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The day my cousin died at that exact time our power went out for about 4 hours. I love you mick, l will see you again soon. Thanks for everything you gave me my friend. My dad went down to see him recently, and now is back with me and my family. But I also have a butterfly farm at my house; I love it very much. Today I released a Male Monarch butterfly, but he was reluctant to leave and go off in his own. As I was trying to place him on a flower, he suddenly fluttered and landed on my nose; then proceeded to climb up onto my head and sit there.

I really hope he is still with us though, my dad would be heartbroken Excellent article. I feel like my son who passed away 10 months back, conversing with me, right from the seventh day of HIS demise. Every day, I go upstairs Open terrace , talk to Him and HE reiterates the fact that my wife and I should feel that HE has attained the highest stage and is with the DIVINE, rendering services to the Souls of highest level and shall reach us, with high qualities of human, in the ensuing next birth, in the same capacity of being a beloved son.

My dad recently passed and my phone will light up light a Christmas tree at night-it will just turn on all on it's own-I know it's him I can feel his presence-songs will come on the radio and I know it's him trying to spreak to me-the radio will get staticey and I can hear his voice coming through-I have had other encounters but none like this-I truely hope he doesn't stop it gives me some kind of peace knowing he's there looking after me and my youngest son as they were very close I feel blessed to have these encounters My mom passed.

My brother his 2 sons and myself were saying our goodbyes when from the corner of the ceiling we heard her say "Jerry". We froze then i asked did yall hear anything and they all said yes. I truely believe we do not die we move on. A promise from our lord. Since then no futher contact has been made. My father past on the year , I was not really close to him since I was leaving with my Mom. I could not remember what real happened.

My love one came to me in butterfly form while I was at the beach 2 days ago. Stayed with me for an hour I walked home and the butterfly stayed all the way. That never happened to me.

1. You Dream About An Angel Visitation

My aunt who passed, kept showing up in places I visited. I would see her profile in people who were several feet away from me. One time she touched my shoulder. The final time I tried to follow her in a grocery store but she disappeared. She never appeared in dreams. I can tell when my mom is present, I get a strong smell of cigarettes. She smoked until she was 85! Towards the end she would tell me she didn't know why she was still here I told her it was for me, but if she really wanted to go, I was Ok with it. She knew I loved her and her me. I do miss her so.

I woke up to what appeared to be two cloudy but oily clouded spots on my grandmothers mirror that I have in my bedroom. It happened overnight and I couldn't find any other reason why they could be there. Has anyone ever experienced this? I just lost my mother last Wednesday it still feels unreal we was very close I know she will be around , my Beautiful Angel.

When my father passed away I asked him if he can get in touch with me some way somehow he came into my dream and told me I have to come back and we paint all the walls and a crack in the ceiling with that the phone rang woke me up out of my dream and it was the woman that I painted her apartment 8 months prior to my father's death he told me I have to repaint all the walls and fix the crack in the ceiling with that the phone rang and it was that woman that asked me to come back and repaint all the rules and fix the crack in the ceiling that blew my mind cuz my father just told me in my dream and that's the God's honest truth.

My brother passed away 11 days ago of four and half year of pancreatic cancer. Yes I miss him so, we were sixteen months apart, him being the older. I saved a lady bug on Friday, 8 days ago, it's winter here, I put this lady bug on a rose with love. I also looked at a clould late yesterday that changed from beautiful animal to beautiful animal. I had a dream the other night that there were so many black umbrellas hanging up, closed, at a work place, outside, all hanging up along the railings, please let me pass I said to all the men, I must get through, I pushed my way through.

I did get through but with so very many black umbrellas hanging on the railings dripping with water, I think they were tears. My brother and I were so close, I do believe in the crossing over. Am I able to believe in the validation that Geoff, is sending me a sign. If not it is OK. I just went outside for a break for a few minutes and I live in a valley; The wind is very strong up in the hills, but no wind below where I am standing and I am not bull crapping, but my long hair is being blowing all over the place.

I have come inside and continued to finish this posting. I am so tired to reply to Geoff's facebook condolences and to our parents to help them to grieve, and I am so greatful to be able to do this. I so very much hope so and I will promise to look after Amy and the girl and our mum and dad. Thank you for all that you done for me and looking after me I am so greatful and proud of you and will always hold you in my heart and love, your sister Suzannexxxx. Wow, I've experienced too many of these to describe!

Two visitation dreams from my grandfather, but especially after my boyfriend John died 16 years ago For about a quarter of an hour or so, it just stood there looking at me, then looking away then look at me again! It was magical! TV changing it channel when I was halfway to the remote, TV turning itself on, at nights, even today the fan stopped working for no reason, I turned it back on, no problems! Most of the experiences were soon after he died but last year I was a carer and many times my late shift would end after ten.

I had a parking permit for a car park about ten minutes away from home. Every night walking home I was afraid and every night he was walking with me! I didn't see him, I just knew! It felt so good I apologize for writing like that but I am in tears right now! I saw a huge crow caw at me and fly out if my dads front bush after going upstairs and praying and setting his spirit free through prayer and opening a window in the house in case he needed to be released.

Since, while cleaning out this house family members and I, 5 ppl total saw a beer can on the table turn back and forth , 5 minutes. Everyone saw it. My dad was not a drinker but everyone there was that day. Also the day after his passing, I played his two fav songs and one that came to me "love is all around you - Tesla" I felt such strong feelings about this song, since his death, never before.

I have continued waking up singing it and heard it weeks back to back on every station while in car. I awoke and saw my mother standing over my husband while he was sleeping. Not sure if I was dreaming or I really saw this. My husband does have a bad heart and I am scared. I can't get this dream out of my mind. She send me hearts. I find them everywhere,it could be and odd crumb on the floor,but shaped like heart,a splash of juice on a kitchen counter but shaped like a heart,piece of paper on the floor.

Everything shaped like hearts. Today my birthday I open the blinds in the living room this black cat sitting on my porch I made it leave but I been getting signs all week from my mom pennies and black feathers she died July 9 The day l found out my friend for years had passed away l saw a black bird right in front of me where l was parking the car. What does it mean? It's been three months three weeks since my Mother passed away. The lights on my track lights started flickering again so I spoke with her. I'm moving so I told her my plans. After every point the light would blink twice.

The second night I was in the kitchen and told her I would be five minutes. The dish towel fell off the countertop a few feet from where I put it and I was aware of it in the air like it was thrown. I have seen signs from my husband, who died 5 months ago, that he is there for me. I have many examples, the latest visual example was two days ago. I photographed it, and love looking at him..

I've been seeing deceased spirits at my boyfriend house. His wife committed suicide in the house whereby my ex boyfriend also committed suicide. I do clear haunted houses. I just started clearing said house yesterday, it takes a lot of energy out of me especially when I haven't done it in a while. I was not done clearing the house when the next day I was doing Pilates I saw a male reaching his hand to help me get up. Then I saw a women leaning against the wall wearing as blonde wig laughing. I was very fatigued that day.

THEN upstairs I was watching tv, my boyfriend was not their. I'm not sure if it was my ex and him mucking his wife. Because I cannot forgive him I receive signs from my husband all the time, finding a perfect Heart Seabean down at mile 60 on the beach after I asked him to show me he was with me. A blown glass heart found at St. Joe Island when I was with two of our friends, the four of us always went to the beach together, he showed me, that he was still with us. Our anniversary, I wished him a Happy Anniversary, the next morning a Bird was on our enclosed back porch, and a four leaf clover was by the bird feeder outside.

My birthday, I found a piece of candy from the candy dish in the dining room on the rug in front of the chair I sit in. A Granddaughter called to say Grandpa is still with us, she was at work thinking about her and her Grandpa when he fiance sent her a picture of her and her Grandpa, she asked how he would know to send the picture to her at that time if her Grandpa didn't tell him. A daughter has felt his hand on her shoulder, and a picture of a Sailor appeared on her wall, he was retired U. All three of us know he's still with us. I got a message the other day to check the oil in his pickup, found out the dip stick and the tube it went in was broken because it melted sitting next to the moter, the way Chevy put it together, then I got a sign to call one of his friends to check it out.

His friend fixed it for me. He's still with us, he always will be, we look for signs all the time. Can someone tell me what this means? How are you doing today? Do you have someone in your life now, besides family members, who loves you or cares for you? I felt your pain when I read your post here.

I was a victim of child abuse too, and sadly many children are, yet the fact that you are still alive is a testament to your individual spirit which is beautiful and strong And the one whom God has always loved. My husband came to me early this morning He asked if i was ready or did he have to read an article again I stood looking out the window at the falling rain I was pushing a resident in a wheel chair as soon as i pasted the room where one of my elderly died that week i got about 5 really strong static electricity shocks to the point it made me jump and after the 2nd on i was a bit nervey about touching the wheel chair i was only thinking of this when i was laying in bex at 3am this morning.

After my Mom Passed, I was always finding Dimes I Believed and still do it was my Mom. Now My Fiance' has Passed I do not see them as much as I once did. After my husband passed I asked to plZ someway let me no that he was at peace I have been devastated and in shock. A cardinal came in our yard , shortly after day after day my daughter noticed it too and took pic posted story and pic on Facebook and a Facebook friend noticed s very clear face image in the background so we zoomed in on it and it is a very very clear picture of a face image with eyes nose mouth even a beard made from the reflection of the leaves in the tree from the sun.

The pic is so real that I am in shock. This was captured in the picture of the cardinal. It is amazing , scary , contraversial , touching all st the same time I am not a believer in supernatural so I have looked for any and every logical explanation and can not come up with one other than , a sign from my husband that he is now at peace and he sent me a signal just like I ask for him to. I would love to share my picture. Exactly when Mom passed, I found a dime near where Dad died. Then another dime near where Mom always sat in her favorite chair. Their message to me: Dad came and got mom and they were together once more.

It was beautiful the way it was presented to me. More recently, my year old, female labrador retriever passed. I buried her with her favorite tennis ball. Four days later while on vacation to the beach, I started thinking about her and all the good times we had throwing the ball together into the water.

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Within five seconds of this thought, I looked down at my feet where a small waved lapped. At my toes, was a water-logged tennis ball. One hour later there was the call, I believe that I felt her spirit with no pain, only freedom. Today I had a strange sensation as somebody was touching my head and there was an incredible feeling of peace!

Thank you for this, God Bless. The main 2 would be my dad and my grandfather. When I got home after my Mothers recent passing a light blinked twice. I began talking to her and every time I asked a question the light immediately blinked twice and only after a question. Do you understand why you died and are the funeral arrangements ok?

The light immediately blinked twice. It was one bulb on a trek lighting fixture of six light and in the middle. I kept the lights on for the last three weeks after and it never blinked again. Then on the third day after she passed a canvas painting over a fuse box fell off the wall.

I also felt a foggy presence envelope me when I was sleeping the first night on her side of her bed. Its real My brother died 10 years ago suicide unexpected within a day and before he was cremated he was at my house because I had all his things from his apartment here. My daughter had a 2 day visit to the hospital a week before from a burn from spilling hot water and some got on her and she was admitted for treatment and skin patch.

She bought balloons home from hospital from her grandma and they hung at the ceiling for a few days helium balloons they lost helium after a few days but one Mylar heart shaped balloon was still at the ceiling floating. I stood up , turned to leave the living room to go outside for a smoke and I heard a noise behind me , t I turned and the balloon was coming right towards me across the ceiling.

Im totally alert and immediately think I " drafted " it as I moved in the room? Not so! The balloon will hit the wall and that will stop it! It did! Then down came the balloon right in front of my eyes , through the doorway and popped right back up in the dining room where I stood , as if someone pulled down on the string on the balloon! I backed up into the kitchen never taking my eyes off it and was starting to freak out a bit as it crossed the dining room and hit the wall above doorway into the kitchen and immediately was pulled down again and coming right at me!

The defining moment was this time the string was pointed right at me as the balloon followed me through the kitchen , like it was being pulled and now I could feel a draft in the room and it had a cold spot in the draft as I grabbed the string of the balloon and immediately opened the back door at the kitchen and fast walked it out of my house and let it go and watched it float up into the night sky.

When we die its not the end! He never visited again because I think he knew it scared me but it seemed as though he was given one chance to tell me. Most weird but also amazing experience I ever had and I was alert enough to see it and experience it happening. I learned from it and im not as afraid to die , just sad for the kids I leave behind and I hope I get to come back for a moment as my brother did and let them know im ok and in a good place I hope they are as alert as I was with an open mind to realize my experience with after life and that they know dad is not dead but just on another level of life and ill see them again one day Awesome experience!

A bit scary I admit but im glad I saw it and know more about life and death Amazing beings we are It has happened many times where a person comes to my mind for no reason, and then I discover they have just passed away. Today I saw in the street a person that look like my beloved son that died recently , for seconds I thought he was still alive.

I don't want to interfere in his process but I hope he is in peace. I love this article so much! I find it very comforting since losing my mom almost 18 yrs. I believe in all the signs The sgns are all around us, we just need to be in tune to them! Hi, I need some advise as my dad is a little worried at the moment. My grandfather has stayed behind spiritually in their home after his death. The last time he made his presence known was when my uncle passed away.

My grandfathers spirit went haywire in the house, if you can put it like that. He switched lights on and off, cupboard doors were slamming and thudding noises were coming from rooms in the house, this all just before my uncle passed. My dad called me today, worried, as him and my stepmom have seen a figure which they assume is my grandfather and every time he is moving to the front door from the back of the house and just stands there. We don't know what this could mean as nothing is being switched on or off. My dad heard a noise which woke him last night and had him go look and that was when he saw the figure moving from the back of the house to the front door.

My stepmom heard walking down the wooden stairs and then the going to the front door. Please could someone advise as to what this could mean as we getting a little worried as to what to expect. Okay so I'm not a huge believer in the whole Spirit thing but my father-in-law recently passed away and ever since that happened my daughter has woken up every night screaming crying he died two condos over from me in a tragic house fire things have been really weird since then I don't know what to think about these things.

I recently lost my best friend last month. I've dedicated a few songs to him and was woke up out of a sleep hearing pieces of the songs why is that? Or what is he trying to tell me. I had a visit from a white moth 3 a m , also my neighbors cat sleeps at my front door and walks in the house , this has happened since my loved one died. One coworker made false claims about me to HR. Early in the year my Prius kept showing We were all three asked to help in preparing for her final viewing.

Myself being the least to have known her was given the special gift in recreating her viewing for the family as she looked and was in life. Radiant and happy. As the family made their way into the funeral home to view her body it was a warm and comforting feeling to see them view her as who she was and not what took her.

The day of her funeral the weather strangely for the month of December was like a rainy crisp cool morning that had this calmness and fridged beaty to it. I knew that was her way of communicating once again. My mom, who was my everything, passed away 3 years ago next month. I was devastated, but relieved that her 5 very long year battle with breast cancer was done. No more pain, cancer, treatments and all the other stuff. Until little stuff started to happen out of the blue.

A significant one is my husband, who owns his own business, would be begging for work but nothing was on the horizon. Just when we are down to our last pennies, we always get a couple small jobs. The other is quite personal. My mom always used pink dove soap, nothing else. I thought I was loosing it, but my husband has smelled it as well.

My aunt tragically died after a brief battle with brain cancer in June of Her favorite bird was the hummingbird. I have had so many experiences with my son and mom. My favorite son one was the dream. They are not kidding about how vivid they are. I FELT him kiss my cheek! We hugged and it was over. I have seen him go down the.

He was drinking wine out of a stein. In his room he arranged some of his favorite things in a circle on the floor! So much more! He was 28 and had a brain tumor. Of course losing a parent sucks. I think my aunt might use heart symbols to send her love to me from heaven. I have seen lots of heart symbols daily. I love her lots and miss her forever. He was only 46 yrs old. We were so close, even though we had been apart for 2 yrs.

We had always said there was a soul connection that was undeniable between us. After his funeral, when I was walking in my kitchen crying uncontrollably, the light he had fixed flickered and dropped the metal and glass covering. I knew he was there with me. Also, during the graveside service, the tombstone I was standing directly in front of had a name on it.

The first and last letters were covered with dirt, which left the remaining letters seen. Those letters spelled his name.

1 Hour Spell Hypnosis Talk to Angel Loved Ones (People who have Died Passed)

Also a man, that I did not know, came up to me after the funeral and gave me the rose he wore as a pall bearer. All signs I think were from the man I loved. My poppop died this past July, he knew how much I loved him. I was cleaning my house one day and I saw an orb of light above his picture on my mantal above our fireplace.

Made me feel as if he was there with me. I seem to always find a dime on the ground, sometimes two of them together. My 88 year old Dad passed on October 16 after a 14 mo battle with lung cancer. He was my hero. My bestie. I slept at the nursing home he was in but he passed on that one day I went home and was coming back, just not soon enough. My mother was in the bathroom, 4 feet away from him, but my three older sisters where there. Dad knew that mom and I would take it hardest. On cleaning some of his things at home, we found cigar bosses stuffed with wheat pennies and state quarters.

No one knew he collected them. On my first day back to work, right in front of me, laid a shiny penny. A few feet away…a quarter. I continue, almost weekly, to find a penny and the a quarter…. We had a joke about money between he and I. My husband died from cardiac-respiratory failure in August and he was my soulmate and best friend. He was only I miss him and think about him constantly. My husband passed away in May due to a heavy equipment accident. He loved the song SAiling by Christopher cross. On days that I seem the worst, that song will come on.

One time I heard it, listened to the end, switched channels and it played there too. Switched back aft it finished and it was on again. I KNOW it was my husband. I have received messages from him through friends and family. I find lighters in strange places… I miss him more than ever! He had plans to propose after 19 years! So I have rings on layaway. I talk to him hoping he will communicate to a friend about the rings… I will wear his around my neck with his ashes… and mine on my finger of course. He was mine and I was his… because he loved me… we said that to each other.

My father who lived in the UK died suddenly on December 13th His birthday was 6th October. On the 3rd November this year I was in the living room with the light on as it was dark. I heard banging against the lampshade. I initially though it was a moth. The banging stopoed , I switched the light back on and on the carpet was a hornet or large wasp.

I captured it and put it outside. I have no idea where it came from. If it was hibinating indoors where was it. Within that week I also saw someone on an American YouTube channel in a photo who looked like my dad but he never went outside of the UK. I sort of believe my great Auntie sends me white butterflies on warm days. I have seen white butterflies and I get a feeling they are from her.

I miss her and love her very much. I was providing home hospice for my year old Grandmother. It was really difficult but somehow I had the strength to make the best decisions I could for her. She spoke to God and to her mother. Tears streamed down my face. At that moment….

It scared me at first and I rushed around looking for the garage door opener to close it…then I realized what it meant. When I was a little girl, my Grandfather would come home and that noise would send us anxiously to the door to see him. It was all the message I needed to know she would not be alone, that he was with her. And that I was not alone either.

For weeks after, I was noticing coincidences and electrical stuff like loud static on my mobile phone. The day of his funeral, I found a nut and bolt in the grass as we waited for the hearse. M was very good at DIY!! Songs on the radio are another thing, one has come on after a conversation about M — the song was in the funeral service. He worked all day and when he come home from work that evening, she was still fighting with the neighbors via phone, text, fb messages and what not. She had went out the front door several times to get her back in the house to keep from something happening.

The last time she went out is when my brother was shot 8 times from 18 inches away, their 2 year son always had a bad habit of following his daddy out the door and that night was the last time he got to follow his daddy outside. My brother and I had a really bad argument in our last conversation but he and I would post online to each other and let the other know we love them. I feel so angry, I have so much hatred, and so angry and so cheated I do not know how to let things go. I have been going to multiple counselors since then. Recently in the past 2 days some really strange things have happened.

First off Monday morning I woke up and I decided to fix my husband a pot of coffee, Wednesday morning my husband gets up to fix a pot of coffee turns it on and goes into kitchen to fix him a cup and come to find out it was unplugged. Today while at work my husband sends me a text message asking me why I had sent him a picture that I sent him the day before? Okay, first of all…. This has never happened before I have truly missed my brother and I hope and pray everyday that he is doing just fine and still loves me. My brother has been actively in my life after his passing.

Took me a while to tune into his messages. Now I pay attention. The difference in handling things since then has been life saving. A dime. I wore my black suit. The weeding was in Oregon. My parents and my family live in Southern California. When I got home, I had the suit cleaned. My work is casual, and, I swear, the last time I wore this suit was in October of I said yes, and reached into my right pants pocket to get my money clip. While doing that I felt a coin in my pocket. I was surprised. How could that be?

I pulled the coin out of my pocket and it was a dime! I was really baffled about why that was there. I shrugged it off thinking, it must have just stayed there during last years cleaning. My wife has a change purse so I just gave it to her. Was he with me last night? Was he saying how proud he was of my older brother and I for our comments at the service and making sure our Mom his wife of 61 years was ok? Oh, I hope so. Yes, his passing is still recent but am longing to talk, touch or hear him.

I want him with me. Someway, somehow. Please tell me I am not nuts. Wa are a Christian family who believe. I want him near me always. Thanks for letting me send this to you. That is not true. My partner passed over 1 year and 9 months ago. At the end of July I recieved a courtesy call from the music store he used. The beginning part was my partner. He said, Grace, you know I love you that is all I can say. Yes it was a little statically but clear at the same time.

You can also hear spirits in the back ground. I know exactly why he said that at that exact time. And to hear his voice again and to have this recorded is so much more than I can ask for. White Butterflies… when my soul friend who lived next door died, a white butterfly appeared on my deck every day. Six weeks later my mom died, now there are two white butterflies that appear together on my deck.

I know they are Evelyn and Mom. I always say…hay guys love ya. Evelyn will come to me in my sleep to give messages to her son, and they are always right on.. Dragonfly visitation 3 days after my mother passed away suddenly. Now I know she was sending me a message and I will be open to receiving her messages in the future. We had just had a newborn baby girl, who was only two months at the time of her passing. Just not sure what to think or what to believe, or what any of this even means. My sister Joyce passed away unexpectedly on Saturday September 29, after having surgery on the 26th.

Her memorial service was on October 4th. That morning before I got out of bed I saw my brother Doug, who had passed away 9 years ago. He looked so healthy and happy just as he always did before he got sick. I wondered if it was a dream or something more. But it was so Incredibly vivid and real that I truly believe my brother was letting me know that he is ok and my sister was now with him in Heaven. My mum and dad are here, and I am terrified of losing either of them and not getting any kind of sign, because then I would really believe in nothing. Apparently my grandad would always stop whatever he was doing to watch it, so we took this as a sort of sign, but laughed it off.

I have recently been on my knees, crying my eyes out just begging for a sign of some kind but receiving nothing. Nothing from my grandparents, and nothing from God. I want desperately for there to be something, but continuously receiving no sign when I am really suffering is making me about as depressed as someone can get. My son Ryan passed away on August 15th I have seen many signs of his being with us. One day I was texting my oldest son asking what time he was getting out of work. He simply answered 4.

I was using my hands free in the c as r so my text messages always come up on the radio screen with who is texting. It said that Ryan was sending me a text, when I hit listen it said 4. It was the text his older brother had actually sent. Three hrs later my oldest found out that his wife was pregnant with a baby boy. I truly believe that Ryan sending a sign to both me and his brother about the baby. Ryan also collected rocks. I have found rocks in places right in front of my path shaped like broken hearts.

It freaks me put sometimes but he definately wants me to know he is here with us. My husband passed away March 6, Soon afterwards, I was leaving the house to go to work and a red cardinal was sitting on top of my car in the driveway. Definitely a sign! My God! Some days ago I was in my bedroom and it was night time, I was thinking about my beloved cat that passed away some years ago and I was crying because I was feeling that in some occasions I neglected her….

I took outside and put it on a plant, but right after I started wondering what was a ladybug doing in my bedroom at night time? And do ladybugs bite? That had never happened to me for sure!!! My sister was assisting me with financial matters in my home a relatively short while after my husband, Tom, passed away. I showed it to my sister and she had no doubt that it was him. Only one thing disturbs me: I also had a dream of seeing Tom within a group of people.

You fooled them all! My grandmother passed on September 19, and today which is the 26th I witnessed while it was raining a hummingbird fly to the door and hover there for a moment before it flew off. My brother passed away a little over a year ago June 30 and we have been blessed with many signs. One of the most amazing ones came days after his passing.

My husband and I adopted my brothers youngest child in September of When finalizing the paperwork we noticed that his middle name was not correct. The paperwork had it as Jackson Copper and should have been Jackson Cooper. My husband and I were the only ones who knew of this little mistake, which was corrected. Fast forward July 2nd to the day our family was at the funeral home trying to pick out a casket and after a few minutes my husband calls me over and shows me a casket that is named Brand and color Jackson Copper! I knew that was my sign that my brother was ok.

Often i think about what my mother or father where doing and experiencing at the age i am now ,also there is a frog that is different from any other frogs he moved up the walls of the house into the window and kept looking inside the house usually frogs come out when it is raining or stay into or near the water in a lake near or house i found it special. I have had several dreams about my best friend from high school and college nightly fir weeks now- as well as feeling his presence. Like many people, we fell out of touch as we pursued marriage jobs etc but when we ran into each other it was always the same friendship and closeness.

I woke up during another dream at 4 am last night talking to him. I decided to find him and his wife again on Facebook and could not. I was devestated to learn he passed away the end of last year while I was traveling. I did manage to locate his wife and he died suddenly of a heart attack st she Was this a sign? Yes, I think so. Our beloved 15 year old cat passed away recently. One night he his sister was acting odd. She kept staring out at nothing with an odd look in her eyes. I think she saw her brother.

I got up to see what she might be looking at and felt something brush by my legs. There was nothing there. I lost my father 2 months ago. After five days i saw a beautiful butterfly comes in my house yard and i said that hi dadi are you ok? I love you dad. I miss you so much. Idk, maybe I was supposed to read this I wonder, so he could let me know in some way he is ok too, which I have been begging for. My son is Daniel. Mom xoxoxoxoxoxoxo. My awesome cousin passed away suddenly in late august , that day around the same time he crossed over the power went out for about 4 hours.

Love you so much Michael, l will see you again some day. Maybe it was trying to bring me comfort.


My mom passed on August 12, and I have been in their house trying to talk and begging her to come through. She would never ever leave us,but I cant find her. I do not believe it yet. In the past, I have seen a head image of my great aunt who passed away last year. I seen this image of her face in my bedroom in the middle of the night while I was laying in bed. I know I was not dreaming. I seen it with my own eyes. This happened a month or so after she died. For your information, there was a full moon outside when I seen this image.

I seen it on the wall of my room. I seen her face appear out of thin air on the wall. Either my eyes were playing tricks on me or I actually was seeing her face. The moon could have been reflecting through the window. Then her eyes and smile appeared. I have not seen any thing as this since June She passed away April 30 I miss her lots.

I loved her lots!!! She is always in my heart. She was a lady who loved to laugh in life. She had an Awesome sense of humor. God bless her. In the past I have seen visions of butterflies in my bedroom, and they are not there. Sometimes in my bedroom light, I see the light blinking in a way of present. I sometimes see visions of an angel in a human form in my bedroom on the outside. Feel free to contact me. My wife passed away on August 24 Two days later my son and I were in my garage and a large Monarch ButterFly came from no where and started flying in a circle above us.

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  4. This was inside the garage. After about two minutes it flew out the door and was gone A few years ago an Aunt died and at the Grave Site a White ButterFly came and landed on the Coffin and sat there for a few seconds and flew away. My husband passed in Right after he passed , my touch light would come on. I saw him and his parents and our dog. He has also visited our middle son. He turns the light out in his fridge one time right after another. He has also banged the pots and pans on the wall. Yep he is still around three years later. I saw a feather the other day. I just met a man and started seeing.

    My great aunt passed away on April 30th around 5pm. I miss her and love her always! She was my favorite person and best friend. She lived to be the age of She was loved and important to her family! I have had very nice visits with her in the past years while she was alive. She loved to laugh.

    She enjoyed company. She loved making silly cute jokes. She was also a beautiful lady. She cared about everyone! She was special to me! She is forever in my heart. Last year in June of , I was on my bed wide awake at night time.

    Signs from Heaven… Top 9 Signs from Deceased Loved Ones -

    In the middle of the night, I looked up at the wall and ceiling. I thought I seen her face looking at me. She was smiling. It looked just like her. There was another time, I was laying in bed. This was in the middle of the night, I saw an image of a lady walking towards me on my bed. I wonder if this was her. Any way, I have also seen birds, butterflies, sunshine, and I think I get little notes on social media.

    I see things on Facebook. They are from my friend list. I read messages. Maybe they are meant to be for me to see those at the right time. Maybe my great aunt wants me to read those. Words and quotes make me think of her sometimes. Since returning back from a 6 week holiday a week ago, strange things have happened in our and my daughters house. Our daughter had turned on our heat banks 2 days earlier but the house was still quite cold when we arrived. The first morning home my husband went to turn on the over riding.

    The heater had been turned off at the main switch which is on the skirting board next to the heater. This happened again a few days later. A few days later I was meditating so decided to latch the bedroom door so my husband would not disturb me during meditation. After completing my meditation my husband walked straight in. Meanwhile in my daughters house a bee found friend of hers called in and as he walked up the stairs, a light bulb exploded.

    She had no idea that her friend had worked as a Psychic and had communicated with spirits. He claims that my dead mother my father and brother have also passed away was in my daughters house and got angry when he was ignoring her. Apparently he then communicated with him that she was concerned about my well being. I have had a lot of concerns regarding my daughters two boys and have difficulty sleeping it seems that my concern is always for other people and tend not to consider my own well being.

    My question is this, I believe that a spirit may be able to play with electricity etc but to switch off a heater? Can you help me? My closest friend had mestatic cancer. I had moved out of state. When it went to her brain, she reached out, called me. Her message never mentioned the sad, just how much our friendship meant to her, wishing me happy thoughts.

    I never deleted the message. One year later she had passed 9mo earlier our power went out. When it returned, her message played loud and clear. Truly a gift. When he was young he got cancer. My brother survived his cancer to which he was very ill and in the final stage. Fast forward 37 years and my beloved brother gets cancer again but he does not win this battle. I was with my brother when he passed, it was the day after the 37th anniversary of our grandmothers death. The date of my brothers passing is the day after my grandmothers.

    Signs and Messages From Animals in the Afterlife

    I believe this to be an sign I was right in my thinking all these years. She took his place all those years ago. At am 7 hours after seeing him and his words to me April 19, the hospital called and said I needed to get there that he was unresponsive. I think my mom was just as shaken up as I was when I had first called her to tell her about my dream. My husband and I recently moved back home to West Virginia from Louisiana, we both were born and raised here WV we now live in the same town where I was raised. A little bit ago I told my husband about it, like I said just recently did I start noticing the pattern of this occurrence with the dragonfly.

    Not an ounch of fat on him. I cried so hard on my way home from his funeral. I was screaming this being in tears while driving. My volume was turned all the way down. My speakers never did that before. My speakers then went into a heart beat rhythm. So it continued on my drive home. I was crying so hard. Knew nobody would believe me so i recorded it. They love us even if we have no one else. So sometimes, as in many of the stories that follow, animals come back in spirit form to help us because angels ask them to, and sometimes angels themselves help us when we lose an animal, in the same ways they do when we lose a person.

    An uncle, whom I thought the world of, passed away really unexpectedly and suddenly, leaving us all in shock. As I reached down to pick up the case to choose a song to play, I saw that a beautiful white feather lay on top of it. I instantly burst into tears and felt a huge surge of comfort envelop me. I truly feel an angel helped me that day. My dear late mother had cancer for over ten years. She was my best friend and a real inspiration because she bore her illness with such acceptance and fortitude. When she passed away, although I was overjoyed she was free from suffering, I was also very sad because she had always been there for us and to be truthful was a light in the family.

    A day or so after she passed over, I went to bed as usual. The strange thing was I was also awake because I felt enclosed by what I can only describe as warm, enfolding wings.