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Nobody knows that Osborn is also collaborating with several other disreputable characters for the forthcoming " Dark Reign ". Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Part of the " Secret Invasion " event. Alternate Covers:. Leinil Yu Variant. Secret Invasion Vol 1 8. Joe Quesada. Cover Artist. Brian Michael Bendis.

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Leinil Francis Yu. Mark Morales. Laura Martin. Chris Eliopoulos. Hill about surrendering to the Skrulls. In Times Square the Young Avengers tried their best to battle the invading forces. Vision realizing that communications were down suggested that Hulkling being Skrull royalty calm the situation but to no avail. This did not change the tide of the battle after Stature and Proton lost consciousness and Vision got destroyed until Nick Fury and his new Howling Commandos arrived.

Spider-Woman then attacked and knocked out Echo all but solidifying that Ms. Drew had been replaced. During the battle in New York, the Runaways returned from their trip to to land in the middle of the fight. Xavin , the team's Skrull, knocked out the team and appeared to betray them. After realizing that Hulkling was going to be executed by the Skrulls, Xavin intervened and saved him.

Khn'nr fought and defeated most of the Thunderbolts. Norman Osborn offered him a chance to explain himself, speaking with him in private. Longshot met up with Darwin some time after the events of Messiah Complex and attempted to lead him to Professor Xavier, due to the fact that Darwin wished to help the Professor. During that time, Longshot stated that his powers were failing him recently, and proceeded to test them and himself on some people, causing those people to turn on Darwin. After Darwin escaped, the crowd attacked Longshot, but he managed to mysteriously get away. He reappeared in an alleyway, unaware he was being tracked by Jazinda.

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He then revealed himself to be a Skrull named Nogor and went to meet up with Darwin as they moved through Detroit. Later, they were attacked by Jazinda and She-Hulk. Nogor was later taken into custody by She-Hulk and Jazinda. He encountered Devil-Slayer on the way to the base, who stated that he had sensed portents of doom all day.

Spider-Man 3 Will Introduce Venom as The Secret Invasion Theory

When he met the final team member Magnitude , the goggles Delroy obtained from the original 3-D Man allowed him to identify Magnitude as a Skrull impostor. Devil Slayer used his Shadow Cloak to teleport Delroy to Camp Hammond, where he announced to everyone assembled that the Initiative had been infiltrated by Skrulls. Crusader fearing that he would be exposed as a Skrull used the Freedom Ring. This caused 3-D Man's goggles to make him see everyone surrounding him as a Skrull. Crusader told Delroy Garrett to take his leave. However, Delroy's Quinjet was affected by the same computer virus and it crashed in New Mexico.

Whilst all of this was happening, Reed Richards was revealed to be held by Skrull forces up in Earth's orbit on an unidentified armada ship, stretched to his physical limits and surrounded by a crowd of Skrull watchers and scientists, helpless against the threats and torture. Agent Abigail Brand of S. A Skrull guard and a youngster found and pointed a gun at her. The Sentry was up in orbit, still being tormented by the false words of the Skrull Void impostor and refusing to help. Down in the chaotic battle in Manhattan, Nick Fury and the new Howling Commandos showed promises of turning the tide; Ms.

Marvel, after being heavily blasted by a group of Skrull soldiers ended up rising in the middle of Fury and his group in Times Square as they fought, shocked by the return of the ex-S. As they quickly headed into the fray, Yo-Yo , the team's mutant speedster, managed to rescue all the downed Young Avengers and Initiative cadets before further execution and casualties. Marvel proceeded to help, but soon after was shot by Fury, whom was unconvinced she was the real Carol Danvers.

After being shot back into another street, the Skrull onlookers quickly overran her, with the Skrull Henry Pym looking down at her with a smirk on his face. Fury then called his men to retreat so that they could plan their next move. Watching the battle via news broadcast on live television, the Hood decided to take his rebuilt empire of the New York City criminal roster and battle the Skrulls, as "no more Earth is bad for business".

Back in the Savage Land, Spider-Woman continued to persuade Tony into believing he was a Skrull sleeper agent named Kl'Riki Dulu, and that she would find a way to turn him back to his original form and praised him as the greatest Skrull Warrior to ever live. Natasha Romanoff the Black Widow was revealed to be watching the conversation, and proceeded to enter and shoot Spider-Woman. She was temporarily distracted by the Beast and Phoenix heroes from the Skrull ship, who she in turn, opened fire on and seemingly killed.

Spider-Woman had enough time to escape, and Natasha injected Tony with a dose of adrenaline to keep him going. She convinced him to continue the fight, despite the words of the Skrull Spider-Woman and the possibility of him being a sleeper. Wolverine entered after being shot by Black Widow and being forced to confirm his true identity through the codeword, "Carrot Sticks" and the trio concluded that Tony had to rebuild the armor quick, and return to New York as soon as possible.

After Fury and his Commandos moved on, the view shifted to innocent civilians evading Skrull forces in Central Park. As they were about to be killed by some Skrull soldiers, a blast of lightning struck and killed one.

Secret Invasion (2008) #1

As the civilians look through the light and destruction, the shadowy figure of what appeared to be Thor in the New York City sky was seen. Another mysterious figure was shown watching the event from another location with a pair of binoculars; the figure then proceeded to move from his position, and suddenly the shield and costume of Captain America was seen.

Meanwhile, after the God Squad was forced to experience their worse fears by Nightmare, Snowbird and Hercules made love after she confessed to him that she didn't want to be alone anymore. Later, it was discovered that the Skrull in the group was Kirby the Coyote Pup who had been with them since the end of World War Hulk revealed itself and was quickly dispatched by Atum.

The issue ended with an impending battle between gods Hercules and Kly'bn , the one in the sentence "He loves you". However, Hercules won the battle after stabbing Kly'bn, giving the Skrulls a huge upset in their war campaign. As the Skrulls comfortably settled in Portland, Oregon, enslaving the population, the Skrulls repeatedly announced that any attempt at resistance would be met with extreme force. Gorilla Man and M, disguised as slaves, attacked the Skrulls, freaking Namora who had been captured. The trio captured the regional Skrull commander, taking only his head, bringing it to their underwater saucer where Bob Grayson and Venus were waiting.

They extracted military secrets from the severed head just as they were attacked. The odd team repelled the attack, liberated Portland, set a course for Seattle to secure that city, then intended on securing the country before moving to Japan, but they questioned who they could trust. Norman Osborn talked the Skrull-Captain Marvel out of destroying the Thunderbolts, sending him away in anguish.

He then declared to U. Nick Fury arrived with the Initiative cadets, his new Howling Commandos, and the Young Avengers at his new command post. He awaited with his team for the Skrulls to announced their plans for Earth and they did. The only way for the human race to save their planet was to assimilate. Meanwhile in space, Agent Brand successfully infiltrated the Skrull ship holding Mr.

Fantastic captive where she battled the Skrulls experimenting on them, either killing or disabling them and freeing Dr. Frustrated, she decompressed the ship, throwing every Skrull out into space. Richards panicked, threatening Brand, demanding the location of his family, believing that she was to be a Skrull. He revealed that the Skrulls needed him alive to assist in the invasion.

Richards tested Brand to prove she was not a Skrull as the ship they had commandeered came under attack. Out of nowhere, Captain Marvel, with a new sense of purpose, engaged and destroyed a large portion of the Skrull fleet. Brand then took the ship and Richards to the Savage Land. Back on the Shield Helicarrier, Director Hill revealing to "Jarvis" and the Skrull insurgents that she was using a life model decoy as Fury had suggested to her many months ago. The Skrulls killed the duplicate and Hill on a jet-pack, opened fire on the Skrulls and then self-destructed the carrier.

The various superheroes, Savage Land leaders, and Skrull or not impersonators clashed again, about ready to fight. Each one declaring who they were or who they believed themselves to be. Emma Frost stated she could detect who was a Skrull and who was not, accusing Spider-Man of being an impostor.

Susan Storm stated she would keep everyone in place with a force field until all was settled. Richards fired into the center of the crowd of super heroes with an odd weapon. When tech dust and brightness receded, the Skrulls and humans were revealed and a battle ensued. Ronin discovered his Mockingbird was a Skrull, grabbed one of Black Widow's guns, and killed her in anger. The Skrull impostors were surprised when their skin turned green and became surprised and disoriented, making them easier to take down by the real super heroes.

Ronin, angry and frustrated at the realization his wife was an impostor, declared that every last Skrull must be killed.

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The invasion reached San Francisco, new home of the X-Men. Believing the city to be virtually defenseless except for local police, they launched a small scale attack to cause enough damage to instill fear. However, their ground teams encountered unexpected superhuman resistance: each and everyone of the X-Men that were still active. The X-Men launched a counter strike, defending civilians and evacuating badly attacked buildings. The Skrulls were shocked to find the X-Men in San Francisco especially when they took over their command shuttle. As the X-men made a successful gain, the Skrulls launched their super soldiers into the city from an orbiting ship.

While in Wakanda, Brother Voodoo revealed himself to be a Skrull when he attempted to kill Cannibal, whom he deemed to be a threat. However, the two killed each other in the struggle and the discovery of 'Brother Voodoo's' true form revealed the Skrull invasion to Black Panther, allowing him time to prepare. Just as the real Black Panther and Storm killed Commander K'vvvr, he sent the entire ship loaded with the corpses of the entire Skrull invasion force back to the Skrull homeworld with a message written in blood saying "This is what happens when you invade Wakanda".

Trapped in the Negative Zone, Johnny Storm, The Thing, Franklin and Valerie Richards, and Lyja turned to the prison population to rebuild the destroyed portal generator in order to return to Earth and help repel the invasion. The one they turned to was Phineas Mason, known as the Tinkerer. He told the Fantastic Four that he was forcefully taken even after retiring from super-villain work, revealing that the unregistered super-humans did not receive a fair trial. The Tinkerer then refused to help, but after Franklin pleaded with the man, Tinkerer complied at the child's desire to return to his family.

She tried to get Maximus to take action against the Skrulls, but he refused. Ronan agreed under the condition that Crystal became his bride. With the featured Asgardians thinking Beta Ray Bill was a Skrull, they plotted to attack while he was recuperating only to be stopped by Thor.

Beta Ray Bill, healed by holding Mjolnir, joined Thor in his fight against the Skrulls as some of them attacked Asgard. After a brief battle, the Krew planed on going to Las Vegas. There, Songbird was attacked by a Super-Skrull combining the powers of Atlas and herself. Mac Gargan and Bullseye went rogue, Norman and Robbie Baldwin went crazy, and Moonstone betrayed the team by shooting Swordman and bargained her allegiance to the Skrulls. The New Warriors were enjoying a day off when the Skrull's Invasion occurred. Back at their headquarters, Donyell suspected that the Night Thrasher who was killed in Stamford was really a Skrull and wanted to find proof about the remains of his brother Dwayne.

Donyell decided to go on his own; but his teammates secretly followed him and later confronted him to find out what going on, when the former New Warriors who were now known as Counter Force, also wanted to know what was the reason the Warriors reformed without some of the founding members. After Donyell revealed his true identity and his reasons to both the former and current Warriors, Vance led all of them to a SHIELD Helicarrier where their teammates remains were stored. Both teams were attacked by the Skrulls and the Warriors fought off a Super-Skrull possessing the founding Warriors' powers.

While Robbie drove, Jackpot battled the Super-Skrull on the roof of the car until she was attacked by Menace who killed one of the invading Skrulls and considered Jackpot to be "Spider-Man's Girlfriend. Menace survived, though badly injured, and limped away from the scene. Jackpot killed the Sinister Six-Skrull by trapping it in a freezer where it froze to death. As Hood's syndicate was attacking the Skulls, there was a flashback when Skrull agents tried to replace Madame Masque but failed. When advised to use his magic to scan the villains present, Hood discovered that Slug had been replaced by a Skrull and killed it.

Punisher got involved in the fight against the Skrulls and easily killed them. This led to Punisher and Stuart Clarke battling each other. The battle was concluded by both being trapped in a room where the Skrulls fired a rocket into, leaving Stuart heavily scarred in a manner similar to Jigsaw and vowing revenge on Frank Castle. While flying away, Noh-Varr came across a damaged Skrull ship. He landed to check it out when Captain Marvel stumbled out. Captain Marvel said it didn't matter and he was here for a reason. He had learned so much from Earth's people and the Skrulls had no honor like the humans or the Kree.

Elsewhere, the Skrulls restored the global communication systems and announced their plans. Using the restored systems, they explained the Skrull Invasion with the following talking points:.

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Down on the street a group of people wanted to welcome the Skrulls, but were caught between the battle between the Skrulls and Nick Fury and his troops. The Hood and his syndicate of criminals decided to finally help out. Thor made his presence known and met up with the new Captain America. Queen Veranke revealed that "He" was God, and it was an all out war between the Skrulls and the super-humans of Earth.

The Skrulls moved quickly to take Nova out of the equation before he could return home and help defend his own planet.

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Luring Nova into an ambush on a remote planet under the ruse of an isolated Phalanx infestation, a group of Super-Skrulls launched an ambush. In the battle, one of the Super-Skrulls turned on his fellows, revealing himself to be Kl'rt , Nova's ally from the Annihilation War. Together, Nova and the original Super-Skrull defeated the attackers and traveled by stargate directly to Earth where Nova intended to assist in repelling the invasion.

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  5. Upon their arrival, however, Kl'rt attacked Rider declaring his loyalties to the Skrull Empire. His attack on Nova revealed to be a charade, as Kl'rt shielded Nova from the view of the Skrull invasion fleet, allowing Rider to return to his home world undetected. Yet while he defeated both women, he found he couldn't kill Jazinda and left.

    Delroy Garret's goggles also identified Equinox as a Skrull who was then killed by Cloud 9 and adding Cloud 9 and Gravity to their group. The Skrull then sent a broadcast throughout the world, telling their sleeper agents to activate themselves, which sowed even more distrust among the remaining heroes. Ant-Man managed to escape the Skrulls on the back of a Shock Trooper, and revealed to the Kill Crew the Skrulls' last resort plan; to use all the Initiative bases to create a massive Negative Zone portal that would take the entire country.

    With six bases left, the Crew split up, and used the still-living heads of Moonstomp, Catwalk and Dice to help point out Skrulls. Devil-Slayer teleported them to the bases, but collapsed under the strain. Despite the vast number of super-humans involved in the fight, briefly reunited under a single purpose again, the battle was still locked in a stand-still, until Uatu appeared, signaling that an event of cosmic relevance was unfolding, and the resolution of the obstacles was near.

    As Tony Stark was forced to retire because of damages received on his rebuilt armor, Jessica Jones and Noh-Varr took his place on the battlefield. The presence of Noh-Varr, claiming his victory in name of Mar-Vell and the Kree, was enough to give the assembled heroes back their resolve. Clint Barton, using the bow and the trick arrows of the wounded Kate Bishop, slayed several Super-Skrulls before hitting a clear shot on Queen Veranke.

    Criti Noll got up long enough to activate the new growth serum in the Wasp which he had given her when she still thought he was Hank Pym, turning her into an explosive trap. The Skrull Jarvis while holding Jessica's and Luke Cage's child, watched from Avengers Tower as the energy washed over hero, villain and Skrull alike, commenting to the child that it didn't matter if the Skrulls won or lost, so long as "God's" will was done.