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Filter Sort. Sorted By: Top Matches. Filtered By:. Grid List. Order By: Top Matches. It Came From Beyond Zen! In stock online Available in stores. That man was the Zen monk Eihei Dogen. For centuries his main work,…. Pre-order online Not yet available in stores. The night Brad Warner learns that his childhood friend Marky has died, Warner is about to speak to a group of Zen students in Hamburg, Germany. It's the last thing he feels like doing. What he wants to do instead is tell his friend everything he never said, to…. A Radical but Reverent Paraphrasing of Dogen's Treasury of the True Dharma Eye 'Even if the whole universe is nothing but a bunch of jerks doing all kinds of jerk-type things, there is still liberation in simply not being a jerk.

Ships within weeks Available in stores. This is not a standard translation of Mulamadhyamakakarika. Translator Nishijima Roshi believes that the original translation from Chinese into Sanskrit by the Ven. Kumarajiva circa C. Zen, plain and simple, with no BS. This is not your typical Zen book. Brad Warner, a young punk who grew up to be a Zen master, spares no one. This bold new approach to the "Why? The greater the doubt, the greater the awakening. Not just to be skeptical—but to push all the way to the very foundations.

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Anyone interested in Zen can…. In stock online Not available in stores. Kobo ebook German. Available for download Not available in stores. Wie meditiert er, wenn seine…. Out of stock online Not available in stores. Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online.

Hephaestus Books represents a new publishing paradigm, allowing disparate content sources to be curated into…. With his one-of-a kind blend of autobiography, pop culture, and plainspoken Buddhism, Brad Warner explores an A-to-Z of sexual topics - from masturbation to dating, gender identity to pornography. In addition to approaching sexuality from a Buddhist perspective,…. Kobo ebook. How does he meditate when the world is crumbling around him? Knifeworld - The Unravelling Special Edition On this album Larsson is focusing on creating moods and soundscapes, expressing himself through improvisation, often over extended forms of moving chords and textures.

Somit ist es auch nicht verwunderlich, dass die Gitarrenarbeit oft im Vordergrund steht. Auch die besagte Produktion ist ziemlich gelungen ausgefallen. Abgerundet wird das Album durch echte! Ja, etwas seltsam, aber nicht unwillkommen! Lazulis 8. Das folgende Instrumental Bloomed zeigt sich sehr verspielt und das abschliessende Untitled erinnert mich an die Grosstaten von Fabio Zuffanti, auch wegem dem italienischen Sprechgesang und der ungewohnten Instrumentierung.

Gut gemacht. Fazit: Numbers ist ein tolles NeoProg Album geworden, allerdings musikalisch auch mit Ueberraschungen. Klever sind auch die dezent eingesetzten Pianotupfer. Sehr sehr geil. Sehr sehr geil das gesamte Album! Each release contains the whole 2 hour plus concert, which includes the whole of two classic Magenta albums, Seven and We Are Legend.

Speechless 2. Trojan 3. Colours 4. Legend 5. Gluttony 2. Envy 3. Lust 4. Anger 5. Greed 6. Sloth 7. The Lizard King 8. Die CD-Version ist mittlerweile gestrichen. Set also contains a full sized replica of the King Crimson timeline booklet as originally presented with that compilation. Breaking Habits is a truly oldschool album; it was recorded by three guys playing at the same time in the same room. Mini LP Format Die CD erscheint als Digipack mit einem seitigen Booklet.

Bonustrack: Le pire est avenir Einige meiner Kollegen sehen es als Meisterwerk. Edition Double LP black vinyl, gr gatefold inkl. In the 16 track audio tapes have been restored and transferred in digital. Album artwork by Mark Buckingham. CD in digipack reverse-board packaging with a page booklet.

The lyrics have also changed, becoming more about hope, the present, and how to influence it. The writing and sounds are now more focused and minimal, guitars were left behind in favour of analogue electronics. FSK 6. The mighty Opeth recorded live in the magnificent surroundings of Red Rocks Ampitheatre. Video footage for was overseen by The Deka Brothers. Mixed by David Castillo Katatonia.

Ein Song, der erst verarbeitet werden muss, um es zu verstehen. Irgendwo zwischen Minimal-Music und Post-Rock. Psalm 51 beginnt wiederum sehr ruhig und entspannt. Der Schluss tendiert dann in Richtung Postrock mit typischer Schrammelgitarre. Wer auf die neuen Marillion, Airbag, Gazpacho steht, dem sollte dieses Album sehr zusagen. Digi CD Tracks: 1. Ghost Of Perdition live 2.

Sorceress live. He had played quite a few gigs with us in Denmark the last years. Nicklas from Papir, was a great choice to play with Gary as both are fans of each other and we love to play with Nicklas. We had a cool band. This session was pretty fast, all done in one day and just 5 jams recorded. The vinyl is an edited version of the jams, while the CD features extended versions of the tracks so you can hear more or less the entire course of the musical journey. The music on these sections is more spaced out, relaxed and exploratory as it flows and weaves and grows tentacles to tickle and scratch your inner thoughts.

Enjoy the sensations. Das neue Studioalbum der polnischen Artrocker besticht durch tolle Gesangsmelodien und vielseitige Kompositionen. The album is lyrically inspired by recent and current events in the world. The music features strong and catchy melodies and riffs, dynamic beats and is delivered with a Classic Rock sound.

The music ranges from Rock, Prog and heavier riffs to more acoustic atmospheres, so the new album has a diverse and intense sound. Virtuosic guitar and drum work, groovy and strong bass lines and deeply emotional and melodic vocals are the tools to build the scenic music, where the atmosphere varies from melancholic to hard-hitting. Haydenspark combines the sound of the earlier albums with a new and exiting, more guitar-driven direction.

The album presents a noticeably more experienced band with catchy hooks that still remains unpredictable and exciting at the same time. The Dreams Of Wubbo Ockels Das 8. Album aus dem Jahr Following two aborted attempts at recording the sixty-one pieces of music, recording finally began in earnest in The recordings saw Anthony utilise 6-string guitar, string guitar, string guitar, Cittern, Bouzouki, Charrango and Mandolin to great effect.

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With this new edition, Anthony has revisited the recordings, re-mastering the original stereo mixes and has created a 5. The results bring a new life to the compositions and a much loved album. This 3 disc digipack edition includes a booklet with new essay by Jonathan Dann and comments from Anthony Phillips. LP im roten g vinyl mit 4-Seiten Booklet. A meticulous labour of love and a fascinating hidden history, the album was mixed and instrumentally augmented by Jacob Holm-Lupo White Willow. Recorded on 18th November at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton, Canada, the album captured a truly magical performance.

This new expanded edition of Live in Concert with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra has been newly re-mastered and includes five bonus tracks two previously unreleased , drawn from the B-side of a single and the rehearsal sessions for the concert. Mit mir ist da sicher sowas wie ein Fan entstanden.

Weiter so. Kommt als hochwertige und auf 2. Mit dem am And here we are at the final part of the triptych that the RanestRane composed watching the famous A Space Odyssey. The Roman band with this third album reach the peak of their artistic career, A sound that strikes every lover of music and that brings us back to the dreamed atmosphere of Pink Floyd, Genesis and the most visceral of Radiohead. Special guests are Steve Rothery and Steve Hogard of Marillion who embellish with solos and a whole song written and interpreted the album.

Starchild is considered an absolute masterpiece of and perhaps of all the latest music of the decade. The album captures the infectious energy of a band enjoying every minute. LP signed Eigentlich kann man von dieser Musik einfach nicht genug bekommen. Stunning new single from Robert Reed, ably supported by Les Penning and Tom Newman, both veterans of the early Mike Oldfield releases and thus perfectly qualified to augment this rollicking blast through one of the most iconic TV themes of all time.

This is an EP, with 8 tracks in total showcasing songs by all three artists.


Der Gesang wurde komplett neu aufgenommen. CD Digipak Warum gerade und nicht etwa oder ? Voraussichtlich in der 2. Snowtorch CD Ltd. Sounds from the past have returned again in a new arrangement and very different from the original and also in English language! Eight songs ha ve been born again and for many of you these will be completely new sounds, and for older Progrock fans it will be a journey into the past. Stilistisch agiert man zwar immer noch typisch, was man von den bisherigen Alben her kennt, doch ist das Songwriting einfach ausgereifter und die Arrangements raffinierter umgesetzt.

Die Produktion ist technisch auf einem brillianten Niveau. Deluxe BOX Seventh Wonder features vocalist Tommy Karevik , who also sings for the wildly popular power metal band, Kamelot. Featuring former members of the Peter Gabriel Band Jerry Marotta and King Crimson Trey Gunn the Security Project not only recreates these masterpieces live, but re-interprets them, giving them new musical wings for the 21st century.

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Mit an Bord ist auch noch sein ehemaliger Tinyfish-Bandkumpel Robert Ramsay, der sich als ausgezeichneter Texter und Ideengeber ausgibt. Im grossen und ganzen ist aber Shineback das Brainchild von Godfrey. Daraus resultierte Shineback. Auf Dial sind viele tolle Melodien versteckt, immer etwas verpackt in einer Art von angenehmem Bombast. Kanada-Import: Shant Hagopian, Mastermind hinter Semantic Saturation, hat es wieder einmal geschafft und engagierte Musiker um sich geschart, die seiner Vision folgen und in die Tat umzusetzen verstehen.

Doch auch der Jazz kommt nicht zu kurz, finden sich doch Querverweise dazu in nahezu jedem der 10 Songs wieder. Videos of behind the scenes, making of the album and making of the music video, as well as the entire painting process of the album cover which was done by me , and also a music video for one track Audio on the DVD includes: play along mixes minus drums for drummers, and minus guitar for guitarist.

Also included for audio, all tracks demos. Civilisation ist eine abwechselungsreiche und vor allem melodische Mischung aus Hard Rock und RetroProg. Vielschichtig, dynamisch und sehr abwechslungsreicher Gesang. Their unique sound is a combination of the dreamy yet haunting vocals and nostalgic, emotional guitar melodies. A must-have record for fans of Anathema, Airbag, Riverside. Highly recommended! The result finds them leaning towards progressive rock and marks the end of neo-psychedelia. Also hat man sich als TangeKanic zusammengetan, mit dem gemeinsamen Repertoire beider Bands getourt und dabei auf eigene Kosten eine Livescheibe als Souvenir mitgeschnitten.

Very limited Fanclub only release! Threshold have surprised fans by announcing a new live album. Slipstream 2. Snowblind 4. Innocent 5. Stars and Satellites 6. Mission Profile 7. Hollow 9. Lost In Translation Zusammen ca.

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Oft improvisieren Trigon eben nicht drauflos, sondern setzen sich mit einer vorher festgelegten Melodie, oder einer Akkordfolge kreativ auseinander. Das verstehe ich unter der magischen Kraft der Musik. Ersetzt wurden die beiden durch Ben Cartland und Paul Buckmaster. Live CD Es handelt sich also um beide Alben auf einer 2LP.

Studioalbum der USPower Trios! Die ersten 50 CDs sind von der Band signiert - nur solange Vorrat reicht! They explore various local history and myth in Oslo in this omnibus. Yes, it is a concept album. At the same time, it is a collection of curios. Just before a person arrives in a place, his footsteps precede him and there is the sound of a door opening.

No one is there.

Then, later, he comes. Utburder are infants carried into the woods at birth. Their cries resound at night as a haunting presence. So here they are, signs of things to come and sounds of the unwanted. Hence the need for these compilations. This is a limited edition, album-length CD, which will be available from Remembrance Sunday, 11th November Twelfth Night complete epic vocal re-make of Sequences to mark WW1 centenary.

This is the first ever full studio version and is released on 11th November, 40 years after it was written. Fruits De Mer Records - lim.

Brad, Warner

Acid-folk and psychedelia, rock and early prog, Fruits de Mer Records revisits some of the classic and long-lost songs of that period, thanks to a gathering of a total of 27 new-to-the-label artists, long-time Fruits de Mer favourites and the holy trinity of The Yardbirds, The Electric Prunes and The Pretty Things. CD V2 - Showdown The band have completed the recording and mixing of a new studio version of their epic, Sequences. The musicians involved are founding members Brian Devoil drums and Andy Revell guitar , with Mark Spencer vocals, keyboards, orchestration.

The CD comes with a page booklet, which has a number of striking images perfectly illustrating the lyrics, and includes comprehensive sleeve notes detailing the development of the song, which was first performed some 40 years ago. Tracks: Sequences - Interpretations Und eigentlich runden diese die Kompositionen sehr gut ab. Einfach ein faszinierender Musiker und Zeitgenosse. Ansonsten herrschen treibenddynamische, psychedelisch-floydige Muster vor, oder vom Sax bestimmtes Gongartiges Treiben, bzw.

Ourselves And Otherwise Am Gemeinsam entstehen neue Songs mit einem rockigerem Touch. Violette Sounds sind komplett. Red Mars is loosely based on the adventures of the characters in the book, and the myriad of trials they face as they ultimately seek independence from their corporate overlords back on Earth. There are moments of darkness and wonder alike as characters secretly share their feelings with the listener amid the turmoil of the events going on on Mars. With Odyssey: The Founder Of Dreams, the band channel their talents to provide a sense of gravity and power to a melting pot of hard-to-swallow emotional experiences.

Das Album erscheint kurz vor dem November beendete, und kurz nach dem September II LP white Tesseract, Skyharbour und dem Produzenten Randy Slaugh. In seinen Solokonzerten mischt er immer wieder die alten Hits von Genesis und Stiltskin mit seinen Eigenkompositionen. Quelle: ZDF. Danny CD YES - feat. LP YES - feat. Filmed in high definition. Strictly limited to units worldwide, this edition replicates the rare original German edition, featuring alternate mixes, tracklisting and front cover! The Windmill are a Norwegian progressive rock band formed in in the outskirts of Oslo.

The music is symphonic neo prog influenced by several bands from the golden years of the seventies, such as Genesis, Pink Floyd, Camel and others. Anbei eine kleine aktuelle Auswahl des doch schon recht umfangreichen Labelkatalogs:. Sehr limitiertes Angebot - Lieferung nur solange Vorrat reicht.

Malmsteen, durch Japan. LP im farbigen gr. Ernsthaft, die Band hat keinen Bassisten, doch donnert der Bass durch die Subwoofer wie ein Unwetter. August und avancierte direkt zum Nummer-Eins-Album. Der Auftritt am Die Band spielte Material von ihren ersten drei Alben, was erstaunlich kraftvoll und konsequent war. Not Falling 3CD Remast. Alle Alben wurden neu gemischt von Andy Pearce! Zum Teil sogar von Original Tapes! Den Mai Produziert von Neil Merryweather. Book Edition Schlechte Entscheidungen trifft wohl jeder einmal. Dezember im weltbekannten Olympia in Paris.

Ein Theater, das im wahrsten Sinne ikonisch ist. Alice Cooper! Die 2-CD erscheint im hochwertigen Digipak. Die Kollektion wurde in den Abbey Road Studios remastered. Screamer ist das wahrscheinlich bislang euphorischste Album der Truppe. Kingdom LP Der stilistischen Grundausage bleibt man sich treu, nicht ohne den Gesamtsound etwas breiter und leicht psychedelischer erklingen zulassen. Zum Gitarrist Ed Archer, der schon zuvor bei Fifth Angel aktiv gewesen ist —, , , ist fortan wieder als festes Mitglied an Bord und komplettiert das Quartett.

Zeitgleich mit dem Komponieren und Produzieren des neuen Materials war Ace pausenlos auf Tournee, war auf Festivals zu sehen und tourte in Amerika, Australien und Japan. Es wurden dabei in Zusammenarbeit mit der Band 7 Livealben zusammengestellt, plus einzigartige Aufnahmen, die nur als B-Seiten erschienen sind. Die 7. The resulting self-titled debut album is simply everything that a Melodic Rock fan would hope and dream of: expect nothing else than soaring hooklines, magnificent melodies and amazing instrumental performances. Mixing the British and Swedish melodic rock traditions, Groundbreaker is truly the best of both worlds and one of the highlights of the entire Melodic Rock season!

The long-awaited new album of legendary US progressive metal act Heir Apparent featuring the amazing new vocalist Will Shaw. It was his eighth solo studio album originally released in It was his ninth solo studio album and was released in Danach startete Hughes seine Solokarriere. Produced with Andy Jackson, famed for his work with Pink Floyd, the album also features guest appearances from Zoot Money on Hammond organ. Collectors Box In der ersten Gruppe, die am The final studio album by the Doors, originally released November , is to be released as a 40th Anniversary edition, for Black Friday Auf der dritten CD bzw.

Last but not least warten auf der Blu-ray ein 5. Nach ihrer wilden Show im Pumpehuset im November war die jubelnde Menge sowohl verzaubert als auch taub. Das jeweilige Tacklisting finden Sie im Folgenden. Greg Koch is a true modern day guitar hero who lands with supreme levels of impressive, exceptional fretboard skills and talent on this high-octane, guitar fueled musical document.

Limitiert auf 1. All audio cleaned and remastered for vinyl. Compiled by Small Faces fan club head honcho John Hellier. Auf seinem Eigentlich ist es ganz einfach. Entweder man hat es oder man hat es nicht. The songwriting is of the highest standards, the musicianship faultless, and the production top notch, crisp and clear as a bell. Ronnie Atkins continues to improve with time as he deftly demonstrates throughout the album that he knows how to use his voice effectively at any given point in a song.

Heavy riffs, soaring vocals, thumping beats, and a grand ballad Prepare to delight your ears with a great new album from the sensational Nordic musical alliance known as Nordic Union! LP R. The record returns to the bluesy, fierce hard rock sound of the Badlands days, updated with a monster production from Esposito and a perfect mix, courtesy of Max Norman whose relationship with Jake dates back to his days with Ozzy Osbourne. Lee is BACK! Vor gut einem Jahr am Das Konzert wurde in Bild und Ton festgehalten und erscheint nun am 8. Juni auf Quarto Valley Records. The band had hoped to include a Michael Vosse photograph of a graffiti-strewn restroom, but it was rejected by its record label because it was considered offensive.

As standards changed, subsequent reissues have restored the Vosse photograph. This new version features that cover, but the entire collection is housed in an overwrap featuring the invitation image. Es handelt sich dabei um einen Konzertmitschnitt, aufgenommen und gefilmt am Blu-ray sowie als 3-LP-Set. Insgesamt 28 Songs umfasst die Trackliste. The album was critically acclaimed as one of the most significant records of the s, it was listed as one of the greatest albums of all time in Rolling Stone magazine.

Und genau das gelingt SNEW nun auch! They R Freaking Me Out! It is generally cited as their best selling release. Ein interessante Mischung aus teils Southern flavoured Hardrock, dann wieder bereichert um Orgel und einem leicht psychedelischen Doors-Sound. Spiral Skies has spellbound audiences with a unique visual performance at their intense and enchanting live shows.

Es sind Performances wie diese, auf denen Quos Ruf aufgebaut ist. Includes live performances of classic STP tracks along with a few from their new studio album. TREAT is releasing their new album, packed with riveting rockers and seductive, soul searching melodic rock songs, on a wave of newfound creativity and high anticipation from their fan base. The original release of this record was like a birthday present.

The reedition is similar to first release. This second edition is limited to copies on colored vinyl containing the two demos the band recorded before the first offcial release. The nerdy details of the differences are that the new edition is a higher amount of vinyls, not numbered, it has a different color tone on the cover and is on normal black vinyl. CD Truckfighters - V Ltd.

SEX und Religion -

Toad was a conglomeration of Swiss and German musicians, but their sound was pretty damn American in style. Auflage von 1. Eine Rhythmus Sektion, der musikalisch keine Grenzen gesetzt ist, untermalt diesen ausdrucksstarken Sound. Studioalbum vor. You can probably feel it already. Amid the shimmering haze of dusk. In the marrow of your bones. The darkness is getting darker. Malevolent forces are on the prowl. The wasteland is beckoning.

Uncle Acid is on his way home. Recorded at the legendary Sunset Sound studio in Los Angeles, Wasteland boasts the kind on irresistibly raw and exuberant sound that only the greatest bands can generate. Includes 10 tracks of mega-awesome, dynamic, blues-based, sonic guitar rock music that defies gravity and lands with world-class excellence. Auf der DVD ist neben zwei Songvideos noch ein ca. Seiner reflektierten Performance ist es zu verdanken, dass die Dave Matthews Band im aktuellen Zeitgeist langsam aber stetig einer Neubewertung unterzogen wird. Weil da etwas raus muss, etwas gesagt werden muss, eine Vision mit literweise Herzblut, Leidenschaft und Hingabe Wirklichkeit werden muss.

Nein, sie macht aus demselben Grund Musik, weshalb eine Janis Joplin angefangen hat, Musik zu machen. Eine Grace Slick, eine Stevie Nicks. Limitiert auf Exemplare. LP purple Deluxe Edt. Super Deluxe Nox Der erschienene Meilenstein der Musikgeschichte erscheint nun neu gemixt und in erweiterten 50th Anniversary Editions. Guitar driven songs with plenty of catchy hooks and melodies.

Fans of vocal harmonies will also be pleasantly satisfied. Barefoot Preachers music is focused towards the Rock music fan whom loves the guitar riff sound. Limitierte Erstauflage von 3. Da ist sie ja wieder, die Geschichte vom Apfel und dem Stamm. II LP black Deluxe Edt Tracklist 1. Run Away From It All 2. Medicate My Mind 3. Let Me Down Easy feat. Amanda Shires 4. Best Seat in the House 5. You Got Lucky feat Amanda Shires 6. Mother Mountain feat Oliver Wood. The album is utterly unbelievable in its rich and devilish guitar riffs and very unique as it fuses hard rock and southern flair.

Amazing songs and guitar sessions! For sure one of the best Southern Rock albums in , maybe the best. Real magic happens when a cranked guitar chord, wailing harmonica, saucy beat, and soulful vocal conjure up a psychedelic scene, a warm family memory, or a romance-gone-wrong or -right, for that matter. The only 1 album of the band, released in on private label. Die Mischung ist nicht neu, wohl aber die Band. Relativ zumindest. Und das ist in diesem Fall ziemlich gut so. Hier trifft Abwechslung auf ein paar unerwartete Momente und zeigt, dass das Songwriting der Band auch abseits der ausgetrampelten Pfade bestens funktioniert.

Hard Southern Rock from Canada with excellent guitars. Southern Rock N Roll, Boogie, sometimes bluesy classic 70s style. Southern Rock came later. Great 70s stuff! Original released in ,. Beides liegt oft dicht beisammen. The only album of the band. Great Album with 12 own songs, no covers. Starts slowly like a ballad and ends with 4 minutes guitars jamming. Special guests Elvis Costello, Dr. Now available again on limited colored marble vinyl 4LP Boxset.

This will be released on 1LP split across both sides for Black Friday Strictly limited to units worldwide. Sounds like 70s. Band leader and mastermind John Lanham has been around for a long time. Seine schwebenden, etwas rauhen Vocals harmonieren bemerkenswert mit der Zeichnung komplexer Charaktere mit echter emotionaler Tiefe in seinen Texten. Gemeinsam suchten sie Songs, die zum Sound des sich ewig weiterentwickelnden Songwriter passen, pressten den Aufnahmeknopf und heraus kam ein magisches Album.

Ende des Jason Isbell spielte an sechs aufeinander folgenden Abenden dort. Something Higher is both surprising and exciting, with each song bursting with creativity and originality. This is a band settling into their craft. Umfangreiches und Informatives Booklet. Get your jam on. Hut ab! Fine Southern music. The 2nd album of the band from Southern Rock mit Westcoast-Flair!