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German Verse from the Trenches

Find out about the expert advice, support and case studies we provide through our lubricant-related services that are helping companies like yours every day. The editorial hand develops a panegyric narrative that celebrates and enshrines the impact that Audre Lorde had on the creation and development of a community of Black West German women in the s.

At the same time, as Frank Mehring has incisively demonstrated, the film is as much an autobiography of the filmmaker Schultz as it is of Audre Lorde and the origins of Black German Studies.

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  • Schultz herself had become involved in both the feminist and the Civil Rights movements in the United States during the s and early s Schultz This double ancestry—of second-wave activist feminism and US-American narratives of the Black Atlantic—has long dominated the field of Black German Studies. As is the case with all narratives of origin, the one that has defined Black German Studies, also needs, periodically, to be questioned and examined for blind spots.

    Were the relationships that she cultivated in Berlin without problems? Did all Afro-Germans adopt her ideas? Did Afro-German men, in particular embrace them? As George Hutchinson has argued:. A collection of historical essays, autobiographical narratives, and literary texts, upon its publication Farbe bekennen was justifiably hailed as a groundbreaking volume.

    The most dramatic revelation of Farbe bekennen was thus its demonstration that the post-Second World War occupation of Germany was not the defining historical moment for all Black Germans, but, rather, that their origins were geographically disparate and historically diffuse. As the subtitle of the volume announces, it is the search for origins that characterizes most of the narratives of Farbe bekennen , and autobiography continues to be the dominant form of expression for many Black German authors.

    While a powerful tool for the women around Lorde, this focus has also had unforeseen exclusionary repercussions, as it took almost twenty years for the stories of Black German men to be heard. Born in Hamburg in , Massaquoi was the son of a Liberian businessman and a German nurse. With the fall of the Berlin Wall and the unification of East and West Germany, questions about the inclusiveness of German identity re-surfaced with a vengeance. At the same time, the unification of the two German states also introduced new voices, perspectives, and experiences to Black German Studies, calling upon the field to re-examine its focus and its scope.

    "der Schwarze Mann" in English

    Perhaps the most crucial issue currently facing Black German Studies is one that looks to both the future and the past: who is a Black German today? Unlike the Black Germans who initiated the search for a history of Black Germans, and who were children of previous African diasporas, the new diasporic communities are neither isolated nor do they necessarily identify as German. What does it mean that so many of the texts by Black Germans are now written in English rather than in German? The rise of immigration to Germany, the formation of culturally- and ethnically-grounded immigrant communities within European countries, rather than the presence of a few, isolated individuals born and raised there, and shifting notions of diaspora: these are the forces and the realities challenging Black German Studies today.

    In the context of new diasporas and migrations, Michelle M.

    Synonyms for

    Wright offers a compelling alternative to—rather than a replacement of—what she terms the Middle Passage Epistemology MPE , that is, a narrative of identity based on the Black Atlantic and the legacy of slavery. However, she also critiques the MPE as being too limited—and limiting—due to its persistent focus on Black American experience to the exclusion of other Black diasporic experiences, black difference, and black agency.

    The PWE understands that particular war as itself a projected future of the past, a legacy not only of , but also of the Berlin Conference. By taking wartime as its mediating point—and a global conflict at that—the PWE at once offers an analytical frame that 1 unlike the Middle Passage, includes almost all African and peoples of African descent; 2 offers a broad and decentring range of geographic locations so that, unlike the MPE, looking at blacks in Japan does not strike one as odd or marginal; 3 establishes an amoral space of great complexity that can resist easy moralising and simplification as one is surrounded by victims of all shapes and sizes as well as victims who are also perpetrators, and vice versa; 4 provides a greater focus on the role of economics, especially in the post-war space where blacks who fought for the victorious Allies are returning to penury while post-Nazi Germany is receiving billions in aid to ensure a smooth economic recovery; and 5 enables a more relevant framework for many contemporary issues that the MPE cannot speak to [.

    The rejection of the Second World War as the defining moment for Black German identity represented a crucial and necessary break at the beginning of Black German Studies, one that enabled a re-reading and re-envisioning not just of Black German history, but of German history as a whole.

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    • At once invested in searching the past to chronicle the present, it is also looking forward and outward to acknowledge and to cast a critical gaze on the transnational implications of migration, immigration, and globalization. The questions of inclusion and exclusion are no less urgent than they were in They are simply metamorphosing into their next phase. Anderson, Susan. Audre Lorde—Die Berliner Jahre, Dagmar Schultz. Ayim, May. Berlin: Orlanda, Eddy, Melissa. Engombe, Lucia. Kind Nr. Meine deutsch-afrikanische Odysee. Berlin: Ullstein, Farbe bekennen. Afro-deutsche Frauen auf den Spuren ihrer Geschichte.

      Frankfurt am Main: Fischer, Florvil, Tiffany.