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I need a love that grows I don't want it unless I know That each passing hour Someone somehow Will be there, ready to share I need a love that's strong I'm so tired of being alone But will my lonely heart play the part Of the fool again Before I begin Foolish heart, hear me calling Stop before you start falling Foolish heart, heed my warning You've been wrong before Don't be wrong anymore Feeling that feeling again I'm playing a game I can't win Love's knocking on the door Of my heart once more Think I'll let her in Before I begin Foolish heart, hear me calling Stop before you start falling Foolish heart, heed my warning You've been wrong before Don't be wrong anymore Foolish heart Cast Attributes Non-Traditional casting.

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Houdini Will Die. The Crib. And believe me Jun 05, Jules rated it really liked it Shelves: sentreview , blog-tour , reviewed. I'd like to thank Amy for including me as a tour stop for My Foolish Heart. It's a story that I may have missed out on if not for her. I don't usually read Christian fiction or books classified as inspirational so this was a departure for me.

I'm happy to have made this detour into a different genre.

Foolish Heart by Steve Perry [lyrics]

It was interesting to see them deal with their issues both separately and together. I think Ms. Warren has a real knack for creating characters that pull you into their life as well as into their head and heart. I think most readers will be able to find something of themselves in the individuals populating this story. I know I could relate personally with some of Issy's issues and situation. I liked the aspect of getting to know each other through the anonymity of the radio show as I met my own husband online. We knew each other intimately by the time we actually met in person.

The supporting cast of characters is quite strong. Lucy is definitely one of my favorites as I have an awesome best friend too. There is something about having that one person who will always go to bat for you. Caleb is what many women dream of but he just can't see that anymore.

He also has a lot of emotional and physical "baggage" to deal with before he can move forward with his life. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well written story with interesting characters. When you add in football, a nutty dog and a small close-knit town you have a winner on your hands. Mar 11, Lydia Overweight Bookshelf rated it it was amazing. Do yourself a favour. See that link that says "buy this book"? Click on it now. This book needs to be on everyone's summer reading list.

Don't be foolish and let this book pass on by.

Foolish Heart

The characters and the story will pull on your heart strings while simultaneously tickling your funny bone. I can never characterize Susie's books by one sub-genre because she skillfully integrates so many qualities; it wouldn't be fair to put her books in a box. How do you describe a romantic, comedic, dramatic, introspective, discerning, book? Apparently with a shopping list of adjectives that still doesn't cut it. So again, see that link? Get clicking.

I am so happy that Susie takes us back to Deep Haven-it is my book home away from home. The Deep Haven books were amongst the first inspirational fiction novels I read, so it and Susie hold a very special place in my [foolish] heart. One complaint I do have about this setting is all the wonderful culinary delights Susie describes that unavoidably give me cravings that I can't fill.

How many times can a girl read about the world's best doughnuts and still be expected to withstand temptation?

I saw myself reflected in both Issy and Lucy. Issy's Top 10 Future Husband List? Been there, done that and occasionally revise. Lucy's timidity and self-esteem? Hello teen years and early adulthood! Issy's sarcastic remarks? I will keep a cap on my arsenal. These two have a friendship that everyone woman desires and needs. But, Issy has one thing that I would like but a non-fiction, living and breathing form -Caleb. Ok, revived from my swoon. Jun 12, Jill Williamson rated it it was amazing. Isadora Presley is afraid to leave her house. She does continually embarrass herself, though.

And ju Isadora Presley is afraid to leave her house. And just when her neighbor gets up the courage to ask her on a date, Isadora starts having feelings for a mysterious caller on her show.

My Foolish Heart / Bhaja Govinda - Krishna Das

Which is silly. He could live anywhere. Or maybe she already has. It did not disappoint. Sure, it was a little predictable, as all romance novels are. I blew through this book, making excuses to finish it when I should have been working. Naughty, I know. But it was that much fun.

A totally clean read that older teensand the rest of us grown womenwill love. Jun 13, Nancy rated it it was amazing. This is my second novel by Susan May Warren and the second time I have loved her style. She does not waste words and does not hesitate to describe or introduce difficult topics.

She takes them head-on and uses my favorite mediums to provide guidance. This time she used my favorite book, Jane Eyre and one of my favorite scriptures from Timothy This book takes on post traumatic stress disorder and the healing power of the Savior. The protagonists are suffering from Iraq and watching a parent This is my second novel by Susan May Warren and the second time I have loved her style.

The protagonists are suffering from Iraq and watching a parent die while another was severely injured in the same automobile accident and now an agoraphobic. The side stories are complementary as Lucy and Seb bungle through to find their own peace through the process of repentance and service. Warren also does an exceptional job of tying the stories and pieces of the story together without insulting the reader. She points in the direction using subtlety and the reader feels the "AHA" moment without condescension. The stories are complex and Warren is a very gifted writer to include so much beauty and depth.

Again, I just love her. Oct 09, Gail rated it really liked it. This book is a Christian Romance. It is well written and shows a slice of small town life and community. I connected to the characters immediately and was invested in their stories. Isadora, lived through a tragic accident that killed her Mother and has severely cripped her Father. She is trapped within an environment that she can control. Caleb is recovering and learning to live with a disability that he received while serving his country in Iraq.

Caleb is determined to succeed, but at the cost o This book is a Christian Romance. Caleb is determined to succeed, but at the cost of not being totally honest about his disability. Coincidence AKA God's will throw them together. Caleb's determination to win over Isadora is just what she needs, and what Caleb needs too. The secondary characters; Lucy and Seb. All in all this was an excellant story. I'm going to search out more books by Ms. Susan May Warren. Mar 10, Bluerose's Heart rated it it was amazing Shelves: christian , favorites , romance.

It's amazing that I didn't eat a doughnut while reading this book! My stomach even growled while reading about the burger cook-out I just adore Susan May Warren's writing style. This is the second book I've read of hers, but I do plan on many more. From my understanding, this is the 4th book in the Deep Haven Series. I never felt lost, so it does stand on it's own, though. I could very easily see this book as a Hallmark movie!

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I enjoyed getting to know all the characters. Each of them has problems, whether it be something in the past or present, so they're all very real. My Foolish Heart is definitely going on my keeper shelf. Apr 27, Tima rated it really liked it. Isadora has been trapped in her home since the accident that killed her mother and paralyzed her father. But when she's hosting her radio show about love she is panic free. When the new football coach moves in next door, Izzy's boundaries are pushed to their limits. I'm not sure if it's a common theme or not, but the author had two separate romance stories going in this book, just like the previous one I read.

The story was funny, romantic, and heartwarming. The author does a great job of weavin Isadora has been trapped in her home since the accident that killed her mother and paralyzed her father. The author does a great job of weaving in the spiritual aspects to the story without it coming across too strong. I connected with the characters and loved the exchanges between them. I would definitely recommend this book.

I loved this book from the moment I started it!!! It was the first time reading a Christian romance book and I don't think it would be the last. I loved it that much. I felt like it left a deep impact with me. The emotions swirling in the book was received on such high note I felt like I was living each character's pain, happiness- everything!

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I love the author's take on the scriptures and found that it only impacted the stories and characters more setting the impact of empathy much higher. This I loved this book from the moment I started it!!! This was my first book by the author and I can say now that it won't be the last. View 1 comment. Feb 06, Erin rated it it was amazing Shelves: fiction , christian , I know that whenever I open a Susan May Warren book, I'll find a charming story with likable characters and a dash of romance.

Jun 06, Dianne rated it it was amazing Shelves: ebook , kpl. Really enjoy SMW's books. In this one, she didn't shy away from difficult topics throughout a compelling story. Caleb was injured in combat, and is trying to create a new life where people don't pity him. He moves in next door to Isadora, who is fighting an internal combat. Plenty of emotion, Christianity, and heart. Mar 08, Cathy rated it it was amazing.

Loved this book This was my 2nd time reading this book and I think I loved it even more the 2nd time around. A beautiful romance One of my favorite books ever!! Highly recommend!! Oct 04, Carolyne Aarsen rated it really liked it.

My Foolish Heart / Bhaja Govinda

Loved this book. Loved the energy in the writing and loved the characters. I used to love football so it was fun to be pulled into the game and the behind the scenes part again.