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Labor-saving tools like these are just one aspect of the efficiency that Goshen, Indiana, farmers Ben Hartman and Rachel Hershberger find essential in managing their farm. With two greenhouses and two hoop houses covering a total of a quarter-acre of land — along with an additional quarter-acre of beds in the open — Hartman and Hershberger get high productivity out of a fraction of their 5 acres of clay soil.

You can plant about anything. Clay Bottom Farm is one of a handful of year-round farm operations in the region, which is Zone 5b. The farm also grows several varieties of Asian greens due to their hardiness.


The greenhouses give the couple a jump on summer produce as well: tomatoes they started in January are ready to plant under cover in early March, filling a bed where carrots were just harvested. Indeterminate varieties will be spaced every 9 inches and trellised on diagonal strings to allow them to grow feet upward.

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A natural gas heater will maintain the temperature at degrees, insulated by air blown between two layers of plastic sheeting. Roll-up curtains and mechanized in-wall vents will keep the greenhouse from overheating as the weather warms. The couple has been farming since just after their graduation from Goshen College, starting with four years at a successful Michigan microgreens farm that sold to high-end restaurants in Chicago. After that, they started an urban farm where they lived in Goshen at the time. Hershberger spent childhood summers helping tend a large garden as well as canning the harvest.

However, when he told a professor he was interested in farming — and that he felt a little guilty for not wanting to continue on to graduate school — she advised him well. There are enough people out there in academia and not enough people growing food. After three growing seasons in town — where the farm got its name from the clay bottom tennis court that they tilled in to plant vegetables — the couple hankered for more space. They rented plots at various locations around town, but they wanted contiguous land.

After a year of looking, an Amish-Mennonite dairy farm came up for auction. The former pastureland and repurposed milking parlor have housed Clay Bottom Farm for a decade. The farm moved from transitional organic to certified organic over the course of three years.

The couple knew they wanted to reevaluate their choice after 10 years to see how the farm was working. They recently decided to make a shift as a result of that assessment. While being close to family and schools was their primary motivation, the move also offers a chance to stretch themselves anew. Hartman is looking forward to applying lean principles in building a farm from the ground up. Rather than adapting buildings already in existence for new purposes, as they did when turning a milking parlor into a processing center, they can design for optimum flow and productivity.

Their exploration into what they shorthand as lean began six years ago when a CSA member, owner of an aluminum trailer company in nearby Nappanee, Indiana, offered to coach them in the principles of lean manufacturing. He calls lean a coin with two sides.

On one side is value — and a commitment to precisely identifying what that means for the customer. On the other side is waste, all 10 types of it.

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When do they want it? And how much? And linking up with the California grid might help the utility unlock those profits. Gateway is the biggest transmission proposal in the West, but it's far from the only set of power lines a regional grid could facilitate. From a renewable energy perspective, that could be a good thing. Still, ratepayer advocates in California and other states have questions about who will pay for big transmission projects like Gateway, should CAISO expand to include PacifiCorp.

That could include Energy Gateway, and probably other projects designed to bring out-of-state wind to California. The California veto has raised red flags for officials in Utah and Wyoming, who worry California would force them to share in the cost of projects like Gateway. They don't think their residents should have to pay for power lines designed to satisfy California's push for renewable energy. Freedman, from the Utility Reform Network, thinks CAISO has underestimated the cost of new transmission to Californians and overstated the economic benefits of a regional grid.

Public power agencies, which are owned by local communities rather than by investors, are especially concerned about transmission costs. They're worried their customers will be forced to help pay for expensive power lines that don't benefit them directly. By , the study found, California would gain about 9, jobs, relative to continuing current practices. But there's a trade-off involved. While the scenario prioritizing in-state generation would create more jobs, the study found, it would also lead to fewer electricity-bill savings, because Californians wouldn't be able to tap as much cheap out-of-state wind.

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California labor unions, though, prefer the scenario where more renewable energy facilities are built within the state. In both scenarios, meanwhile, California would lose between 5, and 10, jobs in the wind industry. California solar jobs would increase slightly in the scenario that prioritizes in-state generation, while falling by more than 15, in the scenario that allows more out-of-state generation.

Many of those jobs would instead be created by energy projects in other states. Where that investment takes places is really important, because it's jobs, and where people spend money, and that creates more jobs," she said. State and local officials are grappling with the best way to address the Salton Sea. The Imperial Irrigation District has long argued that the vast geothermal energy reservoir beneath the lake's southern shore should be part of the solution.

If California promotes the development of geothermal energy, district officials say, new power plants would spring up around the Salton Sea, covering exposed lakebed that would otherwise spew dust. The energy generated by those facilities would be zero-carbon, helping California meet its climate goals.

And geothermal development would create jobs in Imperial County. There are already 11 geothermal plants by the Salton Sea.