houses a contemporary, multimedia exhibition on Mount Hekla, its history, and its influence on human life in Iceland from the time of the island's settlement until now. The history of these districts is traced and the story of people's struggles with sandstorms and eruptions told.

The Center has an outstanding restaurant and facilities for meetings and conferences. The Hekla Center strongly supports cooperation with scientists, organizing and sponsoring conferences and exhibitions where the latest scientific research and findings can be presented. In addition, the Center has special educational materials for the schoolgroups that visit from all over the country, as well as for other visiting groups of Icelanders or foreigners. The restaurant Leirubakki has a first-class restaurant run by chefs who have earned excellent reputations at popular restaurants in Iceland and abroad.

A splendid specialities menu is available for guests, as well as special group menus on request. The highest standards are met in choice of ingredients and preparation. The morning and lunch menus focus on lighter dishes, while dinner menus are more extensive and varied. Coffee, cakes, bread and rolls are served all day until 6 pm, when the dinner menu takes over. The dining room is in the Hekla Center, where a unique view of Hekla through its large windows underlines the proximity of the mighty volcano and Iceland's highlands.

The restaurant is open every day in the summers from 10 am until 10 pm, and in the winters according to a flexible schedule and special arrangements. The Hekla Center is a working tourist information center, providing tourists advice about all of the surrounding area, including Mount Hekla, and organizing numerous trips to the mountain from Leirubakki. The name of the place is drawn from a cave there which was used for centuries to shelter both men and horses. At present, the location is a popular stopping point for both hikers and riders who stay there during the summer.

There is, moreover, a campsite at the location. The operation of the area is in the hands of Hellismenn ehf.

The world's northernmost national capital

There have been lodge facilities in Hungurfit since , when a mountain lodge, housing 20 people, was built there. This was a great improvement for mountain shepherds, who previously had to sleep in tents. In , a new mountain lodge was opened in Hungurfit, housing 50 people. It is one of the most modern mountain lodges in Iceland, with running water, a flushable toilet and electricity.

Hungurfit has unique natural beauty, and the area is suitable for hiking, jeeping and horse riding. The restaurant is open to the public year-round, where the emphasis is on local produce. Since then, the club has put much work into improving and expanding the area, and it is now one of Iceland's best golf courses. An old stone-built dwelling spot, where mountain shepherds took refuge when gathering sheep, can also be found there. The newest lodge in Hvanngil dates from the early s and houses 60 people.

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