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Built in , the building provides an old world Hollywood vibe while the studio itself evokes all the modernity and vitality one would expect from a company that lives at the crossroads of art, media and technology. Curious about how the storyboards are coming along for your project?

No problem.

300,000 jobs from 14,000 companies

Come on over! We love having our clients in the house and our doors are always open. A disparaging term used for a person of the African race. The game will be held rain or shine.

Hops N Shine - Beer, Bites, Moonshine

The police have a warrant to search for shine here. Offensive Slang.

Years & Years - Shine (Official Video)

Used as a disparaging term for a Black person. Yo you wanna chill tonight shine?

Glamorous shiny stuff , mostly accessories like jewels , diamonds, etc. I've done some serious shopping last week'' ''Wauw all these accessories look so stunning on ya''.

Deragatory word for black people. Those shines are crazy, stabbing that cop in the middle of the precinct.

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