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The people who complain about their life and do nothing about it. The market. Just wanted to clear that up. My wife and son are everything to me. My wife has her career ahead of her. The only constant in life is change. We are living in an interesting time. Technology is evolving. Industries are changing or disappearing. There are too many variables to account. I do know, however, learning to adapt will serve me more than riding the corporate ship aground.

I want to achieve something great with my life so my son, his future siblings, my future grandchildren, and all their children will remember me.

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A lot of us want that. But few of us are trying to make it happen. I know, deep down to my core and you might even feel the same way about yourself , that I have a greater purpose. Self-doubt has plagued me ever since I was a child. Only one question remains, will I see you on the other side? Sign in Get started. Mar 3, In cases where the transfer involves a complete change of program format e. At the time of transfer, the new operator shall make entries in the appropriate sections of the technical records recording any recalculations which have been made.

For example, a typical engine log entry might read:. Time since overhaul at transfer 3, hrs. If, after prorating and a period of operation on the new program, a subsequent transfer occurs, either to a third program or back to the original program as would occur on the termination of a lease, for example the procedure shall be repeated.

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If further calculations are required, value Y see section 12 below shall be taken as the time s remaining to task at the time of transfer, irrespective of the actual hours flown or the previous calculations made. The details of previous calculations are not required, since only the time remaining is being adjusted. The principle involved is that the time remaining to overhaul shall be a direct indication of the unused service life potential of the component.

The procedures required by paragraph 12 is intended for transfers between programs which have been approved for use with identical products. Where the programs have been developed for products having significant differences in build standard, no upward adjustment of the times remaining to overhaul is permitted without specific Transport Canada approval. Operators who are bringing into use products with build standards different to those for which the inspection program was developed, and who wish to adjust the times remaining to overhaul upwards, shall list the differences and forward them to the Principal Maintenance Inspector PMI or equivalent Transport Canada department representative, together with the prorating calculations, and their assessment of the effect of the build standard differences on the times remaining to overhaul.

Transport Canada will assess the proposals, and notify the operator of the maximum time s which can be permitted to elapse before the task s are performed.

Examples of Types of Exceptional Allocations

The procedure for calculating the times remaining to overhaul or other maintenance tasks s for those items having different intervals on the new program is known as "prorating. The following examples will illustrate the use of this formula.

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Note that the approved intervals TBOs of the respective programs are unaffected. It is the times remaining to the task s which are recalculated.

For the purpose of these calculations, all times can be rounded out to the nearest hour or, in the case of calendar times, to the nearest complete month. An aircraft is transferred by sale or lease between two operators.

Obligation to Uphold Classification Plan

The first operator's inspection program requires an overhaul of the flap actuator gear boxes at 10, hrs. The new operator who has a short haul route structure requiring more frequent flap extensions is approved for a TBO of 5, hrs. The No. An operator has a DC-3 and a Canso and keeps one spare engine for use in both aircraft. Approved TBO in the Canso installation is hrs. The spare engine is required for use in the DC-3 and has hrs since overhaul, acquired while installed in the Canso.

An operator having an approved time between "C" checks of 2, hrs.

Time since last "C" check is 2, hrs. A comparison of the two "C" check packages shows the check content to be the same in both cases. Where differences exist between the contents of the two check packages, the operator can elect to calculate the times remaining to each of the items involved as a separate task, to be performed out of phase with the rest of the check cycle, or to treat the items in accordance with paragraph 6 above, as appropriate.

Where the two inspection programs are based on different units e.