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Just as many of your dreams feature people you know who are still living, or who you knew in the past, they can also feature people who have passed on. A deceased relative may simply be featured in a dream to symbolise something about you in the same way as anyone else may feature in your dream to symbolise something about you.

In other words, your dreaming brain picked them to suit a character part in your dream. You can also read about death dreams and discover the unique meaning of your dream about death as well as the unique meanings of your other dreams in my book, The Dream Handbook, published by Hachette Australia in your local bookshop or buy online here, delivers worldwide and published by Piatkus in the UK in your local bookshop or buy online from Amazon UK here.

When you dream of being haunted by a spirit this usually means you are feeling haunted by something from your past.

Dream Moods Dream Themes: Death Symbols

What kinds of things haunt you? Memories, guilt, regrets … thoughts of what could have been perhaps? Consider the spirit in your dream and ask yourself what he, she or it represents to you. For example, your dream spirit might be a starving prisoner so he might represent some way in which you have starved yourself emotionally that is still haunting you.

Or your dream spirit might be an old sailor which, on reflection, you decide probably represents an adventurous spirit — your adventurous spirit that you have abandoned but that comes back to haunt you, reminding you of your regret. Having such a dream you might decide to enrol for something adventurous and, if you do, your dream spirit will probably disappear from your dreams since he no longer lives in the past because you have integrated him into your present.

Your dream spirit might appear as the devil.

Endings & Beginnings

This is common for people who have experienced a strict religious upbringing. What happens is that you push away all the things you feel guilty about — all the things your religion has informed you are bad — you push them so far away that they seem separate from yourself. You have disowned them so they appear as a separate being and what better symbolism, for such a dreamer, than to embody all that guilt in the form of the devil? What can you do about this type of dream? The best approach is to realise that there is no devil haunting you other than your own feelings of misplaced guilt or judgement.

Simply realising this is usually enough to stop the dream, but if you need reinforcement you may choose to have the details of your personal dream interpreted and have a Dream Alchemy Practice created for you. What do these dreams or experiences mean? To start with, they are very similar to the spirit or devil dreams already discussed in that the presence is, in fact, your own feelings of harsh judgement against yourself. Anything that you consider bad or evil about yourself is bundled up and pushed away so that you are left feeling virtuous and good.

Your dreams go for major impact and really drum up the evil feeling because that is exactly what you have done. For example, you might have been taught, as a child, that it is wrong to be angry with anyone or anything so you learned to push any anger away and remain a very nice calm person, a friend to everyone, loved by all. But in doing this you miss out on healing large areas of your life, because those angry feelings were a natural consequence of feeling hurt. You need to find safe ways to express your feelings of anger — ways that are not harmful to other people — so that you can go deeper and address those hurts that still need healing.

So, in this example, that evil presence is all your anger that you have pushed away, still haunting you, always hovering nearby, needing to be faced and used in a healing way.

So these dreams are about integrating feelings and beliefs that you have pushed away. Why is it that sometimes you really think you are awake and the presence is there? Dreams such as these cause your body to go into fear response, so your body releases adrenalin, your heart beats faster, you break out in a cold sweat and — often — you freeze, unable to move.

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These are natural physiological responses to fright. Sometimes you even wake up partially, opening your eyes while your mind is still dreaming. At this point something really interesting happens.

Because your eyes are open, images of your dark bedroom are arriving at your brain at the same time as your brain is also seeing your dream, so, rather confused, your brain comes to one conclusion: all of this must be taking place out there, in your room! So you see your dream presence apparently in your bedroom.

Dateline Mystery: Death of a Dream

Often this is enough to completely frighten you awake and that is when the presence disappears but the sweat lives on. You may still feel the freeze and be unable to shout out or move. Think about it: when you fall asleep you have all those active dreams but your body is more or less still, apart from the odd twitch and your rapidly moving eyes under your eyelids. Dreams of death and dreams of haunting are complex, but these basics should be enough to reassure you of their general meanings. Every dream is unique and it is the details in your dream that help pinpoint exactly which area of your life your dream is addressing.

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“The death of a dream is the day that you stop believing in the work it takes to get there.”

I find it funny The lights we shone burn us out So I just keep runnin But I cant catch this horizon It's always just further than I know it never ends I fear what I'm dreaming of And know.. A great many of his works are commonly read and remembered today, including The Second Coming. He is also remembered for having won a Nobel Prize in Literature. He is also known for highly symbolic and imagery-bases works that constitute both physical and abstract meanings. He came to care for her deeply, and she became the inspiration for many of his poems.

Although he proposed marriage to her — at least four times — she never married him, saying that she believed a poet could never be happy unless they had unhappiness in their lives to fuel the poetry that gives them solace. She is even cited to have claimed that the world would thank her for never marrying him. As the subject of a great many of his poems, it is possible that the anonymous woman in this poem is meant to be based on Gonne, who travelled a great deal throughout her lifetime.

It is possible that Yeats dreamed of what might happen if she were to pass away in a different country, far from her friends, family, and, of course, from him.