Manual How to Rescue an Anatolian Shepherd

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Meet Baker the 7 month old, male Anatolian puppy who was found dumped in the country with wounds on his face. No owner stepped forward so now he is with rescue looking for a family that will love him for the rest of his days. Baker is a little shy at first but it only takes him a couple of minutes warm up and once he realizes he is safe and you won't hurt him you'll have a friend for life!

Look at this face y'all! Sweet as pie, Miss Ellie is an 18 month old Anatolian Shepherd weighing in currently at 95lbs.

Meet Casey - Female Boxer / Anatolian Shepherd / Mixed - Lone Star Boxer Rescue - Houston, TX

Originally this girl was found left for dead in a ditch on the side of the road in rural Texas. However, she was a lucky duck and a good samaritan found her and got her the medical care she needed to get on the road to recovery. Ellie is now healthy, happy and coming out of her shell daily. Sir Martin the Anatolian Shepherd Mix has found true love in his forever home.

This boy was a return to rescue when his original family could no longer keep him.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog Rescue -- Demonstration on Recall

He came to a wonderful foster family who helped him work through some of the issues and decided they were in love. The attraction was mutual obviously , so now he is a permanent member of the pack! Jax is playful and will be a great buddy for Max. They will have a large fenced-in yard to romp in, a dog park and splash parks to frequent, and Max will even get a bit of organic chicken sprinkled over the top of his food several times a week!

Jimmy and Melanie of Denver, Colorado are proud to announce the arrival of their new addition, Tonka the Anatolian Shepherd! After owning an Anatolian previously they know all about this amazing breed and are prepared to provide him with the best of care including regular trips to the dog park, daily walks, snuggling in their bedroom at night, grain free dog food, and someone home most of the time to spoil him with all sorts of love and attention! The first of the breed did not come to America until the s, where although they proved themselves as effective livestock guards against coyotes and other predators, they remained relatively unknown.

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Only in the late s and s did the Anatolian Shepherd begin to be more widely appreciated, still valued for its utilitarian, rather than cosmetic, attributes. Pet owners desiring a loyal and effective guardian began to acquire the breed. In , the Anatolian Shepherd was accepted in the AKC Working Group, and they continue to have strong working instincts above all else.

Anatolians are used for cheetah conservation in Africa by protecting livestock from cheetahs. This is a serious dog, devoted to his family and duty as family protector. At the same time, Anatolians are laid back and easygoing, never on the lookout for trouble. They are suspicious of strangers and are territorial.

Anatolian Shepherd

As a serious watch dog, this dog tends to bark a lot when his suspicions are aroused. The Anatolian Shepherd needs a chance to exercise every day, either with a long walk or brisk run, and needs to socialize with his family. Coat care is minimal, consisting only of a weekly brushing to remove dead hair. Fluffy dogs come in sizes big to small, and each has unique grooming needs. Meet a few great fluffy dog breeds and see who may be right for you. For prospective dog owners who are interested in a particular breed, purebred rescue ….

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This map shows how many Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are posted in each state.

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